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The 19th TCM Programming Challenge: Easy as 1-2-3

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Well, I'm embarrassed to say mine won't be ready by the deadline. I was thrown for a loss of a week when I had a case of vertigo, the flu and a terrible sore throat. I got about two days and a group full of themes but with all the details of confirming running times and trying to be somewhat creative it has just not been what I wanted it to be. I was ready to get back in but it just didn't work out.


My apologies. Good luck with the rest of it. I'll be voting.

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TCM REMEMBERS 2001: Week of December 4-10, 2011




TCM remembers Miriam Seegar, 1907-2011


0600 *Seven Keys to Baldpate* (1929, RKO, 72 min)


TCM remembers Idiot Congressmen posting photos of themselves in various states of undress to the Internet


0715 *Peeping Tom* (1960, 101 min, p/s)

0900 *Ten North Frederick* (1958, Fox, 102 min) PREMIERE #1

1045 *Cause For Alarm* (1951, MGM, 74 min)


TCM remembers Mickey Rooney's testimony before Congress on elder abuse


Short: Crime Does Not Pay #31: Soak the Old (1940, MGM, 20 min)


1230 *Make Way For Tomorrow* (1937, Paramount, 91 min, p/s)

1415 *If I Had a Million* (1932, Paramount, 88 min, p/s)

1600 *Logan's Run* (1976, MGM, 119 min)

1815 *Kiss of Death* (1947, Fox, 98 min)


TCM remembers non-Hollywood people who died in 2011


2000 *Soylent Green* (1973, MGM, 97 min) Jack Kevorkian

Short *How to Break 90 #1* (1933, WB, 9 min) (Seve Ballesteros)

2200 *Houdini* (1953, Paramount, 106 min, p/s) (Dorothy Young)

Short *How to Break 90 #2* (1933, WB)


Silent Sunday Nights


0000 *What Price Glory* (1926, Fox, 116 min) (last known WWI veteran dies)


TCM Imports


0200 *I Am Curious (Yellow)* (1967, Sandrews, 121 min) (Lena Nyman)


0415 *Them!* (1954, WB, 93 min) Milton Levine, ant-farm inventor





TCM Remembers Farley Granger, 1925-2011


0600 *Side Street* (1950, MGM, 82 min)




0730 *Bombshell* (1933, MGM, 96 min) Lee Tracy probably wished he could take back peeing on Mexican soldiers just like Lars von Trier probably wishes he could take back his comments at Cannes

0915 *Becky Sharp* (1935, Pioneer, 84 min, p/s) 200th anniversary of birth of William Makepeace Thackeray

1045 *Christmas in Connecticut* (1945, WB, 102 min) Controversy over Three Cups of Tea

Short: An Optical Poem (1937, MGM, 6 min) 200th anniversary of birth of Franz Liszt

1245 *Brigham Young* (1940, Fox, 113 min) PREMIERE #2 The Book of Mormon wins at the Tony Awards


TCM announces the TCM Cruise


1445 *The African Queen* (1951, MGM, 105 min)

1630 *Now, Voyager* (1942, WB, 117 min)

1830 *Love Affair* (1939, RKO, 88 min)


Night #1 Easy as 1-2-3: 1950s overblown soap operas


ABC cancels All My Children and One Life to Live


2000 *Peyton Place* (1957, Fox, 157 min, p/s)

2245 *Written On the Wind* (1956, Universal, 99 min, p/s)

0030 *A Summer Place* (1959, WB, 130 min, p/s)


0245 *Nixon* (1995, Cinergi, 192 min) PREMIERE #3




TCM Remembers Jackie Cooper, 1922-2011


0600 *Divorce in the Family* (1932, MGM, 81 min)

Short: *Love Business* (1931, Hal Roach, 19 min, p/s)


Hollywood's stunning lack of originality: Special effects blockbusters galore were released in 2001


0745 *The Fast and the Furious* (1955, 73 min, p/s) ( *Fast Five* )

0900 *The Vikings* (1958, UA, 116 min, p/s) ( *Thor* )

1100 *John Paul Jones* (1959, Bronston, 126 min, p/s) ( *Captain America: The First Avenger* )

1315 *The Great Gatsby* (1949, Paramount, 91 min) PREMIERE #4 ( *The Green Lantern* )

1500 *The Mystery of Mr. X* (1934, MGM, 84 min) ( *X-Men First Class* )

1630 *The Man Who Came to Dinner* (1942, WB, 112 min) ( *Mr. Popper's Penguins* )

1830 *It Should Happen to You* (1954, Columbia, 86 min, p/s) ( *Super 8* )




2000 *Forbidden Planet* (1956, MGM, 98 min)

2145 *Summer Holiday* (1948, MGM, 93 min)

2330 *Susan Slept Here* (1954, RKO, 98 min)

0115 *The Scarlet Coat* (1955, MGM, 101 min)

0300 *Lydia Bailey* (1952, Fox, 89 min) PREMIERE #5

0430 *Portrait of Jennie* (1948, Vanguard, 86 min, p/s)




TCM Remembers Michael Gough, 1915-2011


0600 *Trog* (1970, 93 min, p/s)


Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrested as he tries to fly out of the country


0745 *The October Man* (1947, Two Cities, 98 min, p/s)

0930 *Parachute Jumper* (1933, WB, 65 min)

1045 *Foreign Correspondent* (1940, UA, 120 min, p/s)

1300 *The Killing* (1956, UA, 85 min, p/s)

1430 *Bullitt* (1968, WB, 114 min, p/s)


Casey Anthony murder trial


1630 *The Nanny* (1965, Associated British, 93 min, p/s)


1815 *The Stranger* (1946, International, 96 min, p/s) (Conviction of John Demjanjuk)


2000 *From the Earth to the Moon* (1958, RKO, 101 min) Last Space Shuttle flight

2145 *Capricorn One* (1978, Associated General, 123 min, p/s) Russia's simulated mission to Mars

0000 *Madame Curie* (1943, MGM, 124 min) International Year of Chemistry

0215 *Bells Are Ringing* (1960, MGM, 126 min) WHO report on cell phones/cancer


0430 *World Without End* (1956, Allied Artists, 80 min, p/s) Harold Camping "miscalculates" the date of the Rapture




TCM Remembers Susannah York, 1939-2011

0600 *The 7th Dawn* (1963, UA, 123 min) PREMIERE #6


Greek financial problems could lead to default


0815 *Duck Soup* (1933, Paramount, 68 min, p/s)

0930 *The Mouse That Roared* (1959, Columbia, 83 min, p/s)


Battle over public employee's work rules in Wisconsin shuts down a government


1100 *I'm All Right Jack* (1959, Charter, 105 min, p/s)

Short: Wedding Worries (1941, MGM, 10 min)


Anti-government uprisings in the Muslim world


1300 *The Year of Living Dangerously* (1982, MGM/UA, 115 min, p/s)


US/NATO attacks on Libya


1500 *To the Shores of Tripoli* (1942, Fox, 86 min) PREMIERE #7


1630 *Detective Story* (1951, Paramount, 103 min, p/s) Emily Good and other people who get on the wrong side of the police by documenting police misconduct


1815 *Crisis* (1950, MGM, 95 min) (Hugo Chavez taken to Venezuela for medical care)


Night #3 TCM Remembers Sidney Lumet


2000 *Murder on the Orient Express* (1974, EMI, 128 min, p/s)

2215 *Fail-Safe* (1964, Columbia, 112 min, p/s)

0015 *Serpico* (1973, Paramount, 130 min, p/s)


Saab threatened by bankruptcy over unpaid wages


0230 *Dodsworth* (1936, Goldwyn, 101 min, p/s)


Wal-Mart class action case


0415 *The First Traveling Saleslady* (1956, RKO, 92 min)




TCM Remembers John Barry, 1933-2011


0600 *The Ipcress File* (1965, Rank, 109 min, p/s)


Erroneous reports about the closure of the last typewriter factory


0800 *Witness to Murder* (1954, UA, 83 min, p/s)

0930 *Lured* (1947, Mark Hellinger, 102 min, p/s)

1115 *Autumn Leaves* (1956, Columbia, 107 min, p/s)

1315 *The Glass Key* (1942, Paramount, 85 min, p/s)


1445 *The Blazing Forest* (1952, Paramount, 90 min) PREMIERE #8 (Massive wildfire hits Arizona)

1615 *Wild River* (1960, Fox, 110 min) PREMIERE #9 (Flooding all along the Mississippi River)

1815 *Cabin in the Sky* (1943, MGM, 98 min) Tornados strike Alabama in April and Joplin, MO in May


Night #3 Easy as 1-2-3: All-Star Disaster Movies


Commuter train crash in Soweto injures 700


2000 *The Cassandra Crossing* (1976, International Cine, 129 min, p/s)


Flight recorder of Air France Flight 487 recovered


2215 *Airport* (1970, Universal, 137 min, p/s)


Yet another ferry capsizes in Bangladesh, killing dozens


0045 *The Poseidon Adventure* (1972, Fox, 117 min) PREMIERE #10


TCM Underground: Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown


0300 Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964, Toho, 89 min)

0430 The Human Vapour (1960, Toho, 81 min)




TCM REMEMBERS William Campbell, 1923-2011


0600 *Man in the Vault* (1956, Batjac, 73 min, p/s)


TCM remebers the sporting events of 2011


0715 *This Sporting Life* (1963, Rank, 134 min, p/s) (Rugby World Cup)

0930 *The Strongest Man in the World* (1975, Disney, 92 min) (Barry Bonds steroid trial concludes)

1115 *Take Me Out to the Ball Game* (1949, MGM, 93 min) (The McCourts' divorce leads to an ownership change for a professional baseball team)

1300 *The Absent-Minded Professor* (1961, Disney, 92 min, p/s) (Dorky-looking white guy leads team to basketball championship)

Short: Basketball Headliners (1956, RKO/Path?, 15 min)

1500 *The Star Packer* (1934, Lone Star Productions, 53 min)

Short: Pigskin Champions (1937, MGM, 7 min) Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl

1615 *Trouble Along the Way* (1953, WB, 110 min, p/s) Jim Tressel

1815 *Petticoat Fever* (1936, MGM, 80 min) (Canadians Gone Wild after Vancouver Canucks lose Stanley Cup final)

Short: Jasper National Park (1942, MGM, 8 min)


The killing of Osama Bin Laden


2000 *Rasputin and the Empress* (1932, MGM, 121 min)

2215 *Nine Hours to Rama* (1963, Fox, 124 min) PREMIERE #11

0030 *The Eagle Has Landed* (1976, Associated General, 131 min, p/s)

0245 *Hitler's Madman* (1943, PRC/MGM, 84 min, p/s)

0415 *The Prisoner of Shark Island* (1936, Fox, 96 min, p/s)

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Every December, TCM wows us all with a video parade of the dead, TCM-style: all the actors and behind the camera types who died in the past year get honored. Well, there was a lot more that went on in 2011 than just people dying, and TCM could probably spend a whole month looking back at the year that was. (Obviously, since I had to come up with this schedule by the end of June, I could only look back at the first half of the year; by the time of the next Programming Challenge, TCM will most likely have already released the December 2011 schedule. The other weeks of the month can look at some of the events that happen in the second half of the year.)


There are a lot of movie people who died, and I probably could have come up with the majority of the schedule just by honoring the people who left us in 2011. But I didn't want to take the boring step of simply doing obituary after obituary, and eventually came up with the idea of honoring a different person every day in December with one of that person's films (with a possible exception on December 25 for *Death Takes a Holiday*).


I'm sure you can't forget how New York Congressman Anthony Weiner got himself into trouble by putting photos that clearly showed his naughty bits on the internet, thinking he was sending them to one individual. TCM remembers this first by showing Karlheinz B?hm filming something sex-related in *Peeping Tom*; Gary Cooper a politician who has a dalliance with a college-aged kid in *Ten North Frederick*; and Loretta Young giving a letter to a mailman she wishes she could get back in *Cause For Alarm*


Back in March, Mickey Rooney testified before congress about the dangers of elder abuse. TCM shows a "Crime Does Not Pay" short about bilking seniors, followed by increasingly frivolous portrayals of elders getting abused.


On Sunday night, TCM looks at some non-movie types who died in 2011. Jack Kevorkian advocated euthanasia, and the one movie I could think of that shows euthanasia clearly and in a non-propagandistic light is *Soylent Green*. Dorothy Young was one of Houdini's assistants, although she doesn't show up (at least not by name) in the Tony Curtis version of *Houdini*.


On Monday, TCM starts off by looking at some of the arts happenings. You might recall Lars von Trier's pro-Nazi comments at the Cannes Film Festival. Well, he's not the only person who did something he wished he could take back, and we remember what poor Lee Tracy did on the set of *Viva Villa*.


TCM announced a classic movie cruise to be held in December, and we mark that by showing three movies with couples who fell in love on a boat trip (where did Bette Davis meet Paul Henried?)


On Monday night, I have the first of the three "Easy as 1-2-3" sets. ABC announced the cancellation of two of its soap operas, so an obvious choice was to show three of the overblown soap operas that Hollywood put out in the late 1950s. That's followed by Oliver Stone's *Nixon*, which is an ahistorical homage to All My Children creator Agnes Nixon.


Hollywood has always made remakes and relied on source material from other media to make movies. I don't think they've had an ounce of originality since Fred Ott sneezed. On Tuesday, TCM shows seven movies that inspired some of the big movies of 2011. (Surely you all remember the green light from *The Great Gatsby*.)


I knew that when I came up with the idea for a "TCM Remembers" schedule, the Star of the Month was going to have to be somebody who died in 2011, so I selected Ann Francis, if only to avoid the more famous people like Elizabeth Taylor.


In May, IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly tried to rape a hotel maid, and then flee the country by taking a plane to France. TCM remembers this by showing five movies with characters who try to make an escape by plane, although some of them get foiled before even getting on the plane.


I haven't watched a minute of the trashy circus known as the Casey Anthony trial, although as I understand she stands accused of murdering her child. I couldn't think offhand of too many mothers kiling their children in Hollywood movies, but the next closest thing is Bette Davis standing accused of killing one of the kids in her charge. Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk was also on trial in 2011, so a movie about the search for a Nazi is an appropriate choice.


Wednesday evening brings 2011 in science and technology. In mid-2010, Russia began a simulated voyage to Mars, as research into how cosmonauts would react during several months aboard a cramped spaceship. (There was no deception involved by the Russians.) It was announced in February that the simulation was to the point where, if it were a real mission, the cosmonauts would be landing on Mars. There's an obvious choice of what movie to select to mark this. The four selections weren't enough for an entire night, so I concluded the night by remembering Harold Camping's failed attempt to calculate the date of the Rapture as coming in late May.


Thursday is a mish-mash of stories. Greece may or may not default on its debts; I selected two movies about countries (Freedonia and Grand Fenwick respectively) that have severe financial problems of their own. If you remember the circus in Madison, Wisconsin, you'll know that the only movie that could do such labor strife justice is *I'm All Right Jack*. The short is there in honor of the British royal wedding in April. Several people around the country have created controversy by filming cops in the process of doing things that are abuses of power at best and illegal at worst. (The specific case I mention occured in Rochester, NY, although there's another notorious case in Miami , and a bunch of botched SWAT raids, such as that of Jose Guerena in Tucson.) *Detective Story* shows that such behavior has probably always been endemic amongst cops; it's just that we can capture them on cheap video cameras now.


Thursday night is the second of the "Easy as 1-2-3" sets: the movies of Sidney Lumet, who died in 2011. I picked three movies that as far as I remember didn't get shown in TCM's salute to Lumet.


In April, there was an erroneous report that the world's last typewriter factory had shut down. I selected three movies in which the police (well, in *The Glass Key* it's Alan Ladd and not the police) analyzing typewriters, and a fourth movie in which the typewriter is used rather more forcefully. That's followed on Friday afternoon by three movies about weather disasters.


Friday night is the third and last night of "Easy as 1-2-3": all-star disaster movies of the 1970s. I tied the three movies to a train crash , an update on a plane crash, and a boat sinking. That's followed by two TCM Underground films from Japan about the results of science gone wrong. (I don't think *The Human Vapour* resulted from radiation, but it's one I've wanted to see again.)


On Saturday morning and afternoon, we look back at the sporting events of 2011. OK, *The Star Packer* has nothing to do with the Green Bay Packers; it's just the title. The short following it, however, is one made with some of the Green Bay Packers of the 1930s. Our Canadian readers will remember how hockey fans in Vancouver went nuts when their Canucks choked badly and lost the Stanley Cup final. The closest I could think of to Canadiand making mischief is Robert Montgomery and company in *Petticoat Fever* (although it's technically set in what was not part of Canada at the time). That, and a Traveltalks look at the Canadian wilderness.


Finally, on Saturday night, we remember the killing of Osama bin Laden by showing a series of movies about conspiracies to kill various political figures. This starts of with the TCM Essential, *Rasputin and the Empress*, in which the dead guy is Rasputin. It's followed by movies about Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Reinhard Heydrich, and Abraham Lincoln.




I think I have 11 premieres, although I think I might have seen *Wild River* on the September schedule:


*Ten North Frederick*

*Brigham Young*


*The Great Gatsby*

*Lydia Bailey*

*The 7th Dawn*

*To the Shores of Tripoli*

*The Blazing Forest*

*Wild River*

*The Poseidon Adventure*

*Nine Hours to Rama*


Star of the MOnth: Anne Francis


Easy as 1-2-3:


1950s soap operas

1970s all-star disaster movies

Sidney Lumet

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Fedya, I love your idea of salutes to various events of 2011. I'm still laughing about using *Nixon* to salute Agnes Nixon, the much-deserved lack of originality tribute, and the Rapture that failed to cometh. Greece as *The Mouse That Roared* is all too true. Loved the recognition of Thackeray, and also the typewriter theme. In *Autumn Leaves* Cliff Robertson showed us exactly how to use a typewriter: you throw it at Joan Crawford.


The *7th Dawn* and *Wild River* would grace any schedule, especially because they both deserve to be better known.


So now we have five great schedules to choose from, with more on the way. Movieman, I'm sorry you've been under the weather. That sort of thing is going around my office, too.

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Racing the clock. Still have a few days to complete. And just discovered I need to throw out my Star of the Month because he has been done. (Thank goodness for lzcutter's list.) Getting hard to find someone who hasn't been SOTM.

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Filmlover, you don't need to throw out your Star of the Month because that person has already been SOTM. That's not part of the rules, either for TCM or for the challenge.


Good luck to everyone who's charging down the homestretch. The challenge closes Thursday night at midnight Pacific time. I will then assemble a voting thread and we'll have a week available for voting.

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Fedya - This is a truly marvelous schedule. I am without words to capture your wit and cunning. I like to list movies which I find particularly worthy of note but I would only be copying 90% of your schedule! This is surely one of the best schedules any person has ever created.

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Oh wait! I remember--I have come across several films I might want to use that were produced by say, First National or a company with the name of the producer (like Selznick) but which were distributed by MGM or WB. Can these be used without being a premiere?

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19th Programming Challenge for the week of July 22 to July 28, 2012


*A Spotlight on the Olympic Games*




Sunday, July 22nd 2012


*Turner and "Hooch"*

Films about Bootlegging or Moonshine

03:00am The Secret Six (1931) 83m, MGM

04:30am Gentleman's Fate (1931) 90m, MGM

06:00am Caught Plastered (1931) 68m, RKO

07:15am Pardon Us (1931) 55m, MGM/Roach

08:15am Them Thar Hills (1934) 20m, Roach


*James Stewart Bio Pics*

08:45am The Stratton Story (1949) 106m, MGM

10:45am Carbine Williams (1952) 91m, MGM

12:30pm The Glenn Miller Story (1954) 116m, Universal (P/S)

02:30pm The Spirit Of St. Louis (1957) 138m, WB (P/S)


=== Primetime Hours===


Efficiency Experts

05:00pm Cheaper By The Dozen (1950) 86m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

06:30pm Sitting Pretty (1948) 84m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

08:00pm Stand-In (1937) 91m, WB


09:30pm Silent Sunday Nights - The Godless Girl (1929) 113m, Pathe (P/S)


11:30pm TCM Imports - Jesus Of Montreal (1989) 118m, Orion Classics


01:30am To Be Or Not To Be (1942) 100m, Para (P/S)




Monday, July 23rd 2012



Bette Davis/George Brent - Our Melodramas For "Uncle Jack"


03:30am Special Agent (1935) 78m, WB

05:00am Golden Arrow (1936) 70m, WB

06:15am Front Page Woman (1935) 82m, WB

07:45am Jezebel (1938) 103m, WB

09:30am The Old Maid (1939) 95m, WB

11:15am Dark Victory (1939) 105m, WB

01:15pm The Great Lie (1941) 110m, WB

03:15pm In This Our Life (1942) 98m, WB


===Primetime Hours===


*_An Olympic Spotlight, Night One_*

Olympic Documentaries


05:00pm Olympia, Part One (1936) 121m, (P/S)

07:15pm Olympia, Part Two (1936) 96m, (P/S)

09:00pm One Day In September (1999) 94m, Sony Classics - *Premiere #1*

10:45pm Visions Of Eight (1972) 110m, Cinema5 - *Premiere #2*

12:45am Tokyo Olympiad (1964) 132m, A.I.P (P/S)




Tuesday, July 24th, 2012


*Olympic Documentaries* (cont.)

03:00am Olympic Cavalcade (1948) 60m, UA (P/S)


*Dudley Nichols & John Ford*

04:00am The Plough And The Stars (1937) 67m, RKO

05:15am The Hurricane (1937) 110m, UA/Goldwyn (P/S)

07:15am The Lost Patrol (1934) 75m, RKO

08:30am The Informer (1935) 97m, RKO

10:15am The Long Voyage Home (1940) 103m, UA (P/S)



12:00pm Life With Father (1947) 119m WB (P/S)

02:00pm Red-Headed Woman (1932) 80m MGM

03:30pm The Lady WIth Red Hair (1940) 78m WB



:::Primetime Hours:::


*_An Olympic Spotlight, Night Two_*

*Olympic Settings*


05:00pm Charlie Chan At The Olympics (1937) 71m, 20th-Century Fox - *Premiere #3*

06:15pm Million Dollar Legs (1932) 64m, Para (P/S)

07:30pm Search For Beauty (1934) 78m, Para - *Premiere #4*

09:00pm Walk, Don't Run (1966) 114m, Columbia (P/S)

11:00pm It Happened In Athens (1962) 92m, 20th-Century Fox - *Premiere #4*

12:45am The Games (1970) 100m, 20th-Century Fox - *Premiere #5*


02:30am Now Playing: The Show (August) TCM Production 30m




Wednesday, July 25th 2012


*The Homefront During WWII*

03:00am Since You Went Away (1944) 172m, Selznick (P/S)

06:00am Tender Comrade (1944) 102m, RKO

07:45am What A Blonde (1945) 72m RKO

09:00am Doughgirls (1944) 102m, WB

10:45am Swing Shift Maisie (1943) 87m, MGM

12:15pm Rationing (1944) 94m, MGM

02:00pm War Against Mrs. Hadley (1942) 86m, MGM

03:30pm Priorities On Parade (1942) 79m, Paramount - *Premiere #6*


:::Primetime Hours:::


*_An Olympic Spotlight, Night Three_*

Olympic Fictions


05:00pm Wee Geordie (1955) 93m, Times Film Corporation - *Premiere #7*

06:45pm Downhill Racer (1969) 101m, Paramount (P/S)

08:30pm Cutting Edge (1992) 101m, MGM - *Premiere #8*

10:15pm International Velvet (1978) 127m, MGM (P/S)


12:30am National Velvet (1944) 124m, MGM




Thursday, July 26th 2012


*Hiding Out*

03:00am The Whole Town Is Talking (1935) 95m, Columbia (P/S)

04:45am Talk Of The Town (1942) 118m, Columbia (P/S)

06:45am We're No Angels (1955) 105m, Paramount (P/S)


*Everyone* *vs. The Nazis*

The Lone Wolf

08:45am Passport To Suez (1943) 72m, Columbia (P/S)

The Saint

10:00am The Saint's Vacation(1941) 61m RKO


11:15am Tarzan Triumphs (1943) 77m, RKO

East Side Kids

12:45pm Ghosts On The Loose (1943) 65m, Monogram (P/S)

The Falcon

01:30pm The Falcon's Brother (1942) 64m, RKO

Sherlock Holmes

02:45pm Sherlock Holmes and the Voice Of Terror (1942) 65m, Universal (P/S)


03:00pm Son Of Lassie (1945) 100m, MGM


:::Primetime Hours:::


Star Of The Month - Albert Finney

(Also "1-2-3" Requirement)


Albert Finney in the '60s

05:00pm Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1961) 90m, Continental (P/S)

06:45pm Tom Jones (1963) 131m, Lopert Pictures (P/S)


Albert Finney in the '70s

09:00pm Murder On The Orient Express (1974) 128m, Paramount (P/S)

11:15pm Gumshoe (1971) 88m, Columbis (P/S)


Albert Finney in the '80s

12:45am The Dresser (1983) 118m, Sony Pictures (P/S)

02:45am Under The Volcano (1984) 112m, Universal (P/S)




Friday, July 27th 2012


04:45am Hidden Values: The Movies Of The Fifties (2001) 60m, TCM Production


*Really Big Doings in Really Small Towns*

05:45am Magic Town (1947) 103m, RKO

07:30am Hail, The Conquering Hero (1944) 101m, Paramount (P/S)

09:15am June Bride (1948) 97m, WB

11:00am Bye, Bye Birdie (1963) 112m, Columbia (P/S)

01:00pm Cold Turkey (1971) 102m, UA (P/S)

02:45pm The Russians Are Coming... (1966) 126m, UA (P/S)


:::Primetime Hours:::


*_An Olympic Spotlight, Night Four_*

*Olympic Actors*


05:00pm Tarzan, The Ape Man (1932) 101m, MGM

*Johnny Weismuller* - Gold Medalist (Swimming), 1924 & 1928 Olympics


06:45pm Everything Happens At Night (1939) 76m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

*Sonja Henie* - Gold Medalist (Figure Skating), 1928, 1932 & 1936 Olympics


08:15pm Sing And Like It (1934) 72m, RKO

*Nat Pendleton* - Silver Medalist (Wrestler), 1920 Olympics


09:30pm Tarzan The Fearless (1933) 89m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

*Buster Crabbe* - Gold Medalist (Swimming), 1932 Olympics


11:00pm TCM Underground - Gymkata (1985) 90m, MGM

*Kurt Thomas* - Gymnast, 1976 Olympics


12:30am TCM Underground - American Anthem (1986) 102m, Columbia

*Mitch Gaylord* - Gold Medalist (Gymnastics), 1984 Olympics


02:15am The Younger Brothers (1949) 76m, WB

*Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett* - Silver Medalist (Shot Put), 1928 Olympics




Saturday, July 28th 2012


*Olympic Actors* (cont.)

03:45am Tarzan's Revenge (1938) 70m, 20th-Century Fox *Premiere #9*

*Glenn Morris* - Gold Medalist (Decathalon), 1936 Olympics


*Day Of Powell-full Musicals*


William Powell

05:00am The Great Ziegfeld (1936) 180m, MGM

Eleanor Powell

08:15am Rosalie (1937) 122m, MGM

Dick Powell

10:30am The Singing Marine (1937) 105m, WB

Jane Powell

12:30pm A Date With Judy (1948) 113m, MGM

Michael Powell

02:30pm The Tales Of Hoffmann (1951) 138m, London FIlms (P/S)


:::Primetime Hours:::


*_An Olympic Spotlight, Night Five_*

Olympic Bio Pics


05:00pm *The Essentials* - Chariots Of Fire (1981) 124m, Ladd Co. (P/S)

*Eric Liddell*, 1924 Gold Medalist - 400 Meters

*Harold Abrahams*, 1924 Gold Medalist - 100 Meters


07:15pm Jim Thorpe, All American (1951) 107m, WB (P/S)

*Jim Thorpe*, 1912 Gold Medalist - Decathalon, Pentathalon


09:15pm Running Brave (1984) 106m, Buena Vista - *Premiere #10*

*Billy Mills*, 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist - 10,000 Meters


11:15pm Without Limits (1998) 117m, WB - *Premiere #11*

*Steve Prefontaine*, 1972 Olympic Team - 5000 Meters


01:15 The Bob Mathias Story (1954) 80m, Allied Artists - *Premiere #12*

*Bob Mathias*, 1948 & 1952 Olympic Gold Medalist - Decathalon





Notes To Follow Tomorrow











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To add missing runtimes and studio info in two places


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hlywdkjk-- AWESOME! Do you know how much I wish I wrote this one? I adore the Olympics and find this so fascinating. Olympia definitely needs to be shown -- haven't seen it in years. And how cool to show Olympians in acting roles. Cool! And Albert Finney is a worthy choice for SOTM. Awesome!


(sorry I can't get all that weird coding off the post)


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*"We're the telepathic Stan and Ollie. Gymkata was one of my Underground selections!"* - smileys


I've always known we were simaptico!


Maybe next time? (Dial-up willing.)


Kyle In Hollywood

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Hey King,


I still have to do my notes before midnight but, in the meantime, here's my schedule, out of competition, of course.


*Sunday, Nov 5th, 2011:*



*Hunt Stromberg Presents*

6:00 A *Our Modern Maidens* (1929) Joan Crawford, Dir. Jack Conway, MGM, 76 mins

7:30 A *Chained* (1958) Joan Crawford, Dir. Clarence Brown, MGM, 74 mins.

9:00 A *Small Town Girl* ( 1936) Janet Gaynor, Dir.Wm. Wellman, MGM, 106 mins p/s

10:45 A *Northwest Passage* (1940) Spencer Tracy, Dir. King Vidor, MGM, 126 mins p/s



*Entering My House Justified: A Birthday Salute to Joel McCrea*

12:00 P *Banjo on My Knee* (1936) Joel McCrea, Dir. John Cromwell, Fox, 95 mins *P*

2:00 P *The Silver Cord* (1933) Joel McCrea, Dir. John Cromwell, RKO, 74 mins

3:30 P *Private Worlds* (1934), Joel McCrea, Dir. Gregory LaCava, PAR, 84 mins *P*



*First a Silent, then a Talkie*

5:00 P *Wizard of Oz* (1925) Dorothy Dwan, Dir. Larry Semon, Chadwick, 72 mins, p/s

6:15 P *Wizard of Oz* (1939) Judy Garland, Dir. Vic Fleming, MGM, 101 mins, p/s

8:00 P *Beau Geste* (1926) Ronald Coleman, Dir. Herbert Brennon, PAR 101mins *P*

10:00 P *Beau Geste* (1939) Gary Cooper, Dir. Wm. Wellman, PAR, 120 mins p/s



*Silent Sundays*

12:00 A *The Iron Mask* (1929) Douglas Fairbanks, Dir. Allan Dwan, UA, 103 mins *E*



*TCM Imports*

1:45 A *Bitter Rice* (1949) Silvano Magnano, Dir. Giuseppe De Santis, Lux, 101 mins *E*

3:30 A *White Nights* (1957) Maria Schell, Dir. Luchino Visconti, Rank, 107 mins *E*

5:30 A *Now Playing: The Show* (2011)



*Monday, Nov. 6*


*The Monopoly Man: Charles Coburn*

6:00 A *Bachelor Mother* (1939) Charles Coburn, Dir. Garson Kanin, RKO, 82 mins p/s

7:30 A *The Lady Eve* (1941) Charles Coburn, Dir. Preston Sturges, PAR 95 mins, p/s

9:15 A *George Washington Slept Here* (1943) Claudette Colbert, Dir William Keighley, WBros, 93 mins p/s

11:00 A *The Constant Nymph* (1943) Charles Coburn, Dir. Edmund Goulding, WB, 106 mins p/s


*Screen Couples: Francis Gifford and James Craig*

1:45 P *Marriage is a Private Affair* (1955) Lana Turner, Dir. Robert Z. Leonard, MGM, 118 mins p/s

3:45 P *Our Vines Have Tender Grapes* (1945) Ed. G. Robinson, Dir. Roy Rowland, MGM, 105 mins p/s

5:30 P *Little Mr. Jim* (1947) Jackie "Butch" Jenkins, Dir. Fred Zinneman, MGM, 92 mins



*Like Father, Like Son*

8:00 P *Last of the Mohicans* (1920) Wallace Beery, Dir. Maurice Tourneur, Fox,73 mins p/s

9: 00 P *Stars in My Crown* (1950) Joel McCrea,Dir. Jacques Tourneur, MGM, 91 mins p/s

10:45 P *Reaching for the Moon* (1931) Doug Fairbanks, Sr. Dir. Edmund Goulding, UA 90 mins *P*

12:15 A *Angles Over Broadway* (1940) Doug Fairbanks, Jr. Dir. Ben Hecht, COL, 78 mins p/s

1:45 A *Alibi Ike* (1935) writer: Ring Laudner, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 73 mins, p/s

3:15 A *Tomorrow the World!* writer: Ring Laudner, Jr. Dir. Leslie Fenton, UA, 86 mins p/s



5:00 A *Val Lewton: The Man Behind the Shadows* (2008) Kent Jones, TCM, 77 mins p/s



*TUESDAY, Nov. 7th*



*Everybody's Buddy- Harry Morgan:*

6:15 A *Thunder Bay* (1953) James Stewart, Dir. Anthony Mann, UNI, 103 mins p/s

8:00 A *Bend of the River* (1952) James Stewart. Dir. Anthony Mann, UNI, 92 mins p/s

10:00 A *The Ox-bow Incident* (1943) Henry Fonda, Dir.Wm. Wellman, FOX, 75 mins p/s

11:30 A *Dragonwyck* (1946) Vincent Price, Dir. J. Mankewicz, FOX, 103 mins p/s

2:00 P *How the West Was Won* (1963) John Wayne, Dir. John Ford, MGM, 155 mins p/s

5:00 P *The Far Country* (1955) James Stewart, Dir. Anthony Mann, PAR, 103 mins p/s



7: 00 P *Private Screenings: Stanley Donen* (2006) TCM Documentary, 60 mins.



*Glenda Farrell: Star of the Month*:

8:00 P *Scandal for Sale* (1932) Glenda Farrell, Dir. Russell Mack, UNI, 74 mins *P*

9:15 P *Girl Missing* (1933) Glenda Farrell, Dir. Robert Florey, WBros, 69 mins p/s

10:30 P *Lady For a Day* (1933) Warren William, Dir. Frank Capra, COL, 96 mins p/s

12:15 A *Heat Lightning* (1934) Aline McMahon, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, WBros, 63 mins p/s

1:30 A *Merry Wives of Reno* (1923) Glenda Farrell, Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone, WBros, 64 mins

3:00 A *In Caliente* (1935) Delores Del Rio, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WBros, 84 mins, p/s

4:30 A *Traveling Saleslady* (1935) Glenda Farrell, Joan Blondell, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 64 mins, p/s



*WEDNESDAY, Nov. 8th:*

*A Man Makes His Own Luck: A Salute to Millard Mitchell*

6:00 A *A Double Life* (1930) Ronald Coleman, Dir. George Cukor, UNI, 104 mins p/s

8:00 A *Winchester '73* (1932) James Stewart, Dir. Anothy Mann, UNI, 92 mins p/s

9:45 A *Convicted* (1950) Glenn Ford, Dir. Henry Levin, COL, 91 mins p/s

11:30 A *My Six Convicts* (1952) Millard Mitchell, Dir. Hugo Fregonese, COL, 105 mins p/s

1:15 P *Singin' in the Rain* (1952) Gene Kelly, Dir. Stanley Donen, MGM , 103 mins p/s

3:00 P *The Big Street* (1942) Henry Fonda, Dir. Irving Reis, RKO, 92 mins p/s

4:45 P *The Naked Spur* (1953) James Stewart, Dir Anthony Mann, MGM, 94 mins p/s

6:30 P *Strictly Dishonorable* (1951) Janet Leigh, Dir. Melvin Frank, MGM, 90 mins



*Guest Programmer: Mark Knopfler*

8:00 P Border Reiver / *Ride the Pink Horse* (1947) Robert Montgomery, Dir. Robert Montgomery, UNI, 101 mins p/s

9:45 P Beachcombing / *Bird of Paradise* (1932) Joel McCrea, Dir. King Vidor UNI, 80 mins p/s

11:15 P Quality Shoe / *Sullivan's Travels* (1942) Veronica Lake, Dir. Preston Sturges, PAR, 91 mins.

12:45 A Madame Geneva's / *A Tale of Two Cities* (1935) Ronald Colman, Dir. Jack Conway, MGM, 123 mins p/s

3:00 A A Rag-Picker's Dream / *It Happened on Fifth Avenue* (1947) Don Defore, Dir. Roy del Ruth, ALLIED, 116 mins p/s



5:00 A *Without Lying Down: Power of Women in Film* (2000) TCM documentary, 56 mins p/s+



*THURSDAY, Nov. 7th*



*Directed by Dorothy Azner*

6:00 A *Christopher Strong* (1933) Katharine Hepburn, Dir. Dorothy Azner, RKO, 77 mins p/s

7:30 A *Craig's Wife* (1936) Rosalind Russell, Dir. Dorothy Azner, Columbia, 85 mins, p/s

9:45 A *The Bride Wore Red* (1937) Joan Crawford, Dir. Dorothy Azner, MGM, 104 mins p/s

11:30 A *Dance, Girl, Dance* (1940) Maureen O’Hara, Dir. Dorothy Azner, RKO, 90 mins p/s



*Alright, Who Did It? Who Did It?*

1:00 P *Who Done It* (1942) Abbott and Costello, Dir. Erle C. Kenton, UNI, 77 mins *P*

2:30 P *Murder, He Says* (1945) Fred McMurray, Dir. George Marshall, PAR, 94 mins p/s

4:15 P *I Love Trouble* (1948) Franchot Tone, Dir. S. Sylvan Simon, COL, 106 mins *P*

6:00 P *Footsteps in the Dark* (1941) Errol Flynn, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WBros, 96 mins, p/s



*Glenda Farrell: Star of the Month*

8:00 P *Gold Diggers of 1935* (1935) Dick Powell, Dir. Busby Berkley, WBros, 95 mins, p/s

10:45 P *We're in the Money* (1935) Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 65 mins p/s

12:00 A *Gold Diggers of 1937* (1937) Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WBros, 101 mins p/s

1:45 A *Miss Pacific Fleet* (1936) Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 66 mins. p/s

3:00 A *Torchy Blane* (1937) Glenda Farrell, Dir. Frank McDonald, WBros, 65 mins

4:15 A *Torchy Gets Her Man* (1938) Glenda Farrell, Dir. William Beaudine, WBros, 58 mins

5:15 A *Torchy Blane in Chinatown* (1939) Glenda Farrell, Dir. William Beaudine, WBros, 58 mins,



*FRIDAY, Nov. 8th*


*Not the Man I Used to Be*

6:15 A *Street of Chance* (1942) Burgess Meredith, Dir. Jack Hively, PAR, 74 mins *P*

7:30 A *Fear in the Night* (1947) Paul Kelly, Dir. Maxwell Shane, PAR, 74 mins *P*

8:45 A *Two in the Dark* (1936) Walter Abel, Dir. Ben Stoloff, RKO, 74 mins

10:00 A *Power of the Whistler* (1945) Richard Dix, Dir. Lew Landers, COL, 66 mins *P*

11:15 A *Crossroads*, (1942) William Powell, Dir. Jack Conway, MGM, 83 mins

12:45 P *The Haunted Strangler* (1958) Boris Karloff, Dir. Robert Day, MGM, 78 mins

2:00 P *Nightmare* (1956) Ed. G. Robinson, Dir. Maxwell Shane, UA, 89 mins p/s

3:30 P *Spellbound* (1945) Gregory Peck, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, UA, 116 mins p/s

5:30 P *Random Harvest* (1942) Greer Garson, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, MGM, 128 mins, p/s



*1-2-3 Allan Dwan*

8:00 P *Tide of Empire* (1929) Renee Adore, Dir. Allan Dwan, MGM, 78 mins

9:15 P *Brewster's Millions* (1945) Dennis O’Keefe, Dir. Allan Dwan, UA,79 mins p/s

10:30 P *Cattle Queen of Montana* (1954) Barbara Stanwyck, Dir. Allan Dwan, RKO, 88 mins

*Bonus Feature*

12:00 A *Slightly Scarlet* (1956) John Payne, Dir. Allan Dwan, RKO, 99 mins




2:00 A *Wild in the Streets* (1968) Christopher Jones, Dir. Barry Shear, AIP, 97 mins *E*

3:45 A *rpm* (1970) Gary Lockwood, Dir. Stanley Kramer, COL, 99 mins *E*



*SATURDAY, Nov. 9th*


*A Little Series with your Cereal*

6:00 A *The Falcon's Brother* (1942) George Sanders, Dir. Stanley Logan, RKO, 64 mins p/s

7:15 A *Calling Philo Vance* (1940) James Stephenson, Dir. William Clemens, WBros, 63 mins

8:30 A *Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe* (1940) Buster Crabbe, Dir. Ford Beebe, UNI, 28 mins *P*

9:00 A *The Case of the Curious Bride* (1935), Warren William, Dir. Michael Curtiz, WBros, 74 mins, p/s

10:15 A *Arsene Lupin Returns* (1938) Melvyn Douglas, Dir. Geo. Fitzmaurice, MGM, 82 mins, p/s

12:00 P *Lone Wolf Spy Hunt* (1939) Warren William, Dir. Peter Godfrey, COL, 69 mins. p/s



*Featuring Lennox Pawle*

1:15 P *David Copperfield* (1935). W.C. Fields, Dir. George Cukor, MGM, 133 mins, p/s

3:30 P *The Sin of Madelon Claudet* (1931) Helen Hayes, Dir. Edgar Selwyn, MGM, 74 mins, p/s

5:00 P *Mata Hari* (1931) Greta Garbo, Dir. George Fitzmaurice, MGM, 90 mins, p/s

6:30 P *Sylvia Scarlett* (1936) Katharine Hepburn, Dir. George Cukor, MGM, 90 mins, p/s



*The Essentials*

*Indiana Who?*

8:00 P *Secret of the Incas* (1954) Charlton Heston, Dir. Jerry Hooper, PAR, 101 mins, *P*

9:45 P *The Egyptian* (1954) Victor Mature, Dir. Michael Curtiz, FOX, 140 mins, *P*

12:15 A *Doc Savage, Man of Bronze* (1975) Ron Ely, Dir. Michael Anderson, WBros, 111 mins, *P*

2:15 A *The Mummy* (1959) Peter Cushing, Dir. Terence Fisher, UNI, 88 mins, p/s

3:45 A *The Mummy* (1932) Boris Karloff, Dir. Karl Freund, UNI, 78 mins p/s

5:15 A *Bring 'em Back Alive* (1932), Dir. Clyde Elliott, RKO, 60 mins



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_Some Notes on "Kyle In Hollywood"s Programming Challenge Schedule_


Like a "seven-year cicada", after taking a hiatus from Challenge writing for the past seven editions, I have returned to write a week of programming for TCM. But, I am still invoking my "Challenger Emeritus" status and not "competing" for the chance to moderate the next Challenge. My day-to-day life won't allow it for the forseeable future. But I was inspired with some ideas that I wanted to put forth for the membership and for the Programming Department. I hope it is met with some approval.


Choosing to assemble a full "Spotlight" event for this Challenge, I programmed Five Nights to salute the Olympic Games. It is scheduled for the last week of July, 2012 which would lead into the opening of next year's London Games that begin on July 27th. Originally planned for four nights, it was expanded to five nights because of the number appropriate titles and the numerous premieres available for use this time out.


_The Olympics, Night One - Documentaries_

Of the documentaries made about the Olympic Games, Leni Reifenstahl's two-part *Olympia* about the Berlin Olympics in 1936 is probably the most well known. It was included in TCM's Spotlight on Documentary Films back in 1999. Of the documentary premieres presented this night, two cover the 1972 Games in Munich - *One Day In September* about the murder of the Israeli athetes that year and *Visions Of Eight* which compiles work by eight different directors who focused on specific competitions that year. The eight directors include Arthur Penn, John Schlesinger and Claude Lelouch. The film *Olympic Cavalcade* chronicles the 1948 Olympic Games held in London and which were the first held after WWII.


_The Olympics, Night Two - Olympic Settings_

There are quite a few films set during Olympic Games that don't focus specifically on the athletic competitions. This evening is made up of some of those films. *Charlie Chan At The Olympics* is (surprise) a mystery set at the 1936 Games in Berlin - where No. 1 Son is a member of the U.S. Swim Team. *Million Dollar Legs* is a comedy with W.C. Fields about the nation of Klopstokia entering the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. *Search For Beauty* stars Olympian Buster Crabbe as a former Olympian who becomes involved in promoting a titillating fitness magazine. The familiar *Walk, Don't Run* reimagines *The More The Merrier* by placing the housing shortage at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. *It Happened In Athens* is a Jane Mansfield farce set during the the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, 1896 while *The Games* takes place at the 1960 Rome Olympics.


_The Olympics, Night Three - Olympic Fictions_

This night covers fictional stories about Olympic competitors. The English film *Wee Geordie* is the story of a small-ish lad from Scotland who becomes a celebrated hammer-thrower. *Downhill Racer* is the Micheal Ritchie film about a downhill skier that climaxes at the Olympic Games and *The Cutting Edge* is a love story about a former hockey player who becomes the partner to a prima-donna figure skater. *International Velvet*, recently seen during the TCM "Playing The Ponies" Spotlight, has Velvet coaching an aspiring Olympic Equestrian.


_The Olympics, Night Four - Olympic Actors_

I think it was Ben Mankiewicz who mentioned in an intro of his that Nat Pendleton was an Olympic medalist. It's true. This night's line-up features Pendleton and other assorted actors who have competed in the Olympic Games. Four former Olympians have protrayed Tarzan on film with Johnny Weismuller being the most famous and successful. Buster Crabbe also did a turn (and which wil be seen on TCM in July) as did decathlete Glenn Morris - who abandoned acting shortly afterwards. Herman Brix was an Olympic shot-putter in the 1928 Olympics, winning a silver medal in the event. In 1935 he starred in *The New Adventures of Tarzan* followed by *Tarzan and the Green Goddess* in 1938. (He is also seen in *Million Dollar Legs* as a member of the Klopstokian Olympic team.) Frustrated at being typecast as another Tarzan, he changed his name to Bruce Bennett. This new name changed the trajectory of his acting career. As Bennett, he was seen in better films, including *Mildred Pierce*, *Treasure of the Sierra Madre* and *Angels In The Outfield*. *The Younger Brothers* represents one of his best starring roles. The infamous Gold Medalist Figure Skater Sonja Henie was made a star at 20th-Century Fox and made numerous films there through the 1940s - including her debut film *One In A Million* which focuses on an Olympic Figure Skater. I would have used that film but the film's running time made a mess of my night's line-up. A focus on Olympic athletes-turned-actors also fit into the TCM Underground mindset with two Olympic Gymnasts being featured in two pretty dreadful films of the 1970s.


_The Olympics, Night Five - Olympic Bio Pics_

While not everyone may consider *Chariots Of Fire* an "Essentials"-worthy film, it was useful for the last Olympic Spotlight I planned. The lives of Olympians do provide inspirational stories and *Chariots Of Fire* does succeed on that level, as do all the other titles included this night. Besides *Jim Thorpe, All-American*, the night also includes a dramatic look at the life of another Native-American Olympian, Billy Mills (portrayed by 1980s heart-throb Robby Benson) and the story of another runner, Steve Prefontaine, who was the subject of two feature films within two years, *Without Limits* (included in my schedule) and *Pre*. The evening (and week) finishes off with *The Bob Mathias Story* starring, of all people, Bob Mathias himself.


Most of the rest of the schedule is pretty self-explanatory. I riff on the name of a famous NYC music club, CBGB's (OMFUG), with a day-long look at the co-starring turns of Bette Davis and George Brent that they made at Warner Bros. for "Uncle Jack" Warner. "Dudley Nichols & John Ford" is a line-up of Ford films with scripts by the screenwriter Dudley Nichols. I've been long amused and impressed by the lengths films studios went to stir patriotic and pro-war feelings in the audience during WWII. Two looks at such studio endeavors can be found in the use of franchise film characters to fight the Nazis (Tarzan? Lassie? Really? Highly Amused.) and the "Homefront" films (Impressed) that explore the idea that "They also serve who only stand and wait" when performing their civic duties (and enduring domestic hardships) far from those on the battlelines.


Albert Finney films have been a staple on TCM for the past few years - so much so that I thought TCM was gearing up to name him a "Star Of The Month". It hasn't happened yet. Maybe soon. But it was nice to explore his career without having to use any premieres.


I had fun attempting a Challenge Schedule again. But don't be surprised if I wait out another seven Challlenges before jumping in again.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Countessdelave's schedule for April 8-14, 2010










*6:00 am The Egg and I* (1947) Dir. Chester Erskine.

starring Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray. Univ., BW-108 minutes. p/s.

*8:00 am Alice in Wonderland* (1933) Dir. Norman Z. McLeod.

starring Cary Grant, Skeets Gallagher, W.C. Fields. Paramount, BW-90 minutes. p/s.

*9:45 am Harvey* (1950) Dir. Henry Koster.

starring James Stewart, Josephine Hull. Univ., BW-104 minutes. p/s.

*11:30 am Bunny Lake is Missing* (1965) Dir. Otto Preminger.

starring Keir Dullea, Carol Lynley. Columbia, BW-107 minutes. p/s.

*1:30 pm Cool Hand Luke* (1967) Dir. Stuart Rosenberg.

starring Paula Newman, George Kennedy. WB, C-126 minutes. p/s.

*3:45 pm Who Framed Roger Rabbit?* (1988) Dir. Robert Zemeckis.

starring Bob Hoskins. Walt Disney Studios, C-103 minutes. p/s.

*5:30 pm Rocky* (1976) Dir. John G. Avildsen.

starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. UA, C-119 minutes. p/s.



*7:45 pm Short: Screen Snapshots Series 18, no. 8* (1939) Dir. Ralph Staub.

starring Don Ameche, Sonja Henie, Joan Crawford. Columbia, BW-10 minutes.






*8:00 pm Sun Valley Serenade* (1941) Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone.

starring Sonja Henie, Jon Payne. TCF BW-86 minutes. Premiere #1.

*Short ( Cartoon) : Hollywood Steps Out* (1941). WB, C-8 Minutes.

*9:45 pm Happy Landing* (1938) Dir. Roy Del Ruth.

starring Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, Ethel Merman. TCF, BW-102 minutes. Premiere #2.

*Short ( Cartoon): I Like Mountain Music* (1933). WB, BW-7 Minutes.






*12:00 am The Bridal Party in Hardanger* (1926) Dir. Rasmus Breistein.

starring Ase Bye. Rasmus Breistein, BW-104 minutes. Exempt.

*Short: Passing Parade: The Giant of Norway* (1939). MGM, BW-11 minutes.






*2:00 am Ni Liv* (1957) Dir. Arne Skoven.

starring Jack Feldstad, Henny Moan. Nordsjofilm, BW-96 minutes. Exempt.



*3:45 am Edge of Darkness* (1943) Dir. Lewis Milestone.

starring Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan. WB, BW-119 minutes.



*Short: Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra* (1939) Dir. Joseph Henabery.

starring Vincent Lopez, Betty Hutton. WB, BW-11 minutes.









*Betty Hutton*



*6:00 am The Fleet's In* (1942) Dir. Victor Schertzinger.

starring William Holden, Dorothy Lamour, Betty Hutton. Paramount, BW-93 minutes. p/s.

*7:45 am Duffy's Tavern* (1945) Dir. Hal Walker.

starring Betty Hutton, Bing Crosby, Paulette Goddard. Paramount, BW-97 min. Premiere # 3.



*Marion Hutton*



*9:30 am Love Happy* (1950) Dir. David Miller.

starring Marx Brothers,Vera-Ellen, Marion Hutton, Marilyn Monroe. UA, BW-85 minutes. p/s.



*June Hutton*



*11:00 am Luxury Liner* (1948) Dir. Richard Whorf.

starring Jane Powell, George Brent, The Pied Pipers. MGM, C-99 minutes.



*Ina Ray Hutton*



*12:45 pm Ever Since Venus* (1944) Dir. Arthur Dreifuss.

starring Ina Ray Hutton, Ann Savage, Glenda Farrell. Columbia, BW-75 min. Premiere #4.

*Short: Swing, Hutton, Swing* (1937) Dir. Fred Waller.

starring Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears. Paramount, BW-10 minutes.



*Lauren Hutton*



*2:15 pm Paper Lion* (1968) Dir. Alex March.

starring Alan Alda, Lauren Hutton. UA, C-105 minutes. p/s.



*Robert Hutton*



*4:00 pm Love and Learn* (1947) Dir. Frederick de Cordova.

starring Janis Paige, Jack Carson, Robert Hutton. WB, BW-84 minutes.

*6:30 pm Always Together* (1948) Dir. Frederick de Cordova.

starring Robert Hutton, Joyce Reynolds. WB, BW-78 minutes.



*The Chic Marjorie Hutton aka Dina Merrill*



*8:00 pm Desk Set* (1957) Dir. Walter Lang.

starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Dina Merrill. TCF, C-102 minutes. p/s.

*9:45 pm I'll Take Sweden* (1965) Dir. Frederick de Cordova.

starring Bob Hope, Dina Merrill, Tuesday Weld. UA, C-97 minutes. p/s.

*11:30 pm The Courtship of Eddie's Father* (1963) Dir. Vincent Minnelli.

starring Glenn Ford, Shirley Jones, Dina Merrill. MGM, C-118 minutes.



*Timothy Hutton*



*1:30 am Ordinary People* (1980) Dir. Robert Redford.

starring Timothy Hutton, Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland. Paramount, C-125 minutes. p/s.



*Jim Hutton*



*3:45 am Never Too Late* (1965) Dir. Bud Yorkin.

starring Paul Ford, Connie Stevens, Jim Hutton. WB, C-105 minutes. p/s.



*5:30 am Short: Alice in Movieland* (1940) Dir. Jean Negulesco.

starring Joan Leslie. WB, BW-22 minutes.



TUESDAY, April 10, 2012






*Triple Threats*



*6:00 am Yankee Doodle Dandy* (1942) Dir. Michael Curtiz.

starring *James Cagney*, Joan Leslie, Rosemary DeCamp. WB, BW-126 minutes.

*8:15 am Cabaret* (1973) Dir. Bob Fosse.

starring *Liza Minnelli*, Joel Grey. Allied Artists, C-124 minutes. p/s.

*10:30 am Sweet Charity* (1969) Dir. Bob Fosse.

starring *Shirley MacLaine*, Chita Rivera. Univ., C-154 minutes. p/s.



*Triple Bypasses*



*1:15 pm Funny Girl* (1968) Dir. William Wyler.

starring Barbra Steisand, *Omar Sharif*. Columbia, C-151 minutes. p/s.

*4:00 pm The Pawnbroker* (1964) Dir. Sidney Lumet.

starring *Rod Steiger*, Geraldine Fitzgerald. Allied Artists, BW-116 minutes. p/s.

*6:00 pm Charade* (1963) Dir. Stanley Donen.

starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, *George Kennedy*. Univ., C-113 minutes. p/s.



*Triple Oscar Songwriters*



*Marvin Hamlisch*



*8:00 pm The Way We Were* (1973) Dir. Sydney Pollack.

starring Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford. Columbia, C-119 minutes. p/s.



*Alan & Marilyn Bergman*



*10:15 pm The Thomas Crown Affair* (1967) Dir. Norman Jewison.

starring Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway. UA, C-102 minutes. p/s.



*Alan J. Lerner*



*12:00 am Camelot* (1967) Dir. Joshua Logan.

starring Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave. WB, C-179 minutes. p/s.



*3:00 am Three Smart Girls* (1936) Dir. Henry Koster.

starring Deanna Durbin, Ray Milland. Univ., BW-84 minutes. p/s.

*4:30 am Three Blind Mice* (1938) Dir. William A. Seiter.

starring Loretta Young, Joel McCrea, David Niven. TCF, BW-75 minutes. Premiere # 5









*6:00 am Three Hours to Kill* (1954) Dir. Alfred Werker.

starring Dana Andrews, Donna Reed. Columbia, C-78 minutes. p/s.

*7:30 am The 39 Steps* (1935) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock.

starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll. British Gaumont, BW-87 minutes. p/s.

*9:00 am Detective Story* (1951) Dir. William Wyler.

starring Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker. Paramount, BW-103 minutes. p/s.

*10:45 am The Day the Earth Stood Still* (1951) Dir. Robert Wise.

starring Michael Rennie. Patricia Neal. TCF, BW-92 minutes. p/s.

*Short: Bored of Education* (1936) Dir. Gordon Douglas.

starring The Little Rascals. Hal Roach/MGM, BW-10 minutes.

*12:30 pm The Purple Rose of Cairo* (1985) Dir. Woody Allen.

starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels. Orion Pictures, C-82 minutes. p/s.

*2:00 pm D.O.A.* (1950) Dir. Edward Sedgewick.

starring Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton. UA, BW-83 minutes.

*3:30 pm The Little Fugitive* (1953) Dir. Morris Engel.

starring Richie Andrusco. Joseph Bursyn Inc., BW-75 minutes. p/s.

*4:45 pm Roman Holiday* (1953) Dir. William Wyler.

starring Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn. Paramount, BW-118 minutes.

*6:45 pm Detour* (1946) Dir. Edgar G. Ulmer.

starring Ann Savage, Tom Neal. PRC, BW-68 minutes. p/s.






*8:00 pm St. Louis Blues* (1958) Dir. Allen Reisner.

starring Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Cab Calloway. Paramount, BW-94 minutes. p/s.

*Short: Hollywood Goes to Town* (1938) Dir. Herman Hoffman. MGM, BW-9 minutes.

*9:45 pm Start the Revolution Without Me* (1970) Dir. Bud Yorkin.

starring Donald Sutherland, Gene Wilder. WB, C-90 minutes. p/s.

*11:30 pm The Facts of Life* (1960) Dir. Melvin Frank.

starring Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Louie Nye. UA, BW-103 minutes. p/s.

*1:15 am High Society* (1956) Dir, Charles Walters.

starring Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong. MGM, C-111 minutes.

*3:15 am Moguls and Movie Stars: The Dream Merchants (Part 3)* (2010)

TCM, BW/C-60 minutes.

*4:15 am Senior Prom* (1959) Dir. David Lowell Rich.

starring Jill Corey, Louis Prima, Keely Smith. Columbia, BW-82 minutes. p/s.



*Short: Every Sunday* (1936) Dir. Felix E. Feist.

starring Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin. MGM, BW-11 minutes.









*In Honor of Prima Donnas: Montserrat Caballe and Lily Pons*



*6:00 am Tales of Hoffman* (1951) Dir. Michael Powell.

starring Moira Shearer, Ludmilla Tcherina. The Archers, C-138 minutes. p/s.

*8:30 am Everybody Does It* (1949) Dir. Edmund Goulding.

starring Paul Douglas, Celeste Holm, Linda Darnell. TCF, BW-98 minutes. p/s.

*10:15 am The Past of Mary Holmes* (1933) Dir. Harlan Thompson.

starring Jean Arthur, Eric Linden, Helen Mackellan. RKO, BW-70 minutes.

*11:30 am Hitting a New High* (1937) Dir. Raoul Walsh.

starring Lily Pons, Jack Oakie. RKO, BW-85 minutes.

*1:00 pm Oh, For a Man* (1930) Dir. Hamilton MacFadden..

starring Jeanette MacDonald, Reginald Denny. Fox, BW-78 minutes. Premiere #6



*In Honor of Tiny Tim*



*2:30 pm A Christmas Carol* (1951) Dir. Edwin L. Marin.

starring Alistair Sim, Kathleen Harrison. UA, BW-86 minutes. p/s.



*Happy Birthday, Helen Forrest*



*4:00 pm You Came Along* (1945) Dir. John Farrow.

starring Lizabeth Scott, R. Cummings, Helen Forrest. Paramount, BW-102 min. Premiere # 7.

*5:45 pm Two Girls and a Sailor* (1944) Dir. Richard Thorpe.

starring June Allyson, Van Johnson, Harry James, Helen Forrest. MGM, BW-124 minutes.

*Short: Artie Shaw and His Orchestra* (1939) Dir. Joseph Henabery.

starring Artie Shaw, Helen Forrest. WB, BW-10 minutes.






*8:00 pm Break the News* (1938) Dir. Rene Clair.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Jack Buchanan. Monogram Pictures, BW-78 min. Premiere # 8.

*9:30 pm Beloved Vagabond* (1936) Dir. Curtis Bernhardt.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Margaret Lockwood. Columbia, BW-78 minutes. Premiere # 9.

*11:00 pm The Merry Widow* (1934) Dir. Ernst Lubitsch.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald. MGM, BW-99 minutes.

*12:45 am Folies Bergere* (1935) Dir. Roy Del Ruth.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Merle Oberon, Ann Sothern. TCF, BW-80 min. Premiere # 10.



*2:15 am Princess Tam Tam* (1934) Dir. Edmond T. Greville.

starring Josephine Baker, Albert Prejean. World Pictures, BW-77 minutes. p/s.

*3:45 am Zou Zou* (1934) Dir. Marc Allegret.

starring Josephine Baker, Jean Gabin. Les Films H. Roussillon, BW-93 minutes. p/s.



*Short: Three Cheers For the Girls* (1943) Dir. Jean Negulesco. WB, BW-16 minutes.



FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012






*6:00 am The Gold Diggers of 1933* (1933) Dir. Mervyn LeRoy.

starring Joan Blondell, Warren William, Dick Powell. WB, BW-97 minutes.

*7:45 am Play Girl* (1941) Dir. Frank Woodruff.

starring Kay Francis, James Ellison, Mildred Coles. RKO, BW-77 minutes.

*9:15 am The Shop Around the Corner* (1940) Dir. Ernst Lubitsch.

starring James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Joseph Schildkraut. MGM, BW-99 minutes.

*11:00 am State's Attorney* (1932) Dir. George Archainbaud.

starring John Barrymore, Helen Twelvetrees. RKO, BW-79 minutes.

*12:30 pm This Modern Age* (1931) Dir. Nicholas Grinde.

starring Joan Crawford, Pauline Frederick. MGM, BW-68 minutes.

*1:45 pm The Private Affairs of Bel Ami* (1947) Dir. Albert Lewin.

starring George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, Ann Dvorak. UA, BW-112 min. Premiere # 11.

*3:45 pm The Easiest Way* (1931) Dir. Jack Conway.

starring Constance Bennett, Adolph Menjou, Clark Gable. MGM, BW-73 minutes.

*5:00 pm Baby Face* (1933) Dir. Alfred Green.

starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent. WB, BW-71 minutes.

*6:15 pm Love Has Many Faces* (1965) Dir. Alexander Singer.

starring Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson, Ruth Roman. Columbia, C-104 minutes. p/s.






*8:00 pm Kiss Me Stupid* (1964) Dir. Billy Wilder.

starring Dean Martin, Kim Novak. UA, BW-125 minutes. p/s.

*10:15 pm Kiss Me Kate* (1953) Dir. George Sidney.

starring Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson, Ann Miller. MGM, C-109 minutes.

*12:15 am Kiss Me Deadly* (1955) Dir. Robert Aldrich.

starring Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker. UA, BW-104 minutes. p/s.






*2:00 am Kiss Me Quick* (1964) Dir. Peter Perry Jr.

starring Max Gardens. Fantasy Films, C-66 minutes. Exempt.

*3:15 am Kiss Me Baby* (1957) Dir. Lillian Hunt.

starring Lili St. Cyr, Taffy O'Neil. William Mishkin Motion Pictures, BW-65 minutes. p/d.

*4:30 am Kiss Me Again* (1931) Dir. William A. Seiter.

starring Bernice Claire, Walter Pidgeon. 1st Nat'l, BW-75 minutes.



*Short: Shoot Yourself Some Golf* (1942) Dir. Del Frazier.

starring Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan, Jack Redmond. WB, C-11 minutes.









*6:00 am Spring Fever* (1927) Dir. Edward Sedgewick.

starring William Haines, Joan Crawford. MGM, BW-78 minutes.

*7:30 am Kid Boots* (1926) dir. Frank Tuttle.

starring Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow. Paramount, BW-77 minutes. p/s.

*9:00 am The Caddy* (1953) Dir. Norman Taurog.

starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Donna Reed. Paramount, BW-95 minutes. p/s.

*10:45 am Pat and Mike* (1952) Dir. George Cukor.

starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn. MGM, BW-96 minutes.

*12:30 pm Bringing Up Baby* (1938) Dir. Howard Hawks.

starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant. RKO, BW-102 minutes.

*Short: Bobby Jones: How To Break 90 #3: Hip Action* (1933) Dir. George Marshall.

starring Bobby Jones. WB, BW-9 minutes.

*2:30 pm No Other Woman* (1933) Dir. J. Walter Ruben.

starring Irene Dunne, Charles Bickford. RKO, BW-58 minutes.

*3:30 pm The Idle Class* (1921) Dir. Charles Chaplin.

starring Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance. 1st Nat'l, BW-32 minutes.

*4:15 pm Follow Thru* (1930) Dir. Lloyd Corrigan.

starring Nancy Carroll, Buddy Rogers. Paramount, C-92 minutes. Premiere # 12.

*6:00 pm Short: The Golf Specialist* (1930) Dir. Monte Brice.

starring W,C. Fields. RKO, BW-20 minutes.

*6:30 pm Carefree* (1938) Dir. Mark Sandrich.

starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Carson. RKO, BW-83 minutes.







*8:00 pm The Hard Way* (1943) Dir. Vincent Sherman.

starring Ida Lupino, Joan Leslie, Jack Carson, Dennis Morgan. WB, BW-110 minutes.

*10:00 pm The Light That Failed* (1939) Dir. William Wellman.

starring Ronald Colman, Ida lupino. Paramount, BW-97 minutes. Premiere # 13.

*11:45 pm The Man I Love* (1947) Dir. Raoul Walsh.

starring Ida Lupino, Robert Alda. WB, 97 Minutes.

*1:30 am Life Begins at Eight-Thirty* (1942) Dir. Irving Pichel.

starring Monty Woolley, Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde. Paramount, BW-84 min. Premiere # 14.

*3:00 am The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt* (1939) Dir. Peter Godfrey.

starring Ida Lupino, Warren William, Rita Hayworth. Columbia, BW-67 minutes. p/s.

*4:15 am Forever and a Day* (1943) Dir. Rene Clair and others.

starring Ida Lupino, Ray Milland, Merle Oberon, Charles Laughton. RKO, BW-104 minutes.






















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*Countessdelave's Programming Notes: Challenge #19*

*Week of April 8-14, 2012*


*Sunday.* I wanted to schedule some films for Sonja Henie's 100th birthday but I realized that her birthday fell on Easter. Finally, I decided to go with a less traditional Easter theme of Eggs and Bunnies (I did refrain from scheduling *Fatal Attraction* ). The evening is devoted to Henie's birthday and Norwegian films or subject matter.


*Monday.* I once noted that there were a lot of performers with the moniker of Hutton. There are also a number of family relationships amongst them. I programmed the entire day and evening with Hutton films. Betty and Marion Hutton are sisters. June and Ina Ray are half-sisters. Robert Hutton and Marjorie Hutton are both related to Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. One would assume that they might be related to each other but I found no direct confirmation of the fact. Marjorie Hutton is also known as Dina Merrill. She is the daughter of E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post. Timothy Hutton is the son of Jim Hutton.



*Tuesday.* For the special theme of this challenge, I chose to capitalize on triples, literally. We have three triple threats who are extremely gifted at singing, dancing and acting. We have three actors who've gone through triple bypass surgery. I almost added David Bowie but there is some question as to his actual heart surgery proceedure. I found a very long list of quadruple and quintuple bypass recipients. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday, Omar Sharif! The evening's programming is devoted to the rare triple Oscar winners in songwriting.



*Wednesday.* April 11, 1954 has been declared the most boring, uneventful day of the 20th century. Here's a modest selection of films guaranteed to liven up any dull day.

April 11th is Louie Louie Day. In fact, the Senate passed a resolution declaring it so. The Legislature did not follow suit. And so, April 11th is "unofficially" Louie Louie Day, in honor of the famous songwriting efforts of Richard Berry. I salute the Louie/Louis' of film.



*Thursday.* In my zeal to celebrate so many singers' birthdays, I learned the lesson of check and double check. The internet facts are notoriously flakey. I had to toss Maria Callas and Herbert Mills (of The Mills Brothers) from my list. I was initially amazed that Maria Callas, Montserrat Caballe and Lily Pons all shared the same birthday. Fortunately two divas are still worth honoring. Note to LZCutter: *The Past of Mary Holmes* is a remake of *The Goose Woman*, soon to play at the SF Silent Film Festival.

My SOTM is Maurice Chevalier (it's not his birthday). He deserves to be a SOTM someday. TCM-please take note of this! I get to premiere a film that I've always wanted to see: *Break the News*.



*Friday.* Whose Big Baby Are You? is a theme about sugar daddies and sugar mamas.

The evening theme of Kiss Me, You Fool is obvious but I was delighted to find enough films to fill out the entire evening, including TCM Underground. Happy Birthday, Howard Keel.



*Saturday.* We start the day with a golf theme. My Essentials pick is the wonderful, underrated *The Hard Way*, with Ida Lupino. The rest of the evening is devoted to more from the very talented Ida Lupino. I premiere *The Light That Failed* and *Life Begins at Eight-Thirty*.



*Silent Sunday Nights*



The Bridal Party in Hardanger



*TCM Imports*



Ni Liv (Nine Lives)



*Star of the Month*



Maurice Chevalier



*TCM Underground*



Kiss Me Quick

Kiss Me Baby



*The Essentials*



The Hard Way






















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Tracey, yes, that's perfectly OK. Get that schedule in, gal! We're looking forward to it.

I'm trying--my computer failed to save my document last night, so Ive had to make up 4 hours of work. Grrr!
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They are indeed awesome, Polecat. It will be fun to respond in more detail later.


Kyle, I love your Olympic theme. TCM should pick this up and run with it. "Everybody vs. the Nazis" is great. It's good to know that Lassie and Tarzan didn't like the Nazis, but really now! This is another fun theme that the network could use. One of my uncles was a bootlegger--that's what happens when you grow up in the South--so the "hooch" pictures appeal to me. The WWII homefront makes an excellent theme, and I like showing the Dudley Nichols/John Ford films together. The Nichols/Ford films are quite different from the Frank Nugent/Ford films.

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