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"The Young in Heart" (1938)

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I bought the DVD of this film and watched it last weekend, and I can tell to you that it's an engaging and sweet comedy produced by David O. Selznick and directed by Richard Wallace.


It stars Janet Gaynor in her last role (until the 1957 Pat Boone movie "Bernadine"), Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Paulette Goddard (in her first sound film, after Chaplin's "Modern Times" (1936)), Richard Carlson (movie d?but), Roland Young, Billie Burke and Minnie Dupree.


Gaynor, Fairbanks Jr., Young and Burke, are delightful as the Carleton family, a wacky & dishonest family, who try to take advantage from a rich, lonely old lady, played very sweetly by Minnie Dupree. Goddard and Carlson play love interests to Fairbanks Jr. and Gaynor, respectively.


Besides "A Star is Born", "Bernadine" and "Sunrise", I hadn't seen any other Janet Gaynor film, and IMHO, she's adorable here; she's a very fine actress and has great chemistry opposite Fairbanks Jr, as her dashing brother, who in turn, makes a very attractive couple with Goddard.


Richard Carlson plays an odd character, he impersonates a scottish guy (listen to his heavy accent) who wants to "reform" and marry Gaynor. Roland Young is very funny as Colonel Carleton-he had a flair for comedy-; I loved him as "Cosmo Topper", and he gets to play again opposite Billie Burke (hilarious) as his zany wife.


Sadly, this movie does not belong to the TCM library, but

it might have been aired by TCM (on loan-out terms). Anyway, I hope that it'll be scheduled in the near future.








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I also found this film to be a real gem. Its been off TV for years. I especially like the look of the film, from the opening credits with the characters in silhouette through many other sequences. The production was designed by William Cameron Menzies, who usually worked with DOS.


BTW seeing after seeing the recent FINDING NEVERLAND, I watched the silent PETER PAN on DVD again. Speaking of charm, this film has it all over. Its wonderful, and still holds up after an amazing 80 years. Even if you are not into silent films, this one's worth owning.

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I've also seen "Young In Heart" and I really enjoyed it.


I actually saw it awhile ago on an old VHS tape that I found of it. I couldn't resist seeing a movie with such a great cast, and I could've sworn that Alice Brady played the mother. But feaito you're right about Roland Young and Billie Burke - they make such a great couple. I'm surprised that no studio ever decided to make a series of films starring them - similar to Ma and Pa Kettle. They would've been very funny.


The one who really surprised me in this movie is Paulette Goddard - not only is she stunningly beautiful in it, but she does a great acting job - Fairbanks was his usual charming self, and Janet Gaynor was good, but I've never been a big fan of hers. I think it was her voice - it's just too thin and flat in my opinion - and she wasn't that attractive either - but I respect her as one of the great leading ladies, and she was excellent in "A Star is Born."


It's nice to see this movie and some of Selznick's others out on DVD - I've started to realize that we're getting more and more classics on DVD that we never had on VHS - or maybe only in limited quantities. And it's great to see them being restored as well.



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Moviejoe, I feel that maybe you're right about Janet Gaynor's "screen persona" ('cos I haven't seen most of her movies), but here in "The Young in Heart", she adds a special energy to her role...a different style of playing, than for example in "A Star is Born"...she doesn't seem so waif-like...she seems much more sophisticated and even I'd say attractive. You are right about Burke & Young.


BTW I was so happy to know that "Dinner at Eight" (featuring Billie Burke) will be released on DVD next year, as "Libeled Lady", "Stage Door" and "Bringing Up Baby", among others...excellent choices for new releases!!

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