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Yet Another Obscure SF Movie That Need Identification


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There is a movie I remember seeing on Creature Feature in Los Angeles when I was a kid, but after years of searching, I cannot find it's name.


It was a B&W SciFi thriller, probably from the 50's, having something to do with a wheel in space being taken over by moving, carnivous vines. My brother at one time told me it started with an expedition to Mars (or somesuch planet), where a plant there dropped a seed into a spaceman's suit, which later grew on the station into the monster.


What I mainly recall is a "scene from next week's film." The Pretty Heroine is standing on the far side of a room, screaming, with the vines completely covering the floor. The Handsom Hero steps through the door, grabs the overhead pipes, and swings over to rescue her. They escape by swinging back on the pipes.


I thought that was really neat at the time (which tells you something about how old I was).


I'm pretty sure it was not "The Green Slime," because that was in color. However, I have never seen the entire film, so I don't know if that scene is in it.


Does anyone have any idea what movie that scene was from??

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Nightwalker, I think you found it.


Searching the internet, I discovered this trailer (what else would they show on a preview of next week's Creature Feature?):




It's not exactly as I recall, but it's close enough for a memory from when I was seven years old or so.


Nightwalker, you are AMAZING! :D

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