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Your favorites... and where you saw them first


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Yesterday I had two occasions to think of this question. One was as I watched "I Confess" for the first time (had taped it off TCM a few months ago--loved it by the way). Another was in school as I wondered what classic movie I could introduce to my AP class (their AP test was Wednesday--perfect time to throw a movie at them).


So I got to thinking of how many classic movies I was introduced to through school, or my parents, or TCM, or becaue a friend recommended it, or even because I rented it at the "video rental store" out of curiosity. Realized that most of them I saw thanks to my awesome parents, but not all. And I got to wondering if it's the same for all of you, or if you saw them differently. (Some of you might have seen them in the theater).


So list some your favorite classic movies, or the first ones you can think of like me, and mention where you were introduced to the movie. Here's some of mine in the order I think of them in:




The Apartment High School (in drama class!)

West Side Story Home (raised with it)

The Manchurian Candidate TCM

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Home (raised with it)

It Happened One Night Home (through family)

The Sting Home (through family)

Strangers on a Train TCM

Remember the Night TCM

The Philadelphia Story Home (raised with it)

The Court Jester College (through friends)

12 Angry Men TCM

To Kill a Mockingbird High School (English)

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Saw the cover at the video store and tried it out

Fantasia Parents took me to see a re-release in the theater


That's all I can think of. Funny how life is. Makes you think, doesn't it? Now you-- try to think!

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I grew up in the midwest, in a small town near a small city (Dayton), so there weren't a lot of opportunities to see the classics (as far as I know the only classic movie late night show around was Shock Theatre which played cult horror films) I saw all the Disney live actions from the 60's and 70's either at the drive-in w/ my family as a kid or at a church Youth Group Lock-ins as a teen.


My first experience of Bette Davis was, sadly, Return from Witch Mountain and my first Katharine Hepburn film was On Golden Pond, both seen in theatres.


Gone with the Wind--big screen, at a theatre re-release sometime in the late 70's, with my grandmother

Psycho --medium screen, at one of the afore-mentioned Youth Group lock-ins

Sleeping Beauty --big screen, with my grandmother, when I was about 5

To Kill a Mockingbird --big screen, last summer (how did I miss this one for so long??) at Victoria Theatre

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -- ditto



Jungle Book and The Aristocats --drive in theatre in the 70's


TV in the 70s or 80's

That's Entertainment--first time I'd seen a lot of the MGM musical numbers, which made me want to see the whole movie

Wizard of Oz

The Ten Commandments


Rented or purchased VCR tapes:

Destry Rides Again

The Lion in Winter

My Man Godfrey


North by Northwest

My Favorite Wife and The Awful Truth

The original Dracula, Frankenstein and Nosferatu

Singin' in the Rain

Seven Sinners

A Foreign Affair

All the Dietrich von Sternberg films

All About Eve

The Letter



Rented or purchased DVDs

Bringing Up Baby

Philadelphia Story

The Shop Around the Corner

To Have and Have Not



The Thin Man movies

Night of the Lepus

Red Dust

Baby Face

Redheaded Woman

Maltese Falcon


(I apologize for the length and possibly incoherent structure...)

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Nice to look back:

'Lawrence of Arabia' in an open-air cinema on a tropical island in the Caribbean with someone I adored - now passed away. It will always be a reminder every time I watch it - which I have done many, many times.

'The Blue Veil' with my mother in a cinema - I sobbed all the way home, she didn't know what to do with me. Poor Mummy.

'The Empty Canvas' I sat through it 3 times in a row alone in a cinema in Toronto (in those days they didn't throw you out after the show & there was a smoking section :)

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> {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}

> GASP!!! Traceyk65, you only JUST saw Mockingbird?! I'm shocked! But hh how I envy you being able to discover that as an adult.


I know, right? It was my 18-yr-old son who got me to go see it, after he read the book and saw the movie in English class. Soooo glad he did!

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> {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}

> > GASP!!! Traceyk65, you only JUST saw Mockingbird?! I'm shocked! But hh how I envy you being able to discover that as an adult.


> I know, right? It was my 18-yr-old son who got me to go see it, after he read the book and saw the movie in English class. Soooo glad he did!


I loved the book just as much as the movie. The movie focused more on the trial, (which it would, since Gregory Peck was the star) and the adult issues surrounding it, albeit from the point of view of the children. And it included many great childhood moments, scenes between Scout and Atticus, the pants on the fence incident, the moment when Jem realizes his Dad is the coolest Dad ever and not a nerdy geek and so forth. It's interesting--even though the children were in every scene, they are the last ones listed on the IMDB page.


The book spent more time on the day-today life of Scout and Jem. I didn't grow up in the 30's, but I grew up in a small town and so much of what Scout and her friends did reminded me of my own childhood (we even had a murderer's house that we told staries about and dared each other to peek into the windows of) All the little battles and triumphs that kids experience (especially in the days before video games)--Harper Lee captured them so well! The trial and the adult issues were more like punctuation--the kids knew it was inportant and wanted to help their Dad, but really didn't understand it all. They sort of forgot about it when it wasn't actually happening. They were more concerned w/ Boo Radley and the mysterious presents in the tree and whether Scout was going to make it through her first week of school without being kicked out for fighting and so on.

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I remember the first time I saw lots of things...


My first Peter Sellers film, *The Mouse That Roared*, I saw in a plush, modern theater in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 1959. I saw *Journey to the Center of the Earth* in the same theater. I saw the 1958 *The Buccaneer* in a sort of semi-outdoor theater in Maracaibo. It had a roof over the front part of the theater, and the back part, but the middle was open to the sky. No AC, that was done to make it cooler.


I saw several Cinerama films, and several Disney cartoon features, in a big theater in Oklahoma City, early to mid 50s, also *The Ten Commandments*. I saw *Rodan*, *The Attack of the Crab Monsters*, and *World Without End* at another theater in OKC. A friend's father was a projectionist there, he had his birthday party there, and we saw the three films.


I saw *What Ever Happened to Baby Jane*, and *Lord Love a Duck* at a theater in Mt. Pleasant Michigan, when I was in HS. I first saw *Dr. No*, and *What's New Pussycat* at the drive-in there, during the summer.


I only remember seeing a few films on TV for the first time, even though I probably saw many for the first time on TV. I saw *King Kong* when I was 8. I was at an aunt's house. My mother, and aunt, went out, leaving me with an older cousin. My mother had not allowed me to see *King Kong*, saying I was too young. I was scared, but I loved it!


I saw *Lawrence of Arabia* and *On the Beach* for the first time on TV, in the 60s.


I saw *2001*, and *A Clockwork Orange* at the Detroit Cinerama, as first runs.


I saw *Z*, and *She's Gotta Have It* at now gone local theaters, here in Ann Arbor.


I saw *Star Wars*, *Star Trek: the Movie*, and *Alien*, all on opening night at the Americana Theater in Southfield, near Detroit. They had a truly humongous screen back then.


I just saw *Cave of Forgotten Dreams* in 3D, at the Michigan Theater, a restored old movie house. I highly recommend that film, and it is the only film I've seen that truly HAD to be in 3D, so one can see what is being shown, accurately.


I first saw *Ugetsu*, *Rashomon*, *Seven Samurai* and *Betty Boop's Sno-White* on the screens of UM campus auditoriums, presented by campus film groups.


I could name many more, but I've gone on long enough!

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I too was introduced to a lot of foreign and indie films in college--- more than I can even remember the names of. My school had and still has something called the International Cinema where they play these movies every day at certain times. it was a great place to see these rarely seen films, and a cheap date, too.

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We had at least three campus film societies, back in the 60s and 70s. Sadly, they are all gone. But, we do have the Center for Japanese Studies Film Series. It has gone on for a couple of decades, and I've seen many excellent Japanese films there, amny for the first time. *Hana-Bi* and *The Eel*, to name just two.

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Ummm So Many*:o

*The Titanic(1997)-*First Saw It At Home I Was Like 2,Maybe. Has Always Been My Favorite Movie Becuz Its The First Movie I Ever Remember Watching.

*Breakfast At Tiffany's-*First Saw It On TCM

*2 o'Clock Courage-*First Saw It About 3Weeks Ago On TCM&Loved It*:))

*Return To Treasure Island(1954)-*First Saw It Monday&I Thought It Was So Interesting*:D Tab Hunter*Sign*;)

I Have Soooo Many More But Those Are My Favorite At The Moment.!

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It would be almost impossible for me to list the number of films I like and where I first saw them. However, it is safe to say that my top 20 favorite films were are viewed in a cinema, either during their original release, or a re-release, or during a retrospective of some sort. I can't think of a single favorite film that I first saw on television.

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A local TV channel had a feature called "Million Dollar Movie." The same picture was shown Monday through Friday. It was on this program that I first saw CITIZEN KANE and KING KONG -- and I watched every broadcast; that's five times in one week.

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