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I can't remember the title of this film.It's driving me crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyy!


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Late 1930s or early 40s film.Set in 1860s heart of the Victorian era. A young woman (made up to look) very plain looking.Dark hair pale face.Very expressive large eyes and a pointed European nose.

She is not the classic beauty of the time at all not like Garbo or Bette Davis and I don't think the actress is extremely famous but I have seen another film with her in it.I think she is supposed to ill health as well int h film.

She feels very disliked by her Father because she is not beautiful and doesn't have musical or artistic talent like her deceased mother. She is expected to become an old maid with a large sum of money left to her father(Dowry).

She is at a dance and meets an attractive tall gentleman light hair.He is told by one man that she is worth a lot of money.So he talks to her,she is very surprised he is even conversing with her.Long story short he falls in love with her ..or so he says.He tells her she is beautiful and many things.She is very shocked that he loves her so she agrees to marry him.They ask her father for permission.She cries and says that he doesn't want her to be happy and he is terrible.He meets privately with the gentleman and disapproves he says he only wants you for the money you are not beautiful.So he will not give his blessing or her money.They plan to run away together that night.He doesn't show up.(because he doesn't get the money)He later tells her he had to go home but will come back for her.She has an aunt her father's sister who is happy that she has found a man but warn her.

Years later he hears her father is dead so he comes to claim his bride and his fortune.She tells him off I don't remember how but she at first falls for his foolish charm then changes her mind and when she agrees to run away with him she doesn't and he is never to bother her again.


I hope this is helpful.I can picture the movie it all in my head I know what they all look like but I can't remember the title or any one in it. If you can help me out I would appreciate it so much :)


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