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The Voting Thread: 19th TCM Programming Challenge

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#8 0f 8: filmlover's schedule and notes:


Here is my schedule. Notes to follow later. In the meantime, if anybody wonders how, on Saturday night, Nov. 5th, going into Sunday, I can have an 81-minute movie starting at 1:15 AM and then the next one starting at 1:45 AM...well, on Sunday, November 6th at 2 AM, Daylight Saving Time kicks in and the clocks go back an hour. : )


Sunday, October 30th, 2011




6:00 am Maisie (MGM, 1939) Ann Sothern, Robert Young, Ruth Hussey 75 min.

7:15 am Fast and Furious (MGM, 1939) Franchot Tone, Ann Sothern, Ruth Hussey 73 min.

8:30 am Another Thin Man (MGM, 1939) William Powell, Myrna Loy, Ruth Hussey 103 min.

10: 15 am Northwest Passage (MGM, 1940) Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, Ruth Hussey 126 min.

12:30 pm The Philadelphia Story (MGM, 1940) Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, Ruth Hussey 112 min.




2:30 pm The Falcon's Brother (RKO, 1942) George Sanders, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph 63 min.

3:45 pm Cat People (RKO, 1942) Simone Simon, Jane Randolph 73 min.

5:00 pm The Falcon Strikes Back (RKO, 1943) Tom Conway, Jane Randolph 66 min.

6:30 pm Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (Univ., 1948) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Jane Randolph 83 min. p/s




8:00 pm The Adventures of Robin Hood (WB, 1938) Errol Flynn, Alan Hale 102 min.

10:00 pm Rogues of Sherwood Forest (Col., 1950) John Derek, Alan Hale 79 min.

11:30 pm TCM SILENT SUNDAY Robin Hood (UA, 1922) Douglas Fairbanks, Alan Hale 127 min.




2:00 am TCM IMPORTS The Sword of Sherwood Forest (UK) (Col., 1960) Richard Greene 80 min.

Cartoon: Robin Hood Daffy (WB, 1958) Daffy Duck, Porky Pig 6 min.

3:30 am Robin and the 7 Hoods (WB, 1964) Frank Sinatra 123 min. p/s

Cartoon: Rabbit Hood (WB, 1949) Bugs Bunny 8 min.


Monday, October 31st, 2011




6:00 am The Lodger (Fox, 1944) Merle Oberon, Laird Cregar 84 min. p/s

7:30 am Berlin Express (RKO, 1948) Merle Oberon, Robert Ryan 87 min.

9:00 am Fixed Bayonets! (Fox, 1951) Richard Basehart 92 min. PREMIERE #1

10:45 am The Killing (UA, 1956) Sterling Hayden 84 min. p/s

12:15 pm Will Penny (Par., 1968) Charlton Heston 109 min p/s

2:15 pm The Wild Bunch (WB, 1969) William Holden 148 minutes p/s

4:45 pm Short: The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage 34 minutes

5:30 pm True Grit (Par., 1969) John Wayne 128 min. p/s


DIRECTOR ROBERT WISE'S HALLOWEEN HORRORS – "Ghosts and Graverobbers and Nazis, oh my!"


8:00 pm The Curse of the Cat People (RKO, 1944) Simone Simon 70 min.

9:15 pm The Body Snatcher (RKO, 1945) Boris Karloff 77 min.

10:45 pm The Haunting (MGM, 1963) Julie Harris 112 min. p/s

12:45 am The Sound of Music (Fox, 1965) 174 min.

3:45 am The Andromeda Strain (Univ., 1971) James Olson 131 min. p/s


Tuesday, November 1st, 2011




Burt and Tony

6:00 am Trapeze (UA, 1956) Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis 105 min. p/s


Tony and Kirk

7:45 am Spartacus (Univ., 1960) Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis 184 min. p/s


Kirk and Tony and Ernie

11:00 am The Vikings (UA, 1958) Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine 116 min. p/s


Burt and Ernie

1:00 pm From Here to Eternity (Col., 1953) Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Ernest Borgnine 118 min.


Ernie and Lee

3:00 pm Emperor of the North (Fox, 1973) Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine 118 min. PREMIERE #2


Lee and Burt

5:00 pm The Professionals (Col. 1966) Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin 117 min.


7:00 pm Documentary - Kirk Douglas: Video Scrapbook (City Lights, 1994) Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster 51 min.


And, finally, what you have been waiting for…


Burt and Kirk - The Best of the Best

8:00 pm I Walk Alone (Par., 1948) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 97 min. PREMIERE #3

10 pm Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Par., 1957) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 122 min. p/s

12:15 am The Devil's Disciple (UA, 1959) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 83 min. p/s

1:45 am Seven Days in May (WB, 1964) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 118 min.

4:00 am Tough Guys (Buena Vista, 1986) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 104 min. PREMIERE #4


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011


3 x 3


Genre #1: Political Movies

Judicial Branch

6:00 am The Magnificent Yankee (MGM, 1950) Louis Calhern 89 min. p/s

Legislative Branch

7:30 am Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Col., 1939) James Stewart 129 min.

Executive Branch

9:45 am Gabriel Over the White House (MGM, 1933) Walter Huston 87 min.


Genre #2: Time Travel


11:15 am Berkeley Square (Fox, 1933) Leslie Howard 84 min. PREMIERE #5


12:45 pm Time After Time (WB, 1979) Malcolm McDowell 112 min. PREMIERE #6

...and Tomorrow

2:30 pm The Time Machine (MGM, 1960) Rod Taylor 103 min. p/s


Genre #3: Private Eye

Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne

4:15 pm Sleepers West (Fox, 1941) Lloyd Nolan 74 min. PREMIERE #7

5:30 pm Dressed to Kill (Fox, 1941) Lloyd Nolan 74 min. PREMIERE #8

6:45 Time to Kill (Fox, 1942) Lloyd Nolan 61 min. PREMIERE #9




8:00 pm Scarface (UA, 1932) Paul Muni 93 min. p/s

9:45 pm The Story of Louis Pasteur (WB, 1936) Paul Muni 86 min.

11:30 pm The Life of Emile Zola (WB, 1937) Paul Muni 116 min.

1:45 am Juarez (WB, 1939) Paul Muni, Bette Davis 125 min.

4:00 pm The Last Angry Man (Col., 1959) Paul Muni 100 min.



Thursday, November 3rd, 2011




6:00 am Wings (Par., 1927) 85th Anniversary - Clara Bow 141 min. p/s

8:30 am The Jazz Singer (WB, 1927) 85th Anniversary - Al Jolson 88 min

10:00 am Grand Hotel (MGM, 1932) 80th Anniversary - John Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Lionel Barrymore 112 min.

12:00 pm The Prisoner of Zenda (UA, 1937) 75th Anniversary - Ronald Colman 101 min. p/s

1:45 pm This Gun for Hire (Par., 1942) 70th Anniversary - Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake 80 min. PREMIERE #10

3:15 pm Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (Univ., 1942) 70th Anniversary - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce 65 min. p/s

4:30 pm Miracle on 34th Street (Fox, 1947) 65th Anniversary - Maureen O'Hara 96 min. p/s

6:15 pm High Noon (UA, 1952) 60th Anniversary - Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly 85 min. p/s

8:00 pm The Quiet Man (Republic, 1952) 60th Anniversary - John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara 129 min. p/s

10:15 pm How the West Was Won (MGM, 1962) 50th Anniversary - James Stewart 162 min. p/s

1:00 am To Sir With Love (Col., 1967) 45th Anniversary - Sidney Poitier 105 min. p/s

3:00 am Cabaret (Allied Artists, 1972) 40th Anniversary - Liza Minnelli 124 min. p/s

5:15 am 2011 TCM Cruise and 2012 TCM Film Festival previews - Robert Osborne 30 min.



Friday, November 4th, 2011




6:00 am Alfie (Par., 1966) Michael Caine 114 min.

8:00 am Brief Encounter (Eagle-Lion, 1945) Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard 86 min.

9:30 am Chariots of Fire (Ladd Co., 1981) Nicholas Farrell 124 min. p/s

11:45 am Dr. No (UA, 1962) Sean Connery 110 min. p/s

1:45 pm The Entertainer (British Lion, 1060) Laurence Olivier 105 min. p/s

3:30 pm The Four Feathers (UA, 1939) John Clements 129 min. p/s

6:00 pm Great Expectations (Cineguild, 1946) John Mills 118 min. p/s

8:00 pm Henry V (Two Cities, 1948) Laurence Olivier 137 min. p/s

10:30 pm In Which We Serve (Two Cities, 1942) Noel Coward 115 min. p/s

12:30 am TCM UNDERGROUND Joanna (Fox, 1968) Genevieve Waite, Donald Sutherland 108 min. E

2:15 am Kind Hearts And Coronets (Ealing, 1950) Dennis Price 126 min. p/s

4:30 am The Lavender Hill Mob (Rank, 1951) Alex Guinness 81 min. p/s



Saturday, November 5, 2011




6:00 am A Man For All Seasons (Col. 1966) Paul Scofield 120 min.

8:00 am A Night to Remember (Rank, 1958) Kenneth More 123 min. p/s

10:15 am Oliver Twist (Cineguild, 1948) Alec Guinness 116 min. p/s

12:15 pm The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Fox, 1969) Maggie Smith 116 min. PREMIERE #11

2:15 pm Short: Queen Mary Launched (British Movietone News - March 26, 1936) 4 min. plus other British Movietime News shorts

2:30 pm The Red Shoes (Archers, 1948) Moira Shearer 133 min. p/s

4:45 pm Stairway to Heaven (aka A Matter of Life and Death) (Archers, 1947) David Niven 104 min. p/s

6:30 pm The Upturned Glass (Univ., 1947) James Mason 90 min. PREMIERE #12

8:00 pm THE ESSENTIALS: The 39 Steps (Gaumont, 1935) Robert Donat 86 min. p/s PD

9:45 pm Village of the Damned (MGM, 1960) George Sanders 77 min. p/s

11:15 pm Whistle Down the Wind (Rank, 1961) Hayley Mills, Alan Bates 99 min. PREMIERE #13

1:15 am X the Unknown (Hammer, 1957) Dean Jagger 81 min. p/s

1:45 am Yellow Submarine (UA, 1968) The Beatles 90 min. PREMIERE #14

3:30 am Zulu (Par., 1964) Stanley Baker, Michael Caine 138 min. p/s


Here are FILMLOVER's notes:


Several listings are easy to get without any explanation, so I will jump to the ones that I want to expand on.


Robert Wise had such a great, varied career as a director, but when I thought about the best horror films outside of the Universal monsters, his were the first to come to mind. And just for laughs, I inserted The Sound of Music because there are some on the board who would truly be horrified having to see it again. (I like it, though.)


My Tough Guys Tag Team started out as just a salute to Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine, with them appearing in three films. But as I played around more and more with it, it got way out of hand. I wanted to have multiple films for each, but then it was hard to make it move the way I wanted it. If I had room, I would have included The List of Adrian Messenger because Douglas, Lancaster, and Curtis appear in it (some as a cameo). And also the way I had it progressing, it rightly should have been "Ernie and Burt," but, come on, who could resist a Burt/Bert and Ernie reference?


Then comes kingrat's 3 x 3 theme. Hopefully, clear enough.


I had originally planned for James Mason to be my Star of the Month, but a quick search discovered that he had already been done. So I went to Paul Muni, who may have been hammy at times but was always interesting as an actor who would bury himself into the characters' makeup (both external and internal).


After this year's film festival here in Hollywood, I am spoiled by seeing classic movies on the Chinese theater gigantic screen. So I have listed a number of them I would love to see them show next year. And to hopefully influence the planners, I have included ones that have anniversaries in 2012.


And, now, comes the last part of the schedule, a two-day showcase of British films from all eras in an A to Z form. This was also the hardest part of the schedule to do because of having to leave off so many great films. For example, take the letter "H"...there are terrific British classics like Hamlet, A Hard Day's Night, Hobson's Choice, and more. But I chose the form it was going to be in, and so I had to bear the losses of so many wonderful British gems. By the way, if you look closely, I had no choice but to reverse T-U to U then T because the Essentials would otherwise have been The Upturned Glass.


Edited by: kingrat on Jul 1, 2011 1:41 PM

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#7 of 8:traceyk's schedule and notes:


Sunday, January 25


It's My Party and I'll Play What I Want To

6am Libeled Lady (1936) BW 98 min MGM Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, Myrna Loy

William Powell D: Jack Conway

Short: Fish Tales (1954) Pete Smith

8am All About Eve (1950) BW 138 min Fox Bette Davis Anne Baxter D: Joseph

Mankiewicz p/s

10:30 Destry Rides Again (1939) BW 94 min Universal Marlene Dietrich, James

Stewart D: George Marshall p/s

12:15 The Lion in Winter (1968) color 134 min Embassy Katharine Hepburn Peter

O'Toole D: Anthony Harvey p/s

2:30 Broadway Melody of 1940 BW 102 min MGM Fred Astaire Eleanor Powell D:

Norman Taureg

4:15 Singin in the Rain (1952) color 103 min MGM Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds,

Donald O'Connor D: Stanley Donen

6:00 Red Dust (1932) BW 83 min MGM Jean Harlow Clark Gable Mary Astor D: Victor


Short: Cruising the South Seas (1932) MGM


Somerset Maugham Birthday Tribute

8:00 Rain (1932) BW 94 min MGM Joan Crawford, Walter Huston D: Lewis Milestone

**9:45 The Beachcomber (1938) BW 92 min Mayflower Charles Laughton, Elsa

Lanchester D: Erich Pommer

Short: Pagan Moon (1932) BW 7 min WB D: Tex Avery

12am Silent Sunday Night

The Magician (1926) BW 83 min MGM Alice Terry, Paul Wegener D: Rex Ingram


Short: Postal Union (1937) BW 21 min WB D: Roy Mack


2am TCM Imports

**Martin Roumagnac (1946) BW 115 min Alcina Marlene Dietrich Jean Gabin

D:Georges Lacombe


4am Camille (1936) BW 109 min MGM Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor D: George Cukor


Monday January 26

6am: Manic Monday

The Lady Eve (1942) BW 94 min Paramount Barbara Stanwyck Henry Fonda D: Preston Sturges p/s


Joan Leslie Birthday

7:45 The Male Animal (1942)BW 102 min WB Olivia deHavilland, Henry Fonda Joan Leslie D:Elliot Nugent

9:30 Born to Be Bad (1950) BW 94min RKO Joan Fontaine, Mel Ferrar, Joan Leslie D:Nicholas Ray

11:15 Cinderella Jones (1946) BW 90 min WB Joan Leslie, Robert Alda D:Busby Berkley


Cinderella Stories

Short--Swing shift Cinderella (1945) color 8 min MGM D: Tex Avery

1:00 Midnight (1939) BW 94 min Paramount Claudette Colbert Don Ameche

D:Mitchell Leisen p/s

2:45 The Good Fairy (1935) BW 98min Universal Margaret Sullivan, Herbert Marshall D: William Wyler p/s

**4:30 Three Wishes for Cinderella (1973) color 82 min DEFA Libuse Safranoka;, Pavel Travnicek D: Vaclav Vorlicek

1-2-3 Forgotten Blockbusters 1930’s

8pm **One in A Million (1937) BW 92min Fox Sonja Henie Adolphe Menjou D: Sidney Lanfield

Short: Cracked Ice (1938) WB

10pm Viva Villa! (1934) BW 112min MGM Wallace Beery Fay Wray Leo Carillo D: Jack Conway

12:00 Hell's Angels (1930)BW 125min UA Ben Lyon James Hall D: Howard Hughes p/s


2:15 A Slight Case of Murder (1938) BW 85 min WB Edward G Robinson, Jane Bryan D: Lloyd Bacon

4:00 The Hitchhiker(1953)BW 71 min RKO Edmund O’ Brien, Frank Lovejoy D:Ida Lupino

Short: Crime Does Not Pay: A Criminal is Born (1938) D:Leslie Fenton


Tuesday January 27


Jerome Kern Birthday salute

6am Showboat (1951) color 107min MGM Ava Gardner Kathryn Grayson D:George Sidney

8am Til the Clouds Roll By (1946) color 132 min MGM June Allyson, Lucille Bremer D: Richard Whorf

10:30 Swing Time (1936) BW 103min RKO Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers D: George Stevens


Joyce Compton Birthday

12:15 Manpower (1942) BW 103 min WB Marlene Dietrich, Edward G Robinson D:Raoul Walsh

Short--Manhattan Monkey Business (1935)BW 20 min MGM D:Harold Law

2:30 The Awful Truth (1937)BW 91 min Columbia Cary Grant, Irene Dunne D: George Stevens p/s


4:15 Vigil in the Night (1940) BW 96min RKO Carole Lombard, Anne Shirley D: George Stevens

6:00 Jezebel (1938)BW 104min WB Bette Davis Henry Fonda D: William Wyler

Short:Men Fright (1938) BW 10 min D: George Sidney


1-2-3 A Legend in Her Own Time: Deanna Durbin

8pm **Three Smart Girls (1936) BW 84 min Universal Binnie Barnes Charles Winninger D: Henry Koster

Short:Every Sunday (1936) BW 10 min MGM D:Felix Feist

10pm **Can't Help Singing (1944) BW 90min Universal Deanna Durbin, Robt Page D: Frank Ryan

11:45**It Started With Eve (1941) BW 90min Universal Deanna Durbin Charles Laughton D: Henry Koster


All About Eve

1:30 Ever Since Eve (1937) BW 81min WB Marion Davies Robt Montgomery D: Lloyd Bacon

3:00 Eve Knew Her Apples (1945) BW 64 min Columbia Ann Miller Roy Walker D: Will Jason

Short: Good Morning Eve! (1934) WB D: Roy Mack

4:30 Morning Glory (1933) BW 71min RKO Katharine Hepburn Adolphe Menjou D:Lowell Sherman


Wednesday January 28


Directed Lloyd Bacon

6:00 Larceny Inc (1942) BW 94min WB Edward G Robinson Jane Wyman D: Lloyd Bacon

7:45 The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) BW 87min Lucille Ball Eddie Albert D: Lloyd Bacon

8:15 The French Line (1954) color 102min RKO Jane Russell Gilbert Roland


10:30 Double Dynamite (1951) 80min BW RKO Groucho Marx Jane Russell D:Irving Cummings


12:00 Jewel Robbery (1932) BW 63min WB William Powell Kay Francis D:William Dietierle


Ernst Lubitsch Birthday

1:15**Desire (1936)BW 89min Paramount Marlene Dietrich Gary Cooper D: Frank Borzage (produced by Ernst Lubitsch)

2:45 Trouble in Paradise (1932)BW 83min Paramount Kay Francis Herbert Marshall Miriam Hopkins D:Ernst Lubitsch

4:15 The Shop Around the Corner (1940) BW 99min MGM James Stewart Margaret Sullavan D:Ernst Lubitsch

6:15 To Be or Not to Be (1942) BW 99min Romaine Carole Lombard Jack Benny D: Ernst Lubitsch p/s


Star of the Month Charles Boyer

8pm Algiers (1938) BW 95min UA Charles Boyer Hedy Lamarr D:John Cromwell p/s

Short: Past Perfumance (1955) animated WB D: Chuck Jones

10:00 **History is Made at Night (1937)WB 97 UA Charles Boyer Jean Arthur D: Frank Borzage

11:45 Gaslight (1944)BW 114 MGM Charles Boyer Ingrid bergman D: George Cukor

2:00 Barefoot in the Park (1967) color 105min Paramount Jane Fonda Robt Redford D: Gene Saks p/s


4:00 Bringing Up Baby (1938)BW 102min RKO Katharine Hepburn Cary Grant D:Howard Hawks

Short: So You Want to Enjoy Life? (1952) WB


Thursday January 29


W C Fields Birthday

6am Its a Gift (1934) BW 67min WB W.C. Fields D: Norman McLeod

7:30 David Copperfield (1935) BW 129min MGM W.C. Fields Lionel Barrymore D: George Cukor

Short: The Golf Specialist (1930) RKO

10:00 My Little Chickedee (1940)BW 83min Universal W C Fields Mae West D: Edward Cline p/s


Haunted Originals

11:30 Thirteen Ghosts (1960)BW 88min Columbia Charles Herbert Jo Morrow D: William Castle p/s

1:00 The Old Dark House(1932) BW 74min Universal Boris Karloff Melvin Douglas D: James Whale

Short: Black Cats and Broomsticks (1955) RKO


Roz and Robert

3:30 Live Love and Learn (1937)BW 78min MGM Rosalind Russell Robt Montgomery D:George Fitzmaurice

5:00 Trouble for Two (1936) BW 78 min Rosalind Russell Robert Montgomery D: J Walter Ruben

6:30 Fast and Loose (1939)BW 80min MGM Rosalind Russell Robert Montgomery D: Edwin Marin



1-2-3 Everybody Knows Your Name: Shirley Temple

8pm **The Littlest Rebel (1935) BW 71 Fox Shirley Temple, John Boles, Bill Robinson D: David Butler

9:15 The Little Princess (1939) color 93 min Fox Shirley Temple, Richard Greene D: Walter Lang p/s

11:00 The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (1947) BW 95 min RKO Shirley Temple, Cary Grant D: Irving Reis


12:45 One Crowded Night BW 98min RKO Billie Seward Charles Lang D: Irving Reis

2:30 The Petrified Forest (1936) BW 72min WB Bette Davis Leslie Howard D: Archie Mayo

3:00 Night in Casablanca (1946) BW 85min Marx Bros D: Archie Mayo

4:30 Morocco (1930) BW 92min Paramount Marlene Dietrich Gary Cooper D: Josef von Sternberg p/s

Short: Love Tails of Morocco MGM Dogville


Friday January 30


6:30 Beau Ideal (1931)BW 85min RKO Ralph Forbes Loretta Young D:Herbert Brenon


Edward G Boyle Birthday

8:00 Separate Tables (1958)BW 98min UA Ava Gardner David Niven Burt Lancaster D: Delbert Mann p/s

10:00 Johnny Guitar (1959)color 110min Republic Joan Crawford Sterling Hayden D: Nicholas Ray p/s

12:00 The Story of GI Joe (1945) BW 108min UA Robt Mitchum Burgess Meredith D:William Wellman


Hugh Marlowe Birthday

2:00 Marriage is a Private Affair (1944) BW 116min MGM Lana Turner James Craig D: Robt Leonard

6:00 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) BW 92 min Fox Hugh Marlowe Patricia Neal D: Robt Wise p/s

Short: Boyhood Daze (1957) WB


I Know Where the Bodies are Buried...

8pm The Gazebo (1960)BW 102 min MGM Glenn Ford Debbie Reynolds D: George Marshall

10:00 The Trouble With Harry (1955)color 99min Paramount John Forsythe Shirley MacLaine D:Alfred Hitchcock p/s

Short: Hot Money (1935)Hal Roach p/s

12:00 Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)BW 118min WB Cary Grant Priscilla Lane D: Frank Capra


2 am: TCM Underground

**Viy (1967)color 77min Mosfilm Leonid Kuravlyov, Natalya Varley D: Georgi Kropachyov


3:30 Mad Love (1935) BW 70min MGM Peter Lorre Francis Drake D: Karl Freund

5:00 Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) BW 62min RKO Peter Lorre D; Boris Ingster


Saturday January 31


6:15 Blondie Johnson (1933)BW 69min WB Joan Blondell Chester Morris D:Ray Enright


Tallulah Bankhead Birthday

7:30 Faithless (1932) BW 74min MGM Tallulah Robt Montgomery D: Harry Beaumont

9:00**A Royal Scandal (1945) BW 94min Fox Tallulah Bankhead Anne Baxter

10:45 Lifeboat (1944) BW 96min Fox Tallulah Baknhead John Hodiak D: Alfred Hitchcock p/s



National Wear a Gorilla Suit Day

12:30**Gorilla at Large (1954) 84min Fox Cameron Mitchell Anne Bancroft D: Harmon Jones

2:00 Pink Panther (1964) color 113min UA David Niven Peter Sellers D: Blake Edwards p/s

4:00**Blonde Venus (1932)BW 92min Paramount Marlene Dietrich Herbert Marshall D: Josef von Sternberg

Short: Bear Shooters (1930) Laurel and Hardy

6:00 Take the Money and Run (1969)BW 85min Woody Allen Janet Margolin D: Woddy Allen p/s

Short--Bum Voyage 1934


8pm The Essentials

Cabaret (1972) color 120min ABC Liza Minnelli Michael York D: Bob Fosse p/s


10:00 Kiss Me Kate (1953) color 109min MGM Kathryn Grayson Howard Keel D:George Sidney

12:00 Thousands Cheer (1944)125min MGM Kathryn Grayson Gene Kelly D: George Sidney

2:15 That's Entertainment! (1974)color 135min MGM Gene Kelly Fred Astaire D: Jack Hailey

4:30 Thats Entertainment II (1976)color 126min MGM Fred Astaire Gene Kelly D:Gene Kelly


Programming Notes:


The reason I asked to use a week in 2015 is two-fold: First, 1/25/2015 will be

my 50th birthday and I figure I can play anything I darn well please (I earned

it!) AND I wanted a week with both my birthday and Jan 31st in it. (I?ll explain

why further down) Also this week gives me Tallulah Bankhead and Ernst Lubitsch's birthdays (among others) to play around with...


SOTM is Charles Boyer. It looked as though he?s never been SOTM (but maybe I?m

wrong). Along with Fred MacMurray, (who was my first choice, but would have

required too many Premieres to do?boo) he was an excellent leading man who

worked with most of the major female stars of the time and one who let his

co-stars shine. He was also very versatile?he could play world-weary, evil,

noble, eccentric?you name it, he could do it and remain charming through it all.

I chose the films for this week based on films I like (Gaslight, Algiers,

Barefoot in the Park) and a film that I?d like to see (History is Made at

Night). If I had to program the entire month, I?d have included the following


Together Again (P)

Break of Hearts

Garden of Allah

First Legion




All This and Heaven Too

Confidential Agent

Mad Woman of Chaillot (P)


How to Steal a Million



I have seen and participated in numerous discussions on these boards in which someone always says "Will anyone even remember (insert modern star/movie) in 50 years?" That got me to thinking about classic stars and movies and how many were once top box office, but are largely (in the general populace) forgotten today. I also thought about those stars who have become pop icons--everybody knows their name/face, but have they ever seen one of their movies? Sooo I decided to base my 1-2-3 on this idea.


"Forgotten Box Offices Bonanzas"?movies which were hugely successful when

they were released, but haven?t been heard from since, except on TCM (and sometimes even not then). I used the list of top box office hits from 1929-1949 to make my choices and divided them up by decade.

For this week I did the 1930's and chose One in a Million (#1 in 1937); Viva Villa (#1 in 1934) and Hell's Angels (#1 in 1930...and since Aviator came out, maybe not so forgotten)


?Everybody Knows Your Name"?I chose stars/directors who have become legendary;

that is, everyone knows their name and maybe a fact or two, but may not have ever

seen any of their films, so I chose 3 films for each that, in my mind, showcases

their talents.

For this week, I chose Shirley Temple, the Queen of Child Stars.

The Littlest Rebel

The Little Princess

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

Others that would fit this category are John Wayne; Audrey and Katharine Hepburn;

Marilyn Monroe; Bette Davis; Joan Crawford; Alfred Hitchcock; Humphrey Bogart; Cary Grant


"A Legend in His/Her Own Time"?features stars who were very popular in their own

time, but who are largely forgotten (except amongst classic movie fans, of

course) today. It was really hard to choose?there are many, many stars who fall

into this category, so I chose based on my own curiosity and decided to feature

Deanna Durbin for this week, with the films:Three Smart Girls, It Started With

Eve and Can't Help Singing.

Were I doing the entire month, I?d choose stars like Maria Montez, Tyrone Power,

Wallace Beery, Marie Dressler, Janet Gaynor, Irene Dunne, Spencer Tracy or Greer Garson. All of these stars were top box office performers in their day and sadly, none were recognized in an informal survey I did amongst friends and acquaintances, even the ones watch classic movies in a casual way.



I created a new feature?Manic Monday for screwball comedy. The first month of

Manic Mondays would be: His Girl Friday; It?s Love I?m After; The Ex-Mrs

Bradford and for this final week, The Lady Eve.


Later that day I scheduled a series of Cinderella stories including the Czech film, Three Wishes for Cinderella, which sounded very interesting and I'd like to see.


As I was searching films for the schedule, I noticed that Lloyd Bacon directed a lot of films I like, so I featured him on Wednesday morning.


On Thurs afternoon I featured one of my favorite couples, Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery.


Friday Evening didn't have a pre-determined theme, so I decided to do a night of murder played for laughs. The Gazebo, The Trouble with Harry and Arsenic and Old Lace all feature people who end up playing Hide the Corpse to hilarious (to me anyway) results.


I wanted January 31st in my week because it is?wait for it?National Wear a


Gorilla Suit Day! All the movies featured include either at least one scene in

which someone wears a gorilla suit OR a ?gorilla? character played by a man in a

gorilla suit.

My Essential is Cabaret?it has a powerhouse performance by Liza Minelli, great

score and choreography by Bob Fosse and?wait for it?a gorilla suit! YES!


TCM Underground Viy (1967). Ive heard about this one for years and have yet to track down a copy. Here's hopin'


Silent Sunday--The Magician--based on a play by Somerset Maugham


TCM Imports--Martin Roumagnac--a movie I've become sort of obsessed with seeing, but with subtitles please...


Premieres (exactly 14-whew)

The Beachcomer

Martin Roumagnac

Three Wishes for Cinderella

One in a Million

Three Smart Girls

Can't Help Singing

It Started With Eve


History is Made at Night

The Littlest Rebel


A Royal Scandal


Gorilla at Large

Blonde Venus


Birthday tributes:1/25 Me!; Somerset Maugham 1/26 Joan Leslie 1/27 Jerome Kern; Joyce Compton 1/28 Ernst Lubitsch 1/29 W C Fields 1/30 Edward G Boyle (set decorator) Hugh Marlowe 1/31 Tallulah Bankhead

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# 6 of 8: countessdelave's schedule for April 8-14, 2010





6:00 am The Egg and I (1947) Dir. Chester Erskine.

starring Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray. Univ., BW-108 minutes. p/s.

8:00 am Alice in Wonderland (1933) Dir. Norman Z. McLeod.

starring Cary Grant, Skeets Gallagher, W.C. Fields. Paramount, BW-90 minutes. p/s.

9:45 am Harvey (1950) Dir. Henry Koster.

starring James Stewart, Josephine Hull. Univ., BW-104 minutes. p/s.

11:30 am Bunny Lake is Missing (1965) Dir. Otto Preminger.

starring Keir Dullea, Carol Lynley. Columbia, BW-107 minutes. p/s.

1:30 pm Cool Hand Luke (1967) Dir. Stuart Rosenberg.

starring Paula Newman, George Kennedy. WB, C-126 minutes. p/s.

3:45 pm Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) Dir. Robert Zemeckis.

starring Bob Hoskins. Walt Disney Studios, C-103 minutes. p/s.

5:30 pm Rocky (1976) Dir. John G. Avildsen.

starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. UA, C-119 minutes. p/s.


7:45 pm Short: Screen Snapshots Series 18, no. 8 (1939) Dir. Ralph Staub.

starring Don Ameche, Sonja Henie, Joan Crawford. Columbia, BW-10 minutes.




8:00 pm Sun Valley Serenade (1941) Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone.

starring Sonja Henie, Jon Payne. TCF BW-86 minutes. Premiere #1.

Short ( Cartoon) : Hollywood Steps Out (1941). WB, C-8 Minutes.

9:45 pm Happy Landing (1938) Dir. Roy Del Ruth.

starring Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, Ethel Merman. TCF, BW-102 minutes. Premiere #2.

Short ( Cartoon): I Like Mountain Music (1933). WB, BW-7 Minutes.




12:00 am The Bridal Party in Hardanger (1926) Dir. Rasmus Breistein.

starring Ase Bye. Rasmus Breistein, BW-104 minutes. Exempt.

Short: Passing Parade: The Giant of Norway (1939). MGM, BW-11 minutes.




2:00 am Ni Liv (1957) Dir. Arne Skoven.

starring Jack Feldstad, Henny Moan. Nordsjofilm, BW-96 minutes. Exempt.


3:45 am Edge of Darkness (1943) Dir. Lewis Milestone.

starring Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan. WB, BW-119 minutes.


Short: Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra (1939) Dir. Joseph Henabery.

starring Vincent Lopez, Betty Hutton. WB, BW-11 minutes.






Betty Hutton


6:00 am The Fleet’s In (1942) Dir. Victor Schertzinger.

starring William Holden, Dorothy Lamour, Betty Hutton. Paramount, BW-93 minutes. p/s.

7:45 am Duffy's Tavern (1945) Dir. Hal Walker.

starring Betty Hutton, Bing Crosby, Paulette Goddard. Paramount, BW-97 min. Premiere # 3.


Marion Hutton


9:30 am Love Happy (1950) Dir. David Miller.

starring Marx Brothers,Vera-Ellen, Marion Hutton, Marilyn Monroe. UA, BW-85 minutes. p/s.


June Hutton


11:00 am Luxury Liner (1948) Dir. Richard Whorf.

starring Jane Powell, George Brent, The Pied Pipers. MGM, C-99 minutes.


Ina Ray Hutton


12:45 pm Ever Since Venus (1944) Dir. Arthur Dreifuss.

starring Ina Ray Hutton, Ann Savage, Glenda Farrell. Columbia, BW-75 min. Premiere #4.

Short: Swing, Hutton, Swing (1937) Dir. Fred Waller.

starring Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears. Paramount, BW-10 minutes.


Lauren Hutton


2:15 pm Paper Lion (1968) Dir. Alex March.

starring Alan Alda, Lauren Hutton. UA, C-105 minutes. p/s.


Robert Hutton


4:00 pm Love and Learn (1947) Dir. Frederick de Cordova.

starring Janis Paige, Jack Carson, Robert Hutton. WB, BW-84 minutes.

6:30 pm Always Together (1948) Dir. Frederick de Cordova.

starring Robert Hutton, Joyce Reynolds. WB, BW-78 minutes.


The Chic Marjorie Hutton aka Dina Merrill


8:00 pm Desk Set (1957) Dir. Walter Lang.

starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Dina Merrill. TCF, C-102 minutes. p/s.

9:45 pm I'll Take Sweden (1965) Dir. Frederick de Cordova.

starring Bob Hope, Dina Merrill, Tuesday Weld. UA, C-97 minutes. p/s.

11:30 pm The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963) Dir. Vincent Minnelli.

starring Glenn Ford, Shirley Jones, Dina Merrill. MGM, C-118 minutes.


Timothy Hutton


1:30 am Ordinary People (1980) Dir. Robert Redford.

starring Timothy Hutton, Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland. Paramount, C-125 minutes. p/s.


Jim Hutton


3:45 am Never Too Late (1965) Dir. Bud Yorkin.

starring Paul Ford, Connie Stevens, Jim Hutton. WB, C-105 minutes. p/s.


5:30 am Short: Alice in Movieland (1940) Dir. Jean Negulesco.

starring Joan Leslie. WB, BW-22 minutes.


TUESDAY, April 10, 2012




Triple Threats


6:00 am Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) Dir. Michael Curtiz.

starring James Cagney, Joan Leslie, Rosemary DeCamp. WB, BW-126 minutes.

8:15 am Cabaret (1973) Dir. Bob Fosse.

starring Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey. Allied Artists, C-124 minutes. p/s.

10:30 am Sweet Charity (1969) Dir. Bob Fosse.

starring Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera. Univ., C-154 minutes. p/s.


Triple Bypasses


1:15 pm Funny Girl (1968) Dir. William Wyler.

starring Barbra Steisand, Omar Sharif. Columbia, C-151 minutes. p/s.

4:00 pm The Pawnbroker (1964) Dir. Sidney Lumet.

starring Rod Steiger, Geraldine Fitzgerald. Allied Artists, BW-116 minutes. p/s.

6:00 pm Charade (1963) Dir. Stanley Donen.

starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, George Kennedy. Univ., C-113 minutes. p/s.


Triple Oscar Songwriters


Marvin Hamlisch


8:00 pm The Way We Were (1973) Dir. Sydney Pollack.

starring Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford. Columbia, C-119 minutes. p/s.


Alan & Marilyn Bergman


10:15 pm The Thomas Crown Affair (1967) Dir. Norman Jewison.

starring Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway. UA, C-102 minutes. p/s.


Alan J. Lerner


12:00 am Camelot (1967) Dir. Joshua Logan.

starring Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave. WB, C-179 minutes. p/s.


3:00 am Three Smart Girls (1936) Dir. Henry Koster.

starring Deanna Durbin, Ray Milland. Univ., BW-84 minutes. p/s.

4:30 am Three Blind Mice (1938) Dir. William A. Seiter.

starring Loretta Young, Joel McCrea, David Niven. TCF, BW-75 minutes. Premiere # 5






6:00 am Three Hours to Kill (1954) Dir. Alfred Werker.

starring Dana Andrews, Donna Reed. Columbia, C-78 minutes. p/s.

7:30 am The 39 Steps (1935) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock.

starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll. British Gaumont, BW-87 minutes. p/s.

9:00 am Detective Story (1951) Dir. William Wyler.

starring Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker. Paramount, BW-103 minutes. p/s.

10:45 am The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) Dir. Robert Wise.

starring Michael Rennie. Patricia Neal. TCF, BW-92 minutes. p/s.

Short: Bored of Education (1936) Dir. Gordon Douglas.

starring The Little Rascals. Hal Roach/MGM, BW-10 minutes.

12:30 pm The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) Dir. Woody Allen.

starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels. Orion Pictures, C-82 minutes. p/s.

2:00 pm D.O.A. (1950) Dir. Edward Sedgewick.

starring Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton. UA, BW-83 minutes.

3:30 pm The Little Fugitive (1953) Dir. Morris Engel.

starring Richie Andrusco. Joseph Bursyn Inc., BW-75 minutes. p/s.

4:45 pm Roman Holiday (1953) Dir. William Wyler.

starring Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn. Paramount, BW-118 minutes.

6:45 pm Detour (1946) Dir. Edgar G. Ulmer.

starring Ann Savage, Tom Neal. PRC, BW-68 minutes. p/s.




8:00 pm St. Louis Blues (1958) Dir. Allen Reisner.

starring Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Cab Calloway. Paramount, BW-94 minutes. p/s.

Short: Hollywood Goes to Town (1938) Dir. Herman Hoffman. MGM, BW-9 minutes.

9:45 pm Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) Dir. Bud Yorkin.

starring Donald Sutherland, Gene Wilder. WB, C-90 minutes. p/s.

11:30 pm The Facts of Life (1960) Dir. Melvin Frank.

starring Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Louie Nye. UA, BW-103 minutes. p/s.

1:15 am High Society (1956) Dir, Charles Walters.

starring Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong. MGM, C-111 minutes.

3:15 am Moguls and Movie Stars: The Dream Merchants (Part 3) (2010)

TCM, BW/C-60 minutes.

4:15 am Senior Prom (1959) Dir. David Lowell Rich.

starring Jill Corey, Louis Prima, Keely Smith. Columbia, BW-82 minutes. p/s.


Short: Every Sunday (1936) Dir. Felix E. Feist.

starring Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin. MGM, BW-11 minutes.






In Honor of Prima Donnas: Montserrat Caballe and Lily Pons


6:00 am Tales of Hoffman (1951) Dir. Michael Powell.

starring Moira Shearer, Ludmilla Tcherina. The Archers, C-138 minutes. p/s.

8:30 am Everybody Does It (1949) Dir. Edmund Goulding.

starring Paul Douglas, Celeste Holm, Linda Darnell. TCF, BW-98 minutes. p/s.

10:15 am The Past of Mary Holmes (1933) Dir. Harlan Thompson.

starring Jean Arthur, Eric Linden, Helen Mackellan. RKO, BW-70 minutes.

11:30 am Hitting a New High (1937) Dir. Raoul Walsh.

starring Lily Pons, Jack Oakie. RKO, BW-85 minutes.

1:00 pm Oh, For a Man (1930) Dir. Hamilton MacFadden..

starring Jeanette MacDonald, Reginald Denny. Fox, BW-78 minutes. Premiere #6


In Honor of Tiny Tim


2:30 pm A Christmas Carol (1951) Dir. Edwin L. Marin.

starring Alistair Sim, Kathleen Harrison. UA, BW-86 minutes. p/s.


Happy Birthday, Helen Forrest


4:00 pm You Came Along (1945) Dir. John Farrow.

starring Lizabeth Scott, R. Cummings, Helen Forrest. Paramount, BW-102 min. Premiere # 7.

5:45 pm Two Girls and a Sailor (1944) Dir. Richard Thorpe.

starring June Allyson, Van Johnson, Harry James, Helen Forrest. MGM, BW-124 minutes.

Short: Artie Shaw and His Orchestra (1939) Dir. Joseph Henabery.

starring Artie Shaw, Helen Forrest. WB, BW-10 minutes.




8:00 pm Break the News (1938) Dir. Rene Clair.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Jack Buchanan. Monogram Pictures, BW-78 min. Premiere # 8.

9:30 pm Beloved Vagabond (1936) Dir. Curtis Bernhardt.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Margaret Lockwood. Columbia, BW-78 minutes. Premiere # 9.

11:00 pm The Merry Widow (1934) Dir. Ernst Lubitsch.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald. MGM, BW-99 minutes.

12:45 am Folies Bergere (1935) Dir. Roy Del Ruth.

starring Maurice Chevalier, Merle Oberon, Ann Sothern. TCF, BW-80 min. Premiere # 10.


2:15 am Princess Tam Tam (1934) Dir. Edmond T. Greville.

starring Josephine Baker, Albert Prejean. World Pictures, BW-77 minutes. p/s.

3:45 am Zou Zou (1934) Dir. Marc Allegret.

starring Josephine Baker, Jean Gabin. Les Films H. Roussillon, BW-93 minutes. p/s.


Short: Three Cheers For the Girls (1943) Dir. Jean Negulesco. WB, BW-16 minutes.


FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012




6:00 am The Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) Dir. Mervyn LeRoy.

starring Joan Blondell, Warren William, Dick Powell. WB, BW-97 minutes.

7:45 am Play Girl (1941) Dir. Frank Woodruff.

starring Kay Francis, James Ellison, Mildred Coles. RKO, BW-77 minutes.

9:15 am The Shop Around the Corner (1940) Dir. Ernst Lubitsch.

starring James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Joseph Schildkraut. MGM, BW-99 minutes.

11:00 am State's Attorney (1932) Dir. George Archainbaud.

starring John Barrymore, Helen Twelvetrees. RKO, BW-79 minutes.

12:30 pm This Modern Age (1931) Dir. Nicholas Grinde.

starring Joan Crawford, Pauline Frederick. MGM, BW-68 minutes.

1:45 pm The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (1947) Dir. Albert Lewin.

starring George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, Ann Dvorak. UA, BW-112 min. Premiere # 11.

3:45 pm The Easiest Way (1931) Dir. Jack Conway.

starring Constance Bennett, Adolph Menjou, Clark Gable. MGM, BW-73 minutes.

5:00 pm Baby Face (1933) Dir. Alfred Green.

starring Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent. WB, BW-71 minutes.

6:15 pm Love Has Many Faces (1965) Dir. Alexander Singer.

starring Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson, Ruth Roman. Columbia, C-104 minutes. p/s.




8:00 pm Kiss Me Stupid (1964) Dir. Billy Wilder.

starring Dean Martin, Kim Novak. UA, BW-125 minutes. p/s.

10:15 pm Kiss Me Kate (1953) Dir. George Sidney.

starring Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson, Ann Miller. MGM, C-109 minutes.

12:15 am Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Dir. Robert Aldrich.

starring Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker. UA, BW-104 minutes. p/s.




2:00 am Kiss Me Quick (1964) Dir. Peter Perry Jr.

starring Max Gardens. Fantasy Films, C-66 minutes. Exempt.

3:15 am Kiss Me Baby (1957) Dir. Lillian Hunt.

starring Lili St. Cyr, Taffy O'Neil. William Mishkin Motion Pictures, BW-65 minutes. p/d.

4:30 am Kiss Me Again (1931) Dir. William A. Seiter.

starring Bernice Claire, Walter Pidgeon. 1st Nat'l, BW-75 minutes.


Short: Shoot Yourself Some Golf (1942) Dir. Del Frazier.

starring Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan, Jack Redmond. WB, C-11 minutes.






6:00 am Spring Fever (1927) Dir. Edward Sedgewick.

starring William Haines, Joan Crawford. MGM, BW-78 minutes.

7:30 am Kid Boots (1926) dir. Frank Tuttle.

starring Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow. Paramount, BW-77 minutes. p/s.

9:00 am The Caddy (1953) Dir. Norman Taurog.

starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Donna Reed. Paramount, BW-95 minutes. p/s.

10:45 am Pat and Mike (1952) Dir. George Cukor.

starring Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn. MGM, BW-96 minutes.

12:30 pm Bringing Up Baby (1938) Dir. Howard Hawks.

starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant. RKO, BW-102 minutes.

Short: Bobby Jones: How To Break 90 #3: Hip Action (1933) Dir. George Marshall.

starring Bobby Jones. WB, BW-9 minutes.

2:30 pm No Other Woman (1933) Dir. J. Walter Ruben.

starring Irene Dunne, Charles Bickford. RKO, BW-58 minutes.

3:30 pm The Idle Class (1921) Dir. Charles Chaplin.

starring Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance. 1st Nat'l, BW-32 minutes.

4:15 pm Follow Thru (1930) Dir. Lloyd Corrigan.

starring Nancy Carroll, Buddy Rogers. Paramount, C-92 minutes. Premiere # 12.

6:00 pm Short: The Golf Specialist (1930) Dir. Monte Brice.

starring W,C. Fields. RKO, BW-20 minutes.

6:30 pm Carefree (1938) Dir. Mark Sandrich.

starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Carson. RKO, BW-83 minutes.




8:00 pm The Hard Way (1943) Dir. Vincent Sherman.

starring Ida Lupino, Joan Leslie, Jack Carson, Dennis Morgan. WB, BW-110 minutes.

10:00 pm The Light That Failed (1939) Dir. William Wellman.

starring Ronald Colman, Ida lupino. Paramount, BW-97 minutes. Premiere # 13.

11:45 pm The Man I Love (1947) Dir. Raoul Walsh.

starring Ida Lupino, Robert Alda. WB, 97 Minutes.

1:30 am Life Begins at Eight-Thirty (1942) Dir. Irving Pichel.

starring Monty Woolley, Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde. Paramount, BW-84 min. Premiere # 14.

3:00 am The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939) Dir. Peter Godfrey.

starring Ida Lupino, Warren William, Rita Hayworth. Columbia, BW-67 minutes. p/s.

4:15 am Forever and a Day (1943) Dir. Rene Clair and others.

starring Ida Lupino, Ray Milland, Merle Oberon, Charles Laughton. RKO, BW-104 minutes.



















Countessdelave's Programming Notes: Challenge #19

Week of April 8-14, 2012


Sunday. I wanted to schedule some films for Sonja Henie's 100th birthday but I realized that her birthday fell on Easter. Finally, I decided to go with a less traditional Easter theme of Eggs and Bunnies (I did refrain from scheduling Fatal Attraction ). The evening is devoted to Henie’s birthday and Norwegian films or subject matter.


Monday. I once noted that there were a lot of performers with the moniker of Hutton. There are also a number of family relationships amongst them. I programmed the entire day and evening with Hutton films. Betty and Marion Hutton are sisters. June and Ina Ray are half-sisters. Robert Hutton and Marjorie Hutton are both related to Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. One would assume that they might be related to each other but I found no direct confirmation of the fact. Marjorie Hutton is also known as Dina Merrill. She is the daughter of E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post. Timothy Hutton is the son of Jim Hutton.


Tuesday. For the special theme of this challenge, I chose to capitalize on triples, literally. We have three triple threats who are extremely gifted at singing, dancing and acting. We have three actors who’ve gone through triple bypass surgery. I almost added David Bowie but there is some question as to his actual heart surgery proceedure. I found a very long list of quadruple and quintuple bypass recipients. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday, Omar Sharif! The evening’s programming is devoted to the rare triple Oscar winners in songwriting.


Wednesday. April 11, 1954 has been declared the most boring, uneventful day of the 20th century. Here’s a modest selection of films guaranteed to liven up any dull day.

April 11th is Louie Louie Day. In fact, the Senate passed a resolution declaring it so. The Legislature did not follow suit. And so, April 11th is “unofficially Louie Louie Day, in honor of the famous songriting efforts of Richard Berry. I salute the Louie/Louis' of film.


Thursday. In my zeal to celebrate so many singers’ birthdays, I learned the lesson of check and double check. The internet facts are notoriously flakey. I had to toss Maria Callas and Herbert Mills (of The Mills Brothers) from my list. I was initially amazed that Maria Callas, Montserrat Caballe and Lily Pons all shared the same bithday. Fortunately two divas are still worth honoring. Note to LZCutter: The Past of Mary Holmes is a remake of The Goose Woman, soon to play at the SF Silent Film Festival.

My SOTM is Maurice Chevalier (it's not his birthday). He deserves to be a SOTM someday. TCM-please take note of this! I get to premiere a film that I’ve always wanted to see: Break the News.


Friday. Whose Big Baby Are You? is a theme about sugar daddies and sugar mamas.

The evening theme of Kiss Me, You Fool is obvious but I was delighted to find enough films to fill out the entire evening, including TCM Underground. Happy Birthday, Howard Keel.


Saturday. We start the day with a golf theme. My Essentials pick is the wonderful, underrated The Hard Way, with Ida Lupino. The rest of the evening is devoted to more from the very talented Ida Lupino. I premiere The Light That Failed and Life Begins at Eight-Thirty.


Silent Sunday Nights


The Bridal Party in Hardanger


TCM Imports


Ni Liv (Nine Lives)


Star of the Month


Maurice Chevalier


TCM Underground

Kiss Me Quick

Kiss Me Baby


The Essentials


The Hard Way


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#5 of 8: fedya's schedule and notes


TCM REMEMBERS 2001: Week of December 4-10, 2011




TCM remembers Miriam Seegar, 1907-2011


0600 Seven Keys to Baldpate (1929, RKO, 72 min)


TCM remembers Idiot Congressmen posting photos of themselves in various states of undress to the Internet


0715 Peeping Tom (1960, 101 min, p/s)

0900 Ten North Frederick (1958, Fox, 102 min) PREMIERE #1

1045 Cause For Alarm (1951, MGM, 74 min)


TCM remembers Mickey Rooney's testimony before Congress on elder abuse


Short: Crime Does Not Pay #31: Soak the Old (1940, MGM, 20 min)


1230 Make Way For Tomorrow (1937, Paramount, 91 min, p/s)

1415 If I Had a Million (1932, Paramount, 88 min, p/s)

1600 Logan's Run (1976, MGM, 119 min)

1815 Kiss of Death (1947, Fox, 98 min)


TCM remembers non-Hollywood people who died in 2011


2000 Soylent Green (1973, MGM, 97 min) Jack Kevorkian

Short How to Break 90 #1 (1933, WB, 9 min) (Seve Ballesteros)

2200 Houdini (1953, Paramount, 106 min, p/s) (Dorothy Young)

Short How to Break 90 #2 (1933, WB)


Silent Sunday Nights

0000 What Price Glory (1926, Fox, 116 min) (last known WWI veteran dies)


TCM Imports


0200 I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967, Sandrews, 121 min) (Lena Nyman)


0415 Them! (1954, WB, 93 min) Milton Levine, ant-farm inventor




TCM Remembers Farley Granger, 1925-2011


0600 Side Street (1950, MGM, 82 min)




0730 Bombshell (1933, MGM, 96 min) Lee Tracy probably wished he could take back peeing on Mexican soldiers just like Lars von Trier probably wishes he could take back his comments at Cannes

0915 Becky Sharp (1935, Pioneer, 84 min, p/s) 200th anniversary of birth of William Makepeace Thackeray

1045 Christmas in Connecticut (1945, WB, 102 min) Controversy over Three Cups of Tea

Short: An Optical Poem (1937, MGM, 6 min) 200th anniversary of birth of Franz Liszt

1245 Brigham Young (1940, Fox, 113 min) PREMIERE #2 The Book of Mormon wins at the Tony Awards


TCM announces the TCM Cruise

1445 The African Queen (1951, MGM, 105 min)

1630 Now, Voyager (1942, WB, 117 min)

1830 Love Affair (1939, RKO, 88 min)


Night #1 Easy as 1-2-3: 1950s overblown soap operas


ABC cancels All My Children and One Life to Live


2000 Peyton Place (1957, Fox, 157 min, p/s)

2245 Written On the Wind (1956, Universal, 99 min, p/s)

0030 A Summer Place (1959, WB, 130 min, p/s)


0245 Nixon (1995, Cinergi, 192 min) PREMIERE #3




TCM Remembers Jackie Cooper, 1922-2011


0600 Divorce in the Family (1932, MGM, 81 min)

Short: Love Business (1931, Hal Roach, 19 min, p/s)


Hollywood's stunning lack of originality: Special effects blockbusters galore were released in 2001


0745 The Fast and the Furious (1955, 73 min, p/s) ( Fast Five )

0900 The Vikings (1958, UA, 116 min, p/s) ( Thor )

1100 John Paul Jones (1959, Bronston, 126 min, p/s) ( Captain America: The First Avenger )

1315 The Great Gatsby (1949, Paramount, 91 min) PREMIERE #4 ( The Green Lantern )

1500 The Mystery of Mr. X (1934, MGM, 84 min) ( X-Men First Class )

1630 The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942, WB, 112 min) ( Mr. Popper's Penguins )

1830 It Should Happen to You (1954, Columbia, 86 min, p/s) ( Super 8 )




2000 Forbidden Planet (1956, MGM, 98 min)

2145 Summer Holiday (1948, MGM, 93 min)

2330 Susan Slept Here (1954, RKO, 98 min)

0115 The Scarlet Coat (1955, MGM, 101 min)

0300 Lydia Bailey (1952, Fox, 89 min) PREMIERE #5

0430 Portrait of Jennie (1948, Vanguard, 86 min, p/s)




TCM Remembers Michael Gough, 1915-2011


0600 Trog (1970, 93 min, p/s)


Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrested as he tries to fly out of the country


0745 The October Man (1947, Two Cities, 98 min, p/s)

0930 Parachute Jumper (1933, WB, 65 min)

1045 Foreign Correspondent (1940, UA, 120 min, p/s)

1300 The Killing (1956, UA, 85 min, p/s)

1430 Bullitt (1968, WB, 114 min, p/s)


Casey Anthony murder trial


1630 The Nanny (1965, Associated British, 93 min, p/s)



1815 The Stranger (1946, International, 96 min, p/s) (Conviction of John Demjanjuk)


2000 From the Earth to the Moon (1958, RKO, 101 min) Last Space Shuttle flight

2145 Capricorn One (1978, Associated General, 123 min, p/s) Russia's simulated mission to Mars

0000 Madame Curie (1943, MGM, 124 min) International Year of Chemistry

0215 Bells Are Ringing (1960, MGM, 126 min) WHO report on cell phones/cancer


0430 World Without End (1956, Allied Artists, 80 min, p/s) Harold Camping "miscalculates" the date of the Rapture




TCM Remembers Susannah York, 1939-2011

0600 The 7th Dawn (1963, UA, 123 min) PREMIERE #6


Greek financial problems could lead to default


0815 Duck Soup (1933, Paramount, 68 min, p/s)

0930 The Mouse That Roared (1959, Columbia, 83 min, p/s)


Battle over public employee's work rules in Wisconsin shuts down a government


1100 I'm All Right Jack (1959, Charter, 105 min, p/s)

Short: Wedding Worries (1941, MGM, 10 min)


Anti-government uprisings in the Muslim world


1300 The Year of Living Dangerously (1982, MGM/UA, 115 min, p/s)


US/NATO attacks on Libya


1500 To the Shores of Tripoli (1942, Fox, 86 min) PREMIERE #7


1630 Detective Story (1951, Paramount, 103 min, p/s) Emily Good and other people who get on the wrong side of the police by documenting police misconduct


1815 Crisis (1950, MGM, 95 min) (Hugo Chavez taken to Venezuela for medical care)


Night #3 TCM Remembers Sidney Lumet


2000 Murder on the Orient Express (1974, EMI, 128 min, p/s)

2215 Fail-Safe (1964, Columbia, 112 min, p/s)

0015 Serpico (1973, Paramount, 130 min, p/s)


Saab threatened by bankruptcy over unpaid wages


0230 Dodsworth (1936, Goldwyn, 101 min, p/s)


Wal-Mart class action case


0415 The First Traveling Saleslady (1956, RKO, 92 min)




TCM Remembers John Barry, 1933-2011


0600 The Ipcress File (1965, Rank, 109 min, p/s)


Erroneous reports about the closure of the last typewriter factory


0800 Witness to Murder (1954, UA, 83 min, p/s)

0930 Lured (1947, Mark Hellinger, 102 min, p/s)

1115 Autumn Leaves (1956, Columbia, 107 min, p/s)

1315 The Glass Key (1942, Paramount, 85 min, p/s)


1445 The Blazing Forest (1952, Paramount, 90 min) PREMIERE #8 (Massive wildfire hits Arizona)

1615 Wild River (1960, Fox, 110 min) PREMIERE #9 (Flooding all along the Mississippi River)

1815 Cabin in the Sky (1943, MGM, 98 min) Tornados strike Alabama in April and Joplin, MO in May


Night #3 Easy as 1-2-3: All-Star Disaster Movies


Commuter train crash in Soweto injures 700


2000 The Cassandra Crossing (1976, International Cine, 129 min, p/s)


Flight recorder of Air France Flight 487 recovered


2215 Airport (1970, Universal, 137 min, p/s)


Yet another ferry capsizes in Bangladesh, killing dozens


0045 The Poseidon Adventure (1972, Fox, 117 min) PREMIERE #10


TCM Underground: Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown


0300 Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964, Toho, 89 min)

0430 The Human Vapour (1960, Toho, 81 min)




TCM REMEMBERS William Campbell, 1923-2011


0600 Man in the Vault (1956, Batjac, 73 min, p/s)


TCM remebers the sporting events of 2011


0715 This Sporting Life (1963, Rank, 134 min, p/s) (Rugby World Cup)

0930 The Strongest Man in the World (1975, Disney, 92 min) (Barry Bonds steroid trial concludes)

1115 Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949, MGM, 93 min) (The McCourts' divorce leads to an ownership change for a professional baseball team)

1300 The Absent-Minded Professor (1961, Disney, 92 min, p/s) (Dorky-looking white guy leads team to basketball championship)

Short: Basketball Headliners (1956, RKO/Path?, 15 min)

1500 The Star Packer (1934, Lone Star Productions, 53 min)

Short: Pigskin Champions (1937, MGM, 7 min) Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl

1615 Trouble Along the Way (1953, WB, 110 min, p/s) Jim Tressel

1815 Petticoat Fever (1936, MGM, 80 min) (Canadians Gone Wild after Vancouver Canucks lose Stanley Cup final)

Short: Jasper National Park (1942, MGM, 8 min)


The killing of Osama Bin Laden


2000 Rasputin and the Empress (1932, MGM, 121 min)

2215 Nine Hours to Rama (1963, Fox, 124 min) PREMIERE #11

0030 The Eagle Has Landed (1976, Associated General, 131 min, p/s)

0245 Hitler's Madman (1943, PRC/MGM, 84 min, p/s)

0415 The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936, Fox, 96 min, p/s)




Every December, TCM wows us all with a video parade of the dead, TCM-style: all the actors and behind the camera types who died in the past year get honored. Well, there was a lot more that went on in 2011 than just people dying, and TCM could probably spend a whole month looking back at the year that was. (Obviously, since I had to come up with this schedule by the end of June, I could only look back at the first half of the year; by the time of the next Programming Challenge, TCM will most likely have already released the December 2011 schedule. The other weeks of the month can look at some of the events that happen in the second half of the year.)


There are a lot of movie people who died, and I probably could have come up with the majority of the schedule just by honoring the people who left us in 2011. But I didn't want to take the boring step of simply doing obituary after obituary, and eventually came up with the idea of honoring a different person every day in December with one of that person's films (with a possible exception on December 25 for *Death Takes a Holiday*).


I'm sure you can't forget how New York Congressman Anthony Weiner got himself into trouble by putting photos that clearly showed his naughty bits on the internet, thinking he was sending them to one individual. TCM remembers this first by showing Karlheinz B?hm filming something sex-related in Peeping Tom; Gary Cooper a politician who has a dalliance with a college-aged kid in Ten North Frederick; and Loretta Young giving a letter to a mailman she wishes she could get back in Cause For Alarm


Back in March, Mickey Rooney testified before congress about the dangers of elder abuse. TCM shows a "Crime Does Not Pay" short about bilking seniors, followed by increasingly frivolous portrayals of elders getting abused.


On Sunday night, TCM looks at some non-movie types who died in 2011. Jack Kevorkian advocated euthanasia, and the one movie I could think of that shows euthanasia clearly and in a non-propagandistic light is Soylent Green. Dorothy Young was one of Houdini's assistants, although she doesn't show up (at least not by name) in the Tony Curtis version of Houdini.


On Monday, TCM starts off by looking at some of the arts happenings. You might recall Lars von Trier's pro-Nazi comments at the Cannes Film Festival. Well, he's not the only person who did something he wished he could take back, and we remember what poor Lee Tracy did on the set of Viva Villa.


TCM announced a classic movie cruise to be held in December, and we mark that by showing three movies with couples who fell in love on a boat trip (where did Bette Davis meet Paul Henried?)


On Monday night, I have the first of the three "Easy as 1-2-3" sets. ABC announced the cancellation of two of its soap operas, so an obvious choice was to show three of the overblown soap operas that Hollywood put out in the late 1950s. That's followed by Oliver Stone's Nixon, which is an ahistorical homage to All My Children creator Agnes Nixon.


Hollywood has always made remakes and relied on source material from other media to make movies. I don't think they've had an ounce of originality since Fred Ott sneezed. On Tuesday, TCM shows seven movies that inspired some of the big movies of 2011. (Surely you all remember the green light from The Great Gatsby.)


I knew that when I came up with the idea for a "TCM Remembers" schedule, the Star of the Month was going to have to be somebody who died in 2011, so I selected Ann Francis, if only to avoid the more famous people like Elizabeth Taylor.


In May, IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly tried to rape a hotel maid, and then flee the country by taking a plane to France. TCM remembers this by showing five movies with characters who try to make an escape by plane, although some of them get foiled before even getting on the plane.


haven't watched a minute of the trashy circus known as the Casey Anthony trial, although as I understand she stands accused of murdering her child. I couldn't think offhand of too many mothers kiling their children in Hollywood movies, but the next closest thing is Bette Davis standing accused of killing one of the kids in her charge. Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk was also on trial in 2011, so a movie about the search for a Nazi is an appropriate choice.


Wednesday evening brings 2011 in science and technology. In mid-2010, Russia began a simulated voyage to Mars, as research into how cosmonauts would react during several months aboard a cramped spaceship. (There was no deception involved by the Russians.) It was announced in February that the simulation was to the point where, if it were a real mission, the cosmonauts would be landing on Mars. There's an obvious choice of what movie to select to mark this. The four selections weren't enough for an entire night, so I concluded the night by remembering Harold Camping's failed attempt to calculate the date of the Rapture as coming in late May.


Thursday is a mish-mash of stories. Greece may or may not default on its debts; I selected two movies about countries (Freedonia and Grand Fenwick respectively) that have severe financial problems of their own. If you remember the circus in Madison, Wisconsin, you'll know that the only movie that could do such labor strife justice is I'm All Right Jack. The short is there in honor of the British royal wedding in April. Several people around the country have created controversy by filming cops in the process of doing things that are abuses of power at best and illegal at worst. (The specific case I mention occured in Rochester, NY, although there's another notorious case in Miami , and a bunch of botched SWAT raids, such as that of Jose Guerena in Tucson.) Detective Story shows that such behavior has probably always been endemic amongst cops; it's just that we can capture them on cheap video cameras now.


Thursday night is the second of the "Easy as 1-2-3" sets: the movies of Sidney Lumet, who died in 2011. I picked three movies that as far as I remember didn't get shown in TCM's salute to Lumet.


In April, there was an erroneous report that the world's last typewriter factory had shut down. I selected three movies in which the police (well, in The Glass Key it's Alan Ladd and not the police) analyzing typewriters, and a fourth movie in which the typewriter is used rather more forcefully. That's followed on Friday afternoon by three movies about weather disasters.


Friday night is the third and last night of "Easy as 1-2-3": all-star disaster movies of the 1970s. I tied the three movies to a train crash , an update on a plane crash, and a boat sinking. That's followed by two TCM Underground films from Japan about the results of science gone wrong. (I don't think The Human Vapour resulted from radiation, but it's one I've wanted to see again.)


On Saturday morning and afternoon, we look back at the sporting events of 2011. OK, The Star Packer has nothing to do with the Green Bay Packers; it's just the title. The short following it, however, is one made with some of the Green Bay Packers of the 1930s. Our Canadian readers will remember how hockey fans in Vancouver went nuts when their Canucks choked badly and lost the Stanley Cup final. The closest I could think of to Canadiand making mischief is Robert Montgomery and company in Petticoat Fever (although it's technically set in what was not part of Canada at the time). That, and a Traveltalks look at the Canadian wilderness.


Finally, on Saturday night, we remember the killing of Osama bin Laden by showing a series of movies about conspiracies to kill various political figures. This starts of with the TCM Essential, Rasputin and the Empress, in which the dead guy is Rasputin. It's followed by movies about Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Reinhard Heydrich, and Abraham Lincoln.




I think I have 11 premieres, although I think I might have seen Wild River on the September schedule:


Ten North Frederick

Brigham Young


The Great Gatsby

Lydia Bailey

The 7th Dawn

To the Shores of Tripoli

The Blazing Forest

Wild River

The Poseidon Adventure

Nine Hours to Rama


Star of the MOnth: Anne Francis


Easy as 1-2-3:


1950s soap operas

1970s all-star disaster movies

Sidney Lumet

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#4 of 8: Lonesome Polecat's schedule


Sunday, April 15, 2012


Those Teens and their Wild Music (Musicals set in the 1910s)


6:00am My Fair Lady (1964) Rex Harrison & Audrey Hepburn, dir George Cukor, WB 170min (p/s)

9:00am DOCUMENTARY - The Making of My Fair Lady (1995) 57min (p/s)

10:00am Easter Parade (1948) Fred Astaire & Judy Garland, dir Charles Waters, MGM 107min

12:00pm The Music Man (1962) Robert Preston & Shirley Jones, dir Morton da Costa 152min WB (p/s)

2:45pm SHORT: Time Gallops On (1953) dir Mannie Davis, Terrytoons (Fox), 7min

3:00pm Porgy and Bess (1959) Sidney Poitier & Dorothy Dandridge, dir Otto Preminger, Goldwyn 138min PREMIERE

5:30pm SHORT: Past Perfumance (1955) Mel Blanc, dir Chuck Jones, WB 7min

5:45pm The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964) Debbie Reynolds & Harve Presnell, dir Charles Waters MGM 128min (p/s)


Centennial of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic


8:00pm A Night to Remember (1958) Kenneth Moore & Honor Blackman, dir Roy Ward Baker, J Arthur Rank, 124min (p/s)

10:15pm Cavalcade (1933) Diana Wynyard & Clive Brook, dir Frank Lloyd, Fox 110min (p/s)

12:15am SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS (short): Saved from the Titanic (1912) Dorothy Gibson & Alec B Francis, dir Etienne Arnaud, Eclaire film company 10min

12:30am SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: In Nacht und Eis (1912) Waldemar Hecker & Otto Rippert, dir Mime Misu 35min

1:15am TCM IMPORTS: Titanic (1943) Sybille Schmitz & Hans Nielsen, dir Herbert Selpin, DFV 85min (p/s)

2:45am Titanic (1953) Clifton Webb & Barbara Stanwyck, dir Jean Nequlesco, Fox 98min (p/s)



Monday, April 16, 2012


Happy Birthday, Henry Mancini


4:30am Wait Until Dark (1967) Audrey Hepburn & Alan Arkin, dir Terence Young, WB 108min (p/s)

6:30am The Pink Panther (1964) Peter Sellers & David Niven, dir Blake Edwards, UA 115min (p/s)

8:30am Days of Wine and Roses (1962) Jack Lemmon & Lee Remick, dir Blake Edwards WB 117min (p/s)

10:30am Charade (1963) Audrey Hepburn & Cary Grant, dir Stanley Donen, Universal 113min (p/s)

12:30pm Breakfast at Tiffany?s (1961) Audrey Hepburn & George Pappard, dir Blake Edwards Paramount 114min (p/s)

2:30am A Shot in the Dark (1964) Peter Sellers & Elke Sommer, dir Blake Edwards UA 102min (p/s)

5:15pm The Great Race (1965) Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon, dir. Blake Edwards, WB 160m (p/s)


Sid Caesar?s Crack Writing Team


(Writers that Sid Caesar used for his TV shows)

8:00pm- Mel Brooks: High Anxiety (1977) Mel Brooks & Harvey Korman, dir Mel Brooks, Fox 94min PREMIERE

9:45pm- Neil Simon: Star Spangled Girl (1971) Tony Roberts & Sandy Duncan, dir Jerry Paris Paramount 93min PREMIERE

11:30pm- Joseph Stein: Fiddler on the Roof (1971) Topol & Norma Crane, dir Norman Jewison, Mirisch 181min (p/s)

2:45am- Larry Gelbart: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) Zero Mostel & Phil Silvers, dir Richard Lester 99min (p/s)

4:30am- Carl Reiner: The Thrill of it All (1963) James Garner & Doris Day, dir Norman Jewison MGM 108min (p/s)

6:30am- Woody Allen & Mickey Rose: Love and Death (1975) Woody Allen & Diane Keaton, dir Woody Allen, 85min MGM/UA (p/s)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


More Than Just a Crooner or Crooners Make Great Actors

8:00am- Bing Crosby in The Country Girl (1954) dir George Seaton, Paramount 105min (p/s)

10:00am- Dean Martin in Rio Bravo (1959) dir Howard Hawks WB 141min (p/s)

12:30pm- Rudy Vallee in The Palm Beach Story (1942) dir Preston Sturges Paramount 88min (p/s)

2:00pm- Frank Sinatra in The Manchurian Candidate (1962) dir John Frankenheimer UA 127min (p/s)

4:15pm- Dick Powell in Murder My Sweet (1944) dir Edward Dmytryk,RKO 96min (p/s)

6:00pm- Pat Boone in Goodbye, Charlie (1964) dir Vincente Minnelli FOX 117min PREMIERE


Star of the Month: Danny Kaye


8:00pm The Court Jester (1955) Danny Kaye & Glynis Johns, dir Norman Panama & Melvyn Frank, Paramount 101min (p/s)

9:45pm White Christmas (1954) Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye, dir Michael Curtiz, Paramount 120min (p/s)

12:00am Wonder Man (1945) Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo, dir. H. Bruce Humberstone, 98m RKO (p/s)

1:45am Hans Christian Andersen (1952) Danny Kaye & Farley Granger, dir Charles Vidor 112min GOLDWYN/RKO (p/s)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Oh For the Simple New England Life


3:45am The Trouble with Harry (1955) Shirley MacLaine & John Forsythe, dir Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount 100min (p/s)

5:30am Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) Cary Grant & Myrna Loy, dir HC Potter 110min (p/s)

7:30am Here Comes the Groom (1951) Bing Crosby & Jane Wyman, dir. Frank Capra, Paramount, 114 min (p/s)

9:30am The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming (1966) Carl Reiner & Alan Arkin, dir Norman Jewison 126min MGM (p/s)

11:30pm A New Leaf (1971) Walter Matthau & Elaine May, dir Elaine May, Paramount, 102 min PREMIERE




Favorite Character Actor: Ward Bond

(Yeah, I know, they?re all John Ford films)

1:15pm Fort Apache (1948) Henry Fonda & Ward Bond, dir John Ford, RKO 128 min (p/s)

3:30pm Mister Roberts (1955) Henry Fonda & Ward Bond, dir Mervyn LeRoy & John Ford, WB 122min (p/s)

5:45pm The Quiet Man (1952) John Wayne & Ward Bond, dir John Ford, Argosy 129min (p/s)



Say, That?s from HAMLET


8:00pm Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Gene Tierney & Cornel Wilde, dir John M Stahl, Fox 110min (p/s)

10:00pm To Be or Not to Be (1942) Jack Benny & Carole Lombarde, dir Ernst Lubitsch, UA 99min (p/s)

11:45pm Murder Most Foul (1964) Margaret Rutherford & Ron Moody, dir George ****, MGM 91min (p/s)

1:30am North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint, dir. Alfred Hitchcock, MGM, 137min (p/s)


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sibling Stars


4:00am- John & Lionel Barrymore in Grand Hotel (1931) dir Edmund Goulding, MGM 112 min (p/s)

6:00am- June Havoc in No Time for Love (1943) dir Mitchell Leisen, Paramount 83min (p/s)

7:30am- Gypsy Rose Lee in Belle of the Yukon (1944) dir William A RKO 83min PREMIERE

9:00am- Catherine Deneuve & Fran?oise Dorl?ac in Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1966) dir Jacques Demy 125min (p/s)

11:15am- Warren Beatty in Heaven Can Wait (1978) dir Warren Beatty & Buck Henry, Paramount 102min (p/s)

1:00pm- Shirley MacLaine in What a Way to Go (1964) dir J Lee Thompson, FOX 111min Premiere

3:00am- The Marx Brothers in Duck Soup (1933) dir Leo McCarey Paramount 69min (p/s)

4:15am - Olivia de Havilland in The Heiress (1949) dir William Wyler, Paramount 116min (p/s)

6:15pm- Joan Fontaine in Jane Eyre (1943) dir Robert Stevenson, Fox 97min PREMIERE


Disabilities and Hollywood: Films with Deaf Characters


8:00pm The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968) Alan Arkin & Sondra Locke, dir Robert Ellis Miller, WB 124min (p/s)

10:15pm Man of a Thousand Faces (1957) James Cagney & Dorothy Malone, dir Joseph Pevney, Universal 122min (p/s)

12:30am The Miracle Worker (1962) Anne Bancroft & Patty Duke, dir Arthur Penn UA 106mn (p/s)

2:30am Number 17 (1932) Leon M Lion & Anne Grey, dir Alfred Hitchcock, BIP 63min (p/s)

3:45am Johnny Belinda (1948) Jane Wyman & Lew Ayres, dir Jean Negulesco, WB 102min (p/s)


Friday, April 20, 2012


The things I put up with for that newspaper


5:30am It Happened One Night (1934) Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 105min (p/s)

7:15am His Girl Friday (1940) Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell, dir Howard Hawks 92min (p/s)

9:00am Libeled Lady (1936) William Powell & Spencer Tracey, dir Jack Conway 98min (p/s)

10:45am The Great Muppet Caper (1981) Frank Oz & Jim Henson, dir Jim Henson 98min HENSON/DISNEY Premiere

12:30pm Platinum Blonde (1931) Robert Williams & Jean Harlow, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 89min (p/s)


An Odd Thelma Ritter Trilogy


2:00pm Rear Window (1954) James Stewart & Grace Kelly, dir Alfred Hitchcock 114min Paramount (p/s)

4:00pm Daddy Long Legs (1955) Fred Astaire & Leslie Caron, Jean Negulesco, Fox 126min (p/s)

6:15pm What?s so Bad About Feeling Good? (1968) Mary Tyler Moore & George Pappard, dir George Seaton, Universal 94min PREMIERE




Favorite Non-Animated Musicals by the SHERMAN BROTHERS


8:00pm The Slipper and the Rose (1976) Gemma Craven & Richard Chamberlain dir Bryan Forbes, 143 min Universal PREMIERE

10:30pm The Happiest Millionaire (1967) Fred MacMurray & Tommy Steele, dir Norman Tokar 164min Disney PREMIERE

1:15am Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) Angela Lansbury & David Tomlinson, dir Robert Stevenson, Disney, 118min (p/s)



3:15am The Last Man On Earth (1964) Vincent Price & Franca Bettoja, dir. Sidney Salkow, API 88min

4:45am The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961) Douglas Mellor & Tor Johnson, dir. Coleman Francis, Crown International 54min



Saturday, April 21, 2012


Queen Elizabeth II?s Ancestors Attend her Birthday Party


5:45am The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) Bette Davis & Errol Flynn, dir Michael Curtiz, WB 105min (p/s)

7:30am Mary of Scotland (1936) Katherine Hepburn & Frederic March, dir John Ford, RKO 123min (p/s)

9:45am A Man for All Seasons (1966) Paul Scofield & Wendy Hiller, dir Fred Zinnemann, Columbia 120min (p/s)

11:45am The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933) Charles Laughton & Robert Donat, dir Alexander Korda, UA 94min (p/s)

1:30pm Lion in Winter (1968) Peter O?Toole & Katharine Hepburn, dir Anthony Harvey, Embassy Pictures, 134min (p/s)

3:45pm Fire Over England (1937) Laurence Olivier & Flora Robson, dir Will K Howard, UA 92min (p/s)

5:30pm Henry V (1989) Kenneth Brannagh & Derek Jacobi, dir Kenneth Brannagh, Goldwyn 137min PREMIERE



Say, He?s Really Playing That Thing


8:00pm- THE ESSENTIALS: Fred MacMurray in Remember the Night (1940) dir Mitchell Lester, Paramount 95min (p/s)

9:45pm- James Stewart in Dear Brigitte (1965) dir Henry Koster FOX 100min Premiere

11:30pm- Jack Lemmon in It Should Happen to You (1954) dir George Cukor, Columbia 88min (p/s)

1:00am- Dick Powell in Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) dir Mervyn LeRoy Fox 98min (p/s)

2:45am- The Marx Brothers in The Cocoanuts (1929) dir Robert Florey, Paramount, 93min (p/s)

4:30am- Dub Taylor in You Can?t Take It With You (1938) dir Frank Capra 127min (p/s)



Week of April 15, 2012



THE ESSENTIALS: Remember the Night (1940)

SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: In Nacht und Eis (1912) & Saved from the Titanic (1912)

TCM IMPORTS: Titanic (1943)

TCM UNDERGROUND: The Last Man On Earth (1964) & The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)



1. Belle of the Yukon (1944)

2. Dear Brigitte (1965)

3. The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

4. Goodbye, Charlie (1964)

5. The Happiest Millionaire (1967)

6. Henry V (1989)

7. High Anxiety (1977)

8. Jane Eyre (1943)

9. A New Leaf (1971)

10. Porgy and Bess (1959)

11. The Slipper and the Rose (1976)

12. Star Spangled Girl (1971)

13. What a Way to Go (1964)

14. What?s so Bad About Feeling Good? (1968)





Though I?m sure it?s all self-explanatory, I?m going to explain anyway, because that?s half the fun.


Those Teens and their Wild Music (Musicals set in the 1910s)

As a costumer/fashion historian, I adore the pre-WWI 1910s. Beautiful stuff, and such an interesting time. I was scheduling all these movies from that era and realized most of them were musicals, so I made them all musicals. Some are more accurate (costume-wise) than others of course, so I started with my favorite costume one, My Fair Lady . Had to include the ?Making Of? because then you can get a better and closer look at the costumes. Tee hee. There?s another musical from that era, but I scheduled it later on?


Centennial of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic

I picked this week purely to commemorate the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic. This is a topic of intense interest to me. Plus I?m researching the topic anyway to do the musical next year. I wanted to include all the movies about the Titanic without actually scheduling that terrible mega-hit from the ?90s. I hate that movie. I prefer the Barbara Stanwyck version?isn?t that pathetic? Anyway, the Titanic sank on April 15, though it hit the iceberg on the night of the 14th. Luckily it worked out on Sunday because there are the silent movies (that I wish I could see?who knows if they?re available, but, TCM, please try!) and the German version that TCM has shown before. But at prime time I had to put the absolute best version of the story, and one of the best films ever, A Night to Remember ?if you haven?t seen it, go watch it. It?s great.


Happy Birthday, Henry Mancini

I think the stars of the movies get way too much attention. As a behind the scenes person I am always trying to find ways to highlight non-stars. Composer Henry Mancini is one of my favorites, so I was glad that his birthday happened to fall on the Titanic week. I adore his creative tunes and brilliant orchestrations. Although he his most famous for his jazz scores, I saved my absolute favorite soundtrack of his for last: The Great Race


Sid Caesar?s Crack Writing Team

(Writers that Sid Caesar used for his TV shows)

Sid Caesar is one of the pioneers of television. He had a couple of very popular sketch comedy shows that was a hit partly because of the incredible writing staff. This is meant to highlight, again, some talented behind the scenes people, and to make the viewers ooh and ah over the amazing amount of talent that was at one time collected in one place. This was also a great excuse to show two of my favorite movies, High Anxiety and Star Spangled Girl . These are both hilarious films by writers whose more famous movies get more attention. High Anxiety particularly should be shown on TCM for these days it is only the classic film fans that get all the hilarious Hitchcock references.


More Than Just a Crooner

I have long come to realize that if someone is a great singer, they are usually a great actor too. This is because to be a truly great singer, you have to do what an actor does: understand the heart of the song, analyze each subtle nuance of the lyrics, make someone else?s words sound like they are making them up on the spot, understand the character they are representing in the song, understanding the relationship with who they are singing to, etc. So this section is me highlighting those crooners (not just general singers, but specifically male pre-rock-esque ?crooners?) who prove my point by acting brilliantly in non-musical roles. Of course a couple of them end up singing in the movie, but that?s just lucky for us. But I actually thought this might make a good month-long tribute, one night being about female singers like Doris Day, another being about whole bands who make movies like the Beatles, a whole night about the Rat Pack, etc.


Star of the Month: Danny Kaye

DANNY KAYE ROCKS!!! I love his guts and would marry him in a minute if he was around today and near my age. And, come on, TCM, why hasn?t he been SOTM yet? It seems we shouldn?t be doing repeats until we?ve covered all those deserving stars. This is why it is always my goal with these challenges to pick someone who has never been SOTM. (Previous SOTMs of mine include Dean Martin and Alec Guinness). Danny Kaye has been on my list for a long time. So I picked three of my favorite movies of his, the ones I think are his best. The fourth is one I haven?t seen in years and wish I could catch again on TCM-- Wonder Man


Oh For the Simple New England Life

These are some movies I love that are set in New England (the exact opposite end of the country from me) and make me want to go there. Is it really so beautiful there? Someday I will learn for myself, but for now I must simply enjoy these movies. Trouble With Harry especially makes you want to jump into the screen and see those warm-colored trees for yourself.



Favorite Character Actor: Ward Bond

(Yeah, I know, they?re all John Ford films)

It?s hard to narrow my favorite movies down to only nine, but it?s easier when they have to fit a theme. This was hard though because the highly underrated character actor Ward Bond appears in SO many of my favorite films. But these are three of my favorite films that really feature my favorite performances of one of my favorite actors, the Great Ward Bond. Although they all happen to be John Ford films, they are all so different?my favorite Western (in which he plays a noble and humble winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor), my favorite WWII film (in which he fights for the rights of the crew of the Bucket), and my favorite film about Ireland (in which he plays a very priest, and includes Maureen O?Hara?s best performance).


Say, That?s from HAMLET

It took me teaching the play Hamlet to remember that the title of the film Leave Her to Heaven is a line from the play, spoken by Hamlet?s Ghost about what Hamlet should do about Gertrude?s part in his murder. So I thought it would be fun to make an evening of all the films (I could think of) whose titles come from lines from Hamlet (the only one missing that I could think of being Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead which, being from 1990, is a little too recent for me).


Sibling Stars

Within the last year or so TCM highlighted what they called Acting Dynasties, or parents, children, and grandchildren who became movie stars. Though this was interesting, I was sad that all those famous siblings were left out. So this is my tribute to those siblings who became stars?those people so talented it makes you wonder, sheesh, what was in the water in their house? I included the obvious ones, like the Barrymores and Marx Brothers, and some people don?t seem to remember, like the Dorl?ac sisters. Catherine Deneuve went on to a huge film career as one of the most famous foreign film stars of all time. The sister was the bigger star at the time, but tragically died in a car crash only a year after these two played twins in one of my favorite movies, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (so it makes sense that the now almost forgotten sister is the one who gets Gene Kelly in the end).


Disabilities and Hollywood: Films with Deaf Characters*

TCM has been highlighting minorities and how they are portrayed in film, and they have all been racial minorities. Well those of us with disabilities (I was born with cataracts, so mine is pretty minor) resent the way we are portrayed in film just as strongly as racial minorities do. As a blind person, I already know what that is like, so I find it fascinating to see how the deaf live their lives, and chose some films that really explore what their life might be like. I think, TCM, that this might be another good monthly tribute for you?a look at the portrayal of people with disabilities.


The things I put up with for that newspaper

There are so many movies about reporters that I had to schedule a few of my favorites. These in particular are ones where the guy is the reporter and the girl wants him, but he seems to care more about the newspaper than her. The title of this section is a line from Libeled Lady and I think represents the tone of all of these films. It?s also a great excuse to schedule my favorite Muppet movie, The Great Muppet Caper which includes a lot of classic movie references that, again, only TCM fans get anymore.


An Odd Thelma Ritter Trilogy

How can you not love Thelma Ritter? I had to feature her, I just had to!



Favorite Non-Animated Musicals by the SHERMAN BROTHERS

I love the Sherman Brothers. They are the amazing songwriting team that brought us some of our favorite Disney scores like Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh . Their tunes are so catchy and their lyrics are so fun and clever. So these are three of my favorite non-Disney-Animated films that I call ?Their Lesser Known Scores That Shouldn?t Be Lesser Known.? Bedknobs and Broomsticks and The Happiest Millionaire always get swept under the Mary Poppins carpet, unfortunately, but include some brilliant songs (and feature some cracking great stars like Angela Lansbury and Tommy Steele). The 18th Century set Cinderella story The Slipper and the Rose is another great movie with wonderful songs. I particularly love this brilliantly clever song about courtly protocol and manners that includes the Sherman Brothers usual invention of words, which I shall close this section with:


?Yes we must be protocoligorically correct

Good form must never suffer from neglect

These rules and regulations we respect

Must be treated circumspect

We?ve a system to protect

Checked and double checked

And protocoligorically correct.?



I know a wealth of movies that fit in TCM Underground because of my love of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (hence The Beast of Yucca Flats ). But I did schedule an actual good movie. The Last Man on Earth may seem familiar because it?s based on the same book that became the recent hit I Am Legend . But trust me?the Vincent Price version is MUCH better and much more fun.


Queen Elizabeth II?s Ancestors Attend her Birthday Party

Every day Queen Elizabeth II inches closer and closer to breaking Queen Victoria?s record as England?s longest reigning monarch. Therefore every birthday of hers is a big deal. I scheduled some movies about England?s past monarchs. If nothing else, some of these should make you appreciate how awesome she is. I saved my favorite ancestor of hers for last, Henry V , and I scheduled Brannagh?s version because I think it is the best. (Sorry, Larry).


Say, He?s Really Playing That Thing

We are used to actors pretending to play musical instruments in movies as we hear the recording of some professional musician. But sometimes you pay close attention to their hands and the sound quality, only to hear youself saying, ?Say, he?s really playing that thing!? These are movies in which actors are really playing their own instruments. The rundown goes like this:


Remember the Night (1940) -Fred MacMurray is really playing ?Swanee River? on the piano in one of the most underappreciated movies ever, and this week?s essential

Dear Brigitte (1965) -James Stewart is really playing the accordion (There are other instruments playing that might be live, but Jimmy is the only one I?m sure of)

It Should Happen to You (1954) -Jack Lemmon is charming Judy Holliday with his beautiful piano playing of ?Let?s Fall in Love?

Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) -Dick Powell plays a young songwriter in the same building as Ruby Keeler who spends a lot of the time playing the piano, but the thing is that he really plays all those songs on the piano himself.

The Cocoanuts (1929) -We all know Chico plays the piano and Harpo plays the harp, so they had to be in this schedule somewhere. I chose this film because Harpo is really playing that clarinet. (I think they?re really playing the banjo in Duck Soup as well ? those are talented boys!)

You Can?t Take It With You (1938) -Dub Taylor was hired for this, his first movie, not only for his relaxed manner and great character voice. The character calls for him to play the xylophone, so Capra hired someone who could really play it, and play it he did in the Capra tradition?live!

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#3 of 8: skimpole's schedule and notes


{font:Arial}Sunday, September 26, 2011


06:00 AM Stage Door (1937) RKO BW-91 min Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou D: Gregory La Cava P/S

07:45 AM Persona (1966) Svensk Filmindustri BW-83 min Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson D: Ingmar Bergman P/S

09:15 AM The Spirit of the Beehive (1973) Elias Querejita Producciones C-98 min Ana Torent, Isabela Telleria D; Victor Erice P/S

11:00 AM The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967) Madeleine Films C-120 min Catherine Deneuve, Francois Dorleac, Gene Kelly D: Jacques Demy Premiere#1

01:00 PM Meet me in Saint Louis (1944) MGM C-113 min Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien D: Vincente Minneli P/S

03:00 PM Gone with the Wind (1939) MGM C-222 min Vivian Leigh, Olivia De Havailand, Clark Gable D: Victor Fleming P/S

06:45 PM Freaks (1932) MGM BW-65 min Leila Hyams, Daisy Earles, Harry Earles D: Tod Browning P/S

08:00 PM Trouble in Paradise (1932) Paramount BW-83 min Miriam Hopkins, George Marshall, Kay Francis D: Ernst Lubitsch P/S

09:30 PM Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) 20th Century Fox C-91 min Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell D: Howard Hawks P/S

11:15 PM Days of Heaven (1978) Paramount C-94 min Richard Gere, Sam Shepherd, Brooke Adams, Linda Manz, D: Terrence Malick

01:00 AM (Silent) Sunrise (1927) Fox BW-95 min George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingstone D: F.W. Murnau P/S

02:45 AM (Foreign) Celine and Julie go Boating (1974) Action Films C-193 min Dominique Labourier, Juliet Berto, Barbet Schroeder D: Jacques Rivette E



{font:Arial}Monday, September 27, 2011


6:15 AM Intolerance (1916) Triangle Film BW-177 min Lillian Gish, Robert Harron D: D.W. Griffith p/s

9:15 AM Man with a Movie camera (1929) VUFKU BW-61 min D: Dziga Vertov P/S

10:30 AM Vampyr (1932) Tobis Filmkunst BW-73 min Julian West, Henriette Gerard D; Carl Theodor Dreyer P/S

11:45 AM Ivan the Terrible, Part One (1944) Mosfilm BW-100 min Nikolai Chersakov, Serafima Birman D: Sergei Eisenstein P/S

01:30 PM Ivan the Terrible, Part Two (1945)Mosfilm BW-86 min Nikolai Chersakov, Serafima Birman D: Sergei Eisenstein P/S

03:00 PM Touch of Evil (1958) Universal BW-111 min Charleton Heston, Orson Welles, Janet Leigh D: Orson Welles P/S

05:00 PM La Region Centrale C-180 min Experimental Film D: Michael Snow Premiere #2

08:00 PM Contempt (1963) Rome Paris Films C-104 min Michel Piccoli, Bridgette Bardot, Jack Palance D: Jean-Luc Godard P/S

10:00 PM Rome: Open City (1945) Excelsa Films BW-103 Min Anna Magnani, Aldo Fabrizi D: Roberto Rosselini P/S

12:00 AM The Conformist (1969) Mars Film C-111 min Jean-Louis Tritrignant, Dominque Sanda D: Bernardo Bertolucci P/S (The first and third films are based on novels by Moravia.)

02:00 AM Napoleon (1927) Films Abel Gance BW-235 min Albert Dieudonne, Yvette Dieudonne, D: Abel Gance P/S



{font:Arial}Tuesday, September 27, 2011


06:00 AM Spies (1928) UFA BW-143 min, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, Gerda Maurus, D: Fritz Lang P/S

08:30 AM The Maltese Falcon (1941) Warner BW-101 min Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Syndey Greenstreet, D: John Houston P/S

10:15 AM The Manchurian Candidate (1962) United Artists BW-127 min Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Angela Lansbury D: John Frankenheimer P/S

12:30 PM The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Gaumont BW-83 min Maria Falconetti D: Carl Theodor Dreyer P/S

02:00 PM A Man for All Seasons (1966) Columbia C-120 min Paul Scofield, Leo McKern D: Fred Zimmerman P/S

04:00 PM Z (1969) Valoria Films C-127 min Jean-Louis Tritrignant, Yves Montand D: Costa Gavras P/S

06:15 PM Notorious (1946) RKO BW-102 min Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains D: Alfred Hitchcock P/S

08:00 PM The Confession (1970) Valoria WarC-139 min Yvest Montand, Simone Signoret, Gabriele Ferzetti D: Costa-Gavras Premiere #3

10:30 PM Gandhi (1982) Columbia C-188 min Ben Kingsley, Candice Bergen D: Richard Attenborough P/S

01:45 AM JFK (1991) Warner C-189 min Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones D; Oliver Stone P/S

05:00 AM Pickup on South Street (1953) 20th Century Fox BW-80 min Richard Widmark, Thelma Ritter D: Samuel Fuller P/S



{font:Arial}Wednesday, September 28, 2011:


06:30 AM Nanook of the North (1922) Les Freres Revillion BW-79 min Allakariallak, Nyla, D: Robert Flaherty P/S

08:00 AM The Battle of Algiers (1966) Igor films BW-121 min Jean Martin D: Gillo Pontecorvo P/S

10:15 AM A Moment of Innocence (1996) MK2 Productions C-78 min Mirhadi Tayebi, Mohsen Makmalbaf D: Mohsen Makmalbaf Premiere #4

11:45 AM Red Headed Women (1932) MGM BW-79 min Jean Harlow, Chester Morris D: Jack Conway P/S

01:15 PM Baby Face (1933) Warner BW-75 min Barbara Stanwyck, Thresa Harris D: Alfred E. Green P/S

02:30 PM Sylvia Scarlett (1935) RKO ARBW-90 min Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant D: George Cukor P/S

04:15 PM Barry Lyndon (1975) Warner C-184 min Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson D: Stanley Kubrick Premiere #5

07:30 PM La Jetee (1962) gos BW-28 min Davos Hanich, Helene Chastelain D: Chris Marker P/S

8:00 PM (Star of the month Marcello Mastroianni): Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958) Cinecitta BW-106 min Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni D: Mario Monicelli P/S

10:00 PM White Nights (1957) Cinecitta BW-107 min Marcello Mastroianni, Maria Schell, D: Luschino Visconti Premiere #6

12:00 AM 8 1/2 (1963) Cinecitta BW-135 min Marcello Mastroianni, Anouk Aimee, Claudia Cardinale, D; Federico Fellini P/S

02:30 AM The Organizer (1963) Lux Films BW-128 min Marcello Mastroianni, Renato Salvatori D: Mario Monicelli Premiere #7

04:45 AM La notte (1961) Nepi BW-122 min Marcello Mastroinnai, Jeanne Moreau D: Michanegelo Antonioni P/S



{font:Arial}Thursday, September 29


07:00 AM Gertrud (1964) Palladium BW-116 min Nina Pens Rode, Bendt Rothe, Ebbe Rode D: Carl Theodor Dreyer P/s

09:00 AM L'Aventura (1960) Cino del Duca BW-145 Monica Vitti, Gabrielle Ferzetti D: Michaelangelo Antonioni P/S

11:30 AM Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) Daiei studios BW-96 min Masayuiki Mori, Machiko Kyo, D: Kenji Mizoguchi P/S

01:15 PM Lola Montes (1955) Gamma Films C-115 min Martine Carol, Peter Ustinov, Anton Walbrook D: Max Ophuls P/S

03:15 PM 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) MGM C-142 min Keir Dullea, Douglas Rain, Gary Lockwood D: Stanley Kubrick P/S

05:45 PM Nosthalgia (1983) Opera Film Produzione C-120 min Oleg Yankovsky, Erland Josephson D; Andrei Tarkovsky P/S

08:00 PM Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and love the Bomb (1964) Columbia BW-93 Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, D: Stanley Kubrick, P/S

09:45 PM Hellzapoppin' (1941) Universal BW-84 min Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Martha Raye D: H.C. Potter Premiere #8

11:15 PM Killer of Sheep (1977) Milestone BW-83 min Henry G. Sanders, Kaycee Moore D: Charles Burnett P/S

12:45 AM The Red Tent (1969) Mosfilm C-121 min Peter Finch, Sean Connery D; Mikhali Kalatazov Premiere #9

03:00 AM Blow-Out (1966) MGM C-111 min David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave D: Michaelangelo Antonioni P/S

05:00 AM Red Psalm (1972) Mafilm C-87 min Madaras Jozsef, Orban Tibor D: Miklos Jancso Premier #10


Thursday, September 29


07:00 AM Gertrud (1964) Palladium BW-116 min Nina Pens Rode, Bendt Rothe, Ebbe Rode D: Carl Theodor Dreyer P/s

09:00 AM L'Aventura (1960) Cino del Duca BW-145 Monica Vitti, Gabrielle Ferzetti D: Michaelangelo Antonioni P/S

11:30 AM Ugetsu Monogatari (1953) Daiei studios BW-96 min Masayuiki Mori, Machiko Kyo, D: Kenji Mizoguchi P/S

01:15 PM Lola Montes (1955) Gamma Films C-115 min Martine Carol, Peter Ustinov, Anton Walbrook D: Max Ophuls P/S

03:15 PM 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) MGM C-142 min Keir Dullea, Douglas Rain, Gary Lockwood D: Stanley Kubrick P/S

05:45 PM Nosthalgia (1983) Opera Film Produzione C-120 min Oleg Yankovsky, Erland Josephson D; Andrei Tarkovsky P/S

08:00 PM Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and love the Bomb (1964) Columbia BW-93 Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, D: Stanley Kubrick, P/S

09:45 PM Hellzapoppin' (1941) Universal BW-84 min Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Martha Raye D: H.C. Potter Premiere #8

11:15 PM Killer of Sheep (1977) Milestone BW-83 min Henry G. Sanders, Kaycee Moore D: Charles Burnett P/S

12:45 AM The Red Tent (1969) Mosfilm C-121 min Peter Finch, Sean Connery D; Mikhali Kalatazov Premiere #9

03:00 AM Blow-Out (1966) MGM C-111 min David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave D: Michaelangelo Antonioni P/S

05:00 AM Red Psalm (1972) Mafilm C-87 min Madaras Jozsef, Orban Tibor D: Miklos Jancso Premier #10


Friday, September 30


06:30 AM The Misfits (1961) United Artists BW-124 min Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift D: John Houston P/S

08:45 AM The Leopard (1963) Titanus C-187 min Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale D: Luschino Visconti P/S

12:00 PM Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) Paramount BW-92 min Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi D; Leo McCarey P/S

01:45 PM The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) RKO BW-88 min Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorhead, Tim Holt D: Orson Welles P/S

03:15 PM The Remains of the Day (1993) Columbia C-135 min Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson D; James Ivory P/S

05:45 PM Death in Venice (1971) Alfa Cinematagraphica/Warner C-130 min Dirk Bogarde, Maria Berenson D: Luschino Visconti Premiere #11

08:00 PM The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) The Archers C-162 min Roger Livesey, Deborah Kerr, Anton Walbrook D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger P/S

10:45 PM Bonjour Tristesse (1958) Columbia C/BW-94 min Jean Sebeg, David Niven, Deborah Kerr D: Otto Preminger P/S

12:15 PM Black Narcissus (1947) The Archers C-99 min Deborah Kerr, Sabu, Jean Simmons, D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger P/S

02:00 AM (Underground) Daisies (1966) Filmove Studio Barrandov C-76 min Ivana Karbanova, Jitka Cerhova D; Vera Chytilova E

03:30 AM (Underground) The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988) Orion C-171 min Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin D: Philip Kaufman E



Saturday, October 1



06:30 AM The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) UFA BW-67 min Animated Silent Film D; Lotte Reiniger P/S

07:45 AM My Neighbor Totoro (1988) Toho C-86 min Chika Sakamoto, Noriko Hidaka D: Hayao Miyazaki P/S

09:15 AM Yellow Submarine (1968) United Artists C-85 min The Beatles D: George Dunning Premiere #12

11:45 AM Spirited Away (2001) Studio Ghibli C-124 min Rumi Hiiragari, Miyu Irino D: Hayao Miyazaki P/S

02:00 PM The Navigator (1924) MGM BW-69 min Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire D: Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp P/S

03:15 PM City Lights (1931) United Artists BW-82 min Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill D: Charles Chaplin P/S

04:45 PM Steamboat Bill, Jr (1928) United Artists BW-87 min Buster Keaton, Marion Byron D: Buster Keaton, Charles Reisner P/S

06:00 PM The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon me, but your Teeth are in my Neck (1967) MGM C-108 min Roman Polanski, Jack MacGowran, Sharon Tate D: Roman Polanski P/S

08:00 PM (Essentials) The Rules of the Game (1939) Nouvelles Editions de Films BW-113 min Marcel Diallo, Jean Renoir D: Jean Renoir P/S

10:15 PM Grand Illusion (1937) RAC BW-117 min Jean Gabin, Marcel Diallo, Erich von Stroheim D: Jean Renoir P/S

12:15 AM Wild Strawberries (1957) Svenk Filmindustri BW-90 min Victor Sjostrom, Ingrid Thulin, Bibi Anderrson D: Ingmar Bergman P/S

02:00 AM The Wild Child (1969) Les Artistes Associes BW-85 min Francois Truffaut, Jean-Pierre Cargol D: Francois Truffaut P/S

03:30 AM The Immigrant (1917) Mutual Film Corp BW-20 min Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance D: Charles Chaplin P/S

04:00 AM Payday (1922) First National BW-18 min Charles Chaplin, Phyllis Allen D; Charles Chaplin P/S

04:30 AM The Gleaners and I (2000) Cine Tamaris C-82 min Documentary D: Agnes Varda Premiere#13



Here's my explanation for my schedule.


Sunday: in order to celebrate Sophia Loren's birthday, which was the previous week, I present, no Sophia Loren movies at all this week. But this day is devoted to the theme of "Two Women." Are they friends, rivals, or relatives. After the first two, you will note three films about sisters, followed by three films about sisters.


Monday: Today is T.S. Eliot's birthday, and to celebrate we focus on the modernity of movies, including leading movies that forwarded the art. For the evening however, we commerate the anniversary of the death of Anna Magnani and Alberto Moravia by having three movies about Italy. (The first and third movies are, of course, based on novels by Moravia.) And we end the day with another groundbreaking movie, Abel Gance's Napoleon.


Tuesday: To commemorate the anniversary of the release of the Warren Commission report, all the movies today deal with conspiracies, assasination and judicial abuses. It occurs to me that if I had placed The Passion of Joan of Arc, A Man for all Seasons, and The Confession, together I would have another block of three movies about judicial murder. But I didn't.


Wednesday: The first block of three deals with the quasi-documentary. Nanook of the North isn't exactly the most scrupulous accurate documentary of early 20th century Inuit life. The Battle of Algiers is a drama designed to be shot like a documentary. And as for A Moment of Innocence well you just have to see that for yourself. Then we have three thirties movies about women behaving badly, or at least unorthodoxly. (But seriously Jean Harlow is really bad.) For the rest of the afternoon we return to the quasi-documentary aspect with Barry Lyndon and a film by one of the great documentarians, Chris Marker, which is actually a fiction film. Then we have five films by the star of the month, Marcello Mastroianni, and whose birthday this is.


Thursday: Mastroianni's last movie was La Notte and this conveniently turns this into our major theme of the day. Today we celebrate the birthday of Michaengelo Antonioni, not by having an all-Antonioni day (that would be a bit much), but by celebrating the long take. We do have two Antonioni films. Today is also Stanley Kramer's birthday, and I present not a tribute, but an anti-tribute to focus on three movies that actually did a better job than Kramer ever did on his chosen themes of nuclear war, anarchic comedy, and African-American life. We then return to the Antonioni/Long take tribute.


Friday: today is the second day of Rosh Hoshannah, and the begining of the high holy days. So to celebrate we deal with several movies that touch on the elegaic, either in their subject matter, or because it was the last film of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. We then move on to three movies by Deborah Kerr, whose birthday it is. Then for the Underground, we look at Czechoslovakia!


Saturday: We start our Saturday morning with four animated movies that aren't by Disney. Then for the rest of the day we look at directors who are also acting.



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#2 of 8: Scott McGillivray's schedule and notes:


This schedule includes programming between the feature films, because I'm a big fan of TCM's short-subject library. You'll see various shorts peppering the schedule, complementing the feature films.


The Sunday schedule is just me having fun with the sequence -- the "ship" idea keeps going and going with variations until THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA and The Ship that Died finally deep-six the theme. (John Barrymore is followed by Errol Flynn, who portrayed Barrymore on screen.)


The Gloria Jean tribute features her two favorite performances. THE UNDER-PUP made Gloria Jean a star overnight (on YouTube you can see newsreel footage of 40,000 fans at the premiere). DESTINY is the Julien Duvivier footage from FLESH AND FANTASY, singled out as the highlight of the film, only to be deleted and expanded into its own feature film. NEVER GIVE A SUCKER AN EVEN BREAK is of course the film for which she is best known today. Gloria is 85 now and watches TCM avidly. My wife and I wrote Gloria's book biography, and we have screen-test footage (including Duvivier's lighting tests) that is usually never seen outside a studio.


The W. C. Fields feature leads into Silent Sunday, and then to another veteran comedian of British ancestry, Lupino Lane, re-creating his stage success. Late-late-show viewers can enjoy a choice British musical comedy with Jessie Matthews, "The Dancing Divinity."



Theme: Can I Get Ships with That?

6:00 am MELODY CRUISE (1933). BW-76 min. RKO. Phil Harris, Charles Ruggles, Helen Mack. D: Mark Sandrich. p/s


7:30 am BLONDIE GOES LATIN (1941) BW-72 min. Columbia. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Ruth Terry. D: Frank R. Strayer. p/s


8:45 am South American Sway (1944) BW-10 min. Warner Bros. Band short with Emil Coleman, Carl Hoff, Joe Reichman orchestras. D: Jean Negulesco. p/s


9:00 am ARGENTINE NIGHTS (1940) Universal. BW-75 min. The Ritz Brothers, The Andrews Sisters, George Reeves. D: Albert S. Rogell. Premiere #1


10:30 am THE NAVIGATOR (1924) BW-59 min. Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire. D: Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp. p/s


11:35 am The Live Ghost (1934) BW-20 min. Hal Roach. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. D: Charles Rogers. p/s


12 noon THE GHOST SHIP (1943) BW-69 min. RKO. Richard Dix, Russell Wade, Edith Barrett, D: Mark Robson. p/s


1:15 pm MOBY DICK (1930) BW-77 min. Warner Bros. John Barrymore, Joan Bennett, Lloyd Hughes. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s


3:00 pm Cruise of the Zaca (1952) C-17 min. Warner Bros. Errol Flynn, Howard Hill, John Decker. D: Errol Flynn. p/s


3:30 pm SAPS AT SEA (1940) BW-57 min. Hal Roach. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson. D: Gordon Douglas. p/s


4:30 pm At Sea Ashore (1936) BW-20 min. Hal Roach. Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, Al Shean. D: William H. Terhune. p/s


5:00 pm MEXICAN SPITFIRE AT SEA (1941) BW-72 min. RKO. Lupe Velez, Leon Errol, Buddy Rogers. D: Leslie Goodwins. p/s


6:15 pm THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA (1934) BW-93 min. Columbia. Victor McLaglen, Walter Connolly, Leon Errol. D: Lewis Milestone. p/s


7:50 pm The Ship that Died (1938) BW-10 min. M-G-M Passing Parade with John Nesbitt, Leonard Penn. D: Jacques Tourneur. p/s


Theme: Souvenirs from Gloria Jean

8:00 pm The Essentials, Jr.

THE UNDER-PUP (1939) BW-88 min. Universal (Universal has a broadcast master). Gloria Jean, Robert Cummings, C. Aubrey Smith. D: Richard Wallace. Premiere #2


9:45 pm Gloria Jean introducing screen tests for "The Under-Pup" (1939) and "Flesh and Fantasy" (1942) (from 35mm) BW-10m. Gloria Jean, Virginia Weidler, Felix Bressart. D: Henry Koster, Julien Duvivier. Premiere #3


10:00 pm DESTINY (expanded from *"Flesh and Fantasy"*) (1944) BW-65 min. Universal (Universal has a broadcast master). Gloria Jean, Alan Curtis, Frank Craven. D: Reginald LeBorg, Julien Duvivier. Premiere #4


11:15 pm NEVER GIVE A SUCKER AN EVEN BREAK (1941) BW-70 min. Universal. W. C. Fields, Gloria Jean, Margaret Dumont. D: Edward Cline. p/s


12:30 am Silent Sunday SALLY OF THE SAWDUST (1925) BW-113m) W. C. Fields, Carol Dempster, Alfred Lunt. D: D. W. Griffith. E


2:30 am TCM Imports THE LAMBETH WALK (1939) BW-67 min. M-G-M. Lupino Lane, Sally Gray, Sir Seymour Hicks. D: Albert de Courville. E


3:45 am TCM Imports IT'S LOVE AGAIN (1936) BW-83 min. Gaumont-British. Jessie Matthews, Robert Young, Sonnie Hale. D: Victor Saville. E


5:15 am About Face (1942) BW-43 min. Hal Roach. William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Jean Porter. D: Kurt Neumann. p/s


The Monday schedule salutes the armed forces. As you can see from the schedule, one title generally paves the way for the next one, with comedies in the morning, sentimental dramas for the matinee audience, and action and music into the night, winding up with the rowdy CALL OUT THE MARINES.



Theme: They Look Good in Uniform

6:00 am TRAMP, TRAMP, TRAMP (1942) BW-68 min. Columbia. Jackie Gleason, Jack Durant, Bruce Bennett. D: Charles Barton. p/s


7:15 am The United States Army Band (1943) BW-10 min. Warner Bros. band short. D: Jean Negulesco. p/s


7:30 am PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES (1932) BW-68 min. Hal Roach. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Billy Gilbert. D: George Marshall, Raymond McCarey. p/s


8:45 am Fightin' Fools (1941) BW-10 min. M-G-M. Our Gang. D: Edward Cahn. p/s


9:00 am BUCK PRIVATES (1941) BW-82 min. Universal. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, The Andrews Sisters. D: Arthur Lubin. p/s


10:30 am LOOKING FOR DANGER (1957) BW-62 min. Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, The Bowery Boys. D: Austen Jewell. p/s


11:35 am Women at War (1943) C-21 min. Warner Bros. Faye Emerson, Robert Warwick, Virginia Christine. D: Jean Negulesco. p/s


12 noon SO PROUDLY WE HAIL (1943) BW-126 min. Paramount. Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake. D: Mark Sandrich. p/s


2:15 pm Flag of Mercy (1942) BW-10 min. M-G-M Passing Parade. Sara Haden. D: Edward Cahn. p/s


2:30 pm SHE'S A SOLDIER, TOO (1944) BW-67 min. Columbia. Beulah Bondi, Nina Foch, Percy Kilbride. D: William Castle. p/s


3:45 pm Unusual Occupations (1943) C-10 min. Paramount. The Canadian Women's Army Corps. D: Robert Carlisle. p/s


4:00 pm KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY (1945) BW-93 min. M-G-M. Lana Turner, Laraine Day, Susan Peters. D: Edward Buzzell. p/s


5:45 pm Elsie Janis in "Behind the Lines" (1926) BW-8 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone), no director credited. p/s


6:00 pm THE FIGHTING 69TH (1940) BW-90 min. Warner Bros. James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, George Brent. D: William Keighley. p/s


7:45 pm The Fighting 69-1/2th (1940) C-7 min. Warner Bros, cartoon. D: Friz Freleng. p/s


8:00 pm TRUE TO THE NAVY (1930) BW-79 min. Paramount. Clara Bow, Fredric March, Rex Bell. D: Frank Tuttle. p/s


10:00 pm NAVY BLUES (1941) BW-108 min. Warner Bros. Ann Sheridan, Jack Oakie, Jack Haley. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s


12:00 mid WINGS OF THE NAVY (1939) BW-89 min. Warner Bros. George Brent, Olivia de Havilland, John Payne. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s


1:30 am AIR FORCE (1943) BW-124 min. Warner Bros. John Ridgely, Gig Young, Harry Carey. D: Howard Hawks. p/s


3:35 am Hare Force (1944) C-7 min. Warner Bros. cartoon. D: Friz Freleng. p/s


3:45 am SERGEANT MURPHY (1938) BW-57 min. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Mary Maguire, Donald Crisp. D: B. Reeves Eason. p/s


4:45 am CALL OUT THE MARINES (1942) BW-67 min. RKO. Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Binnie Barnes. D: Frank Ryan and William Hamilton. p/s


Monday's military theme blends into Tuesday's "Paris" theme, starting at sunrise with (what else?) HALF SHOT AT SUNRISE. I slipped Art Trouble into the schedule; this is Jimmy Stewart's first movie, in a Shemp Howard Vitaphone, no less. Sandwiched between ROBERTA and 50 MILLION FRENCHMEN is Bob Hope's two-reel version of FRENCHMEN (connection: Hope starred in ROBERTA on stage).


The Hollywood conception of Paris is succeeded by genuinely Parisian works (landmark titles by Godard, Clair, and Méliès), and the overnight shift has some vintage features and shorts, including a choice John Gilbert vehicle and a pair of Charley Chase featurettes (with some wonderful barbershop harmony by Chase and The Ranch Boys).



Theme: How Do You Like It Here in Paris?

6:00 am HALF SHOT AT SUNRISE (1930) BW-78 min. RKO. Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey, Dorothy Lee. D: Paul Sloane. p/s


7:30 am THE FLYING DEUCES (1939) BW-69 min. RKO. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker. D: A. Edward Sutherland. p/s


8:45 am Done in Oil (1934) BW-18 min. Hal Roach. Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly, Arthur Housman. D: Gus Meins. p/s


9:05 am Art Trouble (1934) BW-21 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Shemp Howard, Harry Gribbon, James Stewart. D: Ralph Staub. p/s


9:30 am ROBERTA (1934) BW-106 min. RKO. Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. D: William A. Seiter. p/s


11:20 am Paree, Paree (1934) BW-21 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Bob Hope, Dorothy Stone, Charles Collins. D: Roy Mack. p/s


11:45 am 50 MILLION FRENCHMEN (1931) C-70 min. Warner Bros. Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson, Helen Broderick. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s


1:00 pm APRIL IN PARIS (1952) C-94 min. Warner Bros. Doris Day, Ray Bolger, Claude Dauphin. D: David Butler. p/s


2:40 pm Dubarry Did All Right (1937) BW-22 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Irene Bordoni, Regina Wallace, Charles Dingle. D: Joseph Henabery. p/s


3:05 pm The Red Balloon (1956) C-34 min. D: Albert Lamorisse. p/s


3:45 pm FANNY (1961) C-134 min. Warner Bros. Leslie Caron, Charles Boyer, Maurice Chevalier. D: Joshua Logan. p/s


6:00 pm AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951) C-113 min. M-G-M. Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Georges Guetary. D: Vincente Minnelli. p/s


8:00 pm LOVE ME TONIGHT (1932) BW-88 min. Paramount. Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette McDonald, Charles Ruggles. D: Rouben Mamoulian. p/s


9:45 pm Á BOUT DE SOUFFLE (a/k/a *BREATHLESS*) (1960) BW-90 min. Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg. D: Jean-Luc Godard. p/s


11:30 pm Á NOUS LA LIBERTÉ (1931) BW-97 min. Raymond Cordy, Henri Marchand. D: René Clair. p/s


1:10 am LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE (a/k/a *A TRIP TO THE MOON*) (1902) BW-14 min. D: Georges Méliès. p/s


1:30 am PHANTOM OF PARIS (1931) BW-74 min. M-G-M. John Gilbert, Leila Hyams, Lewis Stone. D: John S. Robertson. p/s


2:50 am The Cat's Bah (1954) C-7 min. Warner Bros. cartoon. D: Chuck Jones. p/s


3:00 am GOLD DIGGERS IN PARIS (1938) BW-97 min. Rudy Vallee, Rosemary Lane, Hugh Herbert. D: Ray Enright. p/s


4:40 am Toot Sweet (1937) BW-20 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Fifi D'Orsay, Rufe Davis. D: Roy Mack. p/s


5:00 am High C's (1930) BW-28 min. Hal Roach. Charley Chase, Thelma Todd, The Ranch Boys. D: James W. Horne. p/s


5:30 am Rough Seas (sequel) (1931) BW-27 min. Hal Roach. Charley Chase, Thelma Todd, The Ranch Boys. D: James Parrott. p/s


Wednesday draws upon TCM's excellent library of whodunits, with representative samples of famous literary sleuths. MURDER ON A HONEYMOON, with Edna May Oliver as spinster schoolteacher Hildegarde Withers, was filmed largely on location in Avalon, California; the Catalina Island landmarks still look the same, including the Avalon post office! Robert Benchley was one of the writers, and the feature is preceded by a Benchley short. THE SAINT IN LONDON really is British-made (watch for a young Ballard Berkeley from "Fawlty Towers" in the first scene).


I especially enjoy the Falcon and Boston **** titles, late entries in these series. THE FALCON'S ALIBI was scripted by Columbia's Paul Yawitz, who seems to have intended it for **** and Runt and gave it instead to Falcon and Goldie. The Boston **** feature on the schedule was supposed to be the last entry in the series; it was entrusted to first-time director Seymour Friedman, an assistant director who impressed Harry Cohn with his staging of a few scenes in DOWN TO EARTH. Friedman did such a commendable job with TRAPPED BY BOSTON **** that Columbia gave the series and Friedman an encore.


If you've ever wondered how the urbane Edmund Lowe would approach a "Nick Charles"-type role (and how he looks in a zoot suit), check out GIRL IN THE CASE -- Harry Cohn sent a congratulatory letter to producer Sam White for the first time in memory! THE LADY IN THE LAKE is followed by the Joe McDoakes satire. And I haven't seen STREET OF CHANCE in more than 30 years; Burgess Meredith, one of the finest actors of stage and screen, is well worth staying up for, and Sheldon Leonard will surprise you with an unusual performance.



Theme: How to Be a Detective

6:00 am PRIVATE DETECTIVE 62 (1933) BW-66 min. Warner Bros. William Powell, Margaret Lindsay, Ruth Donnelly. D: Michael Curtiz. p/s


7:10 am The Studio Murder Mystery (1932) BW-20 min. Warner Bros. Donald Meek, John Hamilton. D: Joseph Henabery. p/s


7:30 am THE CASE OF THE STUTTERING BISHOP (1937) BW-70 min. Warner Bros. Donald Woods, Ann Dvorak, Anne Nagel. D: William Clemens. p/s


8:45 am How to Be a Detective (1936) BW-9 min. M-G-M. Robert Benchley, Dewey Robinson. D: Felix E. Feist. p/s


9:00 am MURDER ON A HONEYMOON (1935) BW-74 min. RKO. Edna May Oliver, James Gleason, Lola Lane. (co-written by Robert Benchley) D: Lloyd Corrigan. p/s


10:30 am MEET NERO WOLFE (1936) BW-73 min. Columbia. Edward Arnold, Lionel Stander, Victor Jory. D: Herbert Biberman. p/s


11:45 am Camera Sleuth (1951) BW-10 min. M-G-M Pete Smith Specialty. D: Dave O'Brien. p/s


12 noon THE SAINT IN LONDON (1940) BW-72 min. RKO. George Sanders, Sally Gray, David Burns. D: John Paddy Carstairs. p/s


1:30 pm THE FALCON'S ALIBI (1946) BW-62 min. RKO. Tom Conway, Jane Greer, Elisha Cook, Jr. D: Ray McCarey. p/s


2:45 pm TRAPPED BY BOSTON **** (1948) BW-70 min. Columbia. Chester Morris, George E. Stone, Richard Lane. D: Seymour Friedman. p/s


4:00 pm THE SCARLET CLAW (1944) BW-74 min. Universal. Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Gerald Hamer. D: Roy William Neill. p/s


5:20 pm Deduce, You Say (1956) C-7 min. Warner Bros. cartoon. D: Chuck Jones. p/s


5:30 pm THE SCARLET CLUE (1945) BW-65 min. Monogram. Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Ben Carter. D: Phil Rosen. p/s


6:45 pm GIRL IN THE CASE (faux Thin Man) (1944) BW-65 min. Columbia. Edmund Lowe, Janis Carter, Carole Mathews. D: William Berke. p/s


8:00 pm ANOTHER THIN MAN (1939) BW-105 min. M-G-M. William Powell, Myrna Loy, C. Aubrey Smith. D: W. S. Van Dyke. p/s


10:00 pm THE LADY IN THE LAKE (1947) BW-103 min. M-G-M. Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan. D: Robert Montgomery. p/s


11:45 pm So You Want to Be a Detective (1948) BW-11 min. Warner Bros. Joe McDoakes short with George O’Hanlon. D: Richard L. Bare. p/s


12 mid EYES IN THE NIGHT (1942) BW-80 min. M-G-M. Edward Arnold, Ann Harding, Donna Reed. D: Fred Zinnemann. p/s


1:30 am STREET OF CHANCE (1942) BW-74 min. Paramount. Burgess Meredith, Claire Trevor, Sheldon Leonard. D: Jack Hively. Premiere #6


2:45 am PHANTOM KILLER (1942) BW-61 min. Monogram. Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, John Hamilton. D: William Beaudine. p/s


4:00 am SH! THE OCTOPUS (1937) BW-54 min. Warner Bros. Hugh Herbert, Allen Jenkins, Marcia Ralston. D: William McGann. p/s


5:00 am GRANNY GET YOUR GUN (1940) BW-56 min. Warner Bros. May Robson, Harry Davenport, Margot Stevenson. D: George Amy. p/s


Wednesday's "detective" theme segues into Thursday's look at some familiar faces. One of my favorite things about old movies is seeing all the recognizable character actors popping up unannounced. Thursday showcases three of my favorites: Byron Foulger, Edward Everett Horton, and George E. Stone.


The three Byron Foulger features have a whole gallery of character actors (Douglas Fowley, Milton Parsons, Edgar Kennedy, Edward Brophy, Joseph Crehan, Maude Eburne, and many, many others). ARSON, INC. is a surprisingly good law-enforcement procedural from Lippert, comparable to the Richard Fleischer RKO thrillers then in vogue; George "Superman" Reeves, then working at Lippert, was the dialogue director.


You can't go wrong with Edward Everett Horton, a master comedian and character actor who steals entire scenes with quick facial expressions. In HOLIDAY Horton reprises his role from the 1930 film of the same name; fans of Columbia features and shorts will see many familiar supporting players common to Columbia's class of '38.


George E. Stone is on my short list of favorite character performers because he was so sensitive and versatile. THE BIG BRAIN is Stone's only starring role; THE HOUSEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER has his memorable turn as a mentally **** murderer, but playing it quietly and sympathetically.


Star of the Month Donald O'Connor grows up before our eyes, from his boyhood days at Paramount to the film that made him a star, MISTER BIG (his fifth and last teen musical opposite Gloria Jean), to his adult roles in breezy comedies. (His famous SINGIN' IN THE RAIN performance is coming on Saturday.)



Theme: Easy as 1-2-3 (favorite character actors)


Featuring Byron Foulger

6:00 am THE FALCON STRIKES BACK (1943) BW-66 min. RKO. Tom Conway, Harriet Hilliard, Byron Foulger. D: Edward Dmytryk. p/s


7:15 am DICK TRACY VS. CUEBALL (1946) BW-62 min. RKO. Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Byron Foulger. D: Gordon Douglas. p/s


8:30 am ARSON, INC. (1949) BW-63 min. Screen Guild (Lippert). Robert Lowery, Anne Gwynne, Byron Foulger. D: William Berke. Premiere #7


9:35 am Purity Squad (1945) BW-19 min. M-G-M Crime Does Not Pay short. Byron Foulger, Dick Elliott, Arthur Space. D: Harold Kress. p/s


Featuring Edward Everett Horton

10:00 am THE SINGING KID (1936) BW-85 min. Warner Bros. Al Jolson, Cab Calloway, Edward Everett Horton. D: William Keighley. p/s


11:30 am HOLIDAY (1938) BW-95 min. Columbia. Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Edward Everett Horton. D: George Cukor. p/s


1:15 pm HERE COMES MR. JORDAN (1941) BW-94 min. Columbia. Robert Montgomery, James Gleason, Edward Everett Horton. D: Alexander Hall. p/s


Featuring George E. Stone

3:00 pm THE HOUSEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER (1939) BW-80 min. Hal Roach. Joan Bennett, John Hubbard, George E. Stone. D: Hal Roach. p/s


4:30 pm The Devil with Hitler (1942) BW-44 min. Hal Roach. Bobby Watson, Alan Mowbray, George E. Stone. D: Gordon Douglas. p/s


5:30 pm THE BIG BRAIN (a/k/a *ENEMIES OF SOCIETY*) (1933) BW-72 min. Universal. George E. Stone, Fay Wray, Minna Gombell. D: George Archainbaud. Premiere #8


6:45 pm FRESHMAN LOVE (1936) BW-67 min. Warner Bros. Frank McHugh, Warren Hull, George E. Stone. D: William McGann. p/s


Star of the Month: Donald O'Connor

8:00 pm SING YOU SINNERS (1938) BW-88 min. Paramount. Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray, Donald O'Connor. D: Wesley Ruggles. Premiere #9


9:45 pm MISTER BIG (1943) BW-74 min. Universal. Donald O'Connor, Gloria Jean, Peggy Ryan. D: Charles Lamont. Premiere #10


11:15 pm FEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948) BW-78 min. Universal. Donald O'Connor, Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride. D: George Sherman. p/s


12:45 am I LOVE MELVIN (1953) C-77 min. M-G-M. Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Allyn Joslyn. D: Don Weis. p/s


2:30 am THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! (1974) C-135 min. M-G-M. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Donald O'Connor. D: Jack Haley, Jr. p/s


4:45 am FOOTLIGHT VARIETIES (1951) BW-61 min. RKO. Jack Paar, Liberace, Red Buttons. D: Hal Yates. p/s


Friday takes us backstage among show folks. THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY is proof positive that prolific director William Beaudine really knew his business; he was one of the few directors who went up against the opinionated W. C. Fields and won. Watch for Fields doing his famous juggling specialty.


BRAIN DONORS is the ill-fated but hilarious remake of A NIGHT AT THE OPERA. Co-star Bob Nelson told me that Paramount was all set to promote this as the comedy hit of the year, but then the Zucker brothers (of AIRPLANE! and THE NAKED GUN) abruptly left Paramount for Columbia. Paramount then threw the film away, giving it token bookings and no publicity despite glowing reviews. It's really a very funny picture.


SHOW BUSINESS is Eddie Cantor's valentine to vaudeville, followed by MINSTREL MAN, Joseph H. Lewis's ambitious musical that earned the first Oscar nominations for the budget PRC studio. The day is topped off with a selection of Vitaphone shorts showing vaudeville greats in action. The graveyard shift is taken by Bela Lugosi, appropriately enough.



Theme: Show Folks

6:00 am THE BROADWAY MELODY (1929) BW-100 min. M-G-M. Bessie Love, Charles King, Anita Page. D: Harry Beaumont. p/s


7:40 am The Dogway Melody (1930) BW-17 min. M-G-M Dogville comedy. D: Zion Myers and Jules White. p/s


8:00 am BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933) BW-85 min. M-G-M. Alice Brady, Frank Morgan, Mickey Rooney. D: Willard Mack. p/s


9:30 am BABES IN ARMS (1939) BW-94 min. M-G-M. Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Charles Winninger. D: Busby Berkeley. p/s


11:15 am Melodies Old and New (1942) BW-11 min. M-G-M Our Gang comedy. D: Edward Cahn. p/s


11:30 am RIVERBOAT RHYTHM (1946) BW-65 min. RKO. Leon Errol, Glenn Vernon, Walter Catlett. D: Leslie Goodwins. p/s


12:45 pm THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY (1934) BW-70 min. Paramount. W. C. Fields, Joe Morrison, Jan Duggan. D: William Beaudine. p/s


2:00 pm 42ND STREET (1933) BW-89 min. Warner Bros. Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, Ruby Keeler. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s


3:35 pm Harry Warren, America’s Foremost Composer (1933) BW-9 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). D: Ray McCarey. p/s


3:50 pm A Swing Opera (1939) BW-20 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Tess Gardella, Dale Winthrop, John Elliott. D: Roy Mack. p/s


4:15 pm A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) BW-96 min. M-G-M. The Marx Brothers, Allan Jones, Kitty Carlisle. D: Sam Wood. p/s


6:00 pm BRAIN DONORS (1992) "Suggested by" A NIGHT AT THE OPERA. C-80 min. Paramount. John Turturro, Bob Nelson, Mel Smith. D: Dennis Dugan. Premiere #11


7:25 pm A Corny Concerto (1943) C-8 min. Warner Bros. cartoon. D: Robert Clampett. p/s


7:35 pm Show Business (1932) BW-20 min. Hal Roach. ZaSu Pitts and Thelma Todd, Anita Garvin. D: Jules White. p/s


8:00 pm SHOW BUSINESS (1944) BW-80 min. RKO. Eddie Cantor, Joan Davis, George Murphy. D: Edwin L. Marin. p/s


9:30 pm MINSTREL MAN (1944) BW-70 min. PRC. Benny Fields, Gladys George, Jerome Cowan. D: Joseph H. Lewis. Public domain. Premiere #12


10:45 pm Blossom Seeley and Bennie Fields (1928) BW-10 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). No director credited. p/s



NOTE: These are all Warner Bros. short-subject properties and I am assuming they have been previously scheduled. Many were recently released by Warner on DVD. 154 minutes total, in a 180-minute slot.

A Plantation Act (1926) BW-10 min. Al Jolson. p/s

You Don't Know the Half of It (1929) BW-10 min. Jay Brennan and Ann Butler. p/s

The Beau Brummels (1928) BW-9 min. Al Shaw and Sam Lee. p/s

The Eccentric Entertainer (1929) BW-8 min. Sol Violinsky. p/s

The Police Quartette (1927) BW-7 min. p/s

Jack White with the Montrealers (1929) BW-10 min. D: Bryan Foy. p/s

The Ham What Am (1928) BW-10 min. Jay C. Flippen. p/s

A Regular Trouper (1932) BW-20 min. Ruth Etting. D: Roy Mack. p/s

Vitaphone Troupers (1936) BW-10 min. Tess Gardella, Benny Ross and Maxine Stone. p/s

Vitaphone Internationals (1936) BW-10 min. Holtz & Lee, Ming & Toy, Pallenberg's Doberman Pinschers. p/s

Vitaphone Entertainers (1936) BW-10 min. Sylvia Froos, Mangan's Internationals, Hunter & Percival. p/s

Vitaphone Diversions (1937) BW-10 min. Smith & Dale, Dave Monahan, Five Juggling Jewels. p/s

Seeing Red (1939) BW-19 min. Red Skelton, The Merry Macs, A. Robins. D: Roy Mack. p/s

The Happy Hottentots (play this last) (1930) BW-11 min. Joe Frisco, Bobby Callahan, Billy Gilbert. D: Bryan Foy. p/s


2:00 am Friday Night Underground SCARED TO DEATH (1947) C-65 min. Screen Guild. Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, Nat Pendleton. D: Christy Cabanne. Public domain. E


3:15 am Friday Night Underground BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA (1952) Realart. BW-74 min. Bela Lugosi, Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo. D: William Beaudine. Public domain. E


4:45 am THE RETURN OF CHANDU (1934) BW-65 min. Principal. Bela Lugosi, Maria Alba, Clara Kimball Young. D: Ray Taylor. Public domain. E


Everybody who watches TCM is movie crazy, so Saturday is for them. HOLLYWOOD: THE DREAM FACTORY is a TV special saluting M-G-M, with footage of the famous M-G-M studio auction. DING DONG WILLIAMS takes us behind the scenes at RKO; CRAZY HOUSE has Olsen & Johnson invading the reluctant Universal studio; THE NUT FARM is a clever and unjustly forgotten sendup of fly-by-night movie producers. IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD and Double or Nothing show us the unknown owners of famous faces, and SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is one of The Essentials.


Overnight, we have some Hollywood pageants that I call "The Office Talent Show," because that's what they look like: mixed-bag revues with the studio employees participating good-naturedly.



Theme: Movie Crazy

6:00 am HOLLYWOOD: THE DREAM FACTORY (1973) C-54 min. M-G-M documentary. p/s


7:00 am SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT (1937) Grand National. BW-93 min. James Cagney, William Frawley, Gene Lockhart. D: Victor Schertzinger. Public domain. p/s


8:35 am Maid in Hollywood (1934) BW-20 min. Hal Roach. Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly, Billy Gilbert. D: Gus Meins. p/s


9:00 am DING DONG WILLIAMS (1946) BW-62 min. RKO. Glenn Vernon, Marcy McGuire, Felix Bressart. D: William Berke. p/s


10:15 am MOVIE CRAZY (1932) BW-96 min. Harold Lloyd Corp. Harold Lloyd, Constance Cummings, Arthur Housman. D: Clyde Bruckman. p/s


12 noon CRAZY HOUSE (1943) BW-80 min. Universal. Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson, Percy Kilbride. D: Edward Cline. Premiere #13


1:30 pm THE NUT FARM (1935) BW-65 min. Monogram. Wallace Ford, Florence Roberts, Bradley Page. D: Melville Brown. Premiere #14


2:40 pm Double or Nothing (1940) BW-18 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Lee Dixon, Tom Herbert, The Hollywood Doubles. p/s


3:00 pm IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD (1937) BW-67 min. Columbia. Richard Dix, Fay Wray, Hollywood Stand-Ins. D: Harry Lachman. p/s


4:15 pm Home Movies (1940) BW-8 min. M-G-M. Robert Benchley, Hobart Cavanagh. D: Basil Wrangell. p/s


4:30 pm A STAR IS BORN (1937) C-111 min. Selznick. Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou. D: William A. Wellman. Public domain. p/s


6:30 pm WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD? (1932) BW-88 min. RKO. Constance Bennett, Lowell Sherman, Neil Hamilton. D: George Cukor. p/s


8:00 pm The Essentials SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952) C-103 min. M-G-M. Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds. D: Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. p/s


10:00 pm FREE AND EASY (1930) BW-92 min. M-G-M. Buster Keaton, Anita Page, Trixie Friganza. D: Edward Sedgwick. p/s


11:35 pm Script Girl (1938) BW-20 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Alan Cross and Henry Dunn, Joan Abbott. D: Roy Mack. p/s


12 mid. HOLLYWOOD ROUND-UP (1937) BW-54 min. Columbia. Buck Jones, Helen Twelvetrees, Shemp Howard. D: Ewing Scott. p/s


Theme: The Office Talent Show

1:00 am THE HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 (1929) BW/C-118 min. M-G-M. Joan Crawford, Marion Davies, Laurel & Hardy. D: Charles Reisner. p/s


3:00 am The Song Writers' Revue (1930) BW-20 min. M-G-M. Nacio Herb Brown, Arthur Freed, Jack Benny. D: Sammy Lee. p/s


3:30 am THE SHOW OF SHOWS (1929) BW/C-128 min. Warner Bros. Frank Fay, John Barrymore, Myrna Loy. D: John G. Adolfi. p/s


5:40 am Trouble in Toyland (1935) BW-19 min. Warner Bros. (Vitaphone). Roy LeMay, Dudley Clements, Jeannie Parrillo. D: Joseph Henabery. p/s

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#1 of 8: JamesinArlington's schedule and notes


Sunday, September 18


6:00 AM Mata Hari (1931). BW-89 min. MGM. Greta Garbo, Lionel Barrymore. D: George Fitzmaurice. P/S

7:30 AM Anna Karenina (1935).BW-95 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, Frederick March. D: Clarence Brown. P/S

9:15 AM Two Faced Woman (1941).BW-90 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas. D: George Cukor. P/S

10:45 AM The Painted Veil (1934).BW-85 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, Herbert Marshall. D: Richard Boleslawski. P/S

12:15 PM Conquest (1937).BW-113 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, Charles boyer. D: Clarence Brown. P/S

2:15 PM Queen Christina (1934).BW-99 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, John Gilbert. D: Rouben Mamoulian. P/S

4:00 PM Ninotchka (1939).BW-110 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas. D: Ernst Lubitsch. P/S

6:00 PM Grand Hotel (1932).BW-112 min.MGM. Greta Garbo, John Barrymore. D: Edmund Goulding. P/S

8:00 PM Gaslight (1944).BW-114 min.MGM. Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer. D: George Cukor. P/S

10:00 PM Going My Way (1944).BW-126 min.Paramount. Bing Crosby, Rise Stevens. D: Leo McCarey. P/S

12:15 AM Das Phantom der Oper (1916).BW-76 min.Greenbaum-Film. Nils Olaf Chrisander, Aud Egede Nissen. D: Ernst Matray. Exempt

1:45 AM Yevgeni Onegin (1959).Color-106 min.Lenfilm Studios. Vadim Medvedev, Ariadna Shengelaya. D: Roman Tikhomriov. Exempt

3:45 AM Aida (1953).Color-95 min.Oscar Film. Renata Tebaldi, Sophia Loren. D: Clemente Fracassi. Exempt


Monday, September 19


5:30 AM A Hatful of Rain (1957).BW-109 min.20th Century Fox. Don Murray, Eva Marie Saint. D: Fred Zinneman. P/S

7:30 AM The Producers (1968).Color-88 min.Embassy Pictures. Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder. D: Mel Brooks. P/S

9:00 AM The Boston Strangler (1968).Color-116 min.20th Century Fox. Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda. D: Richard Fleischer. Premiere #1

11:00 AM Prizzi's Honor (1985).Color-130 min.ABC Motion Pictures. Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner. D: John Huston. P/S

1:15 PM Winter Kills (1979).Color-97 min.AVCO Embassy Pictures. Jeff Bridges, John Huston. D: William Richert. Premiere #2

3:00 PM A Talent for Loving (1969).Color-110 min.Paramount. Richard Widmark, Topol. D: Richard Quine. Premiere #3

5:00 PM The Manchurian Candidate (1962).BW-126 min.United Artists. Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey. D: John Frankenheimer. P/S

7:30 PM Now Playing (September 2011) (2011).Color-30 min.TCM. . D: . P/S

8:00 PM Anna and the King of Siam (1946).BW-128 min.20th Century Fox. Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison. D: John Cromwell. Premiere #4

10:15 PM The Age of Innocence (1934).BW-81 min.RKO. Irene Dunne, John Boles. D: Philip Moeller. P/S

12:00 AM Show Boat (1936).BW-113 min.Universal. Irene Dunne, Allan Jones. D: James Whale. P/S

2:00 AM Love Affair (1939).BW-88 min.RKO. Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer. D: Leo McCarey. P/S

3:45 AM Theodora Goes Wild (1936).BW-94 min.Columbia. Irene Dunne, Melvyn Douglas. D: Richard Boleslawski. P/S

5:30 AM The Jack Benny Show (1953).BW-30 min.CBS. Jack Benny, Irene Dunne. D: Ralph Levy. Premiere #5


Tuesday, September 20


6:00 AM Desire Under the Elms (1958).BW-111 min.Paramount. Sophia Loren, Anthony Perkins. D: Delbert Mann. P/S

8:00 AM The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964).Color-188 min.Paramount. Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd. D: Anthony Mann. P/S

11:15 AM El Cid (1961).Color-182 min.Allied Artists. Sophia Loren, Charlton Heston. D: Anthony Mann. P/S

2:30 PM The Black Orchid (1958).BW-94 min.Paramount. Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn. D: Martin Ritt. P/S

4:15 PM Marriage Italian Style (1964).Color-102 min.Embassy Pictures. Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni. D: Vittorio De Sica. Premiere #6

6:00 PM Houseboat (1958).Color-110 min.Paramount. Sophia Loren, Cary Grant. D: Melville Shavelson. P/S

8:00 PM Tucker: the Man and His Dream (1988).Color-110 min.Lucasfilm. Jeff Bridges, Joan Allen. D: Francis Ford Coppola. Premiere #7

10:00 PM Bullitt (1968).Color-114 min.Warner Brothers. Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset. D: Peter Yates. P/S

12:00 AM Viva Las Vegas (1964).Color-85 min.MGM. Elvis Presley, Ann-Margaret. D: George Sidney. P/S

1:30 AM Grease (1978).Color-110 min.Paramount. John Travolta, Olivia Newton John. D: Randal Kleiser. P/S

3:30 AM Female (1933).BW-60 min.Warner Brothers. Ruth Chatterton, George Brent. D: Michael Curtiz. P/S

4:30 AM Speed (1936).BW-70 min.MGM. James Stewart, Wendy Barrie. D: Edwin Marin. P/S


Wednesday, September 21


5:45 AM Hair Raising Hare (1946).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

6:00 AM The Thing From Another World (1951).BW-87 min.RKO. Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan. D: Christian Nyby. P/S

7:30 AM Frigid Hare (1946).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

7:45 AM 90 Degrees South (1933).BW-72 min.New Era Films. F.R.G. Evans. D: Herbert Ponting. Premiere #8

9:30 AM Hare-Way to the Stars (1958).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

9:45 AM The Right Stuff (1983).Color-193 min.Warner Brothers. Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn. D: Philip Kaufman. P/S

1:00 PM A Scent of the Matterhorn (1961).Color-6 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

1:15 PM Lost Horizon (1937).BW-132 min.Columbia. Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt. D: Frank Capra. P/S

3:30 PM Wackiki Wabbit (1943).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

3:45 PM Road to Utopia (1946).BW-90 min.Columbia. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope. D: Hal Walker. P/S

5:15 PM Zoom at the Top (1962).Color-6 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

5:30 PM The Far Horizons (1955).Color-108 min.Paramount. Fred MacMurray, Charlton Heston. D: Rudolph Mate. P/S

7:15 PM Ali Baba Bunny (1957).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

7:30 PM One Froggy Evening (1955).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

7:45 PM What's Opera, Doc? (1957).Color-7 min.Warner Brothers. Mel Blanc. D: Chuck Jones. P/S

8:00 PM 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).Color-141 min.MGM. Kier Dullea, Gary Lockwood. D: Stanley Kubrick. P/S

10:30 PM Wargames (1983).Color-114 min.MGM. Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy. D: John Badham. P/S

12:30 AM Colossus: the Forbin Project (1970).Color-100 min.Universal. Eric Braeden, Susan Clark. D: Joseph Sargent. Premiere #9

2:15 AM Desk Set (1957).Color-103 min.20th Century Fox. Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn. D: Walter Lang. P/S

4:00 AM The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969).Color-91 min.Walt Disney. Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero. D: Robert Butler. P/S


Thursday, September 22


5:45 AM Her Primitive Man (1944).BW-79 min.Universal. Louise Allbritton, Robert Paige. D: Charles Lamont. Premiere #10

7:15 AM The Life of the Party (1937).BW-77 min.RKO. Gene Raymond, Joe Penner. D: William Seiter. P/S

8:45 AM Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941).BW-94 min.Columbia. Robert Montgomery, Evelyn Keyes. D: Alexander Hall. P/S

10:30 AM The Lady Eve (1941).BW-94 min.Paramount. Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda. D: Preston Sturges. P/S

12:15 PM Shall We Dance (1937).BW-109 min.RKO. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. D: Mark Sandrich. P/S

2:15 PM Swing Time (1936).BW-103 min.RKO. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. D: George Stevens. P/S

4:00 PM Top Hat (1935).BW-101 min.RKO. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. D: Mark Sandrich. P/S

5:45 PM The Gay Divorcee (1934).BW-107 min.RKO. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. D: Mark Sandrich. P/S

7:35 PM Carribean Romance (1943).BW-20 min.Paramount. Eric Blore, Olga San Juan. D: Lester Fuller. P/S

8:00 PM Fashions of 1934 (1934).BW-78 min.Warner Brothers. William Powell, Bette Davis. D: William Dieterle. P/S

9:45 PM My Man Godfrey (1936).BW-94 min.Universal. William Powell, Carole Lombard. D: Gregory La Cava. P/S

11:30 PM The Great Ziegfeld (1936).BW-176 min.MGM. William Powell, Myrna Loy. D: Robert Leonard. P/S

2:30 AM The Hoodlum Saint (1946).BW-91 min.MGM. William Powell, Esther Williams. D: Norman Taurog. P/S

4:15 AM Mister Roberts (1955).Color-123 min.Warner Brothers. Henry Fonda, James Cagney. D: John Ford. P/S


Friday, September 23


6:30 AM You're Only Young Once (1937).BW-78 min.MGM. Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone. D: George Seitz. P/S

8:00 AM Girl Crazy (1943).BW-99 min.MGM. Mickey Rooney, Judy Gaeland. D: Norman Taurog. P/S

9:45 AM A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935).BW-133 min.Warner Brothers. James Cagney, Dick Powell. D: William Dieterle. P/S

12:00 PM Babes in Arms (1939).BW-94 min.MGM. Mickey Rooney, Judy Gaeland. D: Busby Berkeley. P/S

1:45 PM Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).Color-115 min.Paramount. Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard. D: Blake Edwards. P/S

3:45 PM Manhattan Melodrama (1934).BW-93 min.MGM. Clark Gable, William Powell. D: W.S. Van Dyke. P/S

5:30 PM Mickey's Busy Day (1932).BW-19 min.RKO. Mickey Rooney (as Mickey McGuire). D: Jesse Duffy. P/S

6:00 PM Mickey the Romeo (1930).BW-18 min.RKO. Mickey Rooney (as Mickey McGuire). D: Albert Herman. P/S

6:30 PM Andy Hardy Comes Home (1958).Color-80 min.MGM. Mickey Rooney, Patricia Breslin. D: Howard Koch. P/S

8:00 PM Elephant Walk (1954).Color-103 min.Paramount. Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews. D: William Dieterle. P/S

10:00 PM The Letter (1940).BW-95 min.Warner Brothers. Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall. D: William Wyler. P/S

11:45 PM Black Narcissus (1947).Color-100 min.The Archers. Deborah Karr, David Farrar. D: Michael Powell. P/S

1:30 AM Videodrome (1983).Color-89 min.Famous Players. Deborah Harry, James Woods. D: David Cronenberg. Exempt

3:00 AM eXistenZ (1999).Color-97 min.Dimension Films. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law. D: David Cronenberg. Exempt

4:45 AM Scanners (1981).Color-101 min.AVCO Embassy Pictures. Jennifer O'Neill, Stephen Lack. D: David Cronenberg. Exempt


Saturday, September 24


6:30 AM Back Street (1941).BW-89 min.Universal. Charles Boyer, Margaret Sullivan. D: Robert Stevenson. P/S

8:00 AM At Long Last Love (1975).Color-118 min.20th Century Fox. Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd. D: Peter Bogdanovich. P/S

10:00 AM Three Days of the Condor (1975).Color-117 min.Paramount. Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway. D: Sydney Pollack. P/S

12:00 PM The Natural (1984).Color-134 min.TriStar Pictures. Robert Redford, Glenn Close. D: Barry Levinson. P/S

2:15 PM Sunday in New York (1963).Color-103 min.MGM. Jane Fonda, Rod Taylor. D: Peter Tewksbury. P/S

4:00 PM The Way We Were (1973).Color-118 min.Columbia. Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand. D: Sydney Pollack. P/S

6:00 PM Tales of Manhattan (1942).BW-118 min.20th Century Fox. Charles Boyer, Rita Hayworth. D: Julien Duvivier. Premiere #11

8:00 PM Barefoot in the Park (1967).Color-106 min.Paramount. Robert Redford, Jane Fonda. D: Gene Saks. P/S

10:00 PM Private Screenings: Jane Fonda (2007).Color-55 min.TCM. Jane Fonda, Robert Osborne. D: . P/S

11:00 PM Any Wednesday (1966).Color-109 min.Warner Brothers. Jane Fonda, Jason Robards. D: Robert Miller. P/S

1:00 AM Appointment for Love (1941).BW-89 min.Universal. Charles Boyer, Margaret Sullivan. D: William Seiter. P/S

2:30 AM She's Back on Broadway (1953).Color-95 min.Warner Brothers. Virginia Mayo, Gene Nelson. D: Gordon Douglas. Premiere #12

4:15 AM Black Widow (1954).Color-95 min.20th Century Fox. Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin. D: Nunnally Johnson. Premiere #13


And my notes for the schedule...


Sunday, September 18

Greta Garbo birthday tribute - all day, 6 AM to 8 PM


For the evening films, the theme is opera, in honor of the opening of the Royal Opera House in London on this date in 1809. "Gaslight" revolves around the murder of a famous opera diva, and "Going My Way" features a real-life diva (Rise Stevens) playing a fictional diva.


The Silent Sunday Night and TCM Imports films carry through the operatic theme, with a silent 1916 telling of the Phantom of the Opera story, and a pair of imports featuring films of classic Russian (Yevegni Onegin) and Italian (Aida) operas.


Monday, September 19

The early part of the day features a birthday tribute to WIlliam Hickey, including a personal favorite of mine, "Prizzi's Honor".


The afternoon follows "Prizzi" up with three more films based on novels written, as "Prizzi" was, by Richard Condon.


The evening features the first "Easy as 1-2-3" theme. It's "pre"-makes, three films that were later, and more popularly, remade, and all starring Irene Dunne.


Overnight, Irene Dunne carries on with two more of her films and an early television appearance on the Jack Benny show.


Tuesday, September 20

The day, straight through from 6 AM to 8 PM, features a birthday tribute to Sophia Loren.


The evening's films all focus on the automobile, with cars playing a central role in each, in honor of the introduction of the first gasoline-powered auto on this date in 1891.


Wednesday, September 21

The daytime includes two themes. There is a birthday tribute to Chuck Jones, featuring his Warner Brothers cartoons before and after each film of the day.


The second theme is explorers, both fictional and real, to celebrate the publication of the first issue of National Geographic Magazine on this date in 1888. It includes one especially interesting premiere - a 1933 documentary about Scott's expedition to Antarctica, "90 Degrees South".


In the evening, we have the second "Easy as 1-2-3" theme, three films about the rise of computers, specifically films in which they become smarter than their creators and attempt to do away with them (and, in the case of the third film, "Colossus: the Forbin Project", the computer actually manages to win the day).


Thursday, September 22

For the daytime, I went with the theme of "Fred and Ginger's Partners" - three supporting actors who appeared in several of their classic musicals. Specifically, Helen Broderick, Edward Everett Horton and Eric Blore.


The evening's theme is our Star of the Month, for which I selected WIlliam Powell. I started off with a pairing of Powell with Better Davis in "Fashions of 1934".


Friday, September 23

The daytime is devoted to a birthday tribute to Mickey Rooney, beginning with the very first Andy Hardy film, and ending with the last, with a wide variety of Rooney roles in between.


The evening includes the third and final "Easy as 1-2-3" theme. It's "the mysterious and malevolent East" - three films sharing an Asian setting and doomed Westerners who learn to their cost that the peoples and secrets of the Orient are not to be trifled with.


Overnight, TCM Underground features three extremely disturbing films by cult director David Cronenberg,


Saturday, September 24

The theme for the whole day, straight through to 6 AM on Sunday, is "Essential New York" - every film today is set in New York, and features an actor who appears in this week's "The Essentials" film.


At 8 PM, we have "The Essentials" for the week, "Barefoot in the Park".

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Below in the thread are the eight schedules submitted in competition for the 19th TCM Programming Challenge. Please take time to look them over and possibly print them out. All are worthy contenders.


If you have been registered on these boards on or before April 1, 2011, you are eligible to vote. This is the "no stuffing the ballot box" rule. The only exception is for those who have submitted schedules: you are always eligible to vote.


In the past we have had questions about whether you may vote for your own schedule. Let's make it clear: you may NOT vote for your own schedule. This is not in the spirit of the challenge.


How do you vote? You may either submit a post to the voting thread with your choice, or you may send me a private message. Either way is fine.


Voting ends at midnight Pacific time, Thursday, July 7. That gives everyone a week to decide. Good luck to all. The winner becomes the moderator for the next challenge.

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lzcutter's schedule and notes--submitted out of competition:


Sunday, Nov 5th, 2011:


Hunt Stromberg Presents

6:00 A Our Modern Maidens (1929) Joan Crawford, Dir. Jack Conway, MGM, 76 mins

7:30 A Chained (1958) Joan Crawford, Dir. Clarence Brown, MGM, 74 mins.

9:00 A Small Town Girl ( 1936) Janet Gaynor, Dir.Wm. Wellman, MGM, 106 mins p/s

10:45 A Northwest Passage (1940) Spencer Tracy, Dir. King Vidor, MGM, 126 mins p/s


Entering My House Justified: A Birthday Salute to Joel McCrea

12:00 P Banjo on My Knee (1936) Joel McCrea, Dir. John Cromwell, Fox, 95 mins P

2:00 P The Silver Cord (1933) Joel McCrea, Dir. John Cromwell, RKO, 74 mins

3:30 P Private Worlds (1934), Joel McCrea, Dir. Gregory LaCava, PAR, 84 mins P


First a Silent, then a Talkie

5:00 P Wizard of Oz (1925) Dorothy Dwan, Dir. Larry Semon, Chadwick, 72 mins, p/s

6:15 P Wizard of Oz (1939) Judy Garland, Dir. Vic Fleming, MGM, 101 mins, p/s

8:00 P Beau Geste (1926) Ronald Coleman, Dir. Herbert Brennon, PAR 101mins P

10:00 P Beau Geste (1939) Gary Cooper, Dir. Wm. Wellman, PAR, 120 mins p/s


Silent Sundays

12:00 A The Iron Mask (1929) Douglas Fairbanks, Dir. Allan Dwan, UA, 103 mins E


TCM Imports

1:45 A Bitter Rice (1949) Silvano Magnano, Dir. Giuseppe De Santis, Lux, 101 mins E

3:30 A White Nights (1957) Maria Schell, Dir. Luchino Visconti, Rank, 107 mins E

5:30 A Now Playing: The Show (2011)


Monday, Nov. 6


The Monopoly Man: Charles Coburn

6:00 A Bachelor Mother (1939) Charles Coburn, Dir. Garson Kanin, RKO, 82 mins p/s

7:30 A The Lady Eve (1941) Charles Coburn, Dir. Preston Sturges, PAR 95 mins, p/s

9:15 A George Washington Slept Here (1943) Claudette Colbert, Dir William Keighley, WBros, 93 mins p/s

11:00 A The Constant Nymph (1943) Charles Coburn, Dir. Edmund Goulding, WB, 106 mins p/s


Screen Couples: Francis Gifford and James Craig

1:45 P Marriage is a Private Affair (1955) Lana Turner, Dir. Robert Z. Leonard, MGM, 118 mins p/s

3:45 P Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) Ed. G. Robinson, Dir. Roy Rowland, MGM, 105 mins p/s

5:30 P Little Mr. Jim (1947) Jackie "Butch" Jenkins, Dir. Fred Zinneman, MGM, 92 mins


Like Father, Like Son

8:00 P Last of the Mohicans (1920) Wallace Beery, Dir. Maurice Tourneur, Fox,73 mins p/s

9: 00 P Stars in My Crown (1950) Joel McCrea,Dir. Jacques Tourneur, MGM, 91 mins p/s

10:45 P Reaching for the Moon (1931) Doug Fairbanks, Sr. Dir. Edmund Goulding, UA 90 mins P

12:15 A Angles Over Broadway (1940) Doug Fairbanks, Jr. Dir. Ben Hecht, COL, 78 mins p/s

1:45 A Alibi Ike (1935) writer: Ring Laudner, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 73 mins, p/s

3:15 A Tomorrow the World! writer: Ring Laudner, Jr. Dir. Leslie Fenton, UA, 86 mins p/s


5:00 A Val Lewton: The Man Behind the Shadows (2008) Kent Jones, TCM, 77 mins p/s


TUESDAY, Nov. 7th


Everybody's Buddy- Harry Morgan:

6:15 A Thunder Bay (1953) James Stewart, Dir. Anthony Mann, UNI, 103 mins p/s

8:00 A Bend of the River (1952) James Stewart. Dir. Anthony Mann, UNI, 92 mins p/s

10:00 A The Ox-bow Incident (1943) Henry Fonda, Dir.Wm. Wellman, FOX, 75 mins p/s

11:30 A Dragonwyck (1946) Vincent Price, Dir. J. Mankewicz, FOX, 103 mins p/s

2:00 P How the West Was Won (1963) John Wayne, Dir. John Ford, MGM, 155 mins p/s

5:00 P The Far Country (1955) James Stewart, Dir. Anthony Mann, PAR, 103 mins p/s


7: 00 P Private Screenings: Stanley Donen (2006) TCM Documentary, 60 mins.


Glenda Farrell: Star of the Month:

8:00 P Scandal for Sale (1932) Glenda Farrell, Dir. Russell Mack, UNI, 74 mins P

9:15 P Girl Missing (1933) Glenda Farrell, Dir. Robert Florey, WBros, 69 mins p/s

10:30 P Lady For a Day (1933) Warren William, Dir. Frank Capra, COL, 96 mins p/s

12:15 A Heat Lightning (1934) Aline McMahon, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, WBros, 63 mins p/s

1:30 A Merry Wives of Reno (1923) Glenda Farrell, Dir. H. Bruce Humberstone, WBros, 64 mins

3:00 A In Caliente (1935) Delores Del Rio, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WBros, 84 mins, p/s

4:30 A Traveling Saleslady (1935) Glenda Farrell, Joan Blondell, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 64 mins, p/s


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 8th:

A Man Makes His Own Luck: A Salute to Millard Mitchell

6:00 A A Double Life (1930) Ronald Coleman, Dir. George Cukor, UNI, 104 mins p/s

8:00 A Winchester '73 (1932) James Stewart, Dir. Anothy Mann, UNI, 92 mins p/s

9:45 A Convicted (1950) Glenn Ford, Dir. Henry Levin, COL, 91 mins p/s

11:30 A My Six Convicts (1952) Millard Mitchell, Dir. Hugo Fregonese, COL, 105 mins p/s

1:15 P Singin' in the Rain (1952) Gene Kelly, Dir. Stanley Donen, MGM , 103 mins p/s

3:00 P The Big Street (1942) Henry Fonda, Dir. Irving Reis, RKO, 92 mins p/s

4:45 P The Naked Spur (1953) James Stewart, Dir Anthony Mann, MGM, 94 mins p/s

6:30 P Strictly Dishonorable (1951) Janet Leigh, Dir. Melvin Frank, MGM, 90 mins


Guest Programmer: Mark Knopfler

8:00 P Border Reiver / Ride the Pink Horse (1947) Robert Montgomery, Dir. Robert Montgomery, UNI, 101 mins p/s

9:45 P Beachcombing / Bird of Paradise (1932) Joel McCrea, Dir. King Vidor UNI, 80 mins p/s

11:15 P Quality Shoe / Sullivan's Travels (1942) Veronica Lake, Dir. Preston Sturges, PAR, 91 mins.

12:45 A Madame Geneva's / A Tale of Two Cities (1935) Ronald Colman, Dir. Jack Conway, MGM, 123 mins p/s

3:00 A A Rag-Picker's Dream / It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947) Don Defore, Dir. Roy del Ruth, ALLIED, 116 mins p/s


5:00 A Without Lying Down: Power of Women in Film (2000) TCM documentary, 56 mins p/s+


THURSDAY, Nov. 7th


Directed by Dorothy Azner

6:00 A Christopher Strong (1933) Katharine Hepburn, Dir. Dorothy Azner, RKO, 77 mins p/s

7:30 A Craig's Wife (1936) Rosalind Russell, Dir. Dorothy Azner, Columbia, 85 mins, p/s

9:45 A The Bride Wore Red (1937) Joan Crawford, Dir. Dorothy Azner, MGM, 104 mins p/s

11:30 A Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) Maureen O’Hara, Dir. Dorothy Azner, RKO, 90 mins p/s


Alright, Who Did It? Who Did It?

1:00 P Who Done It (1942) Abbott and Costello, Dir. Erle C. Kenton, UNI, 77 mins P

2:30 P Murder, He Says (1945) Fred McMurray, Dir. George Marshall, PAR, 94 mins p/s

4:15 P I Love Trouble (1948) Franchot Tone, Dir. S. Sylvan Simon, COL, 106 mins P

6:00 P Footsteps in the Dark (1941) Errol Flynn, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WBros, 96 mins, p/s


Glenda Farrell: Star of the Month

8:00 P Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935) Dick Powell, Dir. Busby Berkley, WBros, 95 mins, p/s

10:45 P We're in the Money (1935) Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 65 mins p/s

12:00 A Gold Diggers of 1937 (1937) Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Dir. Lloyd Bacon, WBros, 101 mins p/s

1:45 A Miss Pacific Fleet (1936) Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, Dir. Ray Enright, WBros, 66 mins. p/s

3:00 A Torchy Blane (1937) Glenda Farrell, Dir. Frank McDonald, WBros, 65 mins

4:15 A Torchy Gets Her Man (1938) Glenda Farrell, Dir. William Beaudine, WBros, 58 mins

5:15 A Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939) Glenda Farrell, Dir. William Beaudine, WBros, 58 mins,


FRIDAY, Nov. 8th


Not the Man I Used to Be

6:15 A Street of Chance (1942) Burgess Meredith, Dir. Jack Hively, PAR, 74 mins P

7:30 A Fear in the Night (1947) Paul Kelly, Dir. Maxwell Shane, PAR, 74 mins P

8:45 A Two in the Dark (1936) Walter Abel, Dir. Ben Stoloff, RKO, 74 mins

10:00 A Power of the Whistler (1945) Richard Dix, Dir. Lew Landers, COL, 66 mins P

11:15 A Crossroads, (1942) William Powell, Dir. Jack Conway, MGM, 83 mins

12:45 P The Haunted Strangler (1958) Boris Karloff, Dir. Robert Day, MGM, 78 mins

2:00 P Nightmare (1956) Ed. G. Robinson, Dir. Maxwell Shane, UA, 89 mins p/s

3:30 P Spellbound (1945) Gregory Peck, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, UA, 116 mins p/s

5:30 P Random Harvest (1942) Greer Garson, Dir. Mervyn LeRoy, MGM, 128 mins, p/s


1-2-3 Allan Dwan

8:00 P Tide of Empire (1929) Renee Adore, Dir. Allan Dwan, MGM, 78 mins

9:15 P Brewster's Millions (1945) Dennis O’Keefe, Dir. Allan Dwan, UA,79 mins p/s

10:30 P Cattle Queen of Montana (1954) Barbara Stanwyck, Dir. Allan Dwan, RKO, 88 mins

Bonus Feature

12:00 A Slightly Scarlet (1956) John Payne, Dir. Allan Dwan, RKO, 99 mins



2:00 A Wild in the Streets (1968) Christopher Jones, Dir. Barry Shear, AIP, 97 mins E

3:45 A rpm (1970) Gary Lockwood, Dir. Stanley Kramer, COL, 99 mins E


SATURDAY, Nov. 9th


A Little Series with your Cereal

6:00 A The Falcon's Brother (1942) George Sanders, Dir. Stanley Logan, RKO, 64 mins p/s

7:15 A Calling Philo Vance (1940) James Stephenson, Dir. William Clemens, WBros, 63 mins

8:30 A Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940) Buster Crabbe, Dir. Ford Beebe, UNI, 28 mins P

9:00 A The Case of the Curious Bride (1935), Warren William, Dir. Michael Curtiz, WBros, 74 mins, p/s

10:15 A Arsene Lupin Returns (1938) Melvyn Douglas, Dir. Geo. Fitzmaurice, MGM, 82 mins, p/s

12:00 P Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939) Warren William, Dir. Peter Godfrey, COL, 69 mins. p/s


Featuring Lennox Pawle

1:15 P David Copperfield (1935). W.C. Fields, Dir. George Cukor, MGM, 133 mins, p/s

3:30 P The Sin of Madelon Claudet (1931) Helen Hayes, Dir. Edgar Selwyn, MGM, 74 mins, p/s

5:00 P Mata Hari (1931) Greta Garbo, Dir. George Fitzmaurice, MGM, 90 mins, p/s

6:30 P Sylvia Scarlett (1936) Katharine Hepburn, Dir. George Cukor, MGM, 90 mins, p/s


The Essentials

Indiana Who?

8:00 P Secret of the Incas (1954) Charlton Heston, Dir. Jerry Hooper, PAR, 101 mins, P

9:45 P The Egyptian (1954) Victor Mature, Dir. Michael Curtiz, FOX, 140 mins, P

12:15 A Doc Savage, Man of Bronze (1975) Ron Ely, Dir. Michael Anderson, WBros, 111 mins, P

2:15 A The Mummy (1959) Peter Cushing, Dir. Terence Fisher, UNI, 88 mins, p/s

3:45 A The Mummy (1932) Boris Karloff, Dir. Karl Freund, UNI, 78 mins p/s

5:15 A Bring 'em Back Alive (1932), Dir. Clyde Elliott, RKO, 60 mins


Hunt Stromberg probably needs no introduction. He was a prolific producer at MGM, producing all of Jean Harlow's films, many of Joan Crawford's early films and a number of prestige films at the ultimate dream factory. In the early 1940s, he struck out on his own forming his own company. For this schedule, I have an offering of some of his films from 1929-1958.


Most long-time posters know how I feel about Joel McCrea. I even started the thread "Joel McCrea for Star of the Month" to shine the spotlight on this very underrated actor. I offer up a trio of not so well known McCrea films in hopes that when the time comes for McCrea to get his month in the spotlight, the schedule will include this trio as well.


First a Silent, then a Talkie is rather self explanatory. It would, perhaps, make a good idea not only for the channel but for the Film Festival as well. There are plenty of titles that could be used. I used two of my favorites.


We all know how much I love Doug, Sr and I never miss a chance to promote him in my challenge schedules. The Iron Mask is one of his best and perhaps his most elegiac.


Anyone who loves Cinema Paradiso will recognize the two titles in my TCM Imports category.


Who resembles the Monopoly Man more than Charles Coburn? I couldn't think of anyone.


Like Father, Like Son looks at a trio of film professionals, one director (Maurice Tourneur), one star (Doug, Sr- my love knows no bounds) and one writer, Ring Lardner. Their sons followed in their footsteps and three films of the younger are highlighted here as well.


Henry "Harry" Morgan, long before he became beloved as TV's Col. Potter made his early career playing the sidekick of more renowned stars. From Jimmy Stewart to Henry Fonda to John Wayne, Morgan provided the necessary back-up and heavy lifting required of good character actors.


I saw Glenda Farrell earlier this month at a noir-fest and thought she was just terrific, stealing every scene she was in with Franchot Tone. I would love for this fast-talking, witty actresses to get her moment in the TCM spotlight. So, on Tuesday and Thursday evening, she is my Star of the Month. Some of the films include a trio of films she did with Joan Blondell. I can't wait!


Millard Mitchell is another one of those great character actors whose face and voice we recognize immediately. He provided back-up in dramas, comedies, musicals and westerns. He was very versatile and very good.


Wednesday evening singer/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire Mark Knopfler sits down with Robert O to introduce a series of films. The twist, they are films that may have inspired the accompanying songs.


Dorothy Azner was a pioneering female director and Thursday morning is dedicated to her.


Alright, Who Did It? Who Did It? Besides being one of the most well-known quotes from Mr. Roberts, it is also a block of who done its offered up for your enjoyment.


Not the Man I Used to Be is a look at films that deal with amnesia.


My 1-2-3- plus one focuses on Allan Dwan. He began his career in the early, early days of film making and kept making films until his retirement in the early 1960s. The auteur theory left Dwan in the dustbin of film history but those of us who love his workman like ethic and his films know that he should be better known.


Thanks to Rich (scsu1975) for his great recaps of bad, bad juvenile delinquent films. They inspired me to put these two on the schedule for TCM Underground.


Lastly, Saturday begins with a number of film series making an appearance on what would be a weekly basis.


Lennox Pawle was another character actor that many films buffs don't know until they see him on the screen. He is priceless in David Copperfield sparring with Edna May Oliver.


And Indiana, Who? is a series of films that may (or may not) have inspired Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spielberg and Lucas aren't saying but the similarities between Indy and Chuck Heston’s hero in Secret of the Incas says they were. And likely by the others on the schedule as well.


I hope you enjoy this out-of-competition schedule (no votes allowed).

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Below in the thread are the *voting rules* and the *eight schedules you may vote for*. Both lzcutter and Kyle in Hollywood submitted schedules out of competition, so I'm including them in this thread as well for your enjoyment.


Kyle in Hollywood's schedule and notes:


A Spotlight on the Olympic Games




Sunday, July 22nd 2012


Turner and "Hooch"

Films about Bootlegging or Moonshine

03:00am The Secret Six (1931) 83m, MGM

04:30am Gentleman's Fate (1931) 90m, MGM

06:00am Caught Plastered (1931) 68m, RKO

07:15am Pardon Us (1931) 55m, MGM/Roach

08:15am Them Thar Hills (1934) 20m, Roach


James Stewart Bio Pics

08:45am The Stratton Story (1949) 106m, MGM

10:45am Carbine Williams (1952) 91m, MGM

12:30pm The Glenn Miller Story (1954) 116m, Universal (P/S)

02:30pm The Spirit Of St. Louis (1957) 138m, WB (P/S)


=== Primetime Hours===


Efficiency Experts

05:00pm Cheaper By The Dozen (1950) 86m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

06:30pm Sitting Pretty (1948) 84m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

08:00pm Stand-In (1937) 91m, WB


09:30pm Silent Sunday Nights - The Godless Girl (1929) 113m, Pathe (P/S)


11:30pm TCM Imports - Jesus Of Montreal (1989) 118m


01:30am To Be Or Not To Be (1942) 100m, Para (P/S)

Monday, July 23rd 2012



Bette Davis/George Brent - Our Melodramas For "Uncle Jack"


03:30am Special Agent (1935) 78m, WB

05:00am Golden Arrow (1936) 70m, WB

06:15am Front Page Woman (1935) 82m, WB

07:45am Jezebel (1938) 103m, WB

09:30am The Old Maid (1939) 95m, WB

11:15am Dark Victory (1939) 105m, WB

01:15pm The Great Lie (1941) 110m, WB

03:15pm In This Our Life (1942) 98m, WB


===Primetime Hours===


An Olympic Spotlight, Night One

Olympic Documentaries


05:00pm Olympia, Part One (1936) 121m, (P/S)

07:15pm Olympia, Part Two (1936) 96m, (P/S)

09:00pm One Day In September (1999) 94m, Sony Classics - Premiere #1

10:45pm Visions Of Eight (1972) 110m, Cinema5 - Premiere #2

12:45am Tokyo Olympiad (1964) 132m, A.I.P (P/S)


Tuesday, July 24th, 2012


Olympic Documentaries (cont.)

03:00am Olympic Cavalcade (1948) 60m, UA (P/S)


Dudley Nichols & John Ford

04:00am The Plough And The Stars (1937) 67m, RKO

05:15am The Hurricane (1937) 110m, UA/Goldwyn (P/S)

07:15am The Lost Patrol (1934) 75m, RKO

08:30am The Informer (1935) 97m, RKO

10:15am The Long Voyage Home (1940) 103m, UA (P/S)



12:00pm Life With Father

02:00pm Red-Headed Woman

03:30pm The Lady WIth Red Hair


:::Primetime Hours:::


An Olympic Spotlight, Night Two

Olympic Settings


05:00pm Charlie Chan At The Olympics (1937) 71m, 20th-Century Fox - Premiere #3

06:15pm Million Dollar Legs (1932) 64m, Para (P/S)

07:30pm Search For Beauty (1934) 78m, Para - Premiere #4

09:00pm Walk, Don't Run (1966) 114m, Columbia (P/S)

11:00pm It Happened In Athens (1962) 92m, 20th-Century Fox - Premiere #4

12:45am The Games (1970) 100m, 20th-Century Fox - Premiere #5


02:30am Now Playing: The Show (August) TCM Production 30m

Wednesday, July 25th 2012


The Homefront During WWII

03:00am Since You Went Away (1944) 172m, Selznick (P/S)

06:00am Tender Comrade (1944) 102m, RKO

07:45am What A Blonde (1945) 72m RKO

09:00am Doughgirls (1944) 102m, WB

10:45am Swing Shift Maisie (1943) 87m, MGM

12:15pm Rationing (1944) 94m, MGM

02:00pm War Against Mrs. Hadley (1942) 86m, MGM

03:30pm Priorities On Parade (1942) 79m, Paramount - Premiere #6


:::Primetime Hours:::


An Olympic Spotlight, Night Three

Olympic Fictions


05:00pm Wee Geordie (1955) 93m, Times Film Corporation - Premiere #7

06:45pm Downhill Racer (1969) 101m, Paramount (P/S)

08:30pm Cutting Edge (1992) 101m, MGM - Premiere #8

10:15pm International Velvet (1978) 127m, MGM (P/S)


12:30am National Velvet (1944) 124m, MGM

Thursday, July 26th 2012


Hiding Out

03:00am The Whole Town Is Talking (1935) 95m, Columbia (P/S)

04:45am Talk Of The Town (1942) 118m, Columbia (P/S)

06:45am We're No Angels (1955) 105m, Paramount (P/S)


Everyone vs. The Nazis

The Lone Wolf

08:45am Passport To Suez (1943) 72m, Columbia (P/S)

The Saint

10:00am The Saint's Vacation(1941) 61m RKO


11:15am Tarzan Triumphs (1943) 77m, RKO

East Side Kids

12:45pm Ghosts On The Loose (1943) 65m, Monogram (P/S)

The Falcon

01:30pm The Falcon's Brother (1942) 64m, RKO

Sherlock Holmes

02:45pm Sherlock Holmes and the Voice Of Terror (1942) 65m, Universal (P/S)


03:00pm Son Of Lassie (1945) 100m, MGM


Star Of The Month - Albert Finney

(Also "1-2-3" Requirement)


Albert Finney in the '60s

05:00pm Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1961) 90m, Continental (P/S)

06:45pm Tom Jones (1963) 131m, Lopert Pictures (P/S)


Albert Finney in the '70s

09:00pm Murder On The Orient Express (1974) 128m, Paramount (P/S)

11:15pm Gumshoe (1971) 88m, Columbis (P/S)


Albert Finney in the '80s

12:45am The Dresser (1983) 118m, Sony Pictures (P/S)

02:45am Under The Volcano (1984) 112m, Universal (P/S)

Friday, July 27th 2012


04:45am Hidden Values: The Movies Of The Fifties (2001) 60m, TCM Production


Really Big Doings in Really Small Towns

05:45am Magic Town (1947) 103m, RKO

07:30am Hail, The Conquering Hero (1944) 101m, Paramount (P/S)

09:15am June Bride (1948) 97m, WB

11:00am Bye, Bye Birdie (1963) 112m, Columbia (P/S)

01:00pm Cold Turkey (1971) 102m, UA (P/S)

02:45pm The Russians Are Coming... (1966) 126m, UA (P/S)

An Olympic Spotlight, Night Four

Olympic Actors


05:00pm Tarzan, The Ape Man (1932) 101m, MGM

Johnny Weismuller - Gold Medalist (Swimming), 1924 & 1928 Olympics


06:45pm Everything Happens At Night (1939) 76m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

Sonja Henie - Gold Medalist (Figure Skating), 1928, 1932 & 1936 Olympics


08:15pm Sing And Like It (1934) 72m, RKO

Nat Pendleton - Silver Medalist (Wrestler), 1920 Olympics


09:30pm Tarzan The Fearless (1933) 89m, 20th-Century Fox (P/S)

Buster Crabbe - Gold Medalist (Swimming), 1932 Olympics


11:00pm TCM Underground - Gymkata (1985) 90m, MGM

Kurt Thomas - Gymnast, 1976 Olympics


12:30am TCM Underground - American Anthem (1986) 102m, Columbia

Mitch Gaylord - Gold Medalist (Gymnastics), 1984 Olympics


02:15am The Younger Brothers (1949) 76m, WB

Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett - Silver Medalist (Shot Put), 1928 Olympics


Saturday, July 28th 2012


Olympic Actors (cont.)

03:45am Tarzan's Revenge (1938) 70m, 20th-Century Fox Premiere #9

Glenn Morris - Gold Medalist (Decathalon), 1936 Olympics


Day Of Powell-full Musicals


William Powell

05:00am The Great Ziegfeld (1936) 180m, MGM

Eleanor Powell

08:15am Rosalie (1937) 122m, MGM

Dick Powell

10:30am The Singing Marine (1937) 105m, WB

Jane Powell

12:30pm A Date With Judy (1948) 113m, MGM

Michael Powell

02:30pm The Tales Of Hoffmann (1951) 138m, London FIlms (P/S)


An Olympic Spotlight, Night Five

Olympic Bio Pics


05:00pm The Essentials - Chariots Of Fire (1981) 124m, Ladd Co. (P/S)

Eric Liddell, 1924 Gold Medalist - 400 Meters

Harold Abrahams, 1924 Gold Medalist - 100 Meters


07:15pm Jim Thorpe, All American (1951) 107m, WB (P/S)

Jim Thorpe, 1912 Gold Medalist - Decathalon, Pentathalon


09:15pm Running Brave (1984) 106m, Buena Vista - Premiere #10

Billy Mills, 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist - 10,000 Meters


11:15pm Without Limits (1998) 117m, WB - Premiere #11

Steve Prefontaine, 1972 Olympic Team - 5000 Meters


01:15 The Bob Mathias Story (1954) 80m, Allied Artists - Premiere #12

Bob Mathias, 1948 & 1952 Olympic Gold Medalist - Decathalon


Some Notes on "Kyle In Hollywood"s Programming Challenge Schedule


Like a "seven-year cicada", after taking a hiatus from Challenge writing for the past seven editions, I have returned to write a week of programming for TCM. But, I am still invoking my "Challenger Emeritus" status and not "competing" for the chance to moderate the next Challenge. My day-to-day life won't allow it for the forseeable future. But I was inspired with some ideas that I wanted to put forth for the membership and for the Programming Department. I hope it is met with some approval.


Choosing to assemble a full "Spotlight" event for this Challenge, I programmed Five Nights to salute the Olympic Games. It is scheduled for the last week of July, 2012 which would lead into the opening of next year's London Games that begin on July 27th. Originally planned for four nights, it was expanded to five nights because of the number appropriate titles and the numerous premieres available for use this time out.


The Olympics, Night One - Documentaries

Of the documentaries made about the Olympic Games, Leni Reifenstahl's two-part Olympia about the Berlin Olympics in 1936 is probably the most well known. It was included in TCM's Spotlight on Documentary Films back in 1999. Of the documentary premieres presented this night, two cover the 1972 Games in Munich - One Day In September about the murder of the Israeli athetes that year and Visions Of Eight which compiles work by eight different directors who focused on specific competitions that year. The eight directors include Arthur Penn, John Schlesinger and Claude Lelouch. The film Olympic Cavalcade chronicles the 1948 Olympic Games held in London and which were the first held after WWII.


The Olympics, Night Two - Olympic Settings

There are quite a few films set during Olympic Games that don't focus specifically on the athletic competitions. This evening is made up of some of those films. Charlie Chan At The Olympics is (surprise) a mystery set at the 1936 Games in Berlin - where No. 1 Son is a member of the U.S. Swim Team. Million Dollar Legs is a comedy with W.C. Fields about the nation of Klopstokia entering the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. Search For Beauty stars Olympian Buster Crabbe as a former Olympian who becomes involved in promoting a titillating fitness magazine. The familiar Walk, Don't Run reimagines The More The Merrier by placing the housing shortage at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. It Happened In Athens is a Jane Mansfield farce set during the the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, 1896 while The Games takes place at the 1960 Rome Olympics.


The Olympics, Night Three - Olympic Fictions

This night covers fictional stories about Olympic competitors. The English film Wee Geordie is the story of a small-ish lad from Scotland who becomes a celebrated hammer-thrower. Downhill Racer is the Micheal Ritchie film about a downhill skier that climaxes at the Olympic Games and The Cutting Edge is a love story about a former hockey player who becomes the partner to a prima-donna figure skater. International Velvet, recently seen during the TCM "Playing The Ponies" Spotlight, has Velvet coaching an aspiring Olympic Equestrian.


The Olympics, Night Four - Olympic Actors

I think it was Ben Mankiewicz who mentioned in an intro of his that Nat Pendleton was an Olympic medalist. It's true. This night's line-up features Pendleton and other assorted actors who have competed in the Olympic Games. Four former Olympians have protrayed Tarzan on film with Johnny Weismuller being the most famous and successful. Buster Crabbe also did a turn (and which wil be seen on TCM in July) as did decathlete Glenn Morris - who abandoned acting shortly afterwards. Herman Brix was an Olympic shot-putter in the 1928 Olympics, winning a silver medal in the event. In 1935 he starred in The New Adventures of Tarzan followed by Tarzan and the Green Goddess in 1938. (He is also seen in Million Dollar Legs as a member of the Klopstokian Olympic team.) Frustrated at being typecast as another Tarzan, he changed his name to Bruce Bennett. This new name changed the trajectory of his acting career. As Bennett, he was seen in better films, including Mildred Pierce, Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Angels In The Outfield. The Younger Brothers represents one of his best starring roles. The infamous Gold Medalist Figure Skater Sonja Henie was made a star at 20th-Century Fox and made numerous films there through the 1940s - including her debut film One In A Million which focuses on an Olympic Figure Skater. I would have used that film but the film's running time made a mess of my night's line-up. A focus on Olympic athletes-turned-actors also fit into the TCM Underground mindset with two Olympic Gymnasts being featured in two pretty dreadful films of the 1970s.


The Olympics, Night Five - Olympic Bio Pics

While not everyone may consider Chariots Of Fire an "Essentials"-worthy film, it was useful for the last Olympic Spotlight I planned. The lives of Olympians do provide inspirational stories and Chariots Of Fire does succeed on that level, as do all the other titles included this night. Besides Jim Thorpe, All-American, the night also includes a dramatic look at the life of another Native-American Olympian, Billy Mills (portrayed by 1980s heart-throb Robby Benson) and the story of another runner, Steve Prefontaine, who was the subject of two feature films within two years, Without Limits (included in my schedule) and Pre. The evening (and week) finishes off with The Bob Mathias Story starring, of all people, Bob Mathias himself.


Most of the rest of the schedule is pretty self-explanatory. I riff on the name of a famous NYC music club, CBGB's (OMFUG), with a day-long look at the co-starring turns of Bette Davis and George Brent that they made at Warner Bros. for "Uncle Jack" Warner. "Dudley Nichols & John Ford" is a line-up of Ford films with scripts by the screenwriter Dudley Nichols. I've been long amused and impressed by the lengths films studios went to stir patriotic and pro-war feelings in the audience during WWII. Two looks at such studio endeavors can be found in the use of franchise film characters to fight the Nazis (Tarzan? Lassie? Really? Highly Amused.) and the "Homefront" films (Impressed) that explore the idea that "They also serve who only stand and wait" when performing their civic duties (and enduring domestic hardships) far from those on the battlelines.


Albert Finney films have been a staple on TCM for the past few years - so much so that I thought TCM was gearing up to name him a "Star Of The Month". It hasn't happened yet. Maybe soon. But it was nice to explore his career without having to use any premieres.


I had fun attempting a Challenge Schedule again. But don't be surprised if I wait out another seven Challlenges before jumping in again.


Edited by: kingrat on Jul 1, 2011 4:47 PM

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I should have known the one time I already knew which one I wanted to vote for that it would be one that didn't count. I knew it was too easy. Well, pooh on *Kyle in Hollywood.* You would have gotten my vote.


So if I can't vote for Kyle in Hollywood, it'll have to go to the other one I wish I wrote -




Mostly because for the last challenge I almost wrote a schedule for that exact week WITH a 100th birthday tribute to Ruth Hussey. I had to give it up for one in December because of the nature of that challenge, etc. So I'm so glad you, Filmlover, read my mind and did a tribute to her. Plus I love the tag team idea, British Cinema, and would love to see many of your premieres myself. (My brother saw Whistle Down the Wind at the TCM film fest and told me it was awesome, so I've been wanting to see that one myself). Plus, 39 Steps is completely essential.


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jul 1, 2011 7:04 PM

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*"Well, pooh on Kyle in Hollywood. You would have gotten my vote."* - LonesomePolecat


I am very flattered you found my schedule worth voting for, "LP". But if I hadn't recused myself for personal reasons, I would have had to do it because I didn't follow the rules 'kingrat' put down.


I mis-remembered that the "1-2-3" needed to be three sets of _three_ films. I was thinking about his invoking of the sharing of films with friends that one wants to expose to classic films with the inclusion of this requirement. Now, I have done such sharing with numerous friends and acquaintances - but I always kept it to two titles at a time. Double features seemed to go over well with the recipients. Triple features could be burdensome for newbies.


Anyway, because I only included two films each in the "1-2-3" section, it wouldn't be fair to everyone else for me to "compete" with them for the honor of being the "favorite" Challenge Schedule.


(I also mis-numbered my premieres using "#4" twice. I caught it but left it alone as I only used 13 premieres total in the week of programming anyway. But I don't want anyone to think I was trying to sneak in an extra premiere with some loose accounting methods.)


Kyle In Hollywood

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WHAT PRICE GLORY (1926) really and truly is coming, and it should be before the end of this year. Unless what is holding things back is the rights to the melody Charmaine? Sure hope not that sounds ao absurd.




Lynn I have to vote for you because you included BEAU GESTE (1926). See THE IRON MASK listed as well.


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> Lynn I have to vote for you because you included BEAU GESTE (1926). See THE IRON MASK listed as well




Thanks for the vote of confidence but my schedule was presented, as noted, out-of-competition. After what seems like numerous times in the winner's circle of the Challenge, I want to spread that wealth around.


I'm sure you can find a winner in the eight schedules that are eligible for votes!

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I have said in the posting thread what I love of each schedule. I wish to thank all of you for posting schedules which are very entertaining and all of which I hope serve as inspiration to the TCM programmers.


Each schedule is excellent in its own way and there are many themes which made me laugh. I was reduced to simply counting which schedule had the most movies I like grouped together to provide a day or an evening I would not want to miss. Per this criteria my vote goes to:




All entrants are to be congratulated on their excellent work.

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What SansFin liked about the schedules, as far as the themes, movies, and SoTMs, goes for me, too.


As usual, it's very hard to choose just one. They're all great, and you're all to be congratulated for your wit, insights, and hard work.


I used a slightly different standard in selecting just one, but the result is happily the same.


I vote for: *countessdelave*

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Great schedules everyone. Many great ideas. I love puns for theme titles and there were plenty to go around.


Thanks to Kyle and Lynn for submitting schedules even though you didn't include them in voting. It's a mighty effort and I enjoyed them. (Lynn, as I had McCrea as my SOTM way back and had a birthday tribute later on I hope you are more persuasive than I was.)


Congratulations to all but I'll cast my vote for *filmlover.*


Well done everyone.

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It's time to vote! So far we have more schedules than voters. This is not a good thing. Voting will continue through midnight Pacific time on Thursday.


Thus far, tied for the lead with two votes apiece are filmlover, Fedya, and countessdelave, but anyone could easily win.

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Wow, this is very difficult. I've now just looked at everyone's schedules and I find things I like in them all. But how to choose?


I went back over them a second and a third time and I whittled down to two, LonesomePolecat and Countessdelave. I find SO MUCH I like in each one. Among the things I really enjoy, Countess included a couple of Jim Hutton films. On Lonesome's side, there was Sid Caesar's comedy team. That appealed to me a lot because it is something like what I might come up with.


But the tie was broken by one of them when they included Danny Kaye as SOTM. I would so love for that to happen. Because of that, I went with LonesomePolecat.

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