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tcm's monthly and daily schedule's nightmare format

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I've been pulling down your monthly schedules for years, and have them formatted in a table, based on what I've seen and what I'd like to view in the future, along with my own rating system. I liked the ability to have access to 3 months of your schedule to work with at a time.


Your current monthly schedules don't include much information, other than the time it's on (Eastern only and I watch in Mountain time), title, year, running time, actors (3 instead of 4) and director. I can't believe you omitted the film's brief synopsis. Plus you only offer the current month to view. At present, I can't copy and append your current monthly schedules without making modifications. But the worst parts are that your synopses are missing, and that you only offer the current month instead of 3. Big deal.


Why can't you revert to your previous design? Your website had a great look and feel before making changes to the daily/weekly schedules (which are a pain and don't match the overall appearance of the website). Here's an idea: Put the content in the schedule as before, and as to the details, this is where the "rating" and Leonard Maltin's review goes, along with additional details, trailers, etc. This way I can quickly scan your schedule and not miss anything I really wanted to watch just because I failed to click on the details to find out what the movie is about.


As someone who holds a degree in web administration, taught web design at the university level, and who has been creating web content since 1996, I feel I'm qualified to say that just because you can change it and add more gadgets doesn't mean you should. I certainly hope this is a work in progress, because tcm.com is rife with bugs and lacks cohesiveness in its present state.

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With the schedule as it is now, I can't even look up what's coming up next, because it shows that film as being aired yesterday, and the first film on the list is not coming up until 6:15 AM.


According to TCM, the 20th of March doesn't start until 6:15 AM, Atlanta time.

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Sorry to offend you. I didn't want my opinion to get lost in any meandering threads.


TCM's web department made the mistake of posting new and different types of content before the website was finished and fully tested. A website of this magnitude is bound to have endless problems with so many areas to maintain.


I was hoping to make my point clear about the daily/weekly schedule before they fully adopt this format. Who knows? Maybe TCM is planning on completely abandoning the retro cool format for something more mainstream, which is beyond me.

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