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> {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote} They call that a schedule? I looked at the first three days and there are hours of airtime that aren't filled in. It looks more like a work-in-progress.



All the advance schedules are "a work in progress", even the ones with complete listings are subject to change.

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>>All the advance schedules are "a work in progress", even the ones with complete listings are subject to change.


I guess I'm spoiled by the better schedules that used to be posted in advance. They may not have been 100% accurate, but at least they weren't 50% filled.

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What is really sad about all this business is that the 2nd TCM Classic Film Festival is only a few days away. They should be good and certain that the site is up and running at 100% efficiency leading into, and during this event. There is no excuse for the shoddy performance of any of these forums, and the equally poor performance and confusing complexity of the Warner Archive site either. User Friendly they are not.

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I'm compelled to respond to say there is no possible way FMC is better than TCM. I used to get the channel before it was a pay station on TW. I don't miss it. Never gave wanting to pay for it a second thought.


They don't have...


Robert Osborne

Great tributes to artists of the past and present.

Access to films from all studios

Introductions to their movies



I got to see ...


Bowery Boys movies

The Whistler

Crime Doctor

I Love a Mystery

Richard Dix movies

Wheeler and Woolsey moives

Private Screenings... etc., etc,


on TCM. Never would have seen ANY of that on FMC.


In fact there's a FOX movie on TCM right now. When was the last RKO, MGM, WB, UNIVERSAL, PARAMOUNT film you saw FMC?


Sure if you watch TCM everyday, all day, as I do there are going to be days and days when you've seen it all but there is always something to look forward to.


And most importantly, they give great consideration to their viewers. Probably more so than any other channel I'm aware of. TCM creates a community atmosphere that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else.


Sorry to be so long winded but as an extremely long time viewer obviously I couldn't let that statement go by without a rebuttal.


Thanks for your time -



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yanceycravat, as a watcher of FMC, I couldn't agree more. FMC picks about 20-30 titles and shuffles them in a vicious cycle for a few months. They don't even have a way to request movies and know your voice is being heard. All you can do is "contact us". They are millions of gems of films, whether restored or not, that they could play yet they will choose to play the same films over and over again. They also don't play tribute to deceased stars regularly although they played Cleopatra for 24 hours on a Sunday when Liz Taylor passed. Stars like Gloria Stuart, Paul Newman, and Richard Widmark all did quite a few films at Fox and didn't get recognized. They don't even do themes of their films, there is more emphasis on the between film filler dedicated to new releases and Fox Searchlight projects.

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Wait one minute..."The Whistler" has been on TCM??? where?? When?? I listen to OTR and LOVE "The Whistler" but I have never seen it on TCM..... must...see....


Anyway, I don't have the Fox movie network because my cable box said I would have to pay for it....maybe next winter. With Summer coming and school break, I'll barely have time to watch anything anyway. Poor me.



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> {quote:title=Ilikeoldstuff wrote:}{quote}

> Wait one minute..."The Whistler" has been on TCM??? where?? When??


I think it was about 2 years ago that TCM ran several Whistler movies. Just about everyone loved them and begged for more.

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Thanks Marysara--you made it hurt even more LOL--- j/k


To be honest until recently I just took TCM for granted. I have been watching on and off since 1998 but I didn't realize that some movies were not played for years and years. Now that I know that I am being much more dilegent with the schedule so I don't miss things I want to see.



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Some nice pre-codes coming up, including a few that have not been shown in a while like GRAND SLAM (1933), HER MAJESTY LOVE (1931), ANOTHER LANGUAGE (1933),and WOMAN RACKET (1930).


TREACHERY RIDES THE RANGE (1937), a Dick Foran musical that takes a sympathetic approach to Native Americans is back after an absence of several years.

Maybe MASSACRE (1934) will make a return to TCM soon :)


Also a Tim McCoy 1933 "B" western (from Columbia?) .


Looking forward to seeing Kon Ichikawa's TOKYO OLYMPIAD. I've not seen it before.


Good stuff TCM!

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Is this schedule really going to happen??


Lord, I hope so.


Two days ago, it wasn't fleshed out. Now it is and worth the wait!


A Salute to Farley Granger

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans films that are featured at the upcoming TCM Film Festival

Perry Mason - *The Case of the Curious Bride* -with Warren William

*City Lights* on *The Essentials*

*King Kong*, *Mighty Joe Young* and *Chang* as part of a salute to Merian C. Cooper

4th of July line-up includes *The Devil?s Disciple* with Kirk and Burt!

The silent *Sea Hawk*. Even better, Doug in *The Thief of Bagdad* followed by the *The Shiek* Great silent trio!

The 1940 version of *Gaslight* WOW!!!

Steve Cochran in *The Lion and the Horse* AND *Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison*

A salute to Leslie Howard that includes *Secrets* co-starring Mary Pickford.

Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette!

*The Super Cops* comes to *Underground*!

*Don Juan* with Barrymore and Mary Astor

A day of early 1930s films and a day of early rock and roll films!

A salute to Larry Olivier

*The Music Man*

Wheeler and Woolsey, the Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Hope and Crosby, Jerry Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Charley Chase and the Bowery Boys.

An evening of B-Westerns with Johnny Mack Brown, Tex Ritter, Charles Starrett and more!

A salute to Clark Gable

*The Hanging Tree*

*The Son of the Shiek* and *The Wind of the Lion*

More B-Westerns with Dick Foran

*Land of the Pharaohs*

Doug is back later in the month in *The Mark of Zorro*

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Too Cool!


Poverty Row Westerns Month!


Lex Barker "Tarzan" features (and one Buster Crabbe)

*The Thief Of Baghdad* - finally!

*The Sheik* and *The Son Of The Sheik*.

The return Of *Red River*, *Topkapi!* and *The Big Heat*

Tab Hunter Night!

Eddie Cantor in *Ali Baba Goes To Town* (Thanks Fox!)

Clifton Webb in *Sitting Pretty* (Thanks Fox!)

*Chandu The Magician* (1932)

*The Tall Target* NOT included in this month's Civil War Spotlight.

*Three Kings* (1999)

*Harlem Rides The Range* with Herb Jeffries


*On With The Show* (1929)


Too Cool!


Kyle In Hollywood

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I hope that this will be the Thames Silents/Photoplay productions version of *THE THIEF OF BAGDAD.* with the fabulous Carl Davis score. Although the Mont Alto Orchestra version is good too. And who knows, maybe we will get *THE BLACK PIRATE* one of these days, since more Fairbanks seems to be popping up. A Pickford and Fairbanks combo day for Summer Under The Stars. That would really be something. Not that Mary couldn't have her own day, but I am not real sure about Doug?


I'm not a big fan of *THE SHEIK.* A famous film to be sure, but even Rudy himself considered it to be silly tripe. So I am sure glad that *SON OF THE SHEIK* is being run later in the month. Much, Much better picture. Finally some Vilma Banky, but I would rather have these two in *THE EAGLE.* Especially, itf it is the gorgeous Photoplay Restoration with the magnificent Carl Davis score.


Looks like some sort of Arabian fest? Lord, what I wouldn't have given for a debut of the 1926 *BEAU GESTE* with Ronald Colman and William Powell. Could have tied in very well.

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Nice to see Robert Young get a mini-fest there. As with Fred MacMurray, his TV success seems to have blotted him out of people's memories but he was a very able leading man for some 20 years.

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TCM did a very nice job scheduling for July 2011 in my opinion.


There are a lot of rare 1930's films that do not get aired very often.


The schedule gets topped off wiih Rainbow Island (1944) at the end of the month. A rare Paramount film with the lovely Dorothy Lamour!!


Much of the time, I look at TCM's next month's schedules and walk away with a "I can take it or leave it" feel, but July is an exception. Thanks.

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