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Typo on back of Classic pass?


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I happened to notice that the reverse side of my Classic pass states that I have access to Club TCM (exclusing breakfast meet and greets) from April 29 - May 1. I'm assuming that that's a typo, that in fact I have access to Club TCM starting on Thursday, the 28th .. correct? Thanks, Wolfie

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Hi Wolfie -


It certainly doesn't sound "right" that a Classic Passholder wouldn't have access to Club TCM beginning on Thursday, April 28th.


Last year. all Classic, Essential & Spotlight passholders had access to Club TCM during its regular hours of operation - 12 Noon to 12 Midnight. ("Breakfast Meet & Greets" would be events reserved only for Spotlight Passholders.) And there is no Club TCM "restriction" listed at the Passholders' page at the Festival website for Classic Passholders.


So, let's assume that it is a typo and that Classic Passholders do have access to Club TCM beginning Thursday, April 28th.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Hi wolfjohnson303-


All Classic, Essential and Spotlight passholders will have access to Club TCM beginning April 28.


However, on the back of the Essential and Classic passes there is this sentence under the "(Level) PASS ALLOWS YOU" section:


- Access to Club TCM (not including meet & greet breakfasts, April 29-May1)


The exclusion in the parenthesis specifically refers to the meet & greet breakfasts, which are exclusively for Spotlight passeholders.


On the back of your Classic pass there should be a blue bar which says "April 28- May 1"


The dates in the bar reflects what days your pass is good for.


If you see something else on your pass please let us know by calling us at 877-826-5764


We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!


TCM Classic Film Festival


Edited by: TCMFilmFestival on Apr 10, 2011 11:25 AM

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Thank you, TCM. I do have that blue strip at the bottom of the back side of the pass with those dates, which is why I was puzzled. And not to get too **** here ;-), but I was reading the text with the exclusion of the meet and greet breakfasts qualifying the April 29-May 1 dates. Figured I'd best ask.


In any event, all is well! Thanks again. Wolfie

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