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VOTE here If you miss the Old TCM Website

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Well They'll stone ya when you want the old schedule; They'll stone ya when your young and able.

They'll stone ya when you want to take a vote; They'll stone ya and just say no vote. But I would not fell so all alone Everybody must get stoned....

Well They'll stone ya when you want a yes or no; They'll stone ya and just say they don't know.

They'll stone ya when you want to suggest a movie; They'll stone ya and then say that there too busy..... But I would not fell so all alone Everybody must get stoned....

Well They'll stone ya when you're at the breakfast table; They'll stone ya when you want to watch your cable. They'll stone ya when your frame freezes up; They'll stone ya and then say good luck...But I would not fell so all alone Everybody must get stoned....

Well They'll stone ya when you try to read your mail; They'll stone ya when you're transmission fails. Well They'll stone ya and say that it's the end; They'll stone ya and they'll come back again...But I would not fell so all alone Everybody must get stoned....


Sorry Patty

I do agree with you about the feedback.

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*but things change I guess..nan10*

Yes and too often these days it's not for the better!






*But I would not fell so all alone Everybody must get stoned....*


Bobby, where are you when we need you?

Now I feel like just getting stoned....

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Please go back to the old schedule! This one is terrible! I have my TCM url on my toolbar, and whenever I click it, it comes up March 22, the day I had to switch it out for the new website. So I have to click the calendar thing to go to today's date. And you can't see what was on previously. Even at 3 in the morning (I just happened to be up), you can't see what's currently on -- instead it shows what's coming on at 6:45. I want to know what's on NOW. And you can't go backwards. I like to go backwards sometimes to see what year the movies came out.


I also don't like that you have to expand each movie to see who is in it, etc. I want to glance at the movies to see if I'm interested in them, not have to expand them to do that. And you can't even "expand all"!


I'm sure there are more issues that I'll think of later. I just want to urge you to PLEASE bring back the old website! Thanks for your attention.

Corryne Drake,

Casper, WY

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The new schedule is incredibly frustrating!! Please, please, please put it back like it was!! Not a single thing was wrong with it. I just spent nearly two hours trying to figure out what I wanted to watch this coming week and am not even close to accomplishing that project. And if I ever do manage it, it won't be in the right time zone.

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> {quote:title=nan10 wrote:}{quote}

> I do miss the old TCM website a lot, but I dont believe they will bring it back,it would have been nice because I felt it was fine just the way it was, but things change I guess..nan10



Make the whole website the way it was? No. Restore the monthly schedules to their previous ease of use, and with buttons to get to them, yes. I think they could and should do that.

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I believe the new TCM schedule is LOUSY. Please bring back the old, so I can adequately research movies I have already watched...but, whose name escapes me.


There is my vote: Although change may be good, in this case, it is awful!



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Not that it will make any difference, they will never admit that they made a mistake, but I vote to restore at least the useful parts of the old design.... e-mail notices, full 3 month schedule, request a movie....


But.... it's just *issing in the wind.

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You have my vote to bring the old TCM website back. I am incredibly frustrated with the update. I can't view photos anymore. I used to, but now I can't. That was one of my favorite things to do on TCM. I don't think I can even request a movie anymore. Why do they have to change something that worked just fine?

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Besides not being able to request movies I also really miss being able to put in the name of a movie and it showing if it's scheduled to air and the date and time.


Most movies we requested didn't make it on TCM but at least we felt like we had a chance of seeing some of them when we could request them. Now I feel we have no chance of ever seeing the hard to find films that have never been put on DVD. It's just a shame TCM messed up such a good thing.

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Patti, currently you can search to see if a movie you want is on the schedule. On the upper right of the page type your search in the blank space and keep the dot on TCMDb. Hit search and you will get the movie title and the scheduled date (if its on the schedule of course). You can even use the reminder function for getting emails. They say the suggest a movie feature is in the works and will return in the future. Personally I think the old set up worked well for the most part and only needed a little fine tuning. It will definitely take time to put the new system in place and still more time for all of us to get reeducated in how to use it.

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The site has not been upgraded. It's been downgraded.


* The schedule no longer lists movies that are available on DVD. I have click each individual movie to see if they are available on DVD>


* The schedule is not complete. Screen Director's Playhouse Episode "Markheim" will be airing tomorrow night at 2:30AM PST, yet it isn't listed anywhere in the TCM Schedule. Only my cable providers schedule lists it.


* I can no longer recommend certain movies to be released on DVD


* If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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This morning in California it is 2:23 AM ... and now ... always when having to open the TCM Webpage, a wave of anger comes over me to know I must again hassle this "new webpage creation" ...


AND IF THAT ISN'T BAD ENOUGH ... this morning I find - once again - problems and confusion in that *EVERYTHING* brings me to a "monster face" indicating the page link has been removed ??


It is bad enough ... I can no longer make a "PERSONAL CHOICE" ... to find out if a movie is airing more than one time ... before being able to choose between two movies airing on two movie channels ...


It is bad enough ... I am no longer able to view a 3 MONTH SCHEDULE to make notes of all features airing on a particular date and time ... versus the other movie channels I also have at my disposal ...


It is bad enough ... I am no longer able to suggest / request movies as I was always able to do before ...


*BUT NOW* there isn't even a TCM MOVIE BASE TO OPEN ... everything seems "shut down" except a "real pretty and newly colored blue border with a real fancy flash screen of what will be airing ... and other than that ... all links clicked or searched and clicked all bring up a "monster face" indicating the link has been removed ??


Does this perhaps mean MORE CHANGES but not the changes that will bring the page back to it's original format ??


OR ... does it mean our cries have been heard and that by the late morning hours of today - I will once again be able to perform all those functions I was able to perform BEFORE the "big change" took effect that took away all those features we all loved and adored??




And ... God Bless You for creating this thread!!!

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*I agree 100%!*


*I signed onto the TCM at least once a day before the changes, now I refuse to sign on except when I get an email saying someone has replied here. I miss my daily routine! I miss requesting movies I really wanted to see. Without the request option there is NO way we'll ever see the really hard to find, rare movies not on DVD and not shown on other channels.*


*I was raised to never say use the word Hate BUT I HATE the new website and I don't understand how anyone at TCM thinks it's better?!*


*I know that chances at Slim to None that they'll listen to us but My DAD always said there is power in numbers! I still believe that. IF enough people would sign this saying they also Hate the chances it might make a difference. MY plan was/is to print this off when enough signed and mail it to TCM.*


*We have over 600 views but only about 23 signs. Please sign and maybe we'll make a difference.*


*Thank You!!*


Edited by: PattiTexas on Apr 20, 2011 8:53 AM

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