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I tried that and I can see:


Production Photos

Publicity (2 separate pages)


Other Material


And AKKKKK my screen went dim too!!!


I think I'm poisoned by radiation!!!


Looks like the TCM part of the page is covered with a black see-through gauze.


Here's a link to one of the pages:




Under Production Photos, click on See This Material to see your screen go black.

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*Looks like the TCM part of the page is covered with a black see-through gauze.*



It's called a Lightbox feature. It allows photos to be shown with the text data next to it on the right hand side of the frame. The main page with all the database info for the film dims so that the photo in the lightbox becomes the focal point. Often this is used so that the photos conform to a size and a higher resolution so that when you cycle through them, the size stays consistent and the information presented uniform. The photo should appear in the frame. At the bottom of the frame, there should be a forward arrow and a backward arrow, so that the viewer can view all the available photos in the set in the lightbox format.


When finished, there is an X in the upper right corner of the frame that, when clicked on, closes the lightbox and returns you to the database page underneath the lightbox.


I am using Firefox 3.6 and had no problem cycling through the photos in the lightbox.


But, if you are using a different browser, your mileage may vary and if you are not seeing the photos as you click through the lightbox, you should let Renee and Pete know in the "Upgrade" thread.

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*Like this?*




Sort of . The Lightbox feature usually allows the main page (in this case, the database page for *Mrs. Miniver* ) to dim (but still visible to the eye) and move down a layer (so to speak). The lightbox sits on top of that main page that has now dimmed but can still be seen. Using the arrows, you can click through the photos as they all fit the frame of the lightbox.


When you are done, you close the lightbox by clicking the X in the upper right corner and the lightbox disappears and the main page (the page for *Mrs. Miniver*) turns back on (so to speak, whatever the opposite of to dim is) and returns full screen on your monitor so that you can continue to explore the other treasures on the main page of *Mrs. Miniver* (or any other database page with publicity photos).


Like this:



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I am having this trouble too. I used to be able to view photos in the archive and they would appear in the lightbox as you mention. But now I can't view anything. When I click on a photo or "view this material", a dark "haze" or "gauze" as some have called it covers the page and then I can't click on anything. It's upsetting to me because looking at the photos was one of the big reasons I came on this website. What can be done to fix this? Is it TCM's website or my own browser that is the problem? I have emailed TCM twice about it and received nothing back. I just want it fixed.

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