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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Ephemera Drawer

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the re-naming of *Big Jim McLain* for the Italian audience






WHO knew?? What a suprise to me, anyway. Ha.. I guess it really IS all about the name.. if it worked. (for the communists I mean)



Gee.... if only I could figure out how to change the names on some modern day movies.... hmmm....



Nah.. that much power might go to my head.. HA.



Thanks for the smile, Mr. In Hollywood. :)



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Way cool, Mr. In Hollywood. I really like the one w/ baby Moses and mom in the river. (always looked forward to the annual "event" every year when I was a kid... still enjoy getting a chance to see it when I can) It may not be for everyone's taste.. but to me its always been quite a"grand" telling of the tale.



Thanks for posting these.



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Happy Easter


Copy of FunnyLittleBunnies1934aLRG



J. C. Leyendecker Saturday Evening Post Cover, Year Unknown



24-Sheet "Billboard" Poster (1927)

Click Through On Image to Access Larger Versions.

Cecil B. DeMille's *King Of Kings* screens on Silent Sunday Night.

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Wales Tales

Thursday Night on TCM



Pressbook Cover



aka *The Proud Valley*




The mines in Wales may have long closed but the sons and grandsons of the miners are still raising their voices in song. Phenomenally so.


"Calon Lan"

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Thanks, good sir, for the HGWMV poster. (the other I am not as familiar with.. but it is quite striking too) And re: the music.. after watching the Corn is Green (for the first time I might add) and then going on to HGWMV, I am struck even more for how MUCH must have been such a part of their lives to be so prominent in the films too. (Oh.. and ps.. that youtube you posted.. may I just say "wowsa!") Thanks for the treat!

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rohanaka -


Here's the best poster for HGWMV



And Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for watching the YouTube video. I was hoping someone woud check it out. I stumbled upon those "boys" a few weeks ago and find myself returning to listen to that hymn -- in Welsh, no less -- often. It moves me. Thanks to that TV appearance, the choir has become quite the phenomenon in the UK.

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Hey, thanks for the second pic for HGWMV.. it is LOVELY. And I just have to say again.. that youtube was pretty special. I am not that fond of those "talent" type shows.. but even I know who "Simon" is.. ha. And he was almost at a loss for words, wasn't he? And it is a lovely song.. here are the words.. in Welsh and in English. (ha.. you know.. in case you are like me and don't understand Welsh.) :) It is as lovely a song in word, as it is in tune.






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