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obscure sci fi movie

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i’m a big low budget and/or B movie freak. big on black and white or faded color movies from back then til now, especially the 1950s.

there is one that escapes me, late 1950s or very early 1960s:

i saw this sci-fi movie as a kid on a local tv station Friday or Saturday night way back when late night tv was either local fare or Johnny Carson.

there was a babe in a white, gauzy outfit and a tiara, bright red lipstick (i assume since i watched it on a black and white tv). she had a pen flashlight that was some sort of weapon. i remember it taking place near the arctic or antarctic, snow and ice everywhere.

i remember a door to a cabin-like place opening and the wind blowing in the wispy drapes of her outfit before she stepped in, like a ghost gliding in. She was at home in freezing cold.

don’t remember a lot of the in-between stuff. kept falling asleep.

there were two guys who had her locked up in a room with a window on the door. she was speaking telepathically to one of the guys who was desperately trying to ignore her. (i remember being creeped out that she kept urging him to open the door and let her out and her lips weren’t moving).

he finally gives in, lets her out, kisses her and drops unconscious to the floor. he begins to morph into what looks like a concrete version of himself, or he was freezing, icing up. she picks up her flashlight weapon from the desk and points it at him and he reverts back to normal.

must have fallen asleep again because the next thing i remember is the two men at the hatch on top of a small metallic dome that was encased on all sides by ice. there was a bright light coming from inside. the hatch started to close and they got out just in time. the space ship-ufo thing started moving, cracking the ice around it.

oh, yeah, just now remembered. when they were in her ship, one of the guys was trying to burn this chunk of ice or diamond, some sort of crystal that apparently was her ship’s power source. there was a metal hoop surrounding it, gliding up a down. the other guy comes to get him out and he drops the gas torch he was using.

as they were getting out of the ship, the ufo babe, while getting her engines started, grew faint, because of the heat from the torch below deck. she drops to the floor as the guys get out just as the hatch closes.

inside, she melts into what i remember looking a bad plaster, plastic effigy of herself.

i am probably remembering this better than it actually was. sort of like, at 5, i was really creeped out by plan 9 from outer space, then, at age 6, i saw it again and thought, What a piece of ****! (which is what makes it such a great flick).

i’ve been all over the internet trying to find the title so i can search for a VHS or DVD.

anything anybody?

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sorry, that's not it. nor is it Planet of the Vampires. this may have been part of an anthology tv show from way back when or an import, but the memories i have of it are low budget, american B movie, although the scene of the the top of the ufo moving around and breaking up the ice it was trapped in was impressive, at least in my memory better than low budget.


but thanks. and definitely check out devil from mars. the theme for the hardware (the ufo and robot) seems to be "kitchen appliance", but, once again, still freaked me out as a kid.

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yeah, that's a thought i had since i can't find this in any 50s 60s sci fi listings. i saw it in the early 60s, not later than, say 1966, so it was something from the 50s or early 60s.. the look of the movie, on our black and white tv, was like The Thing (the first one with Kenneth Tobey and Margaret Sheridan). the interior of the ship i remember as sparce but not (in memory, anyway) as bad as Plan 9 From Outer Space.


i saw it late at night when the creature features are shown but it could have been a local rerun of some anthology episode.


i've been searching the web and going down the list of sci fi anthology titles and plot lines and can't find anything even close.


thanks for the input.


Edited by: prichard on Jul 6, 2011 7:00 PM

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Parts of what you are describing sound like the Astounding She Monster -- though it takes place in the woods, not the arctic, and there are other discrepancies.




Other parts sound like Terror from the Year 5000.




Is there any chance you've got a couple of flims tangled up?


It could possibly be some Euro SF film, too. There are more of those I haven't seen.


It's deifinitely not from the Outer Limits.

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the ufonaught wasn't blond. her hair was thick and black and i think she wore a tiara.


the telepathy scene i remember: one of the men was seated at a desk reading or reciting something loudly to himself, throwing his hands over his ears to try to keep her out of his head. she was behind him, looking through a window on the door of a room she was locked up in.


in the movie i'm looking for, the ufo was actually set in ice, except the top dome where the hatch was. it wasn't moving about under water as in Atomic Submarine. also, there wasn't a one-eyed critter in the saucer, and i don't believe the saucer was a living organism. but thanks for the input.

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nah, too many people i used to know also saw it. we talked about it the next day as we always did about sci fi movies and such. i'm still trying to track down some old friends to see if they remember this movie.

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  • 5 years later...

found it...and i found out there were some others out there who were looking independent of me, giving pretty much the same info...anyway, it's from WARNER BROS. PRESENTS anthology tv show back in the 1950s.  it was an episode called DEEP FREEZE starring Allison Hayes and Charles Bronson, first broadcast in 1956, then released as a B movie for double features.


now i just have to find a copy of it...or get TCM to show it...

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  • 3 years later...

I, too, have been hoping to see this movie again. I recall seeing it in the late 1950's. I knew the title, DEEP FREEZE, but only recently tracked it to the old Warner Bros. TV show. 

I do hope it still exists out there on the internet somewhere. 

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