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Now It Be the Arabs' Turn to Whine, Complain.

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The Lebanese Phalangists were in the pay of Israel, and were supervised by them. I just mentioned that particular incident, because it is one of the best known. Israel thought it was in Israel's best interest for Lebanon to be in chaos, so they could present no threat to Israel, and helped usher in the Lebanese Civil War, by financing militias, and fanning the flames of civil strife. Ironically, Israel was an early financier of Hamas, as a counterbalance to Al Fatah. That didn't work out too well.

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I suppose if Israel retaliates for Hezbollah rockets fired into Israel then Israel is responsible for the conflict. Administrator, I think it is time to remove this thread. It has nothing to do with movies anymore .

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Fine, I deleted my Off Topic posts perhaps everyone else can do the same?


And let's not talk about the current Middle East Conflict. It was partially my fault for replying in the first place when I should have just let it go!

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I think we are watching the end of a long era in American cinema, as we watch TCM.


When I was a kid, these old films of all kinds were show on just about every local TV station in the nation, as regular old feature films aired on "The Late Show", and other late-night film programs on local television stations, and without regard to whether or not the films insulted anyone or any group.


But now they are gone from local TV stations and gone from all networks except TCM. They've been censored off of TV by the special-interest groups, who call and write TV stations and networks objecting to the subject matter of the films and who threaten boycotts if the films aren't taken off the air.


TCM is the last place where we can see these films on television, and I think this series with the ethnic professors griping and complaining helps prolong TCM's ability to continue to show these films. In the old days, it was ok to watch films that made fun of various ethnic groups, including my own, the Southern **** and hillbillies, and the big city Yankees too (the Bowery Boys, ethnic gangsters, and others).


Ten to 20 years from now, I don't think these films will be shown anywhere anymore, and special committees -- maybe government committees -- will decide which old films can and can't be shown on television.

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The level of vitriol on here is almost as high as on facebook, when my liberal friends (who I agree with on 99% of the issues) start hating on Israel (who, as a Jew, I support, but not unconditionally, which makes me a semi-pariah guilty of wrong-headed thinking in their eyes).


I personally think TCM's series has been exceptional, at times. My favorite was the first year co-hosted by Donald Bogle. I think what made Mr. Bogle's appearance so intriguing was that he brought a slightly chippy attitude to the series of films he selected.


I'm hoping that this year's host keeps the message boards hopping with his comments and insights. Although I'm seldom persuaded by Arab propaganda, I'm certainly keeping an open mind about this series. I'm willing to listen to what Mr. Shaheen has to say. If I disagree, I'll get over it.




David in Seattle

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"The level of vitriol on here is almost as high as on facebook"


That's not surprising. I haven't been on these boards for years because of that fact. Arguments took over many threads and there were many people who seemed to be here only TO argue. I wouldn't liked to have seen things were mellower now....


When it comes to discussing films, it seems, there's a greater similarily to discussing politics openly in a bar than one would assume.


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