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"Real" names of characters

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Who rembers that "Gidget" was named Francie Lawrence? Or that Dewey Oxenburger and Francis Soyer were "Ox" and "Pyscho" ("If you call me Francis...I'll KILL you!")in "Stripes" Or that "Flounder" was Kent Dorfman in Animal House. Iknow this is TV, but it's about a "Movie Star": Dash Riprock's real name was "Homer Noodleman". And Granny couldn't understand why he would "want to change such a nice name." Any more?

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at a camera counter once, and the salesman was trying to sell me some telephoto lense.


He said "Do you like movies?"


I said "Yes."


He said "If you can tell me what movie star's name was Spangler Arlington Brugh, I'll take 20 dollars off this lense."


Well sorry to say, the guy did not know I was a classics film buff, so I said "Robert Taylor, of course."


He about fainted! Said he'd been using the line for twenty years, and no one had ever guessed it correctly.


I didn't even try to remember it...but who can forget a name like that once they've read it? I love hearing the real names of the stars, as some are just so hilarious and unlike their screen image.


Isn't Merle Oberon's something like Queenie O'Brien or something?


Good topic!

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that's a good one.


I wonder if famous dancing star, Tula Ellice Finklea dated either of them?


As for Leonard Slye, I saw an old interview with him once, where he said he was back in Cincinnati, and ran into an old schoolmate.


They guy said "Why it's Leonard Slye! How are you? What have you been doing since high school?"


Apparently the guy never recognized him as Roy Rogers in all the years he'd been on tv.


I think it was nice that he had Trigger stuffed, so that he could always be with him on his ranch. I wonder if Dale ever worried that she might be next..

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interesting that often it was the most glamorous stars who had the most unglamorous original names?


Like Archie.


The madeup names I enjoy are 1950's ones that are so plasticy, like Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter, who were named by the same man as I recall.


Names like Doris Day...instead of von Kappelhoff [sp?] and Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin, are just so kitschy.



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Yes is is but I imagine that is because most from that era had parents that came from the old country. Take Issur Danielovitch for example. He was a big star then and is still living and was in a movie with his family only last year I believe.

BTW, Leonard Sly & Dick Weston were two stage names that Roy Rogers (legally changed)and both at the same time.

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and he had a best friend named Benjamin Kubelsky, for anyone else who cares.


What I like even more than a person changing their slightly unwieldy name for a shorter marqeelike moniker, is when a celebrity on purpose takes their most normal name and changes it to something more odd.


For example, a singer like Gerry Dorsey.....

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therealfuster wrote:


> I wonder if famous dancing star, Tula Ellice Finklea

> dated either of them?


Dunno, but she certainly danced with Eugene Curran Kelly and Frederick Austerlitz.


Fred Austerlitz also did some dancing with Virginia McMath and Margarita Cansino.



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I've just realized that we are kinda getting away from what Slappy was talking about, though.


Instead of talking of Frederick Austerlitz, I should be talking about a character he played--who went by a nickname. Name the movie in which he was called "Lucky" throughout, though his given name was "John Garnett."

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