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What happened to the Liz Taylor compared to Angelina Jolie Thread today?

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I posted to this thread a few hours ago. My post compared the humanitarian efforts the two stars had done during their careers. I had made mention of the fact that Liz was 52 when she started to organize and participate in HIV / AIDS benefits. And I wrote that at age 26 Angelina started to become a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN.


So what happened to this thread? Why was it deleted?


Thank you.

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You seem to be another victim of some sort of random police action within these boards.

Having not read your thread I cannot comment on what might have been deemed offensive.


I *also have experienced total thread removal. The locking of other threads and having individual posts deleted from within threads. All without any Web Admin explanation.*


This practice is quite offensive and it saddens me that it is occuring to anyone here.

I decry censorship in most forms and see no good in it here.

If we take the time to post and share our thoughts with others in a civil manner within a forum that professes lipspeak to advocate such dialogue, then I expect to see the thread/post remain....

such censorship certainly does not promote open discussion or comment.

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Maybe it was devine intervention, since Angelina (the lip) Jolie in no way compares to the icon and beauty of Elizabeth Taylor, who had more class and beauty in her little finger than the horsey Angelina has in her whole horsey body. If she hadn't married Brad Pitt she would be a mere blip on the radar screen.



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What you're seeing is the result of a quirk in the software. When a post is moved (or removed), the forum database does not always update everything properly, so you'll see some odd dates occasionally.

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