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> {quote:title=metz44 wrote:}{quote}cohens and kellys how can i get this film????is it on you tube?

Unfortunately all of the Cohens and Kellys movies are pretty hard to find, especially on video or DVD.

I haven't checked YouTube but I'd be surprised if any of them are on there.

I have friends who own 16mm prints of some of them.

The only place I know of to see THE COHENS AND KELLYS IN AFRICA is at The Library of Congress, which is where I saw it. But they didn't even have a complete print. I'm not sure what exists elsewhere in other archives or at Universal themselves.

I saw a few others in the series at LoC such as ...IN SCOTLAND (again incomplete) and ...IN HOLLYWOOD.

I have a good video copy of the last one in the series, ...IN TROUBLE but as I said, the rest of them are just not around for video or DVD collectors, at least not that I've seen.


One problem with the films that may help in keeping them out of circulation is the whole "political correctness" thing. If some misguided folks think they have a problem with the characters in those movies being Jewish and Irish stereotypes imagine their indignity at something like THE COHENS AND KELLYS IN AFRICA.

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thank you very much,,music

i suppose many fine films are no longer avaiable because of the political awareness we are experiencing...unfortunate..if we cary it to extremes all ethnic roles will be edited out of the movie ..leaving in some cases..nothing


heres one for today


excellent role as a corrupt mayor in an early harold lloyd talkie



Edited by: metz44 on Aug 6, 2011 11:55 AM

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