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An Open Letter to TCM.com


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Dear TCM.com:


It used to be when I looked up the title of a movie that wasn't scheduled to be on TCM in the near

future, I could go to another page, suggest it and tell TCM why they should show it: apparently no



It used to be that when I looked up the title of a movie, and it wasn't on home video, I could vote

to have it released on DVD: apparently no longer.


It used to be when I looked up the name of an actor, if he had films scheduled to be on TCM, I'd

be presented with a complete list of his films scheduled for the near future: apparently no longer. (The

site list one Ray Milland title in March, and in April, when he's Star of the Month, only the first night's

films are listed: why?)


Why were these changes made, and is there a chance that you'll change things back to the

way they were: I do hope so.


Thank you very much, and have a great day.




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movieman1957: I thoroughly researched the topics covered in order to be accurate, and so no one

could point out any errors. I stand by what I wrote. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Enter the

name "Ray Milland," and see how many of his films come up to be aired on TCM: I daresay you'll

get the same results that I did.

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Please note, "Suggest A Movie" is being updated and will return in the coming weeks. At least, that is what we were told in another thread. Don't know what is taking so long. Hopefully, it won't be to much longer before the feature pops up again. I didn't often suggest anything, but I always checked to see what films that other people were requesting.

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As I wrote to another poster earlier today,


I can understand your complaints......


However you may not be aware that the web folks ARE working on fixing the problems you have mentioned.


They just need time and patience on our parts. See the below passage from LZCutter:


From lzcutter

Re: New Format for Daily Schedule and Home Page etc.

Posted: Mar 14, 2011 10:02 PM


What is going on TCM? Is there anyone there actually working on this disaster of a website?


The mods are responding with updates in the Tech Forum where they repeatedly asked that people post (but not post a problem already in queue) the difficulties they are encountering.


*Go to Technical Issues with the Message Boards, then go to General Issues and finally go to Problems with the Upgrade thread. And then post what you'd like to report there.*

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