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No Sudden Move (2021)

This is a modern Film Noir gem.  The director,  Steven Soderbergh,  put together with his writer Ed Solomon,  what I consider is gonna become a modern day Noir Classic.   The film features every classic noir element.   Based in 1950's Detroit, you have the cars, gangsters,   a MacGuffin,  SUPERB layered plot, female fatale,  on location filming, I mean everything.   This is NOT a Neo Noir.   The FANTASTIC casting includes Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro as the two main protaganists, but thats just for starters.  The cinematography,  sets,  and musical scoring are very well done also.   Going back to the plot.  Its so layered that the film becomes VERY rewatchable.  You will NOT get everything on first viewing.   I resigned myself a quarter of the way in to just sit back and enjoy the film on the surface.   Lastly, the film is loosely based on real events.  One of the fallouts of the recent movie industry has become a good thing.  Films that normally go straight to theatre, are now becoming available through streaming services.   This has resulted in films like this one that can get past you if you are not paying attention.  Its a must watch for Film Noir fans.  9 out of 10.

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No Sudden Move,” Reviewed: Steven Soderbergh's New Crime Drama Is a Brisk  Nostalgia Trip | The New Yorker



Review: Detroit steals show in Soderbergh's 'No Sudden Move'



No Sudden Move' Review: A Noir With Heart and Smarts - WSJ


Soderbergh, Cheadle return to Detroit in 'No Sudden Move'


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Walk a Crooked Mile (1948) combined noir visuals with a suspenseful Cold War spy thriller. The relationship between the FBI agent (the likable stalwart Dennis O’Keefe), and his Scotland Yard counterpart, played by suave Louis Hayward, was a true partnership, each bringing different skill sets to solve the case. Intricate plot lines can take on a life of their own, taking viewers out of the movie. To their credit, the filmmakers didn’t go down this road. They also sprinkled enough red herrings to conceal the identity of the mole who was passing military secrets to the Soviets.

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