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What is wrong with "Suggest a Movie" site?

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  • 4 weeks later...

The "Suggest A Movie" site is still not functioning properly. We've been waiting for months for it to be fixed. I think it has been decided that it's just not worth the effort to get it working perfectly.


I hope I am wrong...



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  • 1 month later...

Can we please have an update on the progress of fixing the Suggest A Movie site. It's still not functioning properly. Is anyone working on it? How hard can it be? It's disgraceful and unprofessional and shows contempt for the TCM fans. Please. I beg of you. Fix this site!

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  • 1 month later...

I'm sorry to be a nag, but here I am again. I feel like a lone voice in the widerness. Doesn't anyone besides me care whether or not the "Suggest A Movie" site ever functions properly again?


I've emailed TCM a couple of times to ask if it is being worked on. The response? Nothing. What can be done...?


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*Submitted Date:* 01/22/2012



*Missing Movie Requests* Suggested By: *Cambridge*





What is wrong with the listing and dates of requests they appear as recent suggestions but the are no updates since Dec. 21. I have been on the site several *Submitted Date:* 01/22/2012





*Help! Missing Requests* Suggested By: *Cambridge*

The requests go back to last summer - but nothing since end of 2011 - what is going on?




times since the New Year but the requests are disappearing - is anyone watching this site?? Come On!


*My Response:*


*"Zombies Eating Recent Requests!"* Suggested By: *gagman66*



Hi. I have been complaining about the missing requests for weeks. It's been fixed briefly a couple times, but the repair doesn't last long. They definitely need to get this fixed. TCM get's hundreds of requests daily. So they next page should be over a month old. It's frustrating.


*My Additional comments:*


*"Death To All Page Eating Zombies!"*

That would be a good title for a 50's Science fiction flick. Unfortunately, it's no, movie and no joke either. The Internet Zombies have gobbled up over a months worth of precious Data! Please rescue this board before it is to late!







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