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Re: Katharine hepburn or Meryl Streep

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gosh you picked two of the best actresses ever!


I love them both! sorry, but it's true=) they both have their own magic, and its awesome to see!




Nice question!




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Not a fan of either. However, if I were to select who I feel better defines a character within the context of the film as a whole, I'd have to go with Hepburn. Streep's characterizations often stand apart from the film as a whole, which I find off-putting. Both, never, ever, ever let me forget they are acting.

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I think Hepburn was a greater 'star' in the old movie sense. I remember seeing "The Philadelphia Story" and "Holiday" at a revival house theater years ago and you really could feel the star presence of Hepburn. Streep is far more versatile, but,like so many modern era actors, she gets so far into her character that there is almost a disconnect between her and the rest of the movie. (and the audience). Still, even after almost 30 years, I will never forget her performance in "Sophie's Choice".

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In reponse to whom it may concern and whomever originated this thread.



It's funny--I had someone mention this to me several years ago and I was too busy to get back with them.


First place--Streep's film career could never come close to Hepburn's in vesatility or longevity--or for that matter quality,


Then there's the matter of the stage career.--The plays and the musical.


Plus one had to consider all the great actors and actresses that Hepburn worked with and held her own--if not enhancing their careers--Bogart, Tracy, John Barrymore, Cary Grant, Peter O'Toole, Jason Robards, Sidney Politier, Montgomery Clift --as well as the legendary directors: Cukor, Hawks, Ford, Capra, Huston, Mankiewicz---


I could go on and on--


I think it's typical of people, who have a limited knowledge of film history and who tend to see things in a limited perspective--i.e. their limited life-time, that they automatically believe that a current figure is always superior to someone they know little about.


Streep may be an actress as good as, if not better than Hepburn--But Streep's time and place leave her with a career that is hardly equitable or in the same light year with Hepburn's.


Edited by: cujas on Apr 9, 2011 6:05 PM

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I don't think it's a fair comparison. Meryl Streep and Bette Davis might be a better one. Hepburn was basically her own "persona" until much later in her career. If it's between Hepburn and Streep, I'd say Streep. If it were between Davis and Streep, I might say that's a tough one!

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I have been exiled off planet. I may take ten films with me. One may be a film featuring Meryl Streep or one featuring Katherine Hepburn. I'm taking "Bringing Up Baby" because, off planet, I can't give you anything but love...

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