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The 19th TCM Programming Challenge: Easy as 1-2-3

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*"Kyle, I love your Olympic theme. TCM should pick this up and run with it."* - kingrat


Thanks. We'll just have to wait and see.


If I thought I could have gotten away with it, I was thinking of pulling a "Jacques Cousteau" and including a day made up of Bud Greenspan's theatrically-released *16 Days Of Glory* about the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics along with a full day of episodes from Greenspan's documentary mini-series "Olympiad" from the 1970s. (There's 22 hours worth.) I figured that the Cousteau uproar would be just a distant memory by 2012 and TCM would be ready to do it all over again. Personally, I think Bud Greenspan is a filmmaker worthy of inclusion on TCM.


Glad that you found other parts of my schedule appealing too. After the first two Challenges, I haven't been too successful at getting ideas into the actual schedule. Maybe this time...


Kyle In Hollywood

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Notes on my schedule: *


Hunt Stromberg probably needs no introduction. He was a prolific producer at MGM, producing all of Jean Harlow's films, many of Joan Crawford's early films and a number of prestige films at the ultimate dream factory. In the early 1940s, he struck out on his own forming his own company. For this schedule, I have an offering of some of his films from 1929-1958.



Most long-time posters know how I feel about Joel McCrea. I even started the thread "Joel McCrea for Star of the Month" to shine the spotlight on this very underrated actor. I offer up a trio of not so well known McCrea films in hopes that when the time comes for McCrea to get his month in the spotlight, the schedule will include this trio as well.



*First a Silent, then a Talkie* is rather self explanatory. It would, perhaps, make a good idea not only for the channel but for the Film Festival as well. There are plenty of titles that could be used. I used two of my favorites.



We all know how much I love Doug, Sr and I never miss a chance to promote him in my challenge schedules. *The Iron Mask* is one of his best and perhaps his most elegiac.



Anyone who loves *Cinema Paradiso* will recognize the two titles in my TCM Imports category.



Who resembles the Monopoly Man more than Charles Coburn? I couldn't think of anyone.



*Like Father, Like Son* looks at a trio of film professionals, one director (Maurice Tourneur), one star (Doug, Sr- my love knows no bounds) and one writer, Ring Lardner. Their sons followed in their footsteps and three films of the younger are highlighted here as well.



Henry "Harry" Morgan, long before he became beloved as TV's Col. Potter made his early career playing the sidekick of more renowned stars. From Jimmy Stewart to Henry Fonda to John Wayne, Morgan provided the necessary back-up and heavy lifting required of good character actors.



I saw Glenda Farrell earlier this month at a noir-fest and thought she was just terrific, stealing every scene she was in with Franchot Tone. I would love for this fast-talking, witty actresses to get her moment in the TCM spotlight. So, on Tuesday and Thursday evening, she is my Star of the Month. Some of the films include a trio of films she did with Joan Blondell. I can't wait!



Millard Mitchell is another one of those great character actors whose face and voice we recognize immediately. He provided back-up in dramas, comedies, musicals and westerns. He was very versatile and very good.



Wednesday evening singer/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire Mark Knopfler sits down with Robert O to introduce a series of films. The twist, they are films that may have inspired the accompanying songs.



Dorothy Azner was a pioneering female director and Thursday morning is dedicated to her.



*Alright, Who Did It? Who Did It?* Besides being one of the most well-known quotes from *Mr. Roberts*, it is also a block of who done its offered up for your enjoyment.



*Not the Man I Used to Be* is a look at films that deal with amnesia.



My *1-2-3-* plus one focuses on Allan Dwan. He began his career in the early, early days of film making and kept making films until his retirement in the early 1960s. The auteur theory left Dwan in the dustbin of film history but those of us who love his workman like ethic and his films know that he should be better known.



Thanks to Rich (scsu1975) for his great recaps of bad, bad juvenile delinquent films. They inspired me to put these two on the schedule for TCM Underground.



Lastly, Saturday begins with a number of film series making an appearance on what would be a weekly basis.



Lennox Pawle was another character actor that many films buffs don't know until they see him on the screen. He is priceless in *David Copperfield* sparring with Edna May Oliver.



And *Indiana, Who?* is a series of films that may (or may not) have inspired *Raiders of the Lost Ark*. Spielberg and Lucas aren't saying but the similarities between Indy and Chuck Heston’s hero in *Secret of the Incas* says they were. And likely by the others on the schedule as well.


*I hope you enjoy this out-of-competition schedule (no votes allowed).*



Good luck to all who entered this, the 19th Challenge!

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Sunday, January 25


It's My Party and I'll Play What I Want To

6am Libeled Lady (1936) BW 98 min MGM Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, Myrna Loy

William Powell D: Jack Conway

Short: Fish Tales (1954) Pete Smith

8am All About Eve (1950) BW 138 min Fox Bette Davis Anne Baxter D: Joseph

Mankiewicz p/s

10:30 Destry Rides Again (1939) BW 94 min Universal Marlene Dietrich, James

Stewart D: George Marshall p/s

12:15 The Lion in Winter (1968) color 134 min Embassy Katharine Hepburn Peter

O'Toole D: Anthony Harvey p/s

2:30 Broadway Melody of 1940 BW 102 min MGM Fred Astaire Eleanor Powell D:

Norman Taureg

4:15 Singin in the Rain (1952) color 103 min MGM Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds,

Donald O'Connor D: Stanley Donen

6:00 Red Dust (1932) BW 83 min MGM Jean Harlow Clark Gable Mary Astor D: Victor


Short: Cruising the South Seas (1932) MGM


Somerset Maugham Birthday Tribute

8:00 Rain (1932) BW 94 min MGM Joan Crawford, Walter Huston D: Lewis Milestone

**9:45 The Beachcomber (1938) BW 92 min Mayflower Charles Laughton, Elsa

Lanchester D: Erich Pommer

Short: Pagan Moon (1932) BW 7 min WB D: Tex Avery


12am Silent Sunday Night

The Magician (1926) BW 83 min MGM Alice Terry, Paul Wegener D: Rex Ingram


Short: Postal Union (1937) BW 21 min WB D: Roy Mack


2am TCM Imports

**Martin Roumagnac (1946) BW 115 min Alcina Marlene Dietrich Jean Gabin

D:Georges Lacombe


4am Camille (1936) BW 109 min MGM Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor D: George Cukor



Monday January 26

6am: Manic Monday

The Lady Eve (1942) BW 94 min Paramount Barbara Stanwyck Henry Fonda D: Preston Sturges p/s


Joan Leslie Birthday

7:45 The Male Animal (1942)BW 102 min WB Olivia deHavilland, Henry Fonda Joan Leslie D:Elliot Nugent

9:30 Born to Be Bad (1950) BW 94min RKO Joan Fontaine, Mel Ferrar, Joan Leslie D:Nicholas Ray

11:15 Cinderella Jones (1946) BW 90 min WB Joan Leslie, Robert Alda D:Busby Berkley


Cinderella Stories

Short--Swing shift Cinderella (1945) color 8 min MGM D: Tex Avery

1:00 Midnight (1939) BW 94 min Paramount Claudette Colbert Don Ameche

D:Mitchell Leisen p/s

2:45 The Good Fairy (1935) BW 98min Universal Margaret Sullivan, Herbert Marshall D: William Wyler p/s

**4:30 Three Wishes for Cinderella (1973) color 82 min DEFA Libuse Safranoka;, Pavel Travnicek D: Vaclav Vorlicek

6:00 Born Yesterday (1950) BW 103 min Columbia Judy Holliday, William Holden D:George Cukor p/s


1-2-3 Forgotten Blockbusters 1930’s

8pm **One in A Million (1937) BW 92min Fox Sonja Henie Adolphe Menjou D: Sidney Lanfield

Short: Cracked Ice (1938) WB

10pm Viva Villa! (1934) BW 112min MGM Wallace Beery Fay Wray Leo Carillo D: Jack Conway

12:00 Hell's Angels (1930)BW 125min UA Ben Lyon James Hall D: Howard Hughes p/s


2:15 A Slight Case of Murder (1938) BW 85 min WB Edward G Robinson, Jane Bryan D: Lloyd Bacon

4:00 The Hitchhiker(1953)BW 71 min RKO Edmund O’ Brien, Frank Lovejoy D:Ida Lupino

Short: Crime Does Not Pay: A Criminal is Born (1938) D:Leslie Fenton


Tuesday January 27


Jerome Kern Birthday salute

6am Showboat (1951) color 107min MGM Ava Gardner Kathryn Grayson D:George Sidney

8am Til the Clouds Roll By (1946) color 132 min MGM June Allyson, Lucille Bremer D: Richard Whorf

10:30 Swing Time (1936) BW 103min RKO Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers D: George Stevens


Joyce Compton Birthday

12:15 Manpower (1942) BW 103 min WB Marlene Dietrich, Edward G Robinson D:Raoul Walsh

Short--Manhattan Monkey Business (1935)BW 20 min MGM D:Harold Law

2:30 The Awful Truth (1937)BW 91 min Columbia Cary Grant, Irene Dunne D: George Stevens p/s


4:15 Vigil in the Night (1940) BW 96min RKO Carole Lombard, Anne Shirley D: George Stevens

6:00 Jezebel (1938)BW 104min WB Bette Davis Henry Fonda D: William Wyler

Short:Men Fright (1938) BW 10 min D: George Sidney


1-2-3 A Legend in Her Own Time: Deanna Durbin

8pm **Three Smart Girls (1936) BW 84 min Universal Binnie Barnes Charles Winninger D: Henry Koster

Short:Every Sunday (1936) BW 10 min MGM D:Felix Feist

10pm **Can't Help Singing (1944) BW 90min Universal Deanna Durbin, Robt Page D: Frank Ryan

11:45**It Started With Eve (1941) BW 90min Universal Deanna Durbin Charles Laughton D: Henry Koster


All About Eve

1:30 Ever Since Eve (1937) BW 81min WB Marion Davies Robt Montgomery D: Lloyd Bacon

3:00 Eve Knew Her Apples (1945) BW 64 min Columbia Ann Miller Roy Walker D: Will Jason

Short: Good Morning Eve! (1934) WB D: Roy Mack

4:30 Morning Glory (1933) BW 71min RKO Katharine Hepburn Adolphe Menjou D:Lowell Sherman


Wednesday January 28


Directed Lloyd Bacon

6:00 Larceny Inc (1942) BW 94min WB Edward G Robinson Jane Wyman D: Lloyd Bacon

7:45 The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) BW 87min Lucille Ball Eddie Albert D: Lloyd Bacon

8:15 The French Line (1954) color 102min RKO Jane Russell Gilbert Roland


10:30 Double Dynamite (1951) 80min BW RKO Groucho Marx Jane Russell D:Irving Cummings


12:00 Jewel Robbery (1932) BW 63min WB William Powell Kay Francis D:William Dietierle


Ernst Lubitsch Birthday

1:15**Desire (1936)BW 89min Paramount Marlene Dietrich Gary Cooper D: Frank Borzage (produced by Ernst Lubitsch)

2:45 Trouble in Paradise (1932)BW 83min Paramount Kay Francis Herbert Marshall Miriam Hopkins D:Ernst Lubitsch

4:15 The Shop Around the Corner (1940) BW 99min MGM James Stewart Margaret Sullavan D:Ernst Lubitsch

6:15 To Be or Not to Be (1942) BW 99min Romaine Carole Lombard Jack Benny D: Ernst Lubitsch p/s


Star of the Month Charles Boyer

8pm Algiers (1938) BW 95min UA Charles Boyer Hedy Lamarr D:John Cromwell p/s

Short: Past Perfumance (1955) animated WB D: Chuck Jones

10:00 **History is Made at Night (1937)WB 97 UA Charles Boyer Jean Arthur D: Frank Borzage

11:45 Gaslight (1944)BW 114 MGM Charles Boyer Ingrid bergman D: George Cukor

2:00 Barefoot in the Park (1967) color 105min Paramount Jane Fonda Robt Redford D: Gene Saks p/s


4:00 Bringing Up Baby (1938)BW 102min RKO Katharine Hepburn Cary Grant D:Howard Hawks

Short: So You Want to Enjoy Life? (1952) WB


Thursday January 29

W C Fields Birthday

6am Its a Gift (1934) BW 67min WB W.C. Fields D: Norman McLeod

7:30 David Copperfield (1935) BW 129min MGM W.C. Fields Lionel Barrymore D: George Cukor

Short: The Golf Specialist (1930) RKO

10:00 My Little Chickedee (1940)BW 83min Universal W C Fields Mae West D: Edward Cline p/s


Haunted Originals

11:30 Thirteen Ghosts (1960)BW 88min Columbia Charles Herbert Jo Morrow D: William Castle p/s

1:00 The Old Dark House(1932) BW 74min Universal Boris Karloff Melvin Douglas D: James Whale

Short: Black Cats and Broomsticks (1955) RKO


Roz and Robert

3:30 Live Love and Learn (1937)BW 78min MGM Rosalind Russell Robt Montgomery D:George Fitzmaurice

5:00 Trouble for Two (1936) BW 78 min Rosalind Russell Robert Montgomery D: J Walter Ruben

6:30 Fast and Loose (1939)BW 80min MGM Rosalind Russell Robert Montgomery D: Edwin Marin


1-2-3 Everybody Knows Your Name: Shirley Temple

8pm **The Littlest Rebel (1935) BW 71 Fox Shirley Temple, John Boles, Bill Robinson D: David Butler

9:15 The Little Princess (1939) color 93 min Fox Shirley Temple, Richard Greene D: Walter Lang p/s

11:00 The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (1947) BW 95 min RKO Shirley Temple, Cary Grant D: Irving Reis


12:45 One Crowded Night BW 98min RKO Billie Seward Charles Lang D: Irving Reis

2:30 The Petrified Forest (1936) BW 72min WB Bette Davis Leslie Howard D: Archie Mayo

3:00 Night in Casablanca (1946) BW 85min Marx Bros D: Archie Mayo

4:30 Morocco (1930) BW 92min Paramount Marlene Dietrich Gary Cooper D: Josef von Sternberg p/s

Short: Love Tails of Morocco MGM Dogville


Friday January 30

6:30 Beau Ideal (1931)BW 85min RKO Ralph Forbes Loretta Young D:Herbert Brenon


Edward G Boyle Birthday

8:00 Separate Tables (1958)BW 98min UA Ava Gardner David Niven Burt Lancaster D: Delbert Mann p/s

10:00 Johnny Guitar (1959)color 110min Republic Joan Crawford Sterling Hayden D: Nicholas Ray p/s

12:00 The Story of GI Joe (1945) BW 108min UA Robt Mitchum Burgess Meredith D:William Wellman


Hugh Marlowe Birthday

2:00 Marriage is a Private Affair (1944) BW 116min MGM Lana Turner James Craig D: Robt Leonard

6:00 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) BW 92 min Fox Hugh Marlowe Patricia Neal D: Robt Wise p/s

Short: Boyhood Daze (1957) WB


I Know Where the Bodies are Buried...

8pm The Gazebo (1960)BW 102 min MGM Glenn Ford Debbie Reynolds D: George Marshall

10:00 The Trouble With Harry (1955)color 99min Paramount John Forsythe Shirley MacLaine D:Alfred Hitchcock p/s

Short: Hot Money (1935)Hal Roach p/s

12:00 Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)BW 118min WB Cary Grant Priscilla Lane D: Frank Capra


2 am: TCM Underground

**Viy (1967)color 77min Mosfilm Leonid Kuravlyov, Natalya Varley D: Georgi Kropachyov


3:30 Mad Love (1935) BW 70min MGM Peter Lorre Francis Drake D: Karl Freund

5:00 Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) BW 62min RKO Peter Lorre D; Boris Ingster


Saturday January 31

6:15 Blondie Johnson (1933)BW 69min WB Joan Blondell Chester Morris D:Ray Enright


Tallulah Bankhead Birthday

7:30 Faithless (1932) BW 74min MGM Tallulah Robt Montgomery D: Harry Beaumont

9:00**A Royal Scandal (1945) BW 94min Fox Tallulah Bankhead Anne Baxter

10:45 Lifeboat (1944) BW 96min Fox Tallulah Baknhead John Hodiak D: Alfred Hitchcock p/s


National Wear a Gorilla Suit Day

12:30**Gorilla at Large (1954) 84min Fox Cameron Mitchell Anne Bancroft D: Harmon Jones

2:00 Pink Panther (1964) color 113min UA David Niven Peter Sellers D: Blake Edwards p/s

4:00**Blonde Venus (1932)BW 92min Paramount Marlene Dietrich Herbert Marshall D: Josef von Sternberg

Short: Bear Shooters (1930) Laurel and Hardy

6:00 Take the Money and Run (1969)BW 85min Woody Allen Janet Margolin D: Woddy Allen p/s

Short--Bum Voyage 1934


8pm The Essentials

Cabaret (1972) color 120min ABC Liza Minnelli Michael York D: Bob Fosse p/s


10:00 Kiss Me Kate (1953) color 109min MGM Kathryn Grayson Howard Keel D:George Sidney

12:00 Thousands Cheer (1944)125min MGM Kathryn Grayson Gene Kelly D: George Sidney

2:15 That's Entertainment! (1974)color 135min MGM Gene Kelly Fred Astaire D: Jack Hailey

4:30 Thats Entertainment II (1976)color 126min MGM Fred Astaire Gene Kelly D:Gene Kelly


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Edited by: traceyk65 on Jul 1, 2011 12:58 AM

To try and fix the formatting...arrgh. NOT happy with the new system...

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Here is my schedule. Notes to follow later. In the meantime, if anybody wonders how, on Saturday night, Nov. 5th, going into Sunday, I can have an 81-minute movie starting at 1:15 AM and then the next one starting at 1:45 AM...well, on Sunday, November 6th at 2 AM, Daylight Saving Time kicks in and the clocks go back an hour. : )


Sunday, October 30th, 2011




6:00 am Maisie (MGM, 1939) Ann Sothern, Robert Young, Ruth Hussey 75 min.

7:15 am Fast and Furious (MGM, 1939) Franchot Tone, Ann Sothern, Ruth Hussey 73 min.

8:30 am Another Thin Man (MGM, 1939) William Powell, Myrna Loy, Ruth Hussey 103 min.

10: 15 am Northwest Passage (MGM, 1940) Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, Ruth Hussey 126 min.

12:30 pm The Philadelphia Story (MGM, 1940) Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, Ruth Hussey 112 min.




2:30 pm The Falcon's Brother (RKO, 1942) George Sanders, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph 63 min.

3:45 pm Cat People (RKO, 1942) Simone Simon, Jane Randolph 73 min.

5:00 pm The Falcon Strikes Back (RKO, 1943) Tom Conway, Jane Randolph 66 min.

6:30 pm Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (Univ., 1948) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Jane Randolph 83 min. p/s




8:00 pm The Adventures of Robin Hood (WB, 1938) Errol Flynn, Alan Hale 102 min.

10:00 pm Rogues of Sherwood Forest (Col., 1950) John Derek, Alan Hale 79 min.

11:30 pm TCM SILENT SUNDAY Robin Hood (UA, 1922) Douglas Fairbanks, Alan Hale 127 min.




2:00 am TCM IMPORTS The Sword of Sherwood Forest (UK) (Col., 1960) Richard Greene 80 min.

Cartoon: Robin Hood Daffy (WB, 1958) Daffy Duck, Porky Pig 6 min.

3:30 am Robin and the 7 Hoods (WB, 1964) Frank Sinatra 123 min. p/s

Cartoon: Rabbit Hood (WB, 1949) Bugs Bunny 8 min.







Monday, October 31st, 2011




6:00 am The Lodger (Fox, 1944) Merle Oberon, Laird Cregar 84 min. p/s

7:30 am Berlin Express (RKO, 1948) Merle Oberon, Robert Ryan 87 min.

9:00 am Fixed Bayonets! (Fox, 1951) Richard Basehart 92 min. PREMIERE #1

10:45 am The Killing (UA, 1956) Sterling Hayden 84 min. p/s

12:15 pm Will Penny (Par., 1968) Charlton Heston 109 min p/s

2:15 pm The Wild Bunch (WB, 1969) William Holden 148 minutes p/s

4:45 pm Short: The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage 34 minutes

5:30 pm True Grit (Par., 1969) John Wayne 128 min. p/s


DIRECTOR ROBERT WISE'S HALLOWEEN HORRORS – "Ghosts and Graverobbers and Nazis, oh my!"


8:00 pm The Curse of the Cat People (RKO, 1944) Simone Simon 70 min.

9:15 pm The Body Snatcher (RKO, 1945) Boris Karloff 77 min.

10:45 pm The Haunting (MGM, 1963) Julie Harris 112 min. p/s

12:45 am The Sound of Music (Fox, 1965) 174 min.

3:45 am The Andromeda Strain (Univ., 1971) James Olson 131 min. p/s







Tuesday, November 1st, 2011




Burt and Tony

6:00 am Trapeze (UA, 1956) Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis 105 min. p/s


Tony and Kirk

7:45 am Spartacus (Univ., 1960) Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis 184 min. p/s


Kirk and Tony and Ernie

11:00 am The Vikings (UA, 1958) Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine 116 min. p/s


Burt and Ernie

1:00 pm From Here to Eternity (Col., 1953) Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Ernest Borgnine 118 min.


Ernie and Lee

3:00 pm Emperor of the North (Fox, 1973) Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine 118 min. PREMIERE #2


Lee and Burt

5:00 pm The Professionals (Col. 1966) Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin 117 min.


7:00 pm Documentary - Kirk Douglas: Video Scrapbook (City Lights, 1994) Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster 51 min.


And, finally, what you have been waiting for…


Burt and Kirk - The Best of the Best

8:00 pm I Walk Alone (Par., 1948) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 97 min. PREMIERE #3

10 pm Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Par., 1957) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 122 min. p/s

12:15 am The Devil's Disciple (UA, 1959) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 83 min. p/s

1:45 am Seven Days in May (WB, 1964) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 118 min.

4:00 am Tough Guys (Buena Vista, 1986) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 104 min. PREMIERE #4







Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011


3 x 3


Genre #1: Political Movies

Judicial Branch

6:00 am The Magnificent Yankee (MGM, 1950) Louis Calhern 89 min. p/s

Legislative Branch

7:30 am Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Col., 1939) James Stewart 129 min.

Executive Branch

9:45 am Gabriel Over the White House (MGM, 1933) Walter Huston 87 min.


Genre #2: Time Travel


11:15 am Berkeley Square (Fox, 1933) Leslie Howard 84 min. PREMIERE #5


12:45 pm Time After Time (WB, 1979) Malcolm McDowell 112 min. PREMIERE #6

...and Tomorrow

2:30 pm The Time Machine (MGM, 1960) Rod Taylor 103 min. p/s


Genre #3: Private Eye

Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne

4:15 pm Sleepers West (Fox, 1941) Lloyd Nolan 74 min. PREMIERE #7

5:30 pm Dressed to Kill (Fox, 1941) Lloyd Nolan 74 min. PREMIERE #8

6:45 Time to Kill (Fox, 1942) Lloyd Nolan 61 min. PREMIERE #9




8:00 pm Scarface (UA, 1932) Paul Muni 93 min. p/s

9:45 pm The Story of Louis Pasteur (WB, 1936) Paul Muni 86 min.

11:30 pm The Life of Emile Zola (WB, 1937) Paul Muni 116 min.

1:45 am Juarez (WB, 1939) Paul Muni, Bette Davis 125 min.

4:00 pm The Last Angry Man (Col., 1959) Paul Muni 100 min.







Thursday, November 3rd, 2011




6:00 am Wings (Par., 1927) 85th Anniversary - Clara Bow 141 min. p/s

8:30 am The Jazz Singer (WB, 1927) 85th Anniversary - Al Jolson 88 min

10:00 am Grand Hotel (MGM, 1932) 80th Anniversary - John Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Lionel Barrymore 112 min.

12:00 pm The Prisoner of Zenda (UA, 1937) 75th Anniversary - Ronald Colman 101 min. p/s

1:45 pm This Gun for Hire (Par., 1942) 70th Anniversary - Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake 80 min. PREMIERE #10

3:15 pm Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (Univ., 1942) 70th Anniversary - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce 65 min. p/s

4:30 pm Miracle on 34th Street (Fox, 1947) 65th Anniversary - Maureen O'Hara 96 min. p/s

6:15 pm High Noon (UA, 1952) 60th Anniversary - Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly 85 min. p/s

8:00 pm The Quiet Man (Republic, 1952) 60th Anniversary - John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara 129 min. p/s

10:15 pm How the West Was Won (MGM, 1962) 50th Anniversary - James Stewart 162 min. p/s

1:00 am To Sir With Love (Col., 1967) 45th Anniversary - Sidney Poitier 105 min. p/s

3:00 am Cabaret (Allied Artists, 1972) 40th Anniversary - Liza Minnelli 124 min. p/s

5:15 am 2011 TCM Cruise and 2012 TCM Film Festival previews - Robert Osborne 30 min.







Friday, November 4th, 2011




6:00 am Alfie (Par., 1966) Michael Caine 114 min.

8:00 am Brief Encounter (Eagle-Lion, 1945) Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard 86 min.

9:30 am Chariots of Fire (Ladd Co., 1981) Nicholas Farrell 124 min. p/s

11:45 am Dr. No (UA, 1962) Sean Connery 110 min. p/s

1:45 pm The Entertainer (British Lion, 1060) Laurence Olivier 105 min. p/s

3:30 pm The Four Feathers (UA, 1939) John Clements 129 min. p/s

6:00 pm Great Expectations (Cineguild, 1946) John Mills 118 min. p/s

8:00 pm Henry V (Two Cities, 1948) Laurence Olivier 137 min. p/s

10:30 pm In Which We Serve (Two Cities, 1942) Noel Coward 115 min. p/s

12:30 am TCM UNDERGROUND Joanna (Fox, 1968) Genevieve Waite, Donald Sutherland 108 min. E

2:15 am Kind Hearts And Coronets (Ealing, 1950) Dennis Price 126 min. p/s

4:30 am The Lavender Hill Mob (Rank, 1951) Alex Guinness 81 min. p/s







Saturday, November 5, 2011




6:00 am A Man For All Seasons (Col. 1966) Paul Scofield 120 min.

8:00 am A Night to Remember (Rank, 1958) Kenneth More 123 min. p/s

10:15 am Oliver Twist (Cineguild, 1948) Alec Guinness 116 min. p/s

12:15 pm The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Fox, 1969) Maggie Smith 116 min. PREMIERE #11

2:15 pm Short: Queen Mary Launched (British Movietone News - March 26, 1936) 4 min. plus other British Movietime News shorts

2:30 pm The Red Shoes (Archers, 1948) Moira Shearer 133 min. p/s

4:45 pm Stairway to Heaven (aka A Matter of Life and Death) (Archers, 1947) David Niven 104 min. p/s

6:30 pm The Upturned Glass (Univ., 1947) James Mason 90 min. PREMIERE #12

8:00 pm THE ESSENTIALS: The 39 Steps (Gaumont, 1935) Robert Donat 86 min. p/s PD

9:45 pm Village of the Damned (MGM, 1960) George Sanders 77 min. p/s

11:15 pm Whistle Down the Wind (Rank, 1961) Hayley Mills, Alan Bates 99 min. PREMIERE #13

1:15 am X the Unknown (Hammer, 1957) Dean Jagger 81 min. p/s

1:45 am Yellow Submarine (UA, 1968) The Beatles 90 min. PREMIERE #14

3:30 am Zulu (Par., 1964) Stanley Baker, Michael Caine 138 min. p/s

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Programming Notes:


The reason I asked to use a week in 2015 is two-fold: First, 1/25/2015 will be

my 50th birthday and I figure I can play anything I darn well please (I earned

it!) AND I wanted a week with both my birthday and Jan 31st in it. (I?ll explain

why further down) Also this week gives me Tallulah Bankhead and Ernst Lubitsch's birthdays (among others) to play around with...


SOTM is Charles Boyer. It looked as though he?s never been SOTM (but maybe I?m

wrong). Along with Fred MacMurray, (who was my first choice, but would have

required too many Premieres to do?boo) he was an excellent leading man who

worked with most of the major female stars of the time and one who let his

co-stars shine. He was also very versatile?he could play world-weary, evil,

noble, eccentric?you name it, he could do it and remain charming through it all.

I chose the films for this week based on films I like (Gaslight, Algiers,

Barefoot in the Park) and a film that I?d like to see (History is Made at

Night). If I had to program the entire month, I?d have included the following


Together Again (P)

Break of Hearts

Garden of Allah

First Legion




All This and Heaven Too

Confidential Agent

Mad Woman of Chaillot (P)


How to Steal a Million


I have seen and participated in numerous discussions on these boards in which someone always says "Will anyone even remember (insert modern star/movie) in 50 years?" That got me to thinking about classic stars and movies and how many were once top box office, but are largely (in the general populace) forgotten today. I also thought about those stars who have become pop icons--everybody knows their name/face, but have they ever seen one of their movies? Sooo I decided to base my 1-2-3 on this idea.


"Forgotten Box Offices Bonanzas"?movies which were hugely successful when

they were released, but haven?t been heard from since, except on TCM (and sometimes even not then). I used the list of top box office hits from 1929-1949 to make my choices and divided them up by decade.

For this week I did the 1930's and chose One in a Million (#1 in 1937); Viva Villa (#1 in 1934) and Hell's Angels (#1 in 1930...and since Aviator came out, maybe not so forgotten)


?Everybody Knows Your Name"?I chose stars/directors who have become legendary;

that is, everyone knows their name and maybe a fact or two, but may not have ever

seen any of their films, so I chose 3 films for each that, in my mind, showcases

their talents.

For this week, I chose Shirley Temple, the Queen of Child Stars.

The Littlest Rebel

The Little Princess

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

Others that would fit this category are John Wayne; Audrey and Katharine Hepburn;

Marilyn Monroe; Bette Davis; Joan Crawford; Alfred Hitchcock; Humphrey Bogart; Cary Grant


"A Legend in His/Her Own Time"?features stars who were very popular in their own

time, but who are largely forgotten (except amongst classic movie fans, of

course) today. It was really hard to choose?there are many, many stars who fall

into this category, so I chose based on my own curiosity and decided to feature

Deanna Durbin for this week, with the films:Three Smart Girls, It Started With

Eve and Can't Help Singing.

Were I doing the entire month, I?d choose stars like Maria Montez, Tyrone Power,

Wallace Beery, Marie Dressler, Janet Gaynor, Irene Dunne, Spencer Tracy or Greer Garson. All of these stars were top box office performers in their day and sadly, none were recognized in an informal survey I did amongst friends and acquaintances, even the ones watch classic movies in a casual way.


I created a new feature?Manic Monday for screwball comedy. The first month of

Manic Mondays would be: His Girl Friday; It?s Love I?m After; The Ex-Mrs

Bradford and for this final week, The Lady Eve.


Later that day I scheduled a series of Cinderella stories including the Czech film, Three Wishes for Cinderella, which sounded very interesting and I'd like to see.


As I was searching films for the schedule, I noticed that Lloyd Bacon directed a lot of films I like, so I featured him on Wednesday morning.


On Thurs afternoon I featured one of my favorite couples, Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery.


Friday Evening didn't have a pre-determined theme, so I decided to do a night of murder played for laughs. The Gazebo, The Trouble with Harry and Arsenic and Old Lace all feature people who end up playing Hide the Corpse to hilarious (to me anyway) results.


I wanted January 31st in my week because it is?wait for it?National Wear a


Gorilla Suit Day! All the movies featured include either at least one scene in

which someone wears a gorilla suit OR a ?gorilla? character played by a man in a

gorilla suit.

My Essential is Cabaret?it has a powerhouse performance by Liza Minelli, great

score and choreography by Bob Fosse and?wait for it?a gorilla suit! YES!


TCM Underground Viy (1967). Ive heard about this one for years and have yet to track down a copy. Here's hopin'


Silent Sunday--The Magician--based on a play by Somerset Maugham


TCM Imports--Martin Roumagnac--a movie I've become sort of obsessed with seeing, but with subtitles please...


Premieres (exactly 14-whew)

The Beachcomer

Martin Roumagnac

Three Wishes for Cinderella

One in a Million

Three Smart Girls

Can't Help Singing

It Started With Eve


History is Made at Night

The Littlest Rebel


A Royal Scandal

Gorilla at Large

Blonde Venus


Birthday tributes:1/25 Me!; Somerset Maugham 1/26 Joan Leslie 1/27 Jerome Kern; Joyce Compton 1/28 Ernst Lubitsch 1/29 W C Fields 1/30 Edward G Boyle (set decorator) Hugh Marlowe 1/31 Tallulah Bankhead

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>BTW, does anyone know why my ' and -- keep disappearing?




Did you create your schedule in Word and then cut and paste it here? If so, a number of artifacts seem to come with the cut and paste. Apostrophes, extra asterisks which obliterate the bold feature and other little glitches seem to occur.


I cut and pasted my schedule from Word and used Plain Text instead of Rich Text and still had to go back and edit my posts to get rid of the artifacts.


I've noticed the artifacts on other websites as well so I don't think it's reserved just for TCM City and to cause just us headaches.


But you never know!


Terrific schedule by the way!

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hlywdkjk - This is a wonderful schedule! Your knowledge of movies clearly shows. You choose movies I have not thought of in years and the remembrance makes me smile. I dearly hope the TCM programmers look to your schedule. *We're No Angels* (1955), your Everyone vs. the Nazis and all the movies in Olympic Settings in the Primetime of Tuesday are much needed on a real airing schedule!

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lzcutter - You have made a marvelous schedule. To call Charles Coburn the Monopoly Man is inspired! :)

Glenda Farrell would be perfect for a SOTM! *Scandal for Sale* needs to be shown. I know only two of the Dorothy Azner movies you choose and I like both of them so I want to see the others. The series movies Saturday morning will be quite popular. I am happy to see two versions of *The Mummy* I believe TCM needs to do this more often.

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countessdelave - This is an awesome schedule. Eggs and Bunnies is wonderful! I believe *Cabaret* could also be under Triple Bypasses because of Bob Fosse. I love that you choose *Camelot* It is one of my very favorite movies. *The Thomas Crown Affair* is also a favorite. Maurice Chevalier is a perfect SOTM. The Kiss Me night is wild!

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traceyk65 - This is a wonderful schedule! You begin with two of my favorites and have many more through the week. *The Magician* is a great choice for Silent Sunday Night. The tribute to Deanna Durbin is great. I always like any schedule that includes *Jewel Robbery* and *The Lady Eve* Charles Boyer is an ideal choice for SOTM. I love very much your use and selection of short films. They do add much to the themes. The movies in Where the Bodies are Buried are all great!

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filmlover - This is an amazing schedule. Ruth Hussey and Jane Randolph are too often overlooked. Your Robin Hood night makes me smile. Robert Wise is one of my favorite directors because it seems as if he did all genres. I believe your Tag Teams were channeling 20th Century Vole. To see 'Burt and Ernie' in this way is just so precious! Paul Muni is a great SOTM! British Essential Cinema is wonderful because it has many great movies and it reminds us that Hollywood does not have a monopoly on great classic movies.

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Darn, I should have created a reserved space right after my schedule in order to get my notes there. Ah, well...


Here are FILMLOVER's notes:


Several listings are easy to get without any explanation, so I will jump to the ones that I want to expand on.


Robert Wise had such a great, varied career as a director, but when I thought about the best horror films outside of the Universal monsters, his were the first to come to mind. And just for laughs, I inserted The Sound of Music because there are some on the board who would truly be horrified having to see it again. (I like it, though.)


My Tough Guys Tag Team started out as just a salute to Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine, with them appearing in three films. But as I played around more and more with it, it got way out of hand. I wanted to have multiple films for each, but then it was hard to make it move the way I wanted it. If I had room, I would have included The List of Adrian Messenger because Douglas, Lancaster, and Curtis appear in it (some as a cameo). And also the way I had it progressing, it rightly should have been "Ernie and Burt," but, come on, who could resist a Burt/Bert and Ernie reference?


Then comes kingrat's 3 x 3 theme. Hopefully, clear enough.


I had originally planned for James Mason to be my Star of the Month, but a quick search discovered that he had already been done. So I went to Paul Muni, who may have been hammy at times but was always interesting as an actor who would bury himself into the characters' makeup (both external and internal).


After this year's film festival here in Hollywood, I am spoiled by seeing classic movies on the Chinese theater gigantic screen. So I have listed a number of them I would love to see them show next year. And to hopefully influence the planners, I have included ones that have anniversaries in 2012.


And, now, comes the last part of the schedule, a two-day showcase of British films from all eras in an A to Z form. This was also the hardest part of the schedule to do because of having to leave off so many great films. For example, take the letter "H"...there are terrific British classics like Hamlet, A Hard Day's Night, Hobson's Choice, and more. But I chose the form it was going to be in, and so I had to bear the losses of so many wonderful British gems. By the way, if you look closely, I had no choice but to reverse T-U to U then T because the Essentials would otherwise have been The Upturned Glass.

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Sansfin, thank you so very much for the great comments. Much appreciated! And anything resembling Vole would be a complete coincidence because I haven't checked out that thread in any depth, sorry to say.


Now that I have gotten mine in, I can go read and enjoy everyone else's. Those cries of "Why didn't I think of that?!" you will hear will be coming from me.


P.S. --- I couldn't believe that just after I posted my schedule, "X the Unknown" from my British list of films was on TCM!

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> Who resembles the Monopoly Man more than Charles Coburn? I couldn't think of anyone.


Guy Kibbee in a top hat? Raymond Walbourn? ;-)


Actually, speaking of Kibbee, he and your SOTM Glenda Farrell are in one of my favorite pre-Codes, *Girl Missing*. She plays one of a pair of gold diggers who gets stiffed by Kibbee in Palm Beach and left a "dear Jane" note:


"Yep, it's addressed to us all right: 'To the GD sisters'. I wonder if he means 'gold diggers'... or that other well-known word."


I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that line. Even though it was a pre-Code, I still couldn't believe it got through. Farrell also uses the word "jailbait" later in the film.

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OK, now that Ive had time to go back and read everyone?s schedules?


Filmlover?I love all the Robin Hood movies! Alan Hale was the best Little John EVER! He and Ruth Hussey in one schedule?fantastic! The Sound of Music as a Halloween film! LOL I like the Movies for the film festival idea?I?m not that picky?I?d just like to be there?


Lzcutter?Glenda Farrell as STOM means lots of opportunites toplay pre-codes?cool! And Torchy Blaine? Charles Coburn?he?s one of my favorite character actors (and he does look like the Monopoly Man?now whenever I play Monopoly, I?m going to hear Coburn?s voice when I read my Community Chest cards). And I like the sort of sneaky ways you managed to get more Joel MacCrae and Fairbanks Sr films in there?LOL


Countessdelave? Huttons?who knew there were that many? (and the name ?Ina Rae Hutton and her Melodears? gave me a giggle!) I like your ?triples? too, especially the triple by-pass theme?clever! I like the night of Ida Lupino films?she gets overlooked?a lot.

Btw: ?Louie, Louie? is apparently the State Rock n Roll song of Ohio?


Hollywoodkjk?Bette Davis and George Brent?he was another one of those leading men who just stood back and let the woman do her thing..and Bette does! Everyone vs the Nazis?well it took Hollywood a while, but once they stepped up, wow! Love it! And who knew there were that many ex-Olympians in Hollywood? (Interesting that they kept trying to make them into Tarzans though) Powell-full Musicals?puns really should be banned?LOL


Fedya?like I said, your schedule was so good, it made my question go right out of my head. All of it?terrific!


Scottmacgillivray?Gloria Jean is star I?ve never heard of. Thanks for introducing me to her?she sounds interesting. I like the Ships theme?and it goes well with the TCM cruise coming up?The French connection films are great?I like that you contrast real French films and Hollywood French films. And a whole day of detective films! Super!


Jamesinarlington?saw your Garbo tribute and did a double-take?thought you were someone else?great choices! Irene Dunne?she?s one of those stars I always forget about?until I see a movie of hers and go , ?Oh yeah, I LOVE Irene Dunne!? LOL Chuck Jones? birthday tribute is great?those Looney Tunes cartoons are the best. And I LOVe William Powell (and that?s one I never forget!)


And I didn't know I could opt out of the actual voting? I honestly did this for fun and a chance to maybe pop a few ideas into the programmers heads...

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You want to know what happens when you give smart and creative people a few guidelines, 14 premieres, and permission to do whatever the heck they wanted to do anyway? You get 10 fantastic schedules, that's what! Let's face it, if the 10 nominees for best picture this year were as good as this, we'd be in movie heaven. One of my goals as moderator was to get more people involved, especially people who hadn't tried the programming challenge before. June turned out to be the right month.


Hooray to traceyk and filmlover for getting their schedules posted at the last minute! I'm loving them and will comment in detail later. Now I'll have to put the voting thread together with eight fabulous possibilities to choose from.


It's too bad that the computer gremlins attacked smileys and the other kind of virus attacked movieman and that SansFin didn't have the time, but save your notes for the next challenge, where I hope to be there with you.



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The voting thread is UP! Meanwhile, I'm just getting around to checking out some of the delights of these schedules:


filmlover - Love the tag team tough guys, the tribute to Lucien Ballard, including *The Sound of Music* in your Robert Wise Halloween films. Love the British classics A to Z, with so many great films. It's tough to work out the A to Z, but the results are so good. Hurray for including *Whistle Down the Wind*, a big hit at the recent festival. Speaking of which, I like the idea of including your choices for next year's festival.


traceyk - An advance Happy 50th birthday. You definitely should have the right to pick the films on that day. Charles Boyer would make a great SOTM. Darn it, now I really really want to see *Martin Roumagnac* and I've never heard of it before! Forgotten Blockbusters is a great idea. It's amazing to see what movie audiences of the time either ignored or ate up with a spoon. The contrast of Shirley Temple and Deanna Durbin is right on point. Not only do I love the Gorilla Suit idea, I want to hear Ben M's introductions. The topic lends itself to his droll sense of humor.


lzcutter - Good ideas about Joel McCrea. His time will come, and why not campaign for some of the lesser-known films as well? Allan Dwan is mostly just a name to me, so it would be good to explore some of his films. Glenda Farrell would make a fun SOTM with lots of pre-Code sassiness. I like your Hunt Stromberg idea, and also the Harry Morgan as sidekick theme.


countessdelave - Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears! You know the most obscure yet wonderfully funny stuff. The Hutton idea is great, and I loved the triple bypass, the collection of Kiss Me films, and the look at sugar daddies and sugar mamas. As a confessed Ida-holic I'd love to see your tribute to Ida Lupino, which has five of her films I haven't seen. And isn't it fun that you included *Cabaret* for triple-threat Liza Minnelli, and traceyk included it for the gorilla suit!



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Kingrat, Martin Roumagnac stars Marlene Dietrich and Jean Gabin. It's about a woman with w a past (the only kind of woman, with a few exceptions that she played)named Blanche who moves to a small town when her uncle dies and leaves her a shop. She meets a rich lawyer and wants to marry him for the money, but he's already got a wife, who's dying of some movie disease. Blanche meets and falls in love with Martin (Gabin) who is a relatively poor builder. Well, somewhere along the way the wife dies and Blanche decides to marry the money, which, as you can see from the video, drives Martin into a jealous rage. It's the only film of Dietrich's (besides the silents and Ive seen a couple of them) I've not seen, with the added bonus of Jean Gabin as a co-star. Here's a tribute video I found a while back:


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