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Medieval Striptease - What is this movie?


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I saw this on TV in the 1970s. Probably a sixties film but could also be from the 1950s.


It was an adventure film set in the middle ages, possibly around the time of the Norman conquest.


A woman distracts a group of warriors on horseback by disrobing. This is shown with a cutaway to her feet as her clothes drop to the ground, followed by shots of the men laughing at her. Extended scenes of the siege of a castle follow as night begins to fall.


I posted this years ago and got a number of guesses (The War Lord, Lady Godiva, et al) none of which were correct. I would tend to believe this is not one that a person could guess if he/she had not seen it.


I enjoy medieval adventure movies anyway (will watch just about any of them) and always thought I would eventually stumble across this again one day but I never have.


Does this ring a bell with anyone?



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