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Does anybody know this movie?


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I watched a movie a long time ago (probably on AMC). It was black and white. I can't remember the names of any of the actors. The story line was about 2 recent female college grads who begin teaching in a high school. The one teacher meets one of the students prior to the first day of school and there's a "spark of interest". Turns out he's one of her students which makes for all kinds of issues. The students is sort of a "hoodlum". Sorry about the vague "details" but I can't remember any more. Every time one of those news items about a "teacher-student" romance appears I remember this old movie. Any idea of the movie title?


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> {quote:title=Terrence1 wrote:}{quote}

> This sounds like a movie from the 50's. I remember enjoying it quite a lot. I don't recall the title, but the teacher was played by Pippa Scott.


> Terrence.



That would probably mean the film is *As Young as We Are* from 1958.




I just checked Pippa Scott's filmography and she only made eleven films. This one sounds like the one the OP is looking for.

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Thanks, Molo. That is exactly the movie I was thinking of. Why didn't Pippa Scott becopme a big star? She certainly had the looks and the talent. The only other movie I've seen her in was "Aunite Mame". She should have gone far. I take that back. I just remembered that she was in "The Searchers."



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