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A couple of questions from a TCM Film Festival newcomer


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Hi all,


I'm going to be at the festival next week (so excited), and I wanted to know two things:


-First, for the Club TCM event DVD signings, where can I purchase the DVD of the star signing it? Will there be a booth by the waiting line? I heard you can only buy the memorabilia there to have it signed.


-Second, For those of you who were able to snatch a couple of autographs last year, how did you do it? Was it just by mere coincidence, or did you plan it out somehow?


Thank you so much! I hope you all enjoy the festival as well!


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Tatiana, check out this wealth of information for newbies at the following link if you haven't all ready found it!


TCM Film Festival 101:



As for DVDs for the autograph parties, I am sure they will be readily available when the gift shop opens for business on Thursday. I think you will have ample time to secure a copy before the signing parties with Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Caron.


Autograph collection is a little more involved than purchasing a DVD or book. Wait for the right moment when the film professional is not involved in answering a personal phone call, or signing someone else's DVD or book. If there is a group or line gathering, patience is a virtue.


Wait your turn, try not to nudge or offend anyone with whom you are waiting in line, or jostle the person whose penmanship you wish to purloin....


I found that all film professionals I encountered are happy to visit with their fans and sign autographs. Anyone at last year's TCM Festival that I presented with my autograph request was kind, courteous and compliant.


Good luck and have fun!

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I am very seriously considering attending the 2012 Festival. I will be full of questions, such as where to stay, what everything costs, what to wear, etc. I've traveled, but never to California, let alone Hollywood. I live in a city of 500,000, but am just a bit shy about going by myself. I don't want to appear out of place.

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I do hope you decide to go to the 2012 Festival. You will have a ton of fun and be among people who love films as much as you so you won't be out of place.


There is a lot of information about the past two festivals as well as lodging info and more here:




Good luck and if you have any questions, please post as those who have been to the Festival are always happy to lend a hand!

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I missed the first Festival, but went--by myself--to the 2011 one. I'm not outgoing at all, and yet it was very, very easy for me to strike up a conversation. Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable about, and respectful towards, classic films. You're so busy and surrounded by so many friendly, like-minded movie fans that you'll forget you came there alone.

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Hope all you newcomers have decided to join us at the 2012 Festival. I, too, am a newcomer and want to invite you to join our facebook page called *Going to TCM Film Festival!* Lots of previous attendees willingly answer questions from newbies like me. We're having a lot of fun, and the party hasn't even started yet!! Just a month and a day away ...

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