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Grooving to TCM week of April 4th!!


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Lots to groove on TCM the week of April 4th!!! Dig it!


The groove starts hard for me on Tuesday with the daytime tribute to Melvyn Douglas, kicking that off with the pre-code horror flick, THE VAMPIRE BAT (1933), also with my man Lionel Atwill and that luscious dame Fay Wray! This is followed by another pre-code, PRESTIGE (1932), with Ann Harding and Adolphe Menjou! Melvyn remains pretty solidly in the 30's throughout his day, which is rocking, including DANGEROUS CORNER (1935) with Virginia Bruce, SHE MARRIED HER BOSS (1935) with Claudette Colbert, AND SO THEY WERE MARRIED (1936) with Mary Astor, THEODORA GOES WILD (1936) with Irene Dunne, GOOD GIRLS GO TO PARIS (1939) with hotcha dame Joan Blondell, and lots more!!


Ray Milland is this month's SOTM on Tuesday nights, and there are some cool flicks including THE CRYSTAL BALL (1943) with Paulette Godard, and my personal fave of the set, the pre-code THE BACHELOR FATHER from 1931, and starring Marion Davies!! And it rolls right into Wednesday morning with small bits by Ray in films such as POLLY OF THE CIRCUS (1932), with Marion again!!!, as well as Clark Gable!


Wednesday morning continues to rock out with DANCING LADY (1933), another pre-code delight with Joan Crawford, Gable yet again, and the Three Stooges!!! Dig it!!


Walter Huston is the feature later on in the day Wednesday, kicking it off with the amazing DODSWORTH (1936), and included are some amazing pre-codes---KONGO (1932)--powerful, powerful film! AMERICAN MADNESS (1932) early Capra-Corn, and very, very, very groovy! THE CRIMINAL CODE (1931) with Boris Karloff himself!!! Walter Huston rocks! And of course, you have to include THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, and TCM obliges!


Thursday night, watch for the classic 1931 FRANKENSTEIN in prime-time!!! Woah!


Mary Pickford gets a groovy little tribute on Friday morning with the silent flix: POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL (1917), SPARROWS (1926), and COQUETTE (1929)!! Very cool!!


Anabella is featured on Friday night, with some cool flix, including: WINGS OF THE MORNING (1937), with Hank Fonda!, THE BARONESS AND THE BUTLER (1938) with William Powell!!, LE MILLION (1931), and BRIDAL SUITE (1939)! Cool stuff for a Friday prime-time!!


Saturday morning really rocks out, with a blast from Capra to kick it off, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU (1938), followed by the cult noir KISS ME DEADLY (1955), the weekly Bowery Boys feature, UP IN SMOKE (1957), and the weekly Tarzan flick, the pre-code racy TARZAN AND HIS MATE (1934)...wow! And it doesn't let up, cos GILDA (1946) with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford is sizzling hot right on the grill!!


Lots to rock and groove to, thanks to TCM!!!

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