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Austin's Rio Bravo Showing with Angie!


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Okay so last night was soooo exciting for me! I hope everyone else in the audienfce enjoyed it as much as I did! I got to the Paramount Theater an hour before the show started and the line was already clear out the door, stretched around the block and into a dark alley. It was awesome, i loved seeing so many people showing up! I even brought my sweetie pie with me and he didn't mind being there at all. But then again he doesn't mind westerns even though he doesn't understand other old movies at all. He's learning. heehee!


So we were waiting in this line and there was the cutest little couple behind us, so I started talking to them and the guy in this couple must have been in his middle to late 70's, because he said his daddy used to own a big theater in Dallas in the 1940's and his job to help dad was running the projector. He said they did movie premiers all the time and he got to meet John Wayne quite a few times and they became friends over the years. Then he started naming all these actors and actresses he had met and then he said the name Greer Garson and my eye lits up like fireworks. I think I was in complete shock by then and joe, my sweetie, was on the side of me going, "oh brother..." heehee! The man said that since Greer lived in Dallas with her husband in the 50's, she used to come over to that theater all the time.. I got so jealous!! :D


So he just told me all these fascinating stories about growing up with his dad and meeting all these people and...oh! he had another story that fascinated me...


He said that he thought the most beautiful woman in the world, back then, was Olivia DeHavilland and how he went to some conference and Bette Davis was there picking a fight with another actress. Olivia Stepped right between them and calmed everyone down. He said she was a really sweet person in real life.


Anyway! Back to the show, so we all went inside the theater and when we went to get popcorn, Angie Dickinson came right through the front door and there weren't too many people in the lobby anymore since everyone was starting to take a seat, and he noticed my dress and said, "don't you look so pretty tonight young lady!" I was in awe, but somehow said, "Well thank you, that was kind of you to say. It's nice to meet you Ms. Dickinson." and she smiled, shook my hand and left to go to the stage. I didn't think I would actually get to meet her, so that was rather loverly!


Me and my sweetie actually got front row seats, which was awesome for the chatting, but when the movie started, we had to slide halfway down those silly seats to see the whole screen. Heehee! That was humorous. But I could tell Joe liked the movie, because he nearly cracked a rib every time Walter Brennan had a line.


So after Ben came out on stage wearing his cute little cowboy boots, they started talking about her relationship with the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra, and how everyone on the set of RIO BRAVO got along with Howard Hawks. she also told this funny story about her screen test in RIO BRAVO and how it came down to her and a pretty french girl, who she couldn't remember the name of. She was apparently in Whats New Pussycat. I can picture who she was talking about, but I couldn't remember her name either. Angie then said, "She had such a thick French accent, THANK GOD!" Heehee! I laughed so hard when she told us that.










This is the ceiling directly above our seats. I just thought ya'll would like to see it, because its so pretty!




Okay the images aren't coming up, what did I do wrong?


Edited by: butterscotchgreer on Apr 17, 2011 12:16 PM

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How exciting, butterT! I hope one of those pictures is of you and Angie!


Unfortunately, since the upgrade pictures won't post here in General Discussions, you'll have to either just post the links or maybe take this thread to "Hot Topics" or elsewhere where images still show up.

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Hello foxycar,


yes Rio Bravo will be on TCM again on May 26th at 5:30 pm their time...just take a look at the schaedule in May.. :)


I hope that helps you...and yes it is an AWESOME movie. One of the best westerns ever made in my opinion. It shows John Wayne as a strong hero as always. You also get to see Dean Martin in one of his more serious roles as the Duke's deputy. That is a real treasure. And then of course to see Angie Dickinson at such a young age showing John Wayne the way it is..That always gives me goosbumps. Heehee!

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Anyone who DOESN'T love RIO BRAVO doesn't LOVE movies. I am still so in awe of Dean Martin's performance here too. As I am of his other terrific perfs in SOME CAME RUNNING, CAREER and TOYS IN THE ATTIC....My faves of his. After THE MATT HELM movies he kind of gave up doing anything serious anymore. A shame I feel. And all 3 movies are wonderful too. SEE THEM...

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