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A year in Hollywood


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I find it interesting that the post of 18 March 2015 - 02:49 PM indicates that Tom Mix was the number one motion picture attraction of 1927 whereas the post of 17 March 2015 - 09:03 AM indicates that Photoplay magazine did not consider him as one of the top stars of 1928. What a difference a year makes.


Some years ago I purchased an autograph album I found in an antique store. The album, dated 1934, is fascinating, having about 40 signatures of show biz personalities, many of them having gone through the transition period in films, from silents to sound. Among the autographs in the album was this one:



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Thank you for sharing the photo, Tom. Curious now about the other 39 autographs...

From the silent to sound transition period, the album also had autographs of Mary Pickford, Colleen Moore, Bebe Daniels, Olga Baclanova, Ramon Novarro, Buddy Rogers, Esther Ralston and Lillian Gish. There were also some signatures of strictly early talkie performers, as well as a couple of vaudeville legends, like Fannie Brice and Eddie Cantor. The album was a rare find, to put it mildly.

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From the silent to sound transition period, the album also had autographs of Mary Pickford, Colleen Moore, Bebe Daniels, Olga Baclanova, Ramon Novarro, Buddy Rogers, Esther Ralston and Lillian Gish. There were also some signatures of strictly early talkie performers, as well as a couple of vaudeville legends, like Fannie Brice and Eddie Cantor. The album was a rare find, to put it mildly.

Yes, it sounds like quite a rare find. Of inestimable value, no doubt. Hopefully you will create a special thread about your autograph booklet, and share photos of all the signatures at some point.

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Yes, it sounds like quite a rare find. Of inestimable value, no doubt. Hopefully you will create a special thread about your autograph booklet, and share photos of all the signatures at some point.

I actually did post a few of them about a year ago or so on the boards. For the life of me, I cant recall in which thread it was, but it wasn't in one of my own. I suppose I could create a thread of my own for this some time. Some autograph hound posters may be interested in it, and possibly add a few of their own.

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I actually did post a few of them about a year ago or so on the boards. For the life of me, I cant recall in which thread it was, but it wasn't in one of my own. I suppose I could create a thread of my own for this some time. Some autograph hound posters may be interested in it, and possibly add a few of their own.

I think you should.


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For me, this is an interesting study.  Of course all of this had to happen some time, in time for 1929 and 1930.


Cameras are now installed inside massive glass-fronted boxes to prevent the noise of the drive mechanism from being picked up during sound recording. Cast and crew begin to watch immediate playback of recorded scenes before moving on to the next part of the story.



I am wondering how they were able to watch it instantly, as the film would at least have to be "fixed" first (stabilized).  I have seen "Moviolas" being demonstrated though, as in Jam Session (1944) I think.


Also I have read that the very first MGM lion roar was a voice actor.  I am not sure why, but the circumstances were not very conducive to recording the lion at that point.   Maybe you have heard it for yourself, it didn't sound anything like a lion.  To me, it sounded neither feline nor human, it sounded sort of mechanical, like a boat hull scraping up against a dock.  Nevertheless they didn't keep it for very long.


The Technicolor camera boxes (later to come - as FredCDobbs pictured way below) are interesting.  I had seen pictures of those before and just thought it was a huge camera.  I am still not clear on the size of the Technicolor camera, in relation to the sound-deadening box they used them in.  Maybe Fred knows?


Also those camera booths are amazing.  That is just insanity.  Great photos, and interesting topic!

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I am wondering how they were able to watch it instantly, as the film would at least have to be "fixed" first (stabilized).  I have seen "Moviolas" being demonstrated though, as in Jam Session (1944) I think.




They could not view the film right away, it had to be developed which took hours.


HOWEVER, if the sound recordings were made on a phonograph disk, they COULD listen to that playback right away, instantly. So they might have listened to the audio right after the scene was filmed, to be sure how the acting sounded.

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They could not view the film right away, it had to be developed which took hours.


HOWEVER, if the sound recordings were made on a phonograph disk, they COULD listen to that playback right away, instantly. So they might have listened to the audio right after the scene was filmed, to be sure how the acting sounded.

Yes, that is what I think happened. Thanks for clarifying, Fred. I went back and made a slight modification to the text in the earlier post.


One reason they needed to listen to the audio immediately was to make sure other noises were not accidentally picked up during recording.

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A year in Hollywood: 1928, part 4







THE SCARLET LADY, with Lya De Putti in the title role, premieres on the 1st. It is Columbia’s first sound feature and tells the story of a woman caught up in the Russian Revolution. Unfortunately, audiences have a difficult time understanding De Putti’s thick Hungarian accent, so her transition to sound films is not a success. She returns to working on stage and then goes to Britain to study English. In London, she makes a part-talkie but it will be her last film, as she ends up dying soon afterward.




Back in Hollywood, most studios still do not have adequate mixing or dubbing facilities. So all sound is recorded during filming. Some actresses are being fired if the sound of their stockings rubbing together is too noisy. And anyone who handles props, costumes and jewelry too loudly is immediately replaced.




Ernst Lubitsch, Dorothy Arzner and Lionel Barrymore (working as a director) begin removing fixed microphones and start using ones suspended by poles that can be moved overhead from actor to actor. This is the origin of the boom mic. Meanwhile, directors Michael Curtiz and Rouben Mamoulian (with cameraman Lee Garmes) begin to fit wheels on to the camera box so that its mobility is restored.






After a failed takeover of MGM earlier in the year, the brothers Warner now turn their attention to First National. During the month of September, a deal is reached allowing Warners to buy First National. They waste no time taking over the Burbank lot.




Meanwhile, more technical advances are made on studio sound stages. Hungarian director Paul Fejos has developed a camera crane for his upcoming film, BROADWAY, which will be released in 1929. His goal is to film musical revues from a high altitude to show dance formations. This is the precursor to Busby Berkeley’s style of choreography that uses geometric logic, as well as the beginning of more fluid camera movement by other directors during the following decade.


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Later today I am going to finish off the monthly summaries for 1928, covering October, November and December. Tomorrow, I will get a bit statistical and go through films by studio and after that, films by star so we can get a sense of overall productivity for the year.

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A year in Hollywood: 1928, part 5







Tom Mix saddles up with Tony the horse for their first western picture at Mix’s new studio, FBO. THE SON OF THE GOLDEN WEST does brisk business with audiences in many theatres across the country. Interestingly, it follows Mickey Rooney’s latest comedy short film Mickey in Love, which has also been produced by FBO. Rooney is billed at this time using his early stage name, Mickey McGuire.




However, the premiere of Mix’s new film is somewhat eclipsed by bigger news involving FBO. On the 23rd, Rockefeller-owned RCA acquires the Keith-Albee-Orpheum vaudeville theater chains. RCA also scoops up the Film Booking Office motion picture production company owned by Joseph Kennedy. As a result, a monumental merger takes place, creating RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum).






On the 3rd, Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse first appears in STEAMBOAT WILLIE. The sound cartoon premieres in New York.




Back at FBO, Tom Mix’s second western feature is released. As FBO is absorbed by the newly formed RKO, Mix’s motion picture career begins to go into decline. He will not become a main attraction for RKO, and after three more pictures, his contract will expire in May.




Next main item—MGM’s part-talkie ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE premieres on the 15th. Initially completed as a silent picture, producer Irving Thalberg had decided to send it back into production. Stars William Haines and Leila Hyams were required to repeat their performances for the last two reels with sound. The story was previously filmed in 1915 and 1920.








Encouraged by the success of ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE, MGM is now moving forward and embracing the transition to sound. Also, the Mayer Building opens, built by Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg. It is being used for the Motion Picture Association of America, Central Casting and the Hays Office.




In other news, Hal Wallis becomes production chief of First National, which will remain in operation under Warner Brothers in Burbank. He is reporting to Darryl Zanuck.


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     That's great! I'm happy to hear you're going to talk about the studios and the stars.

I was wondering if the monthly summary was all we were going to read for 1928.

I'm looking forward to all this.

Yes, I will post it in batches. The studio output from January to December will be a bit lengthy.


Then, I will begin covering the stars' output in 1928.

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Following is a list of studio and independent productions in 1928.



THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS..FN..Alec Francis & Molly O’Day

SAILORS’ WIVES..FN..Mary Astor & Lloyd Hughes

THE NOOSE..FN..Richard Barthelmess & Montagu Love


BEWARE OF MARRIED MEN..WB..Irene Rich & Clyde Cook

A RACE FOR LIFE..WB..Rin Tin Tin & Virginia Brown Faire


THE AIR PATROL..UNIV..Al Wilson & Elsa Benham

13 WASHINGTON SQUARE..UNIV..Jean Hersholt & Alice Joyce

THE FOURFLUSHER..UNIV..George J. Lewis & Marian Nixon

THE FEARLESS RIDER..UNIV..Fred Humes & Barbara Worth

THE COHENS AND THE KELLYS IN PARIS..UNIV..George Sidney & J. Farrell MacDonald

THE RAWHIDE KID..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Georgia Hale

THE CALL OF THE HEART..UNIV..Dynamite the dog & Joan Alden


BABY MINE..MGM..Karl Dane & George K. Arthur

WEST POINT..MGM..William Haines & Joan Crawford

THE DIVINE WOMAN..MGM..Greta Garbo & Lars Hanson

THE LAW OF THE RANGE..MGM..Tim McCoy & Joan Crawford

WICKEDNESS PREFERRED..MGM..Lew Cody & Aileen Pringle


THE CIRCUS..UA..Charlie Chaplin & Merna Kennedy

SADIE THOMPSON..UA..Gloria Swanson & Lionel Barrymore

DRUMS OF LOVE..UA..Mary Philbin & Lionel Barrymore


WIFE SAVERS..PAR..Wallace Beery & Raymond Hatton

BEAU SABREUR..PAR..Gary Cooper & Evelyn Brent

LOVE AND LEARN..PAR..Esther Ralston & Lane Chandler


PIONEER SCOUT..PAR..Fred Thomson & Nora Lane

THE LAST COMMAND..PAR..Emil Jannings & Evelyn Brent



A SHIP COMES IN..DEMILLE..Rudolph Schildkraut & Louise Dresser

LET ‘ER GO GALLEGHER..DEMILLE..Junior Coghlan & Harrison Ford

THE LEOPARD LADY..DEMILLE..Jacqueline Logan & Alan Hale


THE GATEWAY OF THE MOON..FOX..Dolores Del Rio & Walter Pidgeon

WOMAN WISE..FOX..William Russell & June Collyer

THE BRANDED SOMBRERO..FOX..Buck Jones & Leila Hyams

DAREDEVIL’S REWARD..FOX..Tom Mix & Natalie Joyce

MOTHER MACHREE..FOX..Belle Bennett & Neil Hamilton

SHARP SHOOTERS..FOX..George O’Brien & Lois Moran


THAT CERTAIN THING..COL..Viola Dana & Ralph Graves

THE WIFE’S RELATIONS..COL..Shirley Mason & Ben Turpin


LUCKY BOY..TIF…George Jessel & Gwen Lee

A WOMAN AGAINST THE WORLD..TIF..Harrison Ford & Georgia Hale


THE CHEER LEADER..GOTHAM..Ralph Graves & Gertrude Olmstead

THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY..GOTHAM..William Russell & Mickey Bennett


DRIFTIN’ SANDS..FBO..Bob Steele & Nina Quartero

CONEY ISLAND..FBO..Lois Wilson & Lucille Mendez

DEAD MAN’S CURVE..FBO..Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Sally Blane

WIZARD OF THE SADDLE..FBO..Buzz Barton & Milburn Morante



THE WHIP WOMAN..FN..Estelle Taylor & Antonio Moreno

THE WAGON SHOW..FN..Ken Maynard & Marian Douglas

FLYING ROMEOS..FN..Charles Murray & George Sidney


THE LITTLE SNOB..WB..May McAvoy & Robert Frazer

ACROSS THE ATLANTIC..WB..Monte Blue & Edna Murphy


THAT’S MY DADDY..UNIV..Reginald Denny & Barbara Kent

THE CLEAN-UP MAN..UNIV..Ted Wells & Peggy O’Day

FINDERS KEEPERS..UNIV..Laura LaPlante & John Harron

THE PHANTOM FLYER..UNIV..Al Wilson & Lillian Gilmore

MIDNIGHT ROSE..UNIV..Lya de Putti & Kenneth Harlan


THE LATEST FROM PARIS..MGM..Norma Shearer & George Sidney

ROSE-MARIE..MGM..Joan Crawford & James Murray

THE CROWD..MGM..Eleanor Boardman & James Murray


THE GARDEN OF EDEN..UA..Corinne Griffith & Louise Dresser


THE SECRET HOUR..PAR..Pola Negri & Jean Hersholt

SPORTING GOODS..PAR..Richard Dix & Ford Sterling

DOOMSDAY..PAR..Florence Vidor & Gary Cooper

THE SHOWDOWN..PAR..George Bancroft & Evelyn Brent

FEEL MY PULSE..PAR..Bebe Daniels & Richard Arlen



A BLONDE FOR A NIGHT..DEMILLE..Marie Prevost & Franklin Pangborn


SOFT LIVING..FOX..Madge Bellamy & John Mack Brown

A GIRL IN EVERY PORT..FOX..Victor McLaglen & Robert Armstrong

FOUR SONS..FOX..James Hall & Margaret Mann


SO THIS IS LOVE?..COL..Shirley Mason & William Collier Jr.

A WOMAN’S WAY..COL..Margaret Livingston & Warner Baxter


THE DEVIL’S SKIPPER..TIF..Belle Bennett & Montagu Love

NAMELESS MEN..TIF..Claire Windsor & Antonio Moreno

THE MAN IN HOBBLES..TIF..John Harron & Lila Lee


BARE KNEES..GOTHAM..Virginia Lee Corbin & Donald Keith


FANGS OF THE WILD..FBO..Ranger the dog & Nancy Drexel

HER SUMMER HERO..FBO..Hugh Trevor & Harold Goodwin

WALLFLOWERS..FBO..Hugh Trevor & Mabel Julienne Scott

THE RIDIN’ RENEGADE..FBO..Bob Steele & Nancy Drexel

THE LITTLE BUCKAROO.FBO..Buzz Barton & Milburn Morante

WHEN THE LAW RIDES..FBO..Tom Tyler & Jane Reid

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MAD HOUR..FN..Sally O’Neill & Alice White

THE HEART OF A FOLLIES GIRL..FN..Billie Dove & Larry Kent

BURNING DAYLIGHT..FN..Milton Sills & Doris Kenyon

THE BIG NOISE..FN..Chester Conklin & Alice White


POWDER MY BACK..WB..Irene Rich & Audrey Ferris

TENDERLOIN..WB..Dolores Costello & Conrad Nagel

DOMESTIC TROUBLES..WB..Clyde Cook & Lousie Fazenda


THE COUNT OF TEN..UNIV..Charles Ray & James Gleason

STOP THAT MAN..UNIV..Arthur Lake & Barbara Kent

PUT ‘EM UP..UNIV..Fred Humes & Gloria Grey

A TRICK OF HEARTS..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Georgia Hale

THE FOUR-FOOTED RANGER..UNIV..Dynamite the dog & Edmund Cobb


THE SMART SET..MGM..William Haines & Jack Holt

BRINGING UP FATHER..MGM..Marie Dressler & Polly Moran

THE TRAIL OF ‘98..MGM..Dolores Del Rio & Ralph Forbes

THE BIG CITY..MGM..Lon Chaney & Marceline Day

UNDER THE BLACK EAGLE..MGM..Ralph Forbes & Marceline Day

WYOMING..MGM..Tim McCoy & Dorothy Sebastian

CIRCUS ROOKIES..MGM..Karl Dane & George K. Arthur


TWO LOVERS..UA..Ronald Colman & Vilma Banky




RED HAIR..PAR..Clara Bow & Lane Chandler

SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS..PAR..Esther Ralston & Neil Hamilton

PARTNERS IN CRIME..PAR..Wallace Beery & Raymond Hatton


THE BLUE DANUBE..DEMILLE..Leatrice Joy & Joseph Schildkraut

MIDNIGHT MADNESS..DEMILLE..Jacqueline Logan & Clive Brook


SQUARE CROOKS..FOX..Robert Armstrong & John Mack Brown


DRESSED TO KILL..FOX..Edmund Lowe & Mary Astor

WHY SAILORS GO WRONG..FOX..Sammy Cohen & Ted McNamara


THE SPORTING AGE..COL..Belle Bennett & Holmes Herbert

THE MATINEE IDOL..COL..Bessie Love & Johnnie Walker

THE DESERT BRIDE..COL..Betty Compson & Allan Forrest


THE TRAGEDY OF YOUTH..TIF..Patsy Ruth Miller & Warner Baxter

THEIR HOUR..TIF..John Harron & Dorothy Sebastian

BACHELOR’S PARADISE.TIF..Sally O’Neil & Ralph Graves


TURN BACK THE HOURS..GOTHAM..Myrna Loy & Walter Pidgeon



BEYOND LONDON LIGHTS..FBO..Adrienne Dore & Lee Shumway



LADIES’ NIGHT IN A TURKISH BATH..FN..Dorothy Mackaill & Jack Mulhall

THE LITTLE SHEPHERD OF KINGDOM COME..FN..Richard Barthelmess & Molly O’Day

HAROLD TEEN..FN..Arthur Lake & Mary Brian


THE CRIMSON CITY..WB..Conrad Nagel & Myrna Loy

RINTY OF THE DESERT..WB..Rin Tin Tin & Audrey Ferris

GLORIOUS BETSY..WB..Dolores Costello & Conrad Nagel


THANKS FOR THE BUGGY RIDE..UNIV..Laura LaPlante & Glenn Tryon

HONEYMOON FLATS..UNIV..George J. Lewis & Dorothy Gulliver

THUNDER RIDERS..UNIV..Ted Wells & Charlotte Stevens

WON IN THE CLOUDS..UNIV..Al Wilson & Helen Foster

GOOD MORNING, JUDGE..UNIV..Reginald Denny & Mary Nolan

LONESOME..UNIV..Barbara Kent & Glenn Tryon


ACROSS TO SINGAPORE..MGM..Ramon Novarro & Joan Crawford

LAUGH, CLOWN, LAUGH..MGM..Lon Chaney & Bernard Siegel

RIDERS OF THE DARK..MGM..Tim McCoy & Dorothy Dwan

THE PATSY..MGM..Marion Davies & Orville Caldwell

THE ACTRESS..MGM..Norma Shearer & Owen Moore


SPEEDY..PAR..Harold Lloyd & Ann Christy

A NIGHT OF MYSTERY..PAR..Adolphe Menjou & Evelyn Brent

THREE SINNERS..PAR..Pola Negri & Warner Baxter

ABIE’S IRISH ROSE..PAR..Charles Buddy Rogers & Nancy Carroll

THE SUNSET LEGION..PAR..Fred Thomson & Edna Murphy

EASY COME, EASY GO..PAR..Richard Dix & Nancy Carroll


SKYSCRAPER..DEMILLE..William Boyd & Alan Hale

LOVE HUNGRY..FOX..Lois Moran & Lawrence Gray

STREET ANGEL..FOX..Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell

THE PLAY GIRL..FOX..Madge Bellamy & John Mack Brown

THE ESCAPE..FOX..William Russell & Virginia Valli

HONOR BOUND..FOX..George O’Brien & Estelle Taylor


BROADWAY DADDIES..COL..Jacqueline Logan & Alec Francis

AFTER THE STORM..COL..Hobart Bosworth & Eugenia Gilbert


THE HOUSE OF SCANDAL..TIF..Pat O’Malley & Dorothy Sebastian

THE SCARLET DOVE..TIF..Lowell Sherman & Robert Frazer


THE CHORUS KID..GOTHAM..Virginia Brown Faire & Bryant Washburn


SKINNER’S BIG IDEA..FBO..Bryant Washburn & William Orlamond

BREED OF THE SUNSETS..FBO..Bob Steele & Nancy Drexel

RED RIDERS OF CANADA..FBO..Patsy Ruth Miller & Charles Byer

THE DEVIL’S TRADEMARK..FBO..Belle Bennett & William V. Mong

CROOKS CAN’T WIN..FBO..Ralph Lewis & Thelma Hill

LAW OF FEAR..FBO..Ranger the dog & Jane Reid

THE LITTLE YELLOW HOUSE..FBO..Orville Caldwell & Martha Sleeper

PHANTOM OF THE RANGE..FBO..Tom Tyler & Charles McHugh

THE PINTO KID..FBO..Buzz Barton & Frank Rice

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LADY BE GOOD.FN..Jack Mulhall & Dorothy Mackaill

VAMPING VENUS..FN..Charles Murray & Louise Fazenda

YELLOW LILY..FN..Billie Dove & Clive Brook

THE HAWK’S NEST..FN..Milton Sills & Doris Kenyon


PAY AS YOU ENTER..WB..Louise Fazenda & Clyde Cook

THE LION AND THE MOUSE..WB..May McAvoy & Lionel Barrymore

FIVE AND TEN CENT ANNIE..WB..Louise Fazenda & Clyde Cook


WE AMERICANS..UNIV..George Sidney & Patsy Ruth Miller

THE ARIZONA CYCLONE..UNIV..Fred Humes & George B. French

THE FLYIN’ COWBOY..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Olive Hasbrouck

HOT HEELS..UNIV..Glenn Tryon & Patsy Ruth Miller

THE WILD WEST SHOW..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Dorothy Gulliver

THE HOUND OF SILVER CREEK..UNIV..Dynamite the dog & Edmund Cobb


DIAMOND HANDCUFFS..MGM..Eleanor Boardman & Lawrence Gray

A CERTAIN YOUNG MAN..MGM..Ramon Novarro & Marceline Day


RAMONA..UA..Dolores Del Rio & Warner Baxter

STEAMBOAT BILL JR..UA..Buster Keaton & Tom McGuire

TEMPEST..UA..John Barrymore & Camilla Horn


THE FIFTY-FIFTY GIRL..PAR..Bebe Daniels & James Hall

STREET OF SIN..PAR..Emil Jannings & Fay Wray

THE DRAGNET..PAR..George Bancroft & Evelyn Brent

HIS TIGER WIFE..PAR..Adolphe Menjou & Evelyn Brent


HOLD ‘EM YALE..DEMILLE..Rod LaRocque & Jeanette Loff

WALKING BACK..DEMILLE..Richard Walling & Sue Carol


HELLO CHEYENNE..FOX..Tom Mix & Caryl Lincoln

HANGMAN’S HOUSE..FOX..June Collyer & Larry Kent

THIEF IN THE DARK..FOX..George Meeker & Doris Hill


GOLF WIDOWS..COL..Vera Reynolds & Harrison Ford

MODERN MOTHERS..COL..Helene Chadwick & Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

NAME THE WOMAN..COL..Anita Stewart & Huntley Gordon


LADIES OF THE NIGHT CLUB..TIF..Ricardo Cortez & Barbara Leonard


HELLSHIP BRONSON..GOTHAM..Dorothy Davenport & Noah Beery



ALEX THE GREAT..FBO..Richard ‘Skeets’ Gallagher & Albert Conti

MAN IN THE ROUGH..FBO..Bob Steele & Marjorie King



THE UPLAND RIDER..FN..Ken Maynard & Marian Douglas

THREE-RING MARRIAGE..FN..Mary Astor & Lloyd Hughes

WHEEL OF CHANCE..FN..Richard Barthelmess & Bodil Rosing

HAPPINESS AHEAD..FN..Colleen Moore & Edmund Lowe


BUCK PRIVATES..UNIV..Lya de Putti & Malcolm McGregor

A MADE-TO-ORDER HERO..UNIV..Ted Wells & Marjorie Bonner

THE FOREIGN LEGION..UNIV..Norman Kerry & Lewis Stone



DETECTIVES..MGM..Karl Dane & George K. Arthur

FORBIDDEN HOURS..MGM..Ramon Novarro & Renee Adoree

THE COSSACKS..MGM..John Gilbert & Renee Adoree

TELLING THE WORLD..MGM..William Haines & Anita Page


THE MAGNIFICENT FLIRT..PAR..Florence Vidor & Albert Conti

FOOLS FOR LUCK..PAR..W.C. Fields & Chester Conklin

HALF A BRIDE..PAR..Esther Ralston & Gary Cooper

LADIES OF THE MOB..PAR..Clara Bow & Richard Arlen


KIT CARSON..PAR..Fred Thomson & Nora Lane


DON’T MARRY..FOX..Lois Moran & Neil Hamilton

FAZIL..FOX..Charles Farrell & Greta Nissen

WILD WEST ROMANCE..FOX..Rex Bell & Caryl Lincoln

NO OTHER WOMAN..FOX..Dolores Del Rio & Don Alvarado

FLEETWING..FOX..Barry Norton & Dorothy Janis


RANSOM..COL..Lois Wilson & Edmund Burns

THE WAY OF THE STRONG..COL..Mitchell Lewis & Alice Day


THE MASKED ANGEL..CHADWICK..Betty Compson & Erick Arnold


STORMY WATERS..TIF..Eve Southern & Malcolm McGregor

CLOTHES MAKE THE WOMAN..TIF..Eve Southern & Walter Pidgeon

GREEN GRASS WIDOWS..TIF..Walter Hagen & Gertrude Olmstead

PROWLERS OF THE SEA..TIF..Carmel Myers & Ricardo Cortez




DOG JUSTICE..FBO..Ranger the Dog & Edward Hearn

THE TEXAS TORNADO..FBO..Tom Tyler & Frankie Darro

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THE HEAD MAN..FN..Charles Murray & Loretta Young

HEART TO HEART..FN..Mary Astor & Lloyd Hughes


LIGHTS OF NEW YORK..WB..Helene Costello & Cullen Landis


THE GRIP OF THE YUKON..UNIV..Francis X. Bushman & Neil Hamilton

QUICK TRIGGERS..UNIV..Fred Humes & Derelys Purdue

GREASED LIGHTNING..UNIV..Ted Wells & Betty Caldwell


THE ADVENTURER..MGM..Tim McCoy & Dorothy Sebastian


THE BIG KILLING..PAR..Wallace Beery & Raymond Hatton

HOT NEWS..PAR..Bebe Daniels & Neil Hamilton

THE MATING CALL..PAR..Thomas Meighan & Evelyn Brent


PAINTED POST..FOX..Tom Mix & Natalie Kingston

THE COWBOY KID..FOX..Rex Bell & Mary Jane Temple

ROAD HOUSE..FOX..Maria Alba & Warren Burke


BEWARE OF BLONDES..COL..Dorothy Revier & Matt Moore

SAY IT WITH SABLES..COL..Francis X. Bushman & Helene Chadwick

VIRGIN LIPS..COL..Olive Borden & John Boles


LIFE’S MOCKERY..CHADWICK..Betty Compson & Theodore von Eltz


LINGERIE..TIF..Alice White & Malcolm McGregor

BEAUTIFUL BUT DUMB..TIF..Patsy Ruth Miller & Charles Byer

THE GRAIN OF DUST..TIF..Ricardo Cortez & Claire Windsor

THE ALBANY NIGHT BOAT..TIF..Olive Borden & Ralph Emerson


SALLY OF THE SCANDALS..FBO..Bessie Love & Irene Lambert

TRAIL OF COURAGE..FBO..Bob Steele & Marjorie Bonner



OUT OF THE RUINS..FN..Richard Barthelmess & Robert Frazer

OH KAY!..FN..Colleen Moore & Lawrence Gray


WOMEN THEY TALK ABOUT..WB..Irene Rich & Audrey Ferris

CAUGHT IN THE FOG..WB..May McAvoy & Conrad Nagel

STATE STREET SADIE..WB..Conrad Nagel & Myrna Loy


RIDING FOR FAME..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Ethlyne Clair


THE MYSTERIOUS LADY..MGM..Greta Garbo & Conrad Nagel

FOUR WALLS..MGM..John Gilbert & Joan Crawford

BEAU BROADWAY..MGM..Lew Cody & Aileen Pringle


FORGOTTEN FACES..PAR..Clive Brook & Mary Brian

THE PATRIOT..PAR..Emil Jannings & Lewis Stone

LOVES OF AN ACTRESS..PAR..Pola Negri & Nils Asther

JUST MARRIED..PAR..James Hall & Ruth Taylor

THE FIRST KISS..PAR..Fay Wray & Gary Cooper


TENTH AVENUE..DEMILLE..DEMILLE..Phyllis Haver & Victor Varconi

THE COP..DEMILLE..William Boyd & Alan Hale


NONE BUT THE BRAVE…FOX..Charles Morton & Sally Phipps

GIRL-SHY COWBOY..FOX..Rex Bell & George Meeker

THE RIVER PIRATE..FOX..Victor McLaglen & Lois Moran


THE SCARLET LADY..COL..Lya de Putti & Don Alvarado

COURT-MARTIAL..COL..Jack Holt & Betty Compson

RUNAWAY GIRLS..COL..Shirley Mason & Arthur Rankin


DOMESTIC MEDDLERS..TIF..Claire Windsor & Lawrence Gray


MIDNIGHT LIFE..GOTHAM..Francis X. Bushman & Gertrude Olmstead


PERFECT CRIME..FBO..Clive Brook & Irene Rich

THE BANTAM COWBOY..FBO..Buzz Barton & Frank Rice

TERROR MOUNTAIN..FBO..Tom Tyler & Jane Reid

LIGHTNING SPEED..FBO..Bob Steele & Mary Mayberry

DANGER STREET..FBO..Warner Baxter & Martha Sleeper

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THE BUTTER AND EGG MAN..FN..Jack Mulhall & Greta Nissen

NIGHT WATCH..FN..Billie Dove & Paul Lukas

WATERFRONT..FN..Dorothy Mackaill & Jack Mulhall

THE WHIP..FN..Dorothy Mackaill & Ralph Forbes

SHOW GIRL..FN..Alice White & Donald Reed


THE MIDNIGHT TAXI..WB..Antonio Moreno & Helene Costello

THE TERROR..WB..May McAvoy & Louise Fazenda

THE SINGING FOOL.WB..Al Jolson & Betty Bronson


HOME, JAMES..UNIV..Laura LaPlante & Charles Delaney

ANYBODY HERE SEE KELLY?..UNIV..Bessie Love & Tom Moore

THE NIGHT BIRD..UNIV..Reginald Denny & Betsy Lee

GUARDIANS OF THE WILD..UNIV..Jack Perrin & Ethlyne Clair

THE CLOUD DODGER..UNIV..Al Wilson & Gloria Grey


OUR DANCING DAUGHTERS..MGM..Joan Crawford & John Mack Brown

THE CARDBOARD LOVER..MGM..Marion Davies & Nils Asther

EXCESS BAGGAGE..MGM..William Haines & Josephine Dunn

BEYOND THE SIERRAS..MGM..Tim McCoy & Sylvia Beecher

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS..MGM..Lon Chaney & Anita Page

THE CAMERAMAN..MGM..Buster Keaton & Marceline Day

THE BABY CYCLONE..MGM..Lew Cody & Aileen Pringle


THE WOMAN DISPUTED..UA..Norma Talmadge & Gilbert Roland


SAWDUST PARADISE..PAR..Esther Ralston & Reed Howes

THE FLEET’S IN..PAR..Clara Bow & James Hall

THE DOCKS OF NEW YORK..PAR..George Bancroft & Betty Compson

BEGGARS OF LIFE..PAR..Wallace Beery & Louise Brooks


MAN-MADE WOMEN..DEMILLE.. Leatrice Joy & H.B. Warner


WIN THAT GIRL..FOX..David Rollins & Sue Carol

PLASTERED IN PARIS..FOX..Sammy Cohen & Jack Pennick

THE AIR CIRCUS..FOX..Arthur Lake & Sue Carol


THE STREET OF ILLUSION..COL..Virginia Valli & Ian Keith

SINNER’S PARADE..COL..Victor Varconi & Dorothy Revier


CRAIG’S WIFE..PATHE..Irene Rich & Warner Baxter


THROUGH THE BREAKERS..GOTHAM..Margaret Livingston & Holmes Herbert


GANG WAR..FBO..Olive Borden & Jack Pickford

HIT OF THE SHOW..FBO..Joe E. Brown & Gertrude Olmstead

DOG LAW..FBO..Robert Sweeney & Jules Cowles

STOCKS AND BLONDES..FBO..Gertrude Astor & Jacqueline Logan

YOUNG WHIRLWIND..FBO..Buzz Barton & Edmund Cobb



LILAC TIME..FN..Colleen Moore & Gary Cooper

THE CRASH..FN..Milton Sills & Thelma Todd


DO YOUR DUTY..WB..Charles Murray & Lucien Littlefield

LAND OF THE SILVER FOX..WB..Rin Tin Tin & Leila Hyams

BEWARE OF BACHELORS..WB..Audrey Ferris & William Collier Jr.


MELODY OF LOVE..UNIV..Walter Pidgeon & Mildred Harris

HOW TO HANDLE WOMEN..UNIV..Glenn Tryon & Marian Nixon

THE MICHIGAN KID..UNIV..Conrad Nagel & Renee Adoree

CLEARING THE TRAIL..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Dorothy Gulliver

THE CRIMSON CANYON..UNIV..Ted Wells & Lotus Thompson

THE PRICE OF FEAR..UNIV..Bill Cody & Duane Thompson

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS..UNIV..Lewis Stone & Marceline Day


SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT..MGM..Flash the dog & Lawrence Gray


REVENGE..UA..Dolores Del Rio & James A. Marcus

THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES..UA..Jean Hersholt & Phyllis Haver


THE WEDDING MARCH..PAR..Erich von Stroheim & Fay Wray

TAKE ME HOME..PAR..Bebe Daniels & Neil Hamilton

MORAN OF THE MARINES..PAR..Richard Dix & Ruth Elder

VARSITY..PAR..Charles Buddy Rogers & Mary Brian


4 DEVILS..FOX..Janet Gaynor & Charles Morton

MOTHER KNOWS BEST..FOX..Madge Bellamy & Louise Dresser

ME, GANGSTER..FOX..June Collyer & Don Terry

DRY MARTINI..FOX..Mary Astor & Matt Moore


DRIFTWOOD..COL..Don Alvarado & Marceline Day

STOOL PIGEON..COL..Olive Borden & Charles Delaney

THE POWER OF THE PRESS..COL..Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Jobyna Ralston


THE TOILERS..TIF..Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Jobyna Ralston

THE NAUGHTY DUCHESS..TIF..Eve Southern & H.B. Warner

THE POWER OF SILENCE..TIF..Belle Bennett & John Westwood



THE SINGAPORE MUTINY..FBO..Ralph Ince & Estelle Taylor

THE CIRCUS KID..FBO..Frankie Darro & Poodles Hanneford

THE AVENGING RIDER..FBO..Tom Tyler & Florence Allen

SALLY’S SHOULDERS..FBO..Lois Wilson & George Hackathorne

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THE HAUNTED HOUSE..FN..Larry Kent & Thelma Todd

OUTCAST..FN..Corinne Griffith & James Ford


NOAH’S ARK..WB..Dolores Costello & George O’Brien

THE HOME TOWNERS..WB..Richard Bennett & Doris Kenyon


THE MAN WHO LAUGHS..UNIV..Mary Philbin & Conrad Veidt

TWO OUTLAWS..UNIV..Jack Perrin & Kathleen Collins

THE DANGER RIDER..UNIV..Hoot Gibson & Eugenia Gilbert

JAZZ MAD..UNIV..Jean Hersholt & Marian Nixon


THE VIKING..MGM..Pauline Starke & Donald Crisp


ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE..MGM..William Haines & Lionel Barrymore

THE BUSHRANGER..MGM..Tim McCoy & Marian Douglas

THE MASKS OF THE DEVIL..MGM..John Gilbert & Alma Rubens

SHOW PEOPLE..MGM..Marion Davies & William Haines

THE WIND..MGM..Lillian Gish & Lars Hanson

WEST OF ZANZIBAR..MGM..Lon Chaney & Lionel Barrymore


THE AWAKENING..UA..Vilma Banky & Walter Byron


INTERFERENCE..PAR..William Powell & Evelyn Brent

THE RACKET..PAR..Thomas Meighan & Louis Wolheim

AVALANCHE..PAR..Jack Holt & Doris Hill

HIS PRIVATE LIFE..PAR..Adolphe Menjou & Kathryn Carver

MANHATTAN COCKTAIL..PAR..Nancy Carroll & Richard Arlen



TAKING A CHANCE..FOX..Rex Bell & Lola Todd

PREP AND PEP..FOX..David Rollins & Nancy Drexel

RILEY THE COP..FOX..J. Farrell MacDonald & Nancy Drexel

NOTHING TO WEAR..COL..Jacqueline Logan & Theodore von Eltz

SUBMARINE..COL..Jack Holt & Dorothy Revier

THE APACHE..COL..Margaret Livingston & Warner Richmond

RESTLESS YOUTH..COL..Marceline Day & Ralph Forbes


THE CAVALIER..TIF..Richard Talmadge & Barbara Bedford

MARRIAGE BY CONTRACT..TIF..Patsy Ruth Miller & Lawrence Gray

THE FLOATING COLLEGE..TIF..Sally O’Neil & William Collier Jr.

THE GUN RUNNER..TIF..Ricardo Cortez & Nora Lane


TRACKED..FBO..Ranger the dog & Sam Nelson

SINNERS IN LOVE..FBO..Olive Borden & Huntley Gordon

TAXI 13..FBO..Chester Conklin & Ethel Whales

TYRANT OF RED GULCH..Tom Tyler & Frankie Darro

KING COWBOY..FBO..Tom Mix & Sally Blane



ADORATION..FN..Billie Dove & Antonio Moreno

NAUGHTY BABY..FN..Alice White & Jack Mulhall

SCARLET SEAS..FN..Richard Barthelmess & Betty Compson


ON TRIAL..WB..Pauline Frederick & Bert Lytell

THE LITTLE WILDCAT..WB..Audrey Ferris & James Murray

THE BARKER..WB..Milton Sills & Dorothy Mackaill

MY MAN..WB..Fanny Brice & Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams

CONQUEST..WB..Monte Blue & H.B. Warner

THE WARE CASE..WB..Stewart Rome & Betty Carter


RED LIPS..UNIV..Marian Nixon & Charles Buddy Rogers

THE GATE CRASHER..UNIV..Glenn Tryon & Patsy Ruth Miller

BEAUTY AND BULLETS..UNIV..Ted Wells & Duane Thompson


DREAM OF LOVE..MGM..Nils Asther & Joan Crawford

A LADY OF CHANCE..MGM..Norma Shearer & Lowell Sherman

A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS..MGM..Greta Garbo & John Gilbert

BROTHERLY LOVE..MGM..Karl Dane & George K. Arthur

HONEYMOON..MGM..Polly Moran & Harry Gribbon


SOMEONE TO LOVE..PAR..Charles Buddy Rogers & Mary Brian

THREE WEEKENDS..PAR..Clara Bow & Neil Hamilton

HIS DESTINY..PAR..Neal Hart & Barbara Kent

WHAT A NIGHT!..PAR..Bebe Daniels & Neil Hamilton

THE SHOPWORN ANGEL..PAR..Nancy Carroll & Gary Cooper

SINS OF THE FATHERS..PAR..Emil Jannings & Ruth Chatterton

THE HONEYMOON..PAR..ZaSu Pitts & Erich von Stroheim


THE RUSH HOUR..DEMILLE..Marie Prevost & Harrison Ford


BLINDFOLD..FOX..Lois Moran & George O’Brien

HOMESICK..FOX..Sammy Cohen & Harry Sweet

RED WINE..FOX..June Collyer & Conrad Nagel

IN OLD ARIZONA..FOX..Warner Baxter & Edmund Lowe

THE RED DANCE..FOX..Dolores Del Rio & Charles Farrell


FASHION MADNESS..COL..Claire Windsor & Reed Howes

LADY RAFFLES..COL..Estelle Taylor & Roland Drew

THE SIDESHOW..COL..Marie Prevost & Ralph Graves


TROPICAL NIGHTS..TIF..Patsy Ruth Miller & Malcolm McGregor

GEORGE WASHINGTON COHEN..TIF..George Jessel & Robert Edeson


THE RIVER WOMAN..GOTHAM..Lionel Barrymore & Jacqueline Logan


STOLEN LOVE..FBO..Marceline Day & Rex Lease

BLOCKADE..FBO..Anna Q. Nilsson & Wallace MacDonald

TROPIC MADNESS.FBO..Leatrice Joy & Lena Malena

ORPHAN OF THE SAGE..FBO..Buzz Barton & Frank Rice

HEY RUBE!..FBO..Hugh Trevor & Gertrude Olmstead

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Stars that worked in the most films in 1928:



Thirteen Films



Twelve Films




Eleven Films









Ten Films









Nine Films








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