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"I'm Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille" - Magazine Movie Star Portraits


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Hi, gagman,


The color was as it was on the magazine pages. I didn't add any color to the photos. True, some of the magazine editors may have added some in, but I think there were a lot of genuine color photos in there.

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This late 20's foreign Movie Magazine cover is not colorized.




































































*Anita Page, Joan Crawford, and Dorothy Sebastian in Two-color Technicolor*

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gagman wrote: "OK, I'm new to this thread and a little lost, but many of these pictures look like rather bad colorizations, rather than true color photos? I've stayed away from this, because I didn't think that colorized images were allowed here. That doesn't seem to be the case. So here we go with some of my more recent work."


Just an FYI, since I guess you didn't check out the first post of this thread two months ago where I wrote:


"Last week, I saw someone selling a package of about 200 movie star portraits from movie magazines of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I immediately thought these would be great for the board. The package arrived a few days ago!"


I then scanned and posted 5 different photos every single day for the last two months. Sorry you just came in now and didn't like the pictures.


I had just brought the thread to a close yesterday mere hours before you posted.

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Hey, I never said that I didn't like the pictures, and for the record I only looked at the first couple of pages. The most recent posts. There is some great stuff included, and most of it is pretty rare to boot. I just mentioned that several of the photos that I viewed did not look like genuine color photography. To pronounced and over saturated in some places. Just a quick observation, and not necessarily accurate on my part. Please don't be offended by my comments. there was no intention to offend anyone.

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