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I so enjoyed that silent film of "The Scarlet Letter" with Lillian Gish last night. She was beautiful in her prime! That was the first time I had the time to take a moment and appreciate her talent and contribution to film that far back. I'm so used to her latest works before she died, that I had no clue she was the person whose films I adored as a kid when I watched classic films on "The Big Show" and "The Big, Big Show" on Saturdays, "Sunday Morning Movie", "The Afternoon Movie Showcase", "The Late Show", "The Late, Late Show", "The Late, Late, Late Show", "The 5 o'clock Movie", "The 430 Movie", "Saturday Matinee", "Thursday Night Movie", "Friday Night at the Movies", "The ABC After School Special", "The Early Show", "Million Dollar Movie", "The Silent Movie Extras", "Independent Films", PBS films and the televising of the "Cannes Film Festival" and others since that time, like the "Tribeca Film Festival" and "TCM Film Festival". I never realized until last night, just how much classic films are in my blood ! I'm hooked for life ! Apparently, I've been hooked for 50yrs ! Is that a good thing ?

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It's unfortunate that while a little over half of *THE SCARLET LETTER* survives in pristine 35 Millimeter. about 46% apparently can only be found in a rather poorly processed and degraded 16 Millimeter dupes. I sincerely hope that since 2000 when this TCM version was produced that better elements have since been discovered, and that the complete film can eventually be restored to it's original luster in it's entirety.








*shocked.gif Ye Stand Accused Hester Prynne of great Evil in thee Eyes of God and Man! Naughty, Naughty!" frown.gif*

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