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Stars likely to receive tributes when passing

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This weekend Encore Westerns has pre-empted regular scheduling to show the best James Arness episodes of Gunsmoke in honor of the actor's passing.


Over here at TCM, I think we can safely say that some actors will definitely get day-long or at least primetime tributes in the event they pass away. Here are the yeses and nos, at least the ones I think will be feted. Do you agree, or disagree...?



*Lauren Bacall*...we would definitely get some of her Bogart films, and DESIGNING WOMAN, which she has said was her favorite and is an MGM title. Other titles that TCM could probably get at a moment's notice would be MGM's THE COBWEB and WB's BLOOD ALLEY, costarring John Wayne. Maybe they would even air THE SHOOTIST. I doubt we would see some of her Universal pictures like WRITTEN ON THE WIND or anything she did at Fox.


*Luise Rainer*...definitely a yes. Every year in January on her birthday we see most of her films (they were all done at MGM except the last one which was at Paramount and is called HOSTAGES). Plus, she did a recent interview with Osborne, so that would air again too, along with THE GREAT ZIEGFELD and THE GOOD EARTH.


*Mickey Rooney*...yes, yes, yes. There would be a day-long tribute without a doubt.


*Ernest Borgnine*...yes. We would definitely see MARTY in primetime.


*Margaret O'Brien*...I would say yes, because 80% of her film career was at MGM, and they have access to those titles and they do show them regularly.


*James Garner*...easily, yes. They have access to all his WB titles from the 50s and 60s.


*Doris Day*...of course. That would be a day-long tribute. We would see all her early stuff from Warners, but probably none of her comedies with Rock Hudson, as they were done at Universal.



*Zsa Zsa Gabor*...TCM seldom airs John Huston's MOULIN ROUGE, and that is her most famous film. She does have other titles they air occasionally, but as in the case of Farley Granger, I don't see them doing a tribute.


*Richard Chamberlain*...definitely a star. But as in the case of Zsa Zsa, we would probably get just a montage, not a scheduled tribute.


*Deanna Durbin*...no. Most, if not all, her filmography would require dipping into the Universal catalogue. If TCM did honor her, they might show two of her films one evening, but they wouldn't need her death to do that.



*Lizabeth Scott*...they would have to obtain titles from Paramount where she spent most of her career. The iconic film noir actress does deserve a tribute on TCM, though. And more than just THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS. I would say DARK CITY is a must.


*Sybil Jason*...they did show most of her WB titles a few years ago when she turned 80. However, these films have hardly been seen in the interim. She's not too well known today, but her movies are definitely entertaining. It's a possibility.


*Dick Van Dyke*...possibly. However, MARY POPPINS would have to be one of them.


I will add more as I think of them...

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Whether tributes are scheduled, films to be included are mainly decided by what titles TCM has "on the shelf" at that time. Even when it has certain titles under contract, for variety of reasons, those films may not be available on a moments notice.

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> {quote:title=markfp2 wrote:}{quote}

> Whether tributes are scheduled, films to be included are mainly decided by what titles TCM has "on the shelf" at that time. Even when it has certain titles under contract, for variety of reasons, those films may not be available on a moments notice.


You're right, Mark. And of course, we do not want to hurry along the death of these actors, some of whom are still working today.


I think some of it depends on the actual running time of the films selected and like you said, how available the titles are at the time the star passes away. I do think they would move heaven and earth to get KEY LARGO for Bacall and MARTY for Borgnine. Some of them are absolute must-haves.

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Olivia DeHavilland is a bigger star than all those listed in my view. TCM would have a tribute for sure. They have shown her 3 major post Warner movies often (Each His Own, Heiress, Snake Pit), and of course they have her Warner movies.


Now as for her sister Joan, well she should also get a tribute.

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Yes, Olivia de Havilland would get an all-day tribute for sure. I happen to like her work from when she freelanced in Europe...LIBEL and LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA just really get me. Plus, I love her mid-60s work in LADY IN A CAGE and HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE. She had several distinct phases in her career, and all were very successful periods for her.


Kirk Douglas is another one who would get some sort of tribute. Some of his biggest hits were at Paramount and UA.

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Well to me Olivia DeHavilland is a bigger star than Doris Day but I can clearly see why someone would say otherwise. Many of Day's biggest movies were silly comedies in the 60s but of course many of Olivia's movies were secondary roles to male stars like Flynn. But Olivia did have that post Warner period in the late 40s that only a few actresses had with regards to recognition from her peers (Davis and Garson being at the top of list for a condensed time period), and she stared in the most well known movie of the golden era, GWTW. Of course both deserve a tribute when they pass on.

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Olivia was clearly a better actress and had the important contribution of the DeHavilland Rule with respect to studio contract length. Doris was much bigger box office, and had her singing career in addition to her acting career.

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> {quote:title=helenbaby wrote:}{quote}

> Definitely Shirley Temple, although her tribute will probably consist of her teenage films.


You're right...we would probably get one or two of her films as a child star at Fox, plus MR. BELVEDERE GOES TO COLLEGE, which she also did at Fox as a teen. Then, there would be the other pictures she made under contract with Selznick like SINCE YOU WENT AWAY, THE STORY OF SEA-BISCUIT and so forth. They would still have enough titles for a whole day of programming. In fact, I am surprised she has not had a SUTS tribute yet, unless there was one in the past and I missed it.

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> {quote:title=richardny4me wrote:}{quote}

> Without a doubt Esther Williams and Jane Powell will receive tributes.


> Possibly Peter O'Toole as well.


Agreed. These folks are worthy of tributes in the event of their passing.


Debbie Reynolds is another ex-MGM contractee we could add to this list.

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Okay I put it out there she might be controrvsal I think to safe to say Jane Fonda since a some of her movies sometime show B remember who she marry to guy that created to this channel Ted Turner


That no brainer

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This thread has been an eye opener for me. I really do forget that who ownes what is true. I believe that is what is known as capitalism! Guess I think like in The Wizard of Oz....TCM or whoever, simply pulls a cord and a reel comes down a chute.


I had thought more or less metaphysically....not in the realm of reality. For instance...Elizabeth Taylor was so important and such a big star that it took time and rescheduling to have a day of tribute to her. Like with Arness...also great but his "stardom" only required unscheduled pieces of his work.


Atleast TCM does as much as possible to honor the living and those who have passed. I love that a birthday boy or girl gets the spotlight for a while on their special day.


Honoring (a birthday or a passing) is the highest act of respect. You folks make sure this is carried out in any way possible. Thank you.

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