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Pre-Code that Pushed the Envelope


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On 7/10/2017 at 11:49 AM, jamesjazzguitar said:


Hopkins was one of a kind and she was really in her element in Pre-Code films (but also did some fine work once the code was enforced).     


As for responsible for creating the code (I believe you really mean the code being enforced in July of 1934);   Well I would like to credit Hopkins more so than Mae West!

I assume you're referring to THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE.

For years I've wondered about the remake, which is supposed to be more faithful to the novel-- SANCTUARY starring Lee Remick. Someone uploaded it on YouTube recently and I watched it last night. From 1961, it was obviously made during the production code years, but Zanuck the producer is really pushing the envelope with the material.

They've added in a plot from a second Faulkner story, where Temple's maid murders the child Temple had. So it starts with the courtroom trial then flashes back to how she had been stranded and sexually taken advantage of. Bradford Dillman is the long-suffering boyfriend; and Yves Montand plays the bad guy. They've changed his character's name from Trigger to Candy Man-- he was called Popeye in the book. And they justify using a French actor, because supposedly he's a man in Louisiana bayou country who speaks French.


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I've seen a whole bunch of pre-code flicks because there was a festival here in Manhattan a few yrs back. I tried to attend as many as possible. But the result is I can't quite recall much of what I saw.

  • 'Baby Face' --yes, with Stanwyck. I remember it. John Wayne has a cameo.
  • 'Safe in Hell' --yes. Love it.
  • 'The Maltese Falcon' --with Richard Cortez
  • 'The Phantom of Crestwood' --also with Cortez. One of the most fun haunted-house romps ever.
  • Fay Way bare swimming in 'King Kong', right?
  • 'Two Seconds' - a really lurid crime yarn with Edward G. Robinson
  • something about young delinquent "crime babes behind bars"; Brit flick
  • 'Kongo' with Walter Huston and Lupe Velez. Outstanding Tod Browning flick. My #1!
  • 'Freaks', Tod Browning
  • 'Prestige' by Tay Garnet, starring Ann Harding
  • 'The Unholy Three', Tod Browning
  • 'The Unknown', Tod Browning
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