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Can any of you film buffs help me figure out the name of this movie?!


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Ok, so I saw a movie on TCM a few years ago that I thought was awesome, but I can't remember the name. Black & White movie. The main character is a young woman (who might be french & blond, but I am not sure!) The woman lives alone in an apartment in a big city. She ends up going crazy...killing a guy and she puts him in the bathtub. I remember that she nails her apartment door shut. I wish I could remember the rest, but I feel like I am combining a few movies here in my mind!!!! Let me know if you have any ideas on what this movie could be!

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Thank you, REPULSION. God, remember seeing that for the first time? I mean, for me, that was at 10 on t.v. on a Sunday morning. I mean, you've seen BELLE DU JOUR, and then you can't remember: Bunuel or Polanski, ripping Deneuve apart? It's a film deja vous moment for all of us! Both movies go together for me, but of course, je suis une femme!


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