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o.k., what genius put this site together. This group needs a beginners course in customer satisfaction. They have managed to take a wonderful website, and totally botch it up with "bright ideas." It's obvious that the unit that put this mess together has no concept of the needs of their users.


Edited by: winscape on Mar 24, 2011 8:53 PM

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I'll make a quick reply before this thread gets locked like so many others Who've voiced their opinion and attempted to illicit some kind of constructive dialogue.


Perhaps those responsible for this brainchild are too embarrassed to respond to us.

Too bad they can't acknowledge their failure and abort this whole fiasco and return things to the prior functionality before this so called mess of an "upgrade" was implemented. Yes, the prior Website et al had it's flaws, but all were minor and tolerable compared to this.


I agree, it appears that those "in charge" have no touch with the TCM membership/fan base.

This is very sad, as I beleive that such alienation can only lead to bad things for all involved.


The military has an acronym that the planners of this snafu could have benefited from.

It's called *the 5 P's*.








It's obvious that no one involved in the final say of this **** operation has had any previous military experience.

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The terrible degradation of the schedule and so many other features is merely a demonstration that TCM Staffers don't use this website.


We fans do.


The TCM Staffers know what's coming up and don't need the scheduler to be useful, so they castrated it.


It doesn't bother them. "Why should it bother anyone else?"


That's the calibre of thinking behind this site change, and approving it.


Who'd have thought a dedicated fan-TV-channel would have ZAP 2 IT become the superior scheduling service?!!

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It truly saddens me Ollie_T to think that you may be right about this.

However, the apparent lack of consideration for the TCM fanbase/member concerns makes it ever more difficult to come to any other conclusion than the one that you have expressed.


I find it extremely difficult to believe that If those making these decisions actually read these boards and used the schedules, etc. themselves there is no way that they could continue to remain so oblivious to membership concerns.


So, you must be right. There is no other logical answer that I can perceive. Either they don't see what they've done, or they simply don't care.


Either way, is saddly wrong.

If we'd never had it better than this, then we'd be unaware of what we're now missing.

Perhaps new members won't care, but those of us who've been watching TCM since it's inception will continue to be terribly greaved at the passing of what once was such a great fan website.

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Well one thing is quite obvious to this long time user.....


Non of you have the slightest idea how long it takes to upgrade a website and then to make the appropriate fixes that many here have advocated.


As I wrote on another thread, it can take months to work out the bugs of a system-wide upgrade. It also can take up to a year to upgrade an existing website. My old company took them more than one year to do this. They have now brought the site on live to their customers and I am sure there will be fixes for a multitude of potential problems their customers will report on.


In other words, you all have to be patient.

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This is my first and last post on this website.


Just wanted to say all good things come to an end and TCM has fallen.

I have watched for the last ten years, this channel and am saddened that the higher-ups have let an incompetent screw up their website. (must be someone?s brother in law.)


From the posts I?ve been seeing, NO ONE IS READING THEM.


That being the case, I, for one will simply change the channel and not visit the website anymore.


With the schedule gone, there is no way to plan ahead, so I?ll go outside and enjoy the spring and by this fall someone else will have taken TCM?s place.



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*You are quite wrong fxreyman*, there are many of us who are very familiar with the process and pitfalls of so called "upgrades."

It is precisely because so many so called "upgrades" are so poorly planned and implemented, often written by programers who are not evenly remotely familiar with the intricasies of the subject matter they are medling with;

That they are typically very buggy, often introducing many more glitches into the system than they were supposed to "fix," and take a very long time to straighten out, if ever!


That is precisely why *WE WANT A RETURN TO THE OLD FORMAT!*

While there are still enough of us around to appreciate it!


The old format had a few relatively small problems that could have/should have been worked on and ironed out individually, to fine tune and make a great website even better!


*I repeat, the old website WAS GREAT! It was a model! IT WORKED!*


They didn't need to re-invent the wheel, they had an almost perfectly round one that could have continued to roll smoothly for years to come!


They didn't need to throw the baby out with the bath water to correct a few minor flaws that I'm sure that most of us now would be more than happy to endure if we could just go back to what we had.


My question is why a decision hasn't been made to do just that!


This reminds me of someone at the lookout warning about an "Iceberg, dead ahead!" and those at the helm commanding to stubbornly stay the course!






TCM is/was a good thing. A very good thing for so many viewers. The whole TCM channel and website touched/touches many lives in ways that only old movies, photos and old songs can, and has the ability to transport us back to our youths.

The TCM phenomenon has brought many, many younger viewers to an appreciation of film and film history and its reflection of societal changes that occurred long before they were born, and continues to reflect those changes today.


Some wise sage said that in order to know where you're going, you must first know from where you've come.

TCM is practically unique in it's ability to show us from whence we've come!


I see this disatrous, unneccessary "overhaul" as a devisive, destructive force, an unneccessary elective operation that has and continues to create more harm than good.


*I want TCM to continue to be the good and wonderful thing that it was BEFORE this "DOWNGRADE" was implemented.*

Something that brings people together in a way that few venues can do, and *NOT what it is now becoming, as result of this devisive fiasco! Something that drives people away!*


It is very difficult to be patient when you see something you love dying because some over reactive quack has prescribed an unneccessary treatment, rife with negative side-effects and complications, for a relatively minor preexisting condition.

It's like amputating a foot to remove a splinter. Even if the patient survives, you've turned him into a cripple.


Edited by: Stephan55 on Mar 27, 2011 3:37 PM

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