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"All About Eve"


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There is no "better" for me. I want all three. Young Sarah Vaughan is wonderful; later Sarah Vaughan could be painful to listen to. Billie Holliday was wonderful but also very narrow IMHO. Ella, on the other hand, really could sing anything and there was always sunshine in her voice.


I wouldn't be without Carmen MacRae or Dinah Washington either.






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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}To keep the disagreements rolling, I think that Sarah Vaughan was much better than Ella Fitzgerald, and so was Billie Holliday.

They're all pretty great. J'adore Ella, but there are moments on some of the songbooks (The Gershwin one especially) where it seems like she was going through the motions on some of the lesser songs (she cuts loose more on her "solo" efforts.) The Songbook arrangements aren't always terribly creative or ambitious either- not like Dinah Washington's upbeat version of But Not For Me which completely re-imagines the song, or her bongo-beat version of I've Got You Under My Skin . Ella is my personal favorite, but Dinah really could sing anything


I do love the two Billie Holidays (young, ghost-like wail and old gin-soaked croaky) and Sarah Vaughan is also grand (highly recommend her album You're Mine, You which is just one of the best period.) I do agree some of Vaughan's later stuff is, um, a little painful though. Props also to Blossom Dearie, Anita O'Day and Kay Starr.


But Ella is a great way to cut your teeth on jazz and the great American composers of the 20th Century.


I've never really gotten Carmen McRae or Nina Simone though.

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"Painful" maybe isn't the right word...I just remember coming across some of her later stuff and fiiin-ding iiiiiit a li-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-ttle o-ho-ho-hooooooverduh-uh-uh-uh-hun, also the song choices weren't my taste i.e. Send in the Clowns . However, it's been a long time since I've listened to those, maybe I'd change my mind if I heard it now.


And I'll say it again: You're Mine, You by SV is such a great record, for anyone who doesn't have it: GET IT. Great version of Maria from West Side Story and rollicking versions of Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean! and One Mint Julip


And hey: I'll take Sarah Vaughan overdoing it over Bebe and Cece Wynans overdoing it or Whitney Houston overdoing it any day of the week. And I'll take her (for good or bad) meandering delivery over some of the weirdassed, head-scratching arrangements Nina Simone sings to (like doing Rogers and Hart's Little Boy Blue with no other accompaniment besides Greensleeves being played on a xylophone. I have NO idea what they were smoking that day. )


ps- Betty Carter is the one that I TOTALLY DON'T GET. She's painful!

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yes, out of all of the male vocalists, I think Chet Baker is my favorite- which is strange because he doesn't have as many recordings as the others and his vocal range was limited, especially compared to Nat King Cole and Eckstein...But I just love his stuff.


Another irony is that, to have made such beautiful music, Baker apparently led a rather dark and ugly life.

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