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John Wayne takes the top spot in my book. It may not be a best seller, but it's my book...These are a few of his westerns that I truly love:


John Wayne:

"The Seachers" One of the greatest ever made

"Fort Apache"

":Red River"

"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon"


"Rio Bravo"

"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"

"True Grit"

"The Shootist"


Clint Eastwood: These are some of Clints that I enjoy.


"He Outlaw Josey Wales" His best western

"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

"A Fistful of Dollars"

"Unforgiven" A well made western, but not one of my favorites. I'm in the minority here.

"For a Few Dollars More"

"Hang "Em High"

"Two Mules for Sister Sara"




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It has to be Duke, simply because of his overall record in Hollywood, working with some of the biggest names in the western genre. Also, Duke had a mentor in Harry Carey Sr., whose career in western films was one of the biggest of the silent movie era. Duke learned his craft through Carey Sr. when he first arrived in Hollywood. This has historical importance to where Carey Sr. passed on his mantel to Duke. Clint is important to keeping alive the western genre, at the time of Clint's western stardom during the 1960's, Duke had become something of a film icon and not so much a typical movie star. In the long run, it's the body of work that counts and there simply will never be an actor around to match what Duke did with his career, be in westerns or not! In general, Duke has come to symbolize what we could call the "Western Movie Superstar." This is a title that few would argue with. While other great actors and stars would do their fair share of westerns, it all boils down to what performer is synonymous with the western movie as a whole and the lenght of one's career. Well, nobody can match Duke's career in its lenght and this covers the longest period of any major motion picture star, barring none! Sure, Clint was wonderful in his westerns as was Gary Cooper, Roy Rogers, Gene Aurtry, Tom Mix, William S. Hart, Harry Carey, Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott. But John "Duke" Wayne is the standard to everything necessary and what we expect from every possible angle of what is the Western Movie Genre. If anything can be plausibly said are the number of classic, huge (major) western movies he appeared in that is a record never to ever be broken or even matched by others one might think were as important.

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Eat wood was to have been Wayne's catch phrase in The Searchers.

Then, for some unknown reason, it was changed to That'll be the day.

"Act like a reasonable, mature adult? That'll be the day." "Talk to the

Indians? Go eat wood." Six of one...

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I think it was old "Mose Harper" who ate the wood . . . "You should do like your uncle Ethan says" . . . "No, I won't tell you, but I'll tell Marty" . . . "I ate grass, made out like I was crazy, but I fooled em' " . . . "You don't think I'm crazy . . . Do you marm?" . . . "All I want is my rocking chair." . . . :D

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"Made out like I was crazy." That probably wasn't much of a stretch. He's one of

those childlike folks who wouldn't harm anyone on purpose, but it would still be a

good idea to keep a watch when children or sharp objects are around.

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Who's the Greatest? *William S. Hart!* No really, without Bill Hart, Wayne and Eastwood's Western Characters/Persona's simply would not exist. It was Hart who originated the strong Silent loner Anti-hero type. Frequently described as "The Good, Bad Man". Everything that has come since is a buy-product either directly or indirectly of Hart's influence. The man is incredibly underrated in movie history.So is Harry Cary Sr. .

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I'm a "baby boomer" and for me they are both great!


But if you're really holding me to one ultimate Western star, it is John Wayne. Every time I come across one of his movies on TV, no matter how many times I may have seen it, everything else is forgotten and I'm his. (Of course, then the commercials come on, and, as usual, it breaks the spell!) Yes, John Wayne is the one!.

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