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Monthly schedule in non-Eastern time zones?

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We have been told that there is only one monthly schedule available directly from the TCM web site. However, the July monthly schedule from this web site is only for the Eastern time zone, even though the top line of this schedule displays a choice of all four US time zones!! Clicking on any of the non-Eastern time zones has no effect. This is definitely not what we are led to believe by all of the soothesayers who are claiming that the important problems have now been addressed.


In my view, it is extremely important to have a monthly schedule available in all four time zones. As I have pointed out previously, this type of continued amateurish programming effort should not be accepted by anyone who is serious about scheduling movie viewing in three out of four time zones.


Please excuse me for being so repetitive, but I cannot consider this an award-winning web site, as has been claimed by TCM.


Let us hear from the web site administration about this ever-present issue.





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Depending on what browser you have, it either works or doesn't work. It works in Firefox but not Internet Explorer. I agree that it is VERY frustrating that a simple task of changing the time zone is impossible to do. What gives, TCM?

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> Please excuse me for being so repetitive, but I cannot consider this an award-winning web site, as has been claimed by TCM.


I think TCM probably received the award for its main page, with all the fancy animation.


Other people on other message boards have the same problems with Jive Software. See the first post in this thread:



Let's face it this software is junk, pure unadulterated junk, developed by a bunch of barely competent coders, not programmers. Calling them programmers would be far too charitable.


The so called "upgrade" of April 13th introduced a whole bunch of new bugs, yet none of the bugs that we had been complaining about for months were fixed. If that was not enough, it seems that the incompetents at Jive have come up with a new bug a day policy, or is that a two bug a day policy because today they have gone one better, by introducing at least two new bugs :

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