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How difficult is it to get individual tickets?


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Hesitated too long and missed out on buying a festival pass. (Boo hoo me.) But living in L.A., I can still run down to Hollywood and try to get into some screenings with an individual ticket.


However, I don't want to make the still-considerable drive there (plus parking, etc.), only to discover that a snowball has a better chance in Death Valley in August than I do of getting an individual ticket. In particular, I'm interested in Friday's Now, Voyager and Saturday's All About Eve, Citizen Kane, and Gaslight.


One other question: Is it possible purchase individual tickets to enter the fabled Club TCM without a festival pass? Or are there other ways of gaining admittance?


So, does anyone have actual experience with this procedure, and have any insider tips? Or you lordly festival pass holders who look on with bemused disdain, have you witnessed any pitiful individual ticket seekers succeed? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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*"(D)oes anyone have actual experience with this procedure, and have any insider tips?"* - Alistair


I don't have any insider tips nor have I attended many popular screenings (so far). But, as a veteran attendee, I would suggest trying to attend films in the very large Chinese Theater (1100 seats). Of the events you listed, screenings on Saturday of *Citizen Kane* (It was announced that Norman Lloyd will be in attendance to speak about the film) and perhaps *Gaslight* may have the best chances of selling individual seats. If it does interest you, Julie Andrews will appear at the screening of *Breakfast At Tiffany's* in honor of her late husband Blake Edwards and is showing between the two films you listed.


*All about Eve* is showing in the largest of the Mann theaters (with 477 seats) but a Bette Davis film will likely be very popular with passholders.


Public/General Admission seating is $20.00 for each screening, There are no Public/General Admission tickets sold for events in Club TCM. Club TCM is reserved for passholders only.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Thanks so very much for the reply and the advice, Kyle. I think I will give Citizen Kane a shot. Saw it on the big screen back in college, but that was far too long ago.


If anybody else has any information/tips on how to get in Club TCM without a festival pass, it would be most appreciated.


- Alistair

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