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The new schedule web page is pathetic


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I give up. The person responsible for the website schedule still works for Turner and was even a guest programmer, even though that person is obviously an incompetent.


The schedule pages have broken links. The time is preset to EST. You can't get the schedule for March 31 because the idiot-in-charge thinks everyone lives on the east coast of the US and that there are only 30 days in march. Oh, and April begins at 6AM on April 1, not midnight. Geez.


The print link is broken. The click here for the monthly schedule link is broken.


I give up, Obviously Turner no longer cares what their public web face looks like or that it works properly. Pfui.


Oh, and these message boards are such a PITA I'm done trying to post in them. Bye.

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I haven't fully explored the new site, so I can't comment yet. I do like that there is more specific information about the shorts (wish my cable company separated them out, for recording purposes). I don't like that they've given Maltin reviews such pride of place. Who needs them? We know what we want to see. A mainstream reviewer like Maltin doesn't have respect for, say, PRC George Zucco films; or the Lionel Atwill canon that we love. He automatically deletes a star or two for the genre.

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We have active threads about the changes (good and bad) in the Technical Forums. Please look there to post your comments.


Thank you



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