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Fred, while I agree with you, and would prefer the day change at midnight, it has long been the convention, on all stations I have seen, to consider 6am, or sometimes 5am, the start of the 'broadcast day.' Up until a couple of years ago, cable co.s didn't change their clocks for 'spring forward, fall backward,' until 6am!

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> I have to disagree with you, Fred. TCM's new day starts at 6 AM. By having the schedule the way it is, you get to see what theme started at 8pm for that evening and is so often continued until sun-up.


That's right. The "theme" is actually shown over two days, not one.


Late at night on one day, and early in the morning on the next day.


Like this, for the upcoming Monday and Tuesday Employee Picks theme:




Films will air earlier in other time zones:


Monday 21, late PM:


Peter McIntosh, TCM Studio Production: Kings Row (1942) - "It's a lesser-known film with a strong cast, terrific story and I think it's one our viewers will really enjoy."


Lee Tsiantis, Legal: Caught (1949, TCM premiere) - "It has always been hard to see in decent-quality video copies in the U.S. A very interesting film from a world-class director, Max Ophuls."


Tuesday 22, early AM:


Megan Buckle-Robinson, Network Operations: A Summer Place (1959) - "A very interesting love story."


Kevin Little, Public Relations: The Seven Samurai (1954) - "Not only because I consider it to be the greatest film of all time but also because of my personal connection to Japanese culture through my partner."

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filmlover, maybe I should explain that it's not a matter of doing what's "right", it's more of a practical matter, especially for those of us who record a lot of late-night films.


Maybe some people can handle the late-night times on the schedule, as they are now, and maybe they can transpose the dates ok, when setting their recorders, but other people have a lot of trouble setting their recorders for the correct day, when the dates on the page listing the films are not the real and actual dates on which the films will be airing. This erroneous date problem occasionally causes some of us to set our recorders for the wrong dates, and, thus, we miss the movies entirely.


This is one of the primary reasons why TCM should list each new day starting at Midnight.

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Thank You Mr. Dobbs for this post and the *Zap2it* links.


I agree with you. For practical purposes having the new day begin at midnight makes perfect recording sense. I for one habitually make those transposition changes myself, but I can see how it may be difficult for some of us.


I can see myself relying more on Zap2It for quick reference than the TCM website.

I wish that Zap2it included all the "At a glance" info that our old TCM program schedule once provided (i.e. movie title, one sentence synopsis, director, 3 major stars, length of play and start time, without having to click on it for further info.) But since TCM's current schedule no longer easily provides us that same information anymore, the advantage of the Zap2it midnight day change may well be the only edge it needs to have me click on it first.

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Well Dobsy, old boy, looks like you Curtin & Walter are about the only old timer threads left unlocked within this forum. If they knew about the gold, those bandits would likely grab your **** too. ;)

It's hard to tell the Federales from the bad guys around here.

They may be following my tracks so I better pack up my burro and go, before I get you guys in trouble too!

Good luck, and watch your ****! :)


What I can't say **** on this forum?

How about burro, donky, jackass, jenny,.... if it's okay to say that then why can't i call an **** an ****?


Edited by: Stephan55 on Mar 29, 2011 7:15 PM

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