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Recording movie to watch later.


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> {quote:title=Brucebeau wrote:}{quote}

> It seems that some movies my wife and I would love to watch are shown early in the morning or another inconvenient time. Is there someway to record the movies so we can watch it when we are able to ??


Yes, but you'll have to buy a DVR recorder (it uses a hard drive to record movies), or a DVD recorder (it records on a disk), or a Combo unit which has a VCR and a DVD recorder in it. But the VCRs and Combos are being fazed out.


Many of us record a lot of the movies that are on late at night, especially when the old ones are on late and the new ones are shown in prime time.

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Do you have a DVR? I almost always record movies so I got through the guide for a week at a time and record anything that looks remotely interesting to me. I am not very tech savvy so this is all I have to offer...I am sure some others here have something better!



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Brucebeau, have you not recorded before this? You've missed some of the gems TCM used to show, which they will never show again.


However, you might want to look into FIOS. Be sure to read the fine print, but they are advertising a free DVR for life (whose life is questionable), for new customers only of course.


Good luck recording the gems TCM shows when the demographic they court is out partying.

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