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Your Top 4 Gangster/Noir Picks

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Cool comments folks!!! Love the discussion!


I'll only add: KEY LARGO, wow, it is one of my faves because of Eddie G but it's Bogie's film. He's the star at that time and their roles are never more clearly defined than at the end, which turns on the head all their encounters in the 30's when Eddie G was top dog.


But man...Eddie is the one that holds my attention most in this film. He is the villain and WHAT a villain! Always loved his performances.


Claire Trevor, without a doubt, really is amazing in this film as well. I think that if you go in thinking in terms of a "Bogie/Bacall flick", you won't be disappointed, but you may come out of it just thoroughly impressed and blown away by Claire Trevor and ultimately Eddie G!!

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One final thing about *Key Largo*, the obvious comparisons between it and *The Petrified Forest* . And in *Key Largo* (a variation of the earlier Petrified Forest), Bogie gets to play the good guy Lesile Howard role while Eddie G plays the bad guy Bogart role. In *The Petrified Forest* Eddie G probably would have been the villain if not for Lesile Howard's insistence that Bogart get the part. And the rest as they say, is history. Bogart goes Hollywood.


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A little off topic but does anyone else think that besides being crazy Michael Jackson got his monkey fetish from the opening of Sunset Boulevard? Along with that dangling his son off the balcony reminds me of the scene from a Napoleanic flick with Garbo and Boyer.

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1. Public Enemy



2. Little Ceasar



3. White Heat



4. Dead End






1. Cape Fear ( popular, but it is the best)



2. Out Of The Past



3. The Big Sleep



4. Maltese Falcon












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