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> {quote:title=myidolspencer wrote:}{quote}

> Again, 0'Toole gets "SNUBBED!?" Freeman's a powerful actor, but others are still around that deserve it before him, most notably Peter 0'Toole, S. MacLaine, Hopkins, Duvall,etc




I am really hoping that this is only because Mr. O'Toole has declined to be a recipient. AFI will only salute an actor that agrees to be present. Tributes and award shows have gone down significantly over the years. Thank goodness for clips on Youtube! Sad because with each year you see people pass on who have worked with O'Toole in his earlier years in Hollywood - I don't think Anne Hathaway would have any business speaking at his ceremony (eye roll). I never seen a strong actor so openly snubbed by Hollywood in the history of Hollywood! My comments aren't meant to snub the work of Morgan Freeman AT ALL, I believe he is a great actor.

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Well Spence, in many ways the AFI is simialr to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It really is more concerned with being politically correct rather than awarding those who truly deserve the honor. I have no problem with Freeman getting the award, but there are so many other classic era film actors who deserve the award who are still alive today who should begiven the award instead.


If you look at the list of AFI Lifetime Achievement Award winners through the years one could argue that the mission of the AFI has been to promote highly visible careers. Starting in the early 1970s, AFI decided to give the then on his death bed first AFI award to John Ford. Never has one person deserved an award of this caliber more than John Ford.


However through the years the AFI, especially after starting it's annual ten year 100 greatest lists that it promotes, one could easily deduce that many of the actors and or directors it has decided to bestow their award to is really a cross-referencing to the actors/directors movie that has also just made their list.


In reality these awards are not really meant to showcase the actor, rather it is a pure marketing strategy guaranteed to get people to purchase the films these actors / directors have made. You go into any video store nowadays especially after the AFI list comes out and what do you see? Or when you go to purchase a film online? You see an advertising blurb right there on the package saying that this film or actor or director is an AFI winner. It is a marketing tool.


By the time the AFI started to showcase the proceedings many of the classic era film actors and directors were still alive, kicking and screaming. And many of them are still alive today. Why not award these long living actors with an AFI salute. Well, LoveFilmNoir is correct, many will shun the spotlight or turn the award down. I am sure that is often the case. Just look at Doris Day.


But I am equally sure that in many cases having someone be given the award like Tom Hanks who was not even 50 years old yet when he won the award in 2002 is more important to the sales of DVDs and other media especially not only for the actor but also for the studios involved.


Pretty darn cynical isn't it?


If one was to look at many of the fine classic era actors still alive when these awards were being given out, one could make the case that some of these wards that WERE given out could have been postponed a few years while more deserving actors were given the chance to accept the ward. Of course as LoveFilmNoir has pointed out maybe they were given the opportunity but turned the AFI down. Who knows?


All of the following actors were still alive after the first award was given out in 1973. Some of these actors are STILL alive today!


Jean Arthur

Lauren Bacall

Ingrid Bergman

Charles Boyer

Marlon Brando

Charles Bronson

Richard Burton

Michael Caine

Charles Chaplin

James Coburn

Claudette Colbert

Joan Crawford

Bing Crosby

Tony Curtis

Peter Cushing

Olivia de Havilland

Marlene Dietrich

Joan Fontaine

Glenn Ford

Ava Gardner

Greer Garson

Cary Grant

Alec Guiness

Susan Hayward

Rita Hayworth

Audrey Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn

Charlton Heston

William Holden

Bob Hope

Danny Kaye

Deborah Kerr

Burt Lancaster

Angela Lansbury

Christopher Lee

Janet Leigh

Sophia Loren

Myrna Loy

Fred MacMurray

Fredric March

James Mason

Marcello Mastroianni

Walter Matthau

Joel McCrea

Toshiro Mifune

Robert Mitchum

Paul Newman

Kim Novak

Maureen O'Hara

Laurence Olivier

Peter O'Toole

William Powell

Robert Preston

Vincent Price

Anthony Quinn

Ronald Reagan

Debbie Reynolds

Ginger Rogers

Mickey Rooney

Rosalind Russell

George C. Scott

Randolph Scott

Peter Sellers

Norma Shearer

Frank Sinatra

Shirley Temple

Gene Tierney

Lana Turner

John Wayne

Richard Widmark

Natalie Wood

Jane Wyman

Loretta Young


Edited by: fxreyman on Apr 12, 2011 12:32 PM

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fxreyman, very well said. I don't think I could have said it any better. I completely agree with your theory regarding the marketing of films via DVD sales. I remember in 2007 I saw a whole front aisle case of Al Pacino films in a store and sometime that month his AFI tribute was taped/shown on TV.


I could imagine several actors of the "golden era" on your list (that list blew me away, btw) even refusing to be apart of the tribute if asked sometime in the 80s. By then they were "older", not themselves, and not necessarily wanting to be bothered. When I think of someone honoring an actor of the golden era today, most of the audience has never worked with them and is hardly familiar with their work.


I also think that there is a possibility that some were approached by the AFI and for the reasons you listed refused to do the tribute. I don't think some people genuinely would approve of being some marketing/ratings pawn by the AFI even if their career is celebrated for the night.


Topics like this make me happy that I have TCM and these message boards. Many actors and actresses I admired never won Academy Awards or were recognized by their body of work but on these boards they are recognized and praised regularly. At the end of the day, I think this is what they would have wanted rather than have a statue in a museum somewhere.

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