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1969's The Guru (a suggestion)

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I've been wanting to find this Merchant Ivory Productions film (which I think is or was distributed by 20th Century Fox) for a long time now. It's 1969's The Guru starring Michael York, Rita Tushingham, Utpal Dutt, and Madhur Jaffrey. This film somewhat satirizes the East-meets-West cultural and musical styles of the late 1960s, and especially seems to be a spoof of Ravi Shankar and George Harrison's interactions from that time (although George was a true admirer of the music and culture of India). The music in the film was played by legendary sitar master Vilayat Khan. Why hasn't any television station played this film for a long time? Admittedly, it's only an all right film, but it made a big impression on me and it used to be played on the old movie channels a lot back in the 1990s, but now it is virtually nowhere to be found on television. If it isn't going to be shown, it would be nice to be able to purchase a DVD of it, but I can't find any versions of it on DVD or VHS online or elsewhere. So, is there any way to put in a request to Robert Osborne or anyone at TCM and ask them to please play this movie at some point this year? I don't care if it is played at 3 AM on a Tuesday night, or something like that, but I would love to see this movie again.

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This rare Merchaant-Ivory film from 1969 stars Rita Tushingham and Michael York and features Barry Foster.


The story is a loosly based on on George Harrison's (of the Beatles) first visit to India in September 1966 to study with Ravi Shankar. A rock star, Tom Pickle ( Michael York) travels to India to learn to play the sitar with the great musician Ustad Zafar Khan ( Utpal Dutt). Khan is not happy with his disciple but still takes him to Benares to meet his own guru........




Dvd comes with artwork and menus.






First disc $6.00, each extra disc $3.00




First Disc $4.00, each extra disc $2.00

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Thanks for finding that link Frank, but I wonder if it's a bootleg copy or a legitimate copy? It's on "ioffer.com", and that "DVD Video" logo on the cover looks somewhat edited on there (but I don't know). I wish there was more information on the web about DVD releases of this film from cited sources. I can't seem to find much as far as that goes. There's a web page I found that says something about a DVD version here: http://members.cox.net/rjd0309/tush/1967.htm (and it says, "request copy from webmaster", hmm). One can watch this movie or even "purchase" it on Amazon.com (here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Guru/dp/B002BW1GUI), but they don't allow you to actually burn a copy to DVD (though there are supposedly ways to get around that, with terms showing up on google searches such as "Removing DRM and burning to a DVD"), but I think it would be nice to see this movie in print on DVD and available for purchase from a legitimate cited source. Until then, someone needs to get this funky movie shown on TCM, and then maybe it can be re-released on DVD.

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