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I have a suggestion, yesterday is a goood example. TMC yesterday ran a string of Film Noir's back to back all day long. I love Noir, but if I hadn't happen to be home yesterday I would have missed the lot. Even then I had to miss parts of some since I had chores to do. (I don't at the moment have a way to record). Why not, rather than bundel them all together, on a random, all day Noir Day, have them scheduled to run at night (they are NOIRS after all) at roughly a certain hour say after 10PM Eastern. Have an evening of Noir but just one film, say once or twice a week. After a Noir you usually need some reflexion/recovery time, and stacking them one on top of the other is an overdose and seems to negate their impact. This way you'd also know in advance that those particular days would have Noir's scheduled. Its something similar to when TCM scheduled that "Darkness before Dawn" early Sunday mourning run a while back. I think that is better than saturation.


I like many types of films but the theme days, sometimes for me anyway, can get over saturated especially with clich?s which can't be helped , I can take one or two musicals, or horse racing films, lol, but not all day. Actor theme days are OK since there is usually a variety of subjects and genres.


What do you fellow viewers think???

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I like your suggestion. Maybe instead of only one movie from a specific genre they should show two. This isn't too much 'saturation' but does increase the odds I would be able to catch at least one entire movie.


I do agree that two many of these same type of movies in a row doesn't allow time to reflect on what was seen. Of course we can always just turn off the set!


But generally I like your idea of set days times.

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