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What's Wrong with this Months schedule?

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*What's Wrong with this Months schedule?*


Has anybody seen how messed up this monthy schedule is?


Here's just one tiny sample:


*April 2011, ALL times Eastern*


*25 Monday*



*7:30 PM Now Playing May (2011) (2011)*


* BW-0 mins, CC, Letterbox Format*


*3:00 AM The Red Badge of Courage (1951)*


* Cast: Audie Murphy, Bill Mauldin, Royal Dano. Dir: John Huston.*


* BW-69 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format*


*4:15 AM No Greater Glory (1934)*


* Cast: George P. Breakston, Jimmy Butler, Frankie Darro. Dir: Frank Borzage.*


* BW-74 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format*


*10:15 PM Gettysburg (1993)*


* Cast: Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen, Stephen Lang. Dir: Ronald F. Maxwell.*


* C-254 mins, TV-14, Letterbox Format*


*8:00 PM Glory (1989)*


* Cast: Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington. Dir: Edward Zwick.*


* C-122 mins, TV-MA,*



*26 Tuesday*



*6:00 AM Swing Your Lady (1938)*


* Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, Louise Fazenda. Dir: Ray Enright.*


* BW-77 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format*


It jumps from PM to AM & back. Times don't match the run times of movies. Letterbox for Full screen & vice versa...

Doesn't anybody at TCM take the time to proof read this stuff before posting or emailing it out.


If TCM needs proof-readers I'm sure any number of the members here would gladly do it for the rest of us since we must do it for ourselves anyway to make sense out of any of this gibberish.

This is honestly the worst mess I have ever seen since I first began coming to this site several years ago.

I'm actually embarrassed for the incompitents that are responsible for this!

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Looks like somebody at TCM finally noticed & corrected the time discrepancies in the first release of Aprils schedule.

Still no plot summaries, and no ability to get the schedule in my time zone, but...WTH


Now to reprint this thing all over again.

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The new schedule format is a new low for TCM. To have the three monthly schedules (current month, next month and the following month) disappear does a great disservice to all the loyal fans.


Personally, I can only get April to appear on my screen and even the print for April does not include any of the movie info previously available.


If you're going to make significant changes to your website you should remember that you've created over the years a set of expectations for your fervent fan base. We expect the website to get better not deteriorate so dramatically and virtually over night.


I just can't imagine that you won't fix this problem ASAP.

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I depend on printing the schedule with Titles and DESCRIPTIONS!!

I live in Hawaii so I can't get the Now Playing Guide on time because of

the way you mail it, post office puts it on a boat which means it is deliverd

any where from the 15th to the 24th of the month and I am not willing to

pay for something thats already past.




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You got that right! Not only is it messed up (what happens after 8 pm on Sunday the 30th?) but there is much less info in much more space. Last month's schedule took 39 printed pages, filled with information, tightly packed, read like a book. April is now 56 pages, less info, skipped lines, wasted paper. One would think that if the size of the font was diminished more info could be fit in. If it ain't broke why fix it?

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Ever since they changed the TCM website a couple of months ago, the web pages take FOREVER to load, and the schedule is wrong a lot of the time!


Whoever is in charge of all this needs to be FIRED! I cant believe bugs like this have taken so long to straighten out. IS MANAGEMENT READING THIS?!?!

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Yes, management is reading this, and they have been reading similar comments for almost two months.


Unfortunately for all of us, who are getting old just watching this continuing day in day out and week in week out, reading these comments is *ALL* that they are doing! Ignoring those who have remained loyal to TCM over a long period of time.


The TCM management that is in charge is going to die naturally of old age (many years from now) without lifting a finger.


And oh yes, by the way, have you tried to print out a complete one month's schedule of upcoming movies to be shown on TV? If so, how many pages of printing paper did you use?


Did you notice all of the wasted space on the paper (edges and between lines) that is responsible for this far larger requirement than it was with that *old*, discarded format that is no longer in style. Then there is one size type for the short description and another size type (hard for older people to read) with the remaining items.


But who cares? The only people complaining are those who want to schedule their upcoming viewing of classic movies. Are all these old people?


In summary, this once again demonstrates that Old is Debatable, in people, in movies, in style, and in in schedule format.


Of course, fire that man (or woman) responsible, fire the web administrator who "fixes" all of these problems in this thread by locking threads or throwing out those who complain, after first shifting them over into this technical problems section as an inexcuse for ignoring the continuing problems.


Yes, fire them, just as you say. You may not be able to say it for very much longer, however. They have a way of squelching dissent around here.

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> {quote:title=Frank-------Ohio wrote:}{quote}

> One good thing about the Web administrators ineptness is that they let the prisoners go free. I was banned for about a year now for my dissent. FREEDOM !!!!! Probably not for much longer though.


You seem to be disoriented, Frank (or is it frank?).


In a war between nations, prisoners are locked *IN.*

In a war between TCM and its customers, prisoners are locked *OUT.*


This technique places an emphasis upon older prisoners, since TCM is wooing the younger crowd.



Old Is Debatable

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