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Broken Lance VS House Of Strangers

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I really think this is a tough one to pick. Both are very good films; the lead actors (Edward G Robinson, Spencer Tracy) are great actors at their best. The supporting casts are both good, but I am a big Widmark fan and I adore Jean Peters so for me the edge goes to *Broken Lance* there. Richard Conte is a rather underappreciated noir actor, but he shines in *House Of Strangers*. So I think its a virtual dead heat here. If you like the grit of the city, or the horses on the open frontier, thats what will decide for you which is better.


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FMC is showing *House of Strangers:*


7/14 at 12:00PM and 7/15 at 6:00AM


I intend to watch at least once. The stories seem similar and both rate three stars. With Edward G. Robinson as the star you can't go wrong. Thanks for the heads up as I'm not familiar with the movie.


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Obviously, these two movies have the same story line. In fact, during the introduction of *Broken Lance*, I distinctly remember one of the TCM hosts indicating the studio had remade the film/story three different times. I am not sure if *House of Strangers* is the first or second production of the same story.

Much like *Colorado Territory* and *High Sierra*, when a good story came along studios were not averse to giving it a little different treatment -- setting, stars, etc -- and telling it again. This has been done with recent movies, too. I remember director/producer types saying that *Four Brothers* (2005) with Mark Wahlberg is a modern-day twist on *The Sons of Katie Elder*.

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I'm finding this an engrossing movie but prefer *Broken Lance*. The pace is quicker and the story, while still keeping the basic plotline, is simpler. There's better casting as well. Robert Wagner and Richard Widmark are the better choices as both good and bad are strongly presented. I do like *Strangers* ending better-no heads roll-but find it hard to believe the mother turns against the one son so easily. While both movies are good, they got it right the second time. Guess what's coming on now for comparison? Thanks to everyone for turning me onto *Strangers.*

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I'm going to be the odd man here. Neither film is real high on my list. But I find "Strangers" more low key and engrossing than the western. BROKEN LANCE leans toward high voltage anguish and gets lost in it. The film seems to relish this conflict to the abandonment of the story.


The characters in "Strangers" appear to pursue a resolution rather than wallow in the mire. They even seem surprised by events. The angry cowboys could be expecting them!

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