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How old were you when you first seen a western and what movie was it

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I'm like you. Saw a bunch of me when I was a young whippersnapper. My dad loved westerns.


My earliest recollection would be *The Magnificent Seven* when I was about six or seven.



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{font:Verdana, Arial, sans-serif}I'd have to got with the TV angle also, there were roughly 26 prime time TV Westerns when I was growing up, plus a few of the local channels had Movies on after 8PM and a lot of them were Westerns also. I remember The Cisco Kid, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, on Saturday morning then Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, Maverick, Tombstone Territory, Lawman, Bonanza, etc., etc. on in the evenings.{font}

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If you mean in a theater, It was *Shane* in 1953 which I got to see again this morning. I was only eight so I appreciated it more today. I got a second look in 59 when my grammar school class graduated and this was part of the celebration.


I have no idea what the first one I might have seen on TV was as the old ones from the 30's and 40's, like the ones on Friday night, were constantly running in the afternoon. *The Cisco Kid, The Lone Ranger* and *Steve Donovan, Western Marshall* (Douglas Kennedy) were all on then as well. As you can see I go back quite a way.

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I'm with you- growing up with TV westerns. My dad took us to see *Magnificent Seven* in the theater (it was on the lower half of a double bill-don't remember what film was at the top of the bill) but I remember watching *Gunsmoke* when it in black and white and on Saturday nights at 10:00. My mom loved *The Virginian*, *Maverick*, *Rawhide* and *Cheyenne*. I was a big fan of *The Rifleman*, *Have Gun, Will Travel*, *Lancer* and, of course, *The High Chapparel*, as well.

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The great and not so great TV westerns.

"Gunsmoke" John Wayne introing the first episode.


"Stoney Burke" Jack Lord {A favorite}

"Hotel de Paree" with Earl Holliman

"Yancy Derringer"

"The Deputy" with Henry Fonda {Off and on} Created by Norman Lear

"The Wild Wild West" and some you hardly ever hear of like:

"Overland Stage" with William Bendix and Doug McClure.

"Sgt Preston of the Yukon"

"Stories of the Century" with Jim Davis and Mary Castle. First western to win an Emmy

"Tales of the Texas Rangers" on Saturday mornings. The shows jumped from the old west to modern day with Willard Parker.

Disney's "Texas John Slaughter" with Tom Tyron and "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca" with Robert Loggia.

So many that have ridden into the sunset and many forgotten.Way too many to list here..But it was wonderful while it lasted.....




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fred: I'm floored! I watched every one of these shows more than once and with the exception of *Wild, Wild West* loved them all.


*Stoney Burke* had Warren Oates as Jack's buddy and real rodeo riders like Casey Tibbs which made it seem real. Andrew Prine was also in a rodeo series at that time as well.


I found a DVD at Best Buy a few years ago that had ten *Stories of the Century* along with original *Lone Ranger* episodes for $5.00. I shrieked so loudly they thought I was being attacked. It was worth ten times that price.


In *Yancy Derringer*, Candice Bergen's mother, Frances, was Madame Francine and Kevin Hagen was the police commissioner. I remember he always called the jail the "calaboose" which seemed right for New Orleans. Didn't Willard Parker look like John Archer?


Have you started a flood of memories; thanks a lot!

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Wouldbe, You're thinking of "The Wide Country" with Earl Holliman and Andrew Prine as brothers in the rodeo. A good series but I preferred Stoney.


"Yancy Derringer" was another of my all time favorites, co starring X Brands as his faithful Indian companion{?} Pahoo. Do you remember the knife trick they use to do that made the producers nervous? Sadly, it only ran for a season.


I found the same DVD at Best Buy "Legends of the Old West" with "Stories of the Century" . 42 episodes with Jim Davis as Matt Clark ,Railroad detective. Always like Jim Davis and though he should have made it bigger, then he hits the big time with Dallas and dies of myeloma...So sad..


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My first experience was actually a TV Western, *The Rifleman*, which I thought was a fantastic half-hour morality play. There was a magic between Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford that really tugged at your heart. And being the only son in a one-parent family, I could always relate to Crawford being without his mother. He's only a couple of years old than I am, so I could really identify with this young boy looking to a courageous single parent for guidance and direction.

As for the movies, I believe it was *Fort Apache* over the TV screen that first introduced me to Western movies. I remember the tremendous scenery, the realism of the actors playing the Apaches and, of course, the GREAT *John Wayne*.

My mother was a big, big fan of movies, so there was always a movie on the TV when she was cleaning the house and we were playing indoors.

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42 episodes? Mine only had eight of each show. I might try to bring up Platinum Disc online and see if I can order what they provide. If anything comes of it, I owe it to you. I'm a Jim Davis fan too, as soon as I saw his face and name in the opening credits that first night I knew it was worth watching.


We've been talking about Andrew Prine on another thread and someone mentioned *Stoney Burke* there as well. I couldn't remember the name of *Wide Country*, thanks to you I can let the rest in on what to look for.


I remember Pahoo-he never spoke-but not the knife trick. I was surprised when they cancelled it as well.


Somebody beat me to the punch on the other thread but thank you anyway.


Edited by: wouldbestar on Jul 18, 2011 7:53 PM

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Mine is a 4 disc set. There are about 4 of the old "Judge Roy Bean" shows with Edgar Buchanan. So that leaves 38 episodes of "Tales of the Century". I know I got them at Best Buy about 8 to 10 years ago for 5 to 10 dollars.

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Back to the subject of the thread . . .


Five years old, backseat of my parents' Corvair at the drive-in, watching two guys (one of them couldn't swim) jump off a cliff. I'm guessin you know the name of the movie.

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Not necessarily a classic (it was made in the '90s), but it did feature a classic actor who often played characters who never really did have a name. You know the man, he was always chomping on that damned cigar, scratching himself, squinting, and spouting off badass one-liners.


The first genuine Western I actually sat through and watched all the way through was "Unforgiven" when I was 7 years old. I'd seen cartoons with parodies of Westerns before and knew all the tropes and cliches, but never saw a proper one till that one. Needless to say, I wasn't aware it was a deconstruction of the classic Western in favor of being realistic and I was a wee traumatized by it. I've had a love of revisionist Westerns over the John Wayne variety ever since. :D



The scene that disturbed the hell out of my poor, innocent mind:

"You better bury Ned right! And don't go cuttin' up, nor otherwise harm no whores! Or I'll come back and kill every last one o' you sons of bitches..."

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Wow, thats a hard question. Really no idea what the first one was or how old i was, but the first western that ever really stuck with me was The Outlaw Josey Wales. Funny enough, it wasn't Clint that stood in my memory from that film either, it was that beautiful grandfatherly old man that played his Cherokee friend. He was the reason why i remembered that movie.

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