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Monthly Schedule Format


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I have been able to print the monthly schedule which lists not only the title, stars, director, and date, but a BRIEF SUMMARY of the plot.

That SUMMARY was very valuable in deciding whether to watch the movie.

I do not see how I can do this any longer.


Further I could print NEXT MONTH's schedule as the current month neared it end.

I do not see how I can do this any longer.


If I have missed something I would be happy to be shown my error.



Robert Berbec

A GREAT fan of TCM!

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Here, try this schedule:


WEEKLY. Scroll right for later dates:



You can set it for your own time zone by adding your own local zip code. See "Change my Location" just above the TV listings.


Also, you can scroll to the right for later dates, by clicking on the small right arrows, just to the right of the last day listed on a page.


Just above the "Search" feature at the upper right, there is a "Print" feature that just lists the titles, times, and dates of the film, but the print-out is compact and easy to scan.

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There doesn't appear to be a monthly schedule for the Canadian viewers all I can find is a weekly one. This doesn't allow me to plan my viewing or set up my DVR for recording in advance which makes things a lot easier.


Also I haven't seen anybody else mention it but what has happened to the suggest a movie. Am I missing it or has it disappeared.

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When TCM's godawful new schedule pages first appeared a few weeks ago and practically everyone raised this very issue, one of the TCM honchos assured us that these monthly schedules were going to be restored, and even expanded to include a third month in advance. We all breathed a sigh of relief.


Of course it's now been about three weeks, and we're still stuck with a schedule that rivals the Fox Movie Channel for clumsiness and time consumption. Fortunately, many of us downloaded the April and May schedules in the old format prior to their destruction, but I sure hope that the promised restoration takes place before Memorial Day!

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