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Thank you Bruce Willis!


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It's been one of those days! At work the elevator I was on, simply lost power for some reason and stalled. No panel lights or anything, just the ceiling light was on. I forcefully opened the inner doors and found myself stuck between 2 floors, well this stinks. :(


I could open the bottom outer doors but was too far to try to climb down or jump and I hate being a wimp to hit the emergency button that went directly to our local 911. At that moment while thinking how to get out of this piece of junk that acts up every couple of months, I thought about that scene in "Die Hard".


Its where Bruce Willis stopped the elevator on purpose and used a pole to engaged the outer door release. I wondered could that actually work, too bad there were no poles laying around, lol, only a couple of filled garbage bags and a vacuum cleaner. I just stood there feeling a bit helpless and I know I will have to call for help and at the last moment, I noticed the vacuum cleaner had an extension wand for attachments. Well it was JUST long enough.


I saw the 2 steel rollers that could be spread apart so I took the wand an sure enough the upper doors opened. I climbed up and out. Thanks you Bruce Willis for that scene in "Die Hard". As that expression goes *I saw them do it in the movies!* Well this time fiction came to fact.


And how was your DAY?


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Oh, that's nothing.


One day in class, I caught a kid cheating. When I asked him to give me his paper, he crumpled it up. Then he pulled a knife, and told me to take it away from him. Then another kid pulled down the shade at the door.


So I thought back to that scene in The Blackboard Jungle and actly quickly. I called out to Glenn Ford, who was teaching next door, and he came in and kicked the kid's a**.

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..or a Dyson. :)

That elevator is a hydraulic type not cable driven. My opinion, its the worst mistake the owner of the building ever made. Had nothing but trouble with that thing. Like to put an anti-tank round though it and put it out of its "misery".

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I only had that image in my mind, no disrespect for the script writers. This might be over analysing it a little, lol. Case in point, if one hears the phrase I'll be back. does one think of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the script writer of "Terminator"?

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